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Sarah G.

Sarah G.

Country girl in the city. All about the woowoo. Twitchy trigger finger on the ಠ_ಠ. Whenever I feel like I'm being pathetic, I stop and be awesome instead.
Miss 8, Mr 13, Mom and Dad are en route to my place of employment. Let's hope I have a job tomorrow. - sglassme
Pretty much everyone but Mr 13 is a wildcard in this situation. - Sarah G.
btw, tell mom I was exposed to whooping cough. - Sarah G.
We survived, but I have numerous people come up and say "your parents are SOOOOOOO nice" - sglassme
New field scientist: Smiley ; New local busybody: Peachie - Sarah G.
I just got the three of us tix to see Aretha Franklin at the OSF next Thursday. I don't know if Smiley has ever been to a concert - sglassme
He loves live bands in bars - Sarah G.
Met with new doctor today. We got to about 1995 in my medical history before she was like, "Okay, WTF???"
That far? I thought the early 80s would have got it. - sglassme
Mom told me not to tell you this, but apparently you had some sort of reaction to the pertussis vaccine , so you only got half doses. Welcome to whooping cough. - sglassme
WELP - Sarah G.
I just read a book in which witches, vampires, and daemons each had two extra chromosomes when compared to vanilla humans. And illnesses and drugs worked on them differently. Have you ever felt... witchy? - lris
... ... ... EARWORM, I haz it. - RepoRat
In related news, got to spit in cup and am getting my genome sequenced, so that's exciting.
Did you happen to mention that while you were in utero, our water source was rain water, in an agricultural area at the peak of the better living through chemistry era? - sglassme
Can you imagine how obnoxious I'd be if I HADN'T been receiving continuous subconscious negative feedback about being "bossy" from society?
Damn. - sglassme
My childhood dreams of having a syndrome named after me may finally be coming true!!!!
I've decided that academic libraries need to make move to take over scholarly publishing. Journals, monographs, data, textbooks, all of it.
Conferences. Don't forget conferences. - Deborah Fitchett
I don't buy it in the long term. A few libraries will do it well, others will turn to them to provide services and they will turn into system-wide service providers which will be renamed 'publishers'...kind of what happened circa 1850-1950 with university presses (maybe more so in Europe than the US). None of which is to say that taking things back into community ownership is a bad... more... - Cameron Neylon
Exactly what happened with the ILS, yeah. It might work if we can figure out how to do it on a Hathi-Trust-ish level -- that is, consortially or regionally -- but US academic libraries are SO BAD at that. SO BAD. - RepoRat
Interesting that, aside a few honourable exceptions, the most interesting library as publisher things do seem to be happening in Europe. Although perhaps more at the consortial level (OAPEN, DOAB, UCL Press etc). Flip side of that is that European institutions seem to get themselves into structures that then become hard to break out of. US institutions take so long to figure out something should be done that whoever does it best earliest just wins the whole party.</vast-oversimplification> - Cameron Neylon
Seconded Sarah G's original statement. And I think US academic libraries are getting better at working collaboratively, out of necessity. - Laura Krier
Well, I don't really think "working collaboratively" is the roadblock, exactly. It's thinking systemically -- about things that benefit The World At Large (including our patrons) rather than the usual, which is Our Patrons and Screw Everybody Else. and - RepoRat
Yeh, that was my point. US institutions (and not just universities) don't think systemically because they don't operate that way. In Europe funding is often systemic and certainly much more coordinated (some might say managed). It's not all good by any means - in fact I think figuring out how to bridge the transatlantic gap might provide the best outcomes if we can get best of both worlds together (and not the opposite...) - Cameron Neylon
Or figuring out what works better in both circumstances, or how to leverage each for maximum benefit given their differences. I don't have a strong sense of what will work -- probably idealism damage from beating my head bloody against too many brick walls. - RepoRat
ITS A COOKBOOK!!! A cookbook!
ITS A COOKBOOK!!! A cookbook!
Wheels down ORD.
Have terrible cold still. Looking for book on kindle to read on plane. Pick "The Stand." Sarah Glassmeyer, Girl Genius.
Now I'm really freaked out about the CDC finding out their avian flu samples were all screwy. - Victor Ganata
Whatever was bopping around San Antonio last week is tough - Sarah G.
Speaking of the con crud, you heard one of our mutual friends got a positive test for whooping cough right? Freaked me the hell out, but my doc confirmed that I *just* have bronchitis. - Elizabeth
OH SHIT. - Sarah G. from iPhone
Eeeek, I thought you had heard, sorry! Steph posted it on FB this weekend. - Elizabeth
oy! - lris
I knew I shouldn't have let any one hug me!!! ;) - Sarah G. from iPhone
Internet, what do I want to do with the rest of my life? Please have answer by time I land at ORD. Thx.
RT @opencontent: Faculty are incredibly "resilient." Books didn’t change their pedagogy 500 years ago. Can digital technology change it now? #knewton2014
In other news, woman next to me in airport just called someone and first words were "I'm just calling to tell you you're an asshole."
I, sworn officer of the court who has never downloaded anything illegally, just convinced myself that libraries have duty to start pirating.
And THAT, ladies and gentleman, is the value of a law degree!
Maybe even have workstations with TOR up and ready to go for patrons to Pirate On Demand.
Libraries' mission is to preserve info and make it accessible. The publishing and distribution status quo is making that impossible.
It's impossible due to pricing, formats, DRM, etc, then time for libraries to move into distribution and container creation.
And educational materials! Can't believe I forgot to add that bit!
Yes, easier said than done. Doesn't mean that it can't and shouldn't be done.
RT @michaelrperry6: Saying libraries are better than Amazon because they're free means librarians shouldn't be paid & libraries shouldn't be funded.
RT @michaelrperry6: Libraries aren't free.
Jonathan Zittrain looks a lot like my mom circa 1981 and it's sort of freaking me out.
Laughing so much, don't know what to type. I assume we are talking the bad perm era. - sglassme
YAAAAASSS. If he'd been wearing a blue crocheted poncho it would have been complete. - Sarah G.
You have to admit the blue poncho was pretty bad ass. - sglassme
I keep hoping it'll turn up and I can wear it. - Sarah G.
You're a librarian and snowed in 3/4 of the year. Aren't you supposed to take up crocheting or knitting? - sglassme
You'd think. - Sarah G.
Harvard is fancy as fuck. They use magnets on their name tags.
*scoff* I've had magnets on my name tags the last two places I've worked. And neither of them were Harvard. ;) - ellbeecee
Yeah, same here. Whatevs, Harvard. - Steele Lawman
colleague had a go at 'em last weekend: we, of course, have (see first pic) 'cos WE FANCY. - RepoRat
I'll tell JZ you're not impressed, then. Harrumph. - Sarah G.
Hmmm "Picture the smell of sizzling brats fill the air as you and your friends enjoy the sweet summer breeze and dancing under the stars." has a somewhat different meaning in British english... - Cameron Neylon
yes, yes it does. *g* it's short for "bratwurst" in the Upper Midwest. (There's a pronunciation difference as well. "Brat" meaning "annoying child" has the a of "fat," whereas "brat" meaning "sausage" has the a of "father.") - RepoRat
...I mean, I know I don't like children but that seems a little excessive all things considered... - Cameron Neylon
soylent wurst! - RepoRat
We don't have name should know who we are.we are that fancy. - Pete from FFHound(roid)!
Wisconsin is fancy as fuck. They can picture smells. - Steele Lawman
And mix metaphors! FANCILY. - RepoRat
Btw they made up return our name badges at the end of the day. :( - Sarah G.
well, that ain't fancy. - RepoRat
So far this summer I've cowritten one journal article, agreed to cowrite another and just had idea for 3rd. So glad I got out of tenure trk
Well I think today was an amazingly insightful and successful day. Thank you @zittrain and @berkmancenter for inviting me to talk #oer !!!
thank you for doing it! - RepoRat
Harvard H2O now has a full 1L year curriculum available for remixing. #oer
RT @opencontent: "Students are widgets. They move through the factory (school) and we add value to them" - Jose Ferreira. I'm seldom speechless, but… wow.
Well of course. Duh! - Joe
You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. - Victor Ganata
Btw, I'm at the Teaching-Tech-Texts workshop at @berkmancenter today. Too busy listening and talking to tweet.
oooh. blog post later? - RepoRat
Hopefully! - Sarah G.
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