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RT @hilariabaldwin: What should I wear for date night tonight? Pink, floral, or black? #hilariaypd (handstand) #yogapostureoftheday
This would be a messed up Halloween costume + standing next to a girl with a black eye. #toosoon
I used to think that white people that owned exotic snakes were white trash but after #WarMachine I KNOW they're white trash. 😂
Pro-Tip if you’re a hot model… take advantage of the #IceBucketChallenge meme and do it to yourself for that a wet t-shirt look. #Twinning
“@VineForTheByrd: WHY I LOVE WHITE GIRLS” uhhh #WhiteGirlWendsday but on a Friday!
Kendall Jenner – Money Shot to Waitress’ Face?
1.5 Million Views on YouTube: “Comcast put me on hold until they closed!” (VIDEO)
Jamie Masada of The Laugh Factor Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge (ALS Awareness)
#BlackVine’s Favorite Rapper Bobby Shmurda Gets on TMZ: “Everybody Better Do My Shmoney Dance!” (VIDEO)
Good luck finding him. #DarrenWilson is long gone now... He in the whiteness protection program.
Soo which one of you done it?
Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Single Shot – Jerry Discusses Marriage with Guests (VIDEO) Read more:
Iggy Azalea – Black Widow ft. Rita Ora (Kill Bill Parody)
“World's Smallest Woman joins the cast of American Horror Story” she should date Eric the Actor right @GonzoShitCock?
Byron Crawford – Kanye West Superstar (Book Preview)
I just added #Ferguson #Infowars LIVESTREAM (2nd embed) to post: CRAZY LIVESTREAM IN FERGUSON, MO [SHOCK VIDEO LIVE]:
RT @ggprodigy: this is crazy how can they do this to citizens @waitrus
RT @BolXXL: AUDIO: Kanye West – “All Day” *New Single (Rough Cut) (2min snippet)
Remember kids, twitter is the #NoJudgementZone ... #not.
#ThrowbackClipOfTheWeek: David Carradine on Howard Stern Discussing Masturbation (1993) #asphyxiation
TMZ Paparazzi Sets Up Troll Meeting: Faux Johnny Depp Mets an NBA Star! (VIDEO)
AUDIO: Kanye West – “All Day” *New Single (Rough Cut) (2min snippet)
Jimmy Fallon Pays Tearful Tribute to Robin Williams (VIDEO)
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