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Human, San Francisco California
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"Kaplan is either in the midst of a.. long midlife crisis or pulling a wonderful sort of long-ball art performance":
RT @imchriskelly: I like the look of short pants and shoes with no socks on other people, but on me I think it'd look very "hello, I tried very hard on this."
Listening to A Tribe Called Quest - 1nce Again (Nubbz Remix) on @hypem mobile
"Au Revoir Simone" is playing at the independent tonight. #peewee #bandnames
San Buena taco order sheet @ Tacos San Buena
The case to block Time Warner / Fox on antitrust grounds
when your eyes hurt from a long day at work, I offer you Red Clay, Freddie Hubbard's best known track. Play it loud
Like Brooklyn but for contract employees.
RT @BrockKeeling: All black SF Giants cap is the new beret.
It's an acquired taste, but @marcmaron is probably the closest representation of what I will sound like when I'm 90 and living in Tampa.
Like zendesk but for tweens
Like munchery but for shoelaces
RT @ditzkoff: Jon Stewart only sorta kidding bout that Kickstarter page.
RT @ohheygreat: Just found out there’s a Jewish Tinder and it’s not called The Chosen One, so someone was obviously sleeping on the job.
you know what we don't talk about enough as adults? Water Balloons.
RT @jdavidgoodman: "No particular nexus to terrorism or even politics," says John Miller of nypd, referring to BK bridge flags. Maybe an art project, he said
Grew up on a "Berkeley Unified School District" @GillibusSF . Manual transmission. Hard to open windows. Milldew Singing songs @CampKeeTov
RT @UpshotNYT: Where is the GOP momentum in the midterms? @Nate_Cohn explains (Great GIF.)
Recipe that I am embarrassed to endorse: perfect instant ramen (ramen, butter, egg, AMERICAN CHEESE!?)
Even foggy in Sausalito -
Even foggy in Sausalito
Road Trip with Siggy the Westfalia! -
Road Trip with Siggy the Westfalia!
What about TWX + CBS - merger of equals? More complimentary/ Poison pill. @pkafka
Oh why are you playing a Tears for Fears - Shout remix, @hypem mobile. Too much.
I'd be so much more impressed by the six californias if it it even pretended to address the fact that the US senate isn't proportional
almost looks like a painting. Mark Mothersbaugh shot by LA car photog @ryanschude
I only recommend one baseball movie every 5 years.
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