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Tracy Morgan on Howard Stern Show 04-15-14 (AUDIO)
17 hours since the last @USAirways tweet/ping. Its pink box must have ran out of batteries.
#throwback from 2012: David Choe's Beetlejuice Graffiti [PICS] #HowardStern:
Blogged For Posterity: All of My Tweets Recapping the US Airways Plane-in-Vagina Pic Twitter Scandal
Bam Margera on Howard Stern Show Interview 04-14-14 (Audio)
Lol hipsters at Coachella problems:
That's funny, the user @ElleRafter that @USAirways sent that porn snatch to--her timeline is just filled w/ non-stop complaints to companies
US Airways: fly the friendly thighs.
RT @Mlle_valerie_: @SHABOOTY BOO... YOU... YOU LITTERALLY ARE THE BEST !!! That is the shot of the year so far!!! Hahaha hahaa
Here is the Xxx image @USAirways tweeted NOT SAFE FOR LIFE/WORK
RT @USAirways: We apologize for an inappropriate image recently shared as a link in one of our responses. We’ve removed the tweet and are investigating.
Lol @USAirways just tweeted porn and I screen captured it before it was deleted. (a toy plane in a lady's vagina) I can tweet it if u want 😂
“@taylinbaby: Technology is going to be the death of me hahhaha” new vibrator?
I heard when u go out to a group dinner with @joerogan he always picks up the tab. Damn... must be nice to be his weed-carrier. #jelly
Gus Fring is Mohammad Ali's father? #netflixhastaughtme
Dress looking like a bag of skittles... Don't have her around George Zimmerman. #MTVMovieAwards
Rihanna looking like a high price hooker *grabs pocketbook* #MTVMovieAwards
Imagine getting a handjob with those claw hands #MTVMovieAwards
What happened to jwoww's face she looks like a 60 year old woman #MTVMovieAwards
I just ordered the hummus but it wasn't to spite the big homie @madflavor cause he despises it 😲 😂
Someone with plastic surgery shouldn't be allowed to tag their pictures with #nofilter
“@UberFacts: A male’s testicles hang at different lengths so they don’t damage each other or collide when running/sitting.” Swag #deeznuts
. @ddlovato please apologize for your retarded ass fan @QueenDemetriax_
There is such thing as Filipino voodoo?
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