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Sarah G.
I think my sister has a point and I'm currently living out a young female feminist punk version of "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream house."
"My House Could Be Your Life" - Pete
Did you know you can't just ask for white cabinets? THERE'S APPARENTLY DIFFERENT SHADES OF WHITE. - Sarah G.
Yeah, it's the Procol Harum Effect - Pete
And then there's the whole gloss/semi-gloss thing. - Kirsten
Geez, Pete, you trumped my comment (which is that there are MANY shades of white, especially in the home paint business). I *love* the "Procol Harum Effect." And now I'll have that organ part running around my head for hours, which is fine with me. - Walt Crawford
I see your Whiter Shade Of Pale, Walt, and raise you a Nights in White Satin - Pete
Doesn't displace the earworm (a mono earworm, to be sure). I used to be a big Bach aficionado, and while the organ part may not be a direct quote or paraphrase of Bach, it's certainly "Bachian." Nights in White Satin doesn't have the same resonance for me. - Walt Crawford