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Sarah G.

Sarah G.

Country girl in the city. All about the woowoo. Twitchy trigger finger on the ಠ_ಠ. Whenever I feel like I'm being pathetic, I stop and be awesome instead.
RT @macsithigh: At #bileta14, @sglassmeyer says 'be your own superhero'; suggestions on slide
RT @macsithigh: At #bileta14, @sglassmeyer says 'be your own superhero'; suggestions on slide
Thought everyone hated my talk. Then. Afterwards they all rushed up and then saw how they gushed on twitter. Damn stone faced Brits. - Sarah G.
Did you cuss? - sglassme
I didn't! I think being in a 400 year house somehow kept me sweet. - Sarah G.
Seriously, though, I thought I was BOMBING. Almost ran out of room midway. Can't believe they actually liked it and were just not showing emotion. - Sarah G.
Had the same experience in Hamburg. Jokes appeared to fall flat as pancakes... but the talk was well-received. - RepoRat
I think you need to take this quiz twice- once real life, once during presentations. - sglassme
I'm in Amsterdam. They said "do you want mayonnaise?" And I said "just a little."
I'm in Amsterdam. They said "do you want mayonnaise?" And I said "just a little."
That's rather disgusting. - Greg GuitarBuster
I would fuck that up in a heartbeat. - Hookuh Tinypants
Lol - Sarah G. from iPhone
(I would probably regret it later, but in the moment? Oh yeahhhhhh...) - Hookuh Tinypants
o patatesleri kızartırken domuz yağı mı ne kullanıyolar öğkkk...nası bi kokudur o? çok fena valla:)) cıkk...cıkk...hiç hoş deil.) - neferteti
At least it isn't Miracle Whip. But still, ewwww. - sglassme
Maybe they have some with cilantro sauce. - Sarah G.
Chimichurri FTW!! - sglassme
ah yes, Amsterdam chips and mayo... good times. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Except formal the free thinking people amd bicyclists, I think Mr 43 would appreciate Amsterdam and it's "French Fries in a cone store on every block" ways. - Sarah G.
If only there were crab cakes. He would probably even grow to appreciate the bicyclists. - sglassme
OMG SO GOOD! - Eric - Watch Me Now
i cannot say what came to mind when i saw that photo. too many have blocked me already. - Big Joe Silence
RT @paulbernaluk: I'm becoming a big fan of @sglassmeyer . Lego, libraries, access to justice and iconoclasm! #bileta14
Australia seems to be leading pack in innovation in legal ed as well as legal practice.
Law school book club - creates community, teaches critical thinking, familiar formats. Instead of @lessig or @zitttrain, use Kafka or Orwell
Actually scratch that. Teach @lessig, @zittrain, @superwuster in class, then reinforce with Kafka, Orwell, etc. #LawschoolBookClub
This 1981 Computer Magazine Cover Explains Why We're So Bad at Tech Predictions via @Techland
This 1981 Computer Magazine Cover Explains Why We're So Bad at Tech Predictions via @Techland
I didn't realize Fair Use was a uniquely American tool.
Canada has Fair dealing, eh? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Audience idea: film club instead of book club. (I started a film club in law school. Are you really surprised?)
For my fellow bird watchers, they have Wood Pigeons here which look like regular city pigeons but they are about as big as a chicken. GIANT PIGEONS.
ABA pointed out as how NOT to regulate education. Should be concerned with educational outputs not inputs as proof of success.
Take this too far, though, and you end up with No Child Left Behind. Or the lily-whiteness of librarianship because people on certain sides of digital and cultural divides are behind the eight-ball from the start. - RepoRat
Also unsettled question: if Text/Data mining is an infringement of copyright. Aw crap.
Hmm. Apparently the law is unsettled as to whether OCRing a PDF is creating a copy. Never even considered that.
Scanning technology for 3D printing not good enough to produce *exact* copy. Contrast with ripping MP3 which is perfect each time.
Interesting statement on Thingverse website: "sharing is central to next industrial revolution"
Garter Hype Cycle and emerging technologies
Have been told by organizer that I should attend SubTech. I agree. I would have agreed even if wasn't going to be in Vienna. :P
Book club books: Kafka, The Trial, Huxley, Brave New World, Orwell, 1984 and Eggers, the Circle. For a law and tech class.
TIL in the UK they call LMS's VLE (virtual learning environments?)
Andragogy - skill of teaching adults. Adults learn from info tied into their life experience.
ABS? Not scary. Brown snakes? Pretty effing scary. #AusLaw
I suspect the fact that since there's about 1000 things that can kill you when you leave house, you're less scared of trying new things.
In real world teaching, student-student relationship strongest. In online, strongest is student-professor. Need to design to increase S-S.
NTS: look into Shackel's Hierarchy of elearning. (In talk about teaching 1st year law students online)
Based on Prof. Maharg's talk, I'm starting to think there needs to be a world wide consortium on legal education.
Thanks #bileta14 !!! I'll post my slides and talk when I return to the states.
Blackstones statutes 25th candy from Oxford Press
Blackstones statutes 25th candy from Oxford Press
RT @johnb78: Actually published by Business Insider. The fucking crooks v/@aatishb
RT @johnb78: Actually published by Business Insider. The fucking crooks v/@aatishb
Nice brief writeup, and the Business Insider one is...I can't think of anything to say that couldn't be considered slander. Unfortunately, pretty much every newspaper & website that publishes stock information subscribes to the "move the Y axis to make it more dramatic" fault (have you *ever* seen a DJ500 daily chart with 0 as the zero point?). - Walt Crawford
That's even worse than Fox News! And it's so blatantly obvious! It's one thing to lop off the lower 90% of an ascending Y axis to exaggerate the extent of a change, but to invert it from ascending to descending when there is no compelling reason to do so (other than to mislead and misinform) is pathetic. Effing crooks is right! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Absolutely. The modified zero point is exaggeration; the Business Insider trick is outright deception. - Walt Crawford
Not to sound like a gee-gawing American, but this law school building was built in 1642 and HOLY CATS THATS OLD.
I did that all through Germany. Hard not to have your mind blown just a little bit. - Kirsten
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