Sarah G.
Internet, opinion sought: Craftsman cottage kitchen. White cabinets, black countertops...Stainless steel undermount sink or white farmhouse?
I'm kind of fond of the stainless steel myself. The white farmhouse is nice, but it shows every mark over time. - Zamms
I also worry its too trendy? I can't decide if I really want one or want one because HGTV tells me I do. - Sarah G. from iPhone
I like the stainless in our house. Trendy or not (and I suck at knowing what trends are), it looks good. - RepoRat
stainless. white looks like crap in a couple of years with all the dings. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Stainless farmhouse. - Kirsten
A stainless farmhouse is impossible with all those chickens running around. - Zamms
*snerk* - Kirsten
Stainless... and Al and I love the huge single undermount we have... ours is kinda like this only bigger: - SAM
my vote is for the stainless also. - holly #ravingfangirl
Farmhouse. It'll play nicely with the black & white. I'm sure all your other appliances will be stainless. You can ALWAYS reglaze the sink as chips and dings accrue. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Since I believe Sarah *isn't* doing stainless appliances, I would go for a copper farmhouse The only issue is that the oil rubbed bronze faucets and hardware would probably be the only option, and it is too close for me to call if she would love them or lothe them. - sglassme
Yeah, not doing stainless appliances. I like white. I'd love to do these but I also like to eat and pay my bills and buying those appliances is not compatible with that. - Sarah G.
Oh my gosh, I am in love with the white-blue fridge. - Zamms
Does the kidlet really need to go to college? - Sarah G.
Not if I can teach him appliance repair. - Zamms
Those appliances are awesome! - Hedgehog
i wanna do another house just so i can use those appliances!!!! - Lnorigb