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Sarah G.
RT @TaraAriano: Signs in Niagara are bragging on "200 Years Of Peace," so if you're an American still mad about the War Of gonna take that shit?!
Never trust Crimson! - Sarah G.
Also, The Canadian and I have perhaps made disparaging comments about the other's nationalities based upon events that occurred during The War of 1812, but we are also perhaps total nerds. - Sarah G.
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie - - jambina
Yeah, he was rather proud of the burning of the White House, especially considering it happened almost 160 years before he was born. YOU GET THAT ONE CANADA. FINE. - Sarah G.
Hahaha! Yes, the Canucks I know have also mentioned the White House burning. And, yes, that was a definite pwn. - Spidra Webster
We burnt down York/Toronto, though, so we got 'em back. USA! USA! USA! - Sarah G.
meh. no loss. #fuckyeahmontreal - jambina
*snort* - Sarah G.
y'all are cracking me up - RepoRat
*ahem* - Pete
...sounds like the Canucks are taking credit for your war, gonna take that???? (Sarah Glassmeyer, International Shit Stirrer.) - Sarah G.
I know what you do with Canadians, Glassmeyer. That is all ;) - Pete
*whistles innocently* - Sarah G.
it involves blowing, certainly - Pete
"Can't we all just get along?" - MoTO Boychick Devil
no. - jambina
I'm totally picturing Amy with her arms crossed and totally deadpan as she says "no." and it is cracking me up. - Sarah G.
for you Sarah - jambina