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Ben Reierson

Ben Reierson

I know FriendFeed is a deprecated service but it remains the only place that aggregates everything I do online. Updated profile:
It's getting warmer in Melbourne. Bring on bike season! -
What is the craziest thing you have ever said to your boss, with or without getting fired? -
What do people in Silicon Valley plan to do once they hit 35 and are officially over the hill? -
I love digital interfaces that incorporate physics, but this is a real table! -
I love this idea. Keep a record of cool/useful animations in apps long after they're gone. -
Extremely extensive and worth-reading article, especially for developers who have spent most of their... -
Woah! Windows 8 pro + Android + Haswell + Pen + Retina Display? Now we're talking! -
REBIRTH of GAEA - Flowing Meditation -
REBIRTH of GAEA - Flowing Meditation
If I'm honest, this is more exciting to me than the Xbox One itself. This sensor looks like it will finally... -
I was impressed with Android's background location tracking during my recent NZ trip. I've previously... -
"Mitch Horowitz has made it so ridiculously fun and complicated – every episode intertwines with all ... -
Logged into flickr today for the first time in a while. Was presented with this. Learn something every... -
Hindsight is frustrating, but how are you supposed to dismiss the stuff that's actually going to fail... -
I definitely want one of these. No, I don't know why yet. -
Finally! Now I can at least stop explaining to people that I use gmail because hotmail isn't secure enough... -
Someone rev'd up the improbability drive yesterday, because we've recently started re-watching Buffy ... -
Google Street View Hyperlapse -
Google Street View Hyperlapse
I've often thought that just wandering the planet via google might not be just a bad past time, this ... -
Witness Anandtech totally putting sites like the verge to shame in terms of the quality and depth of ... -
A new 3D printing studio is opening literally 2 blocks away from our apartment!? I'm not a fate kinda... -
Watch this now. Then watch it with your friends. Then post it on every social media site. The BEST and... -
Nuiverse is a great app and it's great to see it updated for Win8 compatibility. -
seraph_ben: RT @PandoDaily: Brick-and-mortar retail is like print media. It can work, but only if you don't follow the traditional playbook. http:// ... -
seraph_ben: Good ideas from MS Research on how to use large displays, touch, pen, phone, and kinect all together. -
seraph_ben: Exclusive Interview: Ray Kurzweil Discusses His First Two Months At Google -
seraph_ben: @jamescadd inking on surface pro is definitely the best I've experienced on a tablet. Hi dpi screen helps. -
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