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RT @BolXXL: Rihanna Bottomless — Face Down, A$$ Up! {VIDEO}
Danny Trejo on Howard Stern Show 04/09/14 (AUDIO)
Rihanna Bottomless — Face Down, A$$ Up! {VIDEO}
Damn @officialDannyT is a good ass interview
Kathy Griffin on Howard Stern Show Interview 04/08/14
I heard Stringer Bell is gonna play Batman... #BlackBatman
Kanye West in New Song: You could look at Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney & Khloe; All your Mama ever made was…
Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct Unveiling 4.8.2014 WiiU=Winter + 3DS=Summer Release (VIDEO)
Iron Sheik on TMZ — Undertaker’s Loss Was a Conspiracy!
RT @Ca11MeRozayy: It Ain't Cha Beauty It's ShaBooty!! 😋😂
This game is over b
If drake wants Kentucky to win then I am gonna go with Uconn
Tweet me when it's the forth qtr
“@xomaryjeanxo: It's so weird that there's only one person in mind that I want to have sex with” you stay subtweeting about me lol sike
Dan Rather on Howard Stern Show Interview 04/07/14
RT @dexterjeff: “@SHABOOTY: @dexterjeff call of duty, battlefield4, titan fall-- etc. € "etc"?!? BFF's don't tell BBFs etc...!
“@JessicaPilot212: Hey @rainbowshops sells a cologne called "Innocent Black Men" How is this on shelves?” @asktheking
“@UberFacts: Bikinis and tampons were both invented by men.” Both have strings
Girl next door Barbie but she has a thigh gap? #paradox
And good night shabooty dynasty crew⛺️⛺️⛺️
Ladies when you hear this news please file in an orderly line to jump on my cock. My monk in Diablo3ROS hit 1,000,000 damage per second DPS.
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