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Walked into excellent "how it works" #CCCNA14 talk by @mrhinkle at the exact right moment. Spooky synchronicity.
World stands on head: Finished An ApacheCon planning meeting <2hrs without yelling or anyone leaving their seat. OMG.
RT @rbowen: Thanks for coming to @apachecon. Join us in Budapest in November for @apachecon!
RT @jzb: My podcast with @shanecurcuru from @ApacheCon is now up:
RT @jhibbets: Slides from my @ApacheCon keynote are available on @GitHub: #apachecon
RT @CitrixPR: Companies like BT & KDDI are leveraging @CitrixCloud powered by @CloudStack to transform their biz @CCCNA14
Here at #cccna14 at the keynote, and I'd like to thank our hosts, @linuxfoundation for producing an excellent @ApacheCon and @CCCNA14!
Follow @cccna14 or #cccna14 for live updates from today's CloudStack Collaboration Conference.
Reminder to self: tonight at @ApacheCon and CloudStack dinner was awesome!
‘Rise of the citizen CIO’ - we can all influence govt by encouraging use of open source. @jhibbets #ApacheCon
Demographics, budgeting, crime, transit, & planning are some data local govt can provide for open source projects. @jhibbets #ApacheCon
'Code for America' brigades have formed all over the country with volunteer programmers improving city technology. @jhibbets #ApacheCon
RT @ApacheCon: My mission past five years has been to increase citizen engagement with government. @jhibbets #ApacheCon
#CityCamp formed as a catalyst to grow local govt open source use. Now run all over the world in unconference format. @jhibbets #ApacheCon
After @jhibbets wrote an article about Raleigh, NC using open source, a community formed to expand to other cities. #ApacheCon
White House based Open Government Initiative on principles of open source development. @jhibbets #ApacheCon
‘The Open Source Way’ combines all pieces just mentioned, but can be applied outside technology - especially to govt. @jhibbets #ApacheCon
Open source is better for government due to collaboration, participation, rapid prototyping, meritocracy & passion @jhibbets #ApacheCon
My mission past five years has been to increase citizen engagement with government. @jhibbets #ApacheCon
Final speaker of the day, @jhibbets, takes the #ApacheCon stage to discuss local govt use of open source:
How do #Apache developers help the future? Keep maintaining software, add features, teach, learn, collaborate @allisonrandal #ApacheCon
At #ApacheCon and staying around on Thursday? Don't forget that we've got the #BarCamp here (Curtis+Gilpin) tomorrow!
RT @rikkiends Getting Funding to Attend and Speak at IT Conferences Awesome advice from @naturedance <-I need this!
Future of cloud architecture requires software to be smaller, lighter and faster. @allisonrandal #ApacheCon
#Apache offers integration, innovative, creates a stable foundation for the web, and creates, not extracts, value. @allisonrandal #ApacheCon
There will be 30 billion connected devices by 2020. It's big business, and Apache is the plumbing. @allisonrandal #ApacheCon
Next phase of cloud is ubiquitous computing (Internet of Things). @allisonrandal #ApacheCon
Cloud slices your computing power up, and it’s easy to spin up as many pieces as you need on demand. @allisonrandal #ApacheCon
Cloud is an infrastructure or low level plumbing change from older versions of the internet. @allisonrandal #ApacheCon
Cloud is the mostly same technology (HTML, CSS, Javascript) as the internet or web, just new branding. @allisonrandal #ApacheCon
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