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RT @EventsLF: Today is the deadline to register for CloudStack Collab Conf Europe for only €199! Lock in your savings at #ccceu
A suspiciously excellent start to the day: no line at Aldo's. Worried something bad will happen after this much good luck...
Lamenting the death of #foursquare just as I was about to start using it again. #Swarm sounds pretty dumb...
RT @ChuckWendig: "An Important Message From Your Books." From BOOKS UNITED DOT ORG. (via @jchutchins)
RT @andrewjbtw: If monkeys can't copyright photos they take, that explains why thousands of monkeys on typewriters haven't produced literature. No incentive
Just choose one path and follow it. #HardForLibras
PUBLIC NOTICE: Cell phone replaced:
PUBLIC NOTICE: Cell phone replaced -
Codin' Codin' Codin' Though the bugs are swollen Keep them IDEs runnin', Rawhide!
Planning to attend (or speak at) @apachecon? Here's a way you can tell the world.
'the idea of “sponsoring” Express, aka compensation for owning the “brand”, not the source' BRAND > CODE
RT @TeamKano: A computer & coding kit for all ages: simple as Lego, powered by @Raspberry_Pi. Preorder Kano
Re: Out in the Open: The Abandoned Facebook Tech That Now Powers Apple -
"Seriously? An entire article about Apache Cassandra, and not a single mention of, y'know, Apache? Facebook took the effort to donate the IP and help start a community at the Apache Incubator, where Apache Cassandra is doing great stuff - and indeed being re-used by a variety of software vendors to build amazing apps." - Shane Curcuru
If "Potato Salad" @kickstarter project had been cooking grilled cheese, would they have made more or less? How about apple pie?
RT @sogrady: i can't wait to watch the boston red sox and a bunch of guys i've never seen before play the yankees tonight
RT @TheASF: #Apache #DeltaSpike --the Swiss Army Knife of modern #Java EE-- is up for a Duke's Choice Community Award! VOTE NOW
#Apache #DeltaSpike --the Swiss Army Knife of modern #Java EE-- is up for a Duke's Choice Community Award! VOTE NOW
The Apache Software Foundation Exceeds 2 Million Code Commits -
Modern software and history: "[values] from MIN = 2 to MAX = 1F16, excluding 7, not used for historical reasons" HT
Early Registration for @ApacheCon Europe ends 1 Aug. 24 Tracks of #Apache goodness. #OpenSource #conference #Budapest
Early Registration for @ApacheCon Europe ends Friday 1 Aug. 24 Tracks of #Apache goodness. #conference #Budapest
Feetz too tired; cabbing to the airport. Sometimes the simple convenience of time is priceless. #oscon #SeeYouNextYear
Goodbye OSCON! See you next year!
Goodbye OSCON! See you next year! -
#OSCON stats: ideas: +1000%, contacts +100%, time used: -5 days, work checked in: 0. Spot the problem.
Bye @OSCON peeps! I turn into a pumpkin when the wifi goes off... Just look for the itinerant geek in the blue Hawaiian shirt.
#OSCON @pjf #Keynote: Get to the future faster: listen to people & have diverse governance. Key messages.
#OSCON @pjf #Keynote: "Fun pump wasn't fun" - work on real needs of users, not perceived needs you imagine.
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