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Right to be Forgotten meet the Streisand Effect via the Internet: #privacy #EU
RT @CloudStack: Got #CloudStack? Tell us about it. Apache @CloudStack user survey,
Something's wrong with the TV: right channel is far louder than left one now. #GERoverARG #WorldCup
OMG! I have to finish slides for @OSCON next weekend! Eeek! (Well, actually at OSCON #Ignite Sunday) BRAND > CODE
WHOO-HOO! I'm speaking at @OSCON next weekend! Yay! (Well, actually at OSCON #Ignite Sunday) BRAND > CODE
Watched a low altitude Chinook transit Cambridge. #ReallyBigHelicopter
News: FIA Card Services just called to note my CC number may have been in a breach, and is being changed. #NotASpamCall
Ages of the US founding fathers: Thanks, Samuel Whittemore of Menotomy!
RT @monkchips: Apache Software Considered Useful – James Governor's Monkchips
RT @pourmecoffee: "Hey, has anyone seen my Snapple I left it here OH MY GOD IT'S F---ING SMALLPOX" (via @marynmck @edyong209)
RT @ChrisSmithAV: Do you have interns in your office? Be the person who doesn't treat them like shit. Buy them a coffee or lunch, offer some advice. Be nice.
GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!! . . . #JustKidding #WorldCup
"Right to be forgotten", meet "Streisand effect". You two have a lot to talk about. #mutuallyassuredhumiliation
RT @john_burwell: Big, warm welcome for @mrhinkle to the @CloudStack PMC
RT @carlmalamud: @cutting @peteskomoroch That's not quite what they said. That particular nonprofit, as constituted, didn't meet their vague terms.
RT @osuosl: Just a few more days until @OSCON! Plan to stop by our session or the Non-Profit Pavilion and say hi.
Did you know that #Apache #Gora is now part of the @DARPA #XDATA Open Catalog? #OpenSource #BigData #framework
Did you know that #Apache #Gora is therefore now part of the @DARPA #XDATA Open Catalog? #OpenSource #BigData #framework
RT @sourceforge: Join us at Apache Allura all contributions are welcome!
RT @monkchips: some people are like yeah, apache is dead. those are not people that work for a living. certainly not in data management
So, how much content on the internet is about building content on the internet?
Common computer algorithms visualized, even for non-geeks:
RT @TheASF: In 1999 @TheASF = #Apache HTTP Web Server. Today: powering half the Internet, exabytes of data, teraflops of operations, billions of objects
RT @michaelklishin: If you have high expectations of an OSS project maintainer who fixes problems for you for free, don't be a dick when she asks for help.
Thank you for all of the wonderful talk proposals. Now comes the hard work of selecting the schedule.
OH: "It's like the grass went medieval!" #Mycelium
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