Sarah G.
RT @cleolinda: RT @johnmoe: And now I've heard the word "brogrammer" and now I just died to death.
I think there's a perception that geek culture isn't woman-friendly because they're scared of women because they haven't had much success with them outside of professional contexts. I've personally never experienced that. Actually, all the geeks I work with now are super respectful of women and I've never felt like less than equal or treated any differently. I was not aware of the "brogrammer" culture in the non-law tech sector. I swear to god, if anyone tries this frat boy bullshit around me, I will kick their ass. - Sarah G.
You don't scare me Glassmeyer! - Blake
ಠ_ಠ - Sarah G.
brobrarians unite! - Blake
manbrarians - LibrarianOnTheLoose
librorians - John (bird whisperer)