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Personal Genomic Software: A Review of What Is Available --
Benjamin Tseng
Very cool chart: the Top 200 drugs from 2009 and their structures:
Do you know if there is a XHTML+RDFa version too? - Egon Willighagen
Would be good to have the small molecules in that diagram in ChemPedia... - Egon Willighagen
The "top level" link is here:, it doesn't look like they went any further than the PDF, but it may be worth reaching out to them to see if they have it - Benjamin Tseng
Email sent. - Egon Willighagen
Lucy Power
I'm looking for some references which show evidence that some basic research is unnecessarily repeated due to a lack of openness or access to data - or is this not true? There are plenty of papers which say secrecy in science makes it difficult to accurately repeat research when necessary, but is there also unnecessary repetition?
@Neil, thanks, interesting idea, I guess that could be one place to start! - Lucy Power
I'm not sure it's that easy to distinguish between lack of openness and literature search failure - Pawel Szczesny from iPhone
In the argument around peer review this came up. I think it might be very difficult to quantify. I can give you a couple of anecdotes but given I've spent the last several days whining about anecdotal evidence... :-) - Cameron Neylon
Back in the late 80s there was some research in the engineering technological gatekeepers literature showing that researchers would not walk 400 feet to the library to find an answer to a question, but would instead repeat the study. This was part of a body of literature examining preferred information sources for different specialties, with similar findings for all professions studied. I used the cite in a paper I wrote, but I no longer have electronic access to the original. If I can find it ... ? - Patricia F. Anderson
Chris Miller
Does anyone know of an easy way to stream presentation slides to a remote collaborator while I give audio on the phone? Required: I've got to be able to advance the slides from my end, at least 640x480 resolution, and can be either linux or windows based
webex? They have some free trials. - pn
I did this recently using GoogleDocs. I was able to share my powerpoint and advance the slides while I talked over Skype. - Elizabeth Brown
Skype has desktop sharing. - Donnie Berkholz
I've used GoToMeeting (free version) with good success. - Bill Hooker
Have done such with Skype, worked fine. - Daniel Mietchen
Adobe also offers a free desktop sharing option called Adobe ConnectNow. Also include video-conferencing but is limited to three participants per session. Worked fine when I tried it. - Arnulf Köhncke
Yes, you can do this in Google Docs and Skype. Skype works especially well for a single user. My favorite, though, is Zoho Show - Patricia F. Anderson
Rajarshi Guha
Mathematical model explains how complex societies emerge, collapse -
Psychohistory ... it has begun :) - Rajarshi Guha from Bookmarklet
My model predicted you would say that :-) - Todd Hoff
What if societies collapse shortly after discovering the mathematical model that explains how societies collapse? - Eric Jain
Hari? Hari Seldon? Is that you? - Bill Hooker
Personalized medicine: Pharmaceuticals Are Genetically Challenged -
Mateusz Koryciński
Patricia F. Anderson
Personal data mining to improve your cognitive toolkit (Wired UK) -
RT @iRowan: My contribution to this year's Edge Question: Personal data-mining as an idea to "improve everybody's cognitive toolkit" htt ... - Patricia F. Anderson
Ricardo Vidal
Next generation sequencing information management and analysis system for Galaxy -
This looks amazing. - Ricardo Vidal
Ricardo Vidal
Inserting 2D Depictions into R Plots -
Ricardo Vidal
Ami Iida
Male Pattern Balding May Be Due to Stem Cell Inactivation, According to Penn Study
Lars Juhl Jensen
GPU-BLAST: using graphics processors to accelerate protein sequence alignment - http://bioinformatics.oxfordjo...
Lars Juhl Jensen
Real-world comparison of CPU and GPU implementations of SNPrank: a network analysis tool for GWAS - http://bioinformatics.oxfordjo...
Deepak Singh
Important 2010 movies that weren't released in most of the USA -
Admittedly, while Valhalla Rising was a great visual/artistic movie, it didn't grab my attention (I expected it to do so) - Deepak Singh
Chris Lasher
Abhishek Tiwari
Five design factors that affect the performance of Hadoop -
Chris Miller
No, shut up. Not a single person wakes up in the morning worried about deriving more value from their Windows Live login
Fantastic response to "Why is Dropbox more popular than other tools with similar functionality?" - Chris Miller
Abhishek Tiwari
What characterizes successful computational biologists?
Deepak Singh
N-gram analysis of 970 microbial organisms reveals presence of biological language models -
Ian Simpson
Hi everyone. Does anyone have access to ?
if you could mail to ian dot simpson at ed dot ac dot uk that would be fab. - Ian Simpson
Sent. - Bill Hooker
That's great Bill, many thanks. - Ian Simpson
Patricia F. Anderson
Patricia F. Anderson
How Facebook eclipsed Google in 2010 - -
by @cashmore How Facebook eclipsed Google in 2010 - Patricia F. Anderson
Patricia F. Anderson
10 most visited Science for Citizens blog posts of 2010 | Science for Citizens Blog -
Justin H. Johnson
RT @DivaBiotech: Big Science, Big Sequencing - Broad Institute’s attack on disease brings answers, questions - The Boston Globe
Ruchira S. Datta
Microblog of the first Quest for Orthologs conference, 2009, now public.
The next conference will be held in June of this year. - Ruchira S. Datta
Orthologists of the world, unite! - Ruchira S. Datta
Rajarshi Guha
Lars Juhl Jensen
A Tissue-Specific Atlas of Mouse Protein Phosphorylation and Expression -
Attila Csordas
Justin H. Johnson
Alignment-free estimation of nucleotide diversity.
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