Sarah G.
I used to worry about Serious Issues Affecting the Information Landscape. Now I worry about kitchen fixtures. I like it better this way.
Yeah, I found that my interest in open access went down the minute I had tackle an overgrown lilac. - Zamms
My interest in S.I.A.t.I.L. waned way before I bought my house. The house is just the latest non-S.I.A.t.I.L. to capture my attention. - Sarah G. from iPhone
S.I.A.t.I.L, one of the less successful trance albums of the last decade - Pete's Got To Go
It looks like the name of one of James Bonds lesser arch nemesi groups. - Sarah G. from iPhone
'No, Mr Bond, I expect you to classify!' - Pete's Got To Go
The Man From S.I.A.t.I.L. - this fall on NBC! - Sarah G. from iPhone
Probably filmed in Canada, preferably Vancouver, since it's closer to S.I.A.t.I.L., I mean, Seattle. - bentley