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Awesome! #OSCON keynote @Planetlabs with an actual imaging satellite - in person on stage. How long until we can personalize one?
#OSCON "Ten years of @GSoC" - OMG, Little GSoC will be going to junior high school next year: kids grow up so fast!
#OSCON Opens with: teenager on learning to program; BlueHost panel/ad for non-profit program; meta-talk about attending conferences. Neat.
In retrospect, should have had a pool betting when the first #Minecraft reference would be in an #OSCON Keynote. < 15 mins.
#OSCON welcome keynote starts with thanking program chairs, sponsors, production crew - always good to give credit where it's due!
Thank you #DoubleTree coffee machine fairies for my new mini-brewer! #OSCON
The Apache Software Foundation Announces #Apache#Tez™ as a Top-Level Project #OpenSource #BigData #Hadoop #YARN
The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Tez™ as a Top-Level Project -
The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache™ Log4j™ v2 -
Hey @OSCON: how about tweeting pics of the BOF and job boards periodically, so attendees don't all have to take their own pics?
Met some wicked interesting people at @Oscon Expo Hall reception; now off to super-charged community dinner.
BRAND > CODE: slides from my @oscon #Ignite talk: (Much better in person with the real elephant!)
RT @zehicle: thoughtful @littleidea : open is not just about code but about collaboration & community interaction (echos of @CloudOfCaroline ) #OSCON
Reading about @SunFoundation: and wishing I could go to while at #OSCON. Brain hurts.
RT @EventsLF: Get your #ApacheCon Europe pass for only €799, a savings of €300, but only if you register by August 1st:
RT @mfratto: . @VerizonSupport You can tell your company to start providing adequate capacity at chokepoints so customers get what they pay for. Do that.
Which is more annoying: battery low, or hotel wake up realizing the mini coffee maker is broken? #OSCON #DoubleTree
RT @jhibbets: . @shanecurcuru taking brands, suits vs geeks, and working together to tell a good open source brand story #oscon
Hungry at the #OSCON #DoubleTree. Someone please help!
If you submitted a talk to @apachecon - I won't be sending speaker notifications today, but I'm VERY close to having a schedule.
Must be #Monday: day of writing code turns into day of debugging. 8-(
Sigh. LastPass, other pw managers have recent major security flaws:
Right to be Forgotten meet the Streisand Effect via the Internet: #privacy #EU
RT @CloudStack: Got #CloudStack? Tell us about it. Apache @CloudStack user survey,
Something's wrong with the TV: right channel is far louder than left one now. #GERoverARG #WorldCup
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