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Self Deprecate Humor

Self Deprecate Humor

Lover of political satire and humor - Ken Kesey Grateful Dead and Chevy Chase
Government Shutdown 2013 – Political Memes & Pictures -
Editorial: United States Incarceration Rates Still Alarmingly High -
2013 Government Shutdown – Political Cartoons -
Cartoons About The GOP Forcing Bengazi to be a Scandal -
Bart Simpson Joins the Liberal Schadenfreude -
SNL Cold Open – Mitt Romney Drowns His Election Sorrows in Milk -
Nate Silver Analyses 2012 Election Pollsters Into a Ranking – Gallup/Rasmussen Appropriately at the Bottom -
Political Jokes of the Week: Top Ten Reasons You Are Watching Bad Election Coverage and more! -
Funny Memes About Obama Defeating Romney in 2012 Election -
Jon Stewart on Fox News Meltdown Over Obama Defeating Romney -
Political Cartoons: President Obama Wins Second Term (With Explanations) -
Cartoons: Mitt Romney vs FEMA and Hurricane Sandy -
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Visits the Final Presidential Debate at Lynn -
Colbert to Trump: “I’ll give $1 million to charity if you let me put my balls in your mouth.” -
Romney v. Obama – Foreign Policy Debate Political Cartoons -
Political Jokes of the Week: Joe Biden’s Malarkey, Poll Numbers, Second Presidential Debate -
Obama Zings Romney on Twitter: “He’s conveniently forgetting what his own positions are … We need a name for this condition—let’s call it #Romnesia.” -
Obama on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Extended Interview) -
Colbert on Why Mitt Romney Responded to Gun Control Question in Debate with a Traditional Family Rant -
Jon Stewart Mocks Paul Ryan’s Fake Soup Kitchen Photo-op -
Best of Mitt Romney “Binder Full of Women” Memes -
When Paul Ryan Isn’t Working Out, He Likes to Stage Fake Photo-Ops -
Classic Political Humor: Rob Smigle’s Bill Clinton on Late Night with Conan O’Brien - Users Have Created a Fund to Buy Joe Biden a Trans Am -
Late Night Political Jokes of the Week – VP Debate, Paul Ryan Works Out, The Real Mitt Romney -
SNL Parodies VP Debate Between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan -
Cartoons About Joe Biden vs Paul Ryan VP Debate -
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