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RT @RobbieCooper: The real question isn't if Lena Dunham sexually molested her little sister (she did), but how many other kids did she also molest?
“@Breaking911: CLAIM: Lena Dunham Says She Made up the 'Story about Molesting her Sister'” BS!
FACT: Professors Use This Site as an Educational Resource! -
KTVU Coverage of Giants World Series Parade TROLLED By Kid: “F@ck her right in the Pu$$y!!!” -
Eric Andre Interview With @BlogXilla: Talks Bill Cosby, Richard Simmons! (VIDEO) -
LA TV Anchor Ginger Chan Calls Co-Anchor Fat on Hot Mic During Live Broadcast! -
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Live Action Trailer Starring Taylor Kitsch -
10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man #WhiteGuyProblems (VIDEO) -
Michael Jordan Gets “TURNT” After Hornets Get Game-Winning OT Shot! -
Mike Tyson On The Howard Stern Show 10-29-14 -
Big-Breasted NYC Actress Immersed in Hidden Cat-Call Viral Video Proves The Thirst Is Very Real! -
Jim Carrey Lincoln Commercial *SNL* (Parody) -
Bill Murray On The Howard Stern Show 10/08/14 -
There’s an Eric the Actor with Balloons Fan Sign in the Front Row of Monday Night Raw WWE! #HowardStern -
Ubisoft Holds Back AssassinsCreed Unity Specs on PS4 For Parity w/ Sluggish Xbox One; Internet Loses Its Sh!t -
Photos of High Pitch Erik’s 1st Day At The Gym Have Hit The Internet! #HowardStern -
Ben Affleck and Bill Maher Argue About Islam (VIDEO) -
Joe Perry On The Howard Stern Show 10/06/14 -
Aziz Ansari On The Howard Stern Show 10/06/14 -
From The Inbox: El-Creepo Wants To Get In Touch With a Now Retired P0rnstar I Interviewed -
Lol: The Showrunner For Sons of Anarchy Tweeted The Trailer To The SOA Pr0n Parody -
Blake Griffin Does Open Mic at The Laugh Factory #ComedyFail -
Ray Lewis on Ray Rice: “Some Things You Can Cover Up Some Things You Can’t!” -
Super Smash Bros. Nintendo 3DS – Training Day Commercial -
FOX News Got JOKES! Fox News Host Calls Female Fighter Pilot ‘Boobs on the Ground’ -
PS Plus Free Games for October 2014: Dust: An Elysian Tale, Spelunky & DRIVECLUB -
Beetlejuice on Howard Stern Show Interview 09/29/14 #ICYMI -
Drake Appearing On Handicap Signs In Canada -
Smokey Robinson on Howard Stern Show – Interview 09/30/14 -
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