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RT @IntegralGangsta: Pulled up 2 the Esalen Institute in the candy apple camaro. Aksed em if they had a gift shop cuz I was tryna cop some krustles 4 my chakras
RT @IntegralGangsta: I tell a bish like this: u r not that fine. Only reason I keep u around is ur interior quadrants.
New / Stuart Davis Clones: Rocks, You Rock
RT @IntegralGangsta: Lotta my integral peeps w 2nd-tier awareness ain't rilly on twitter much. Pry cuz they too busy sittin on a fukkin buckwheat beanbag or su'm
RT @IntegralGangsta: All these 1st-tier rappers on twitter are thirsty as hell! Quit jockin my books and go meditate on how to rap better, mf.
RT @IntegralGangsta: Flatland MCs always aksin me how to show more compassion. My answer is always the same: quit rappin.
RT @stuartdavis: So excited to see that @BuddhistGeeks is on @JoeRoganEXP ! Can't wait to check it out. Yeah @VincentHorn !
New music video - Even The Devil Is God
Stuart Davis Doesn't Speak Dutch
Dude, Where's My Body
Dude, Where's My Body <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
RT @SpockJenkins: You might wonder what I do, I ruin people's life's
FUCT: A Love Story
Super-Earths Have Continents Too:
Happy Birthday to Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll's @marianngavelo ! She makes expanding your vocabulary fun & funny :
RT @saranics: 'Case you never believed my story about a tattoo artist correcting my Sanskrit, here's evidence! Phuc Tran at TEDx!
Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll's @stuartdavis on Discover The Road podcast: @DiscoverTheRoad
new songs from @stuartdavis on iTunes : Miss L.A. :
RT @AlanWattsDaily: Running away from fear is fear, fighting pain is pain, trying to be brave is being scared.
Area 51 twenty five years on ( via @DailyGrail )
RT @nuekerk: Every hour, this glass house in Connecticut turns into the perfect horror movie set:
RT @jasonmlange: The Document That Could Change the Internet Forever
In Australia, @Graham__Hancock talks on war on consciousness via @DailyGrail
Tomorrow! New film #WalkOfShame features new @stuartdavis songs (including the title track) plus Stu has a scene with @ElizabethBanks
"I'm a bastard child, the one who got / the head of Einstein, & the soul of Pol Pot" Ladder- Stuart @stuartdavis
Check out this new vid from Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll's @stuartdavis - Pulsing from new album Songbook Of The Dead
Our film Just Be Yourself debuts @ Zero Film Fest TONIGHT in L.A. @kandysemcclure @SebastianSiegel @AllisonMcAtee
RT @stuartdavis: Only a few days left. Help make it happen for Magic, Love, Awareness, my daughters doc on upping LOVE on Earth !
Free Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll vids on YouTube :
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