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Podcast, Episode 12: The Missing Puzzle Piece -
In all of the online marketing/blogging/work from home niche, there seems to be a crucial topic that everyone’s silent about: basic financial sense. It seems that we’re all so preoccupied with the idea of getting rich over night that managing finances is deemed unnecessary. Hey, by next week, I’ll be so rich it won’t matter ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Social Media Fix -
Social Media Without the Time Wastage The simple tool I use to stay active on social media and get more clicks on links I share: Link: Did you enjoy this week’s episode? Leave a comment below and let me know! Also, if you have any favorite apps that you think deserve a spot on this ... - Shane Melaugh
The Worst (and Most Popular) Kind of Product Idea -
When you start out as an entrepreneur, there’s one product idea that you’ll almost inevitably come up with, at some point… This product idea seems very attractive. Heck, it will seem like a sure-fire winner. Unfortunately, in reality, it’s a terrible idea. Watch this video to see what I mean and how to avoid one ... - Shane Melaugh
Google Reader Alternatives -
Google has announced that they are closing down Reader, probably the most popular RSS reader on the net. As a result, bloggers are worried about losing readers and traffic and Reader users are worried about losing all their nicely aggregated news. In this post, we’ll have a quick look at how to solve both of ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast, Episode 11: You Are Now Thinking in Assets -
How useful would it be to you, if you could gain more monetary value from every hour you invest in your business? In this podcast episode, you’ll discover one way of doing just that. It’s about a major shift in focus that both Paul, myself have made (and thousands of entrepreneurs made before us). After ... - Shane Melaugh
Everything You Need to Create Your Unique Selling Proposition -
No matter what you do, you need a unique selling proposition. Yes, even if you aren’t selling anything. Your blog or free report needs a unique selling proposition as much as your product or service. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a highly effective, compelling USP. If this is ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Passive Productivity Tool -
Install this Time Saver in Your Brain See why this week’s “passive” productivity app is oddly effective: Link: Did you enjoy this week’s episode? Leave a comment below and let me know! Also, if you have any favorite apps that you think deserve a spot on this show, nominate them by mentioning them in your ... - Shane Melaugh
What to Sell – 14 Examples of Successful Online Offers and What You Can Learn From Them -
Creating and selling your own offers comes with huge advantages over any affiliate or ad-revenue based online business models. In this post, you’ll discover exactly why that’s true (and not just based on my own experience) and what kind of offers you can create and sell, as well as pros and cons for each business ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Increase Your Conversion Rates -
Same Traffic, More Conversions Turn your website into a lean, mean conversion machine: Link: Leave a comment below to share your thoughts! How do you like this week’s recommendation? Also, if you have any favorite apps that you think deserve a spot on this show, nominate them by mentioning them in your comment! Cheers, - Shane Melaugh
WP Enlighten Review -
WP Enlighten is, as far as I can tell, the new and improved version of a product previously called WP Sales Engine. It’s a WordPress plugin which lets you turn any page on a WordPress site into a sales-page, including various options for adding styled boxes, order buttons, testimonials and videos. Here’s a quick video ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Best Thing Ever for PayPal Vendors -
Awesome App for PayPal Vendors If you use PayPal to sell online, you really don’t want to miss out on this: Link: In the video, I forgot to mention that Putler also integrates with 2CheckOut and Shopify. More integrations are planned, as well. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts! How do you like ... - Shane Melaugh
Impact Preview: What’s Next and How You Can Take Part -
Here’s a quick look at what we have in store for you, for 2013. Plus, how you can take part: help us make sure that the content you’ll find here helps you take big strides forward in growing your own business! Watch this quick video to see what it’s all about: Questions for You If ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Solution to All Your Password Troubles -
A Solution to All Your Password Troubles Watch the video below to see how this app saves you time, every single day: Links: Read about people’s terrible password habits, here. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts! How do you like this week’s recommendation? Let me know and let’s get a discussion started. Cheers, - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 10: Blogging is Hard, Selling is Easy? -
In this podcast episode, Paul and I address a really important issue, facing anyone who starts an online business. If you’ve ever felt like getting enough traffic, enough attention and enough customers is an insurmountable task, then you need to listen to this. And if you are ever afraid to pursue a business idea because ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Better Data and What to Do With It -
Better Data and What to Do With It Watch the video below to see how this app can help you improve your website: Links: Get this App Here! (Free plans available) Read about all the alternatives I tested, to find the best solution. What you need to know about using analytics data to your advantage. ... - Shane Melaugh
Introducing the Impact App of the Week -
This week, I’m introducing a new show called the “App of the Week”. If you’re an email subscriber, you already know about this (because subscribers always get extra special treatment, around here). What is the App of the Week all about, why should you care and how can you take part? Read on to find ... - Shane Melaugh
EasyVideoSuite Review -
In 2010, I published a review of Easy Video Player 2.  Since most of the other so-called reviews for this product online were just promotional hype-fests and mine actually pointed out some flaws in the software, the post was a bit controversial. The “sequel” to EVP2 has just generated a lot of buzz with a ... - Shane Melaugh
Looking Back at 2012: Why I Said “No” to More Money -
This post is a candid look back at what happened in my business during the past year and what lessons can be learnt from it. As every year, you get a no holds barred inside look. You get the good, the bad, the ugly. Read on to find out why I said no to dozens ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 9: Traffic, Blogging and Calling Out Bad Guys with Ana Hoffman -
In this podcast episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Ana Hoffman from the Traffic Generation Cafe. Ana, who was also featured in our recent expert roundup, started blogging about three years ago and she quickly went from zero to getting thousands of visitors to her site and building a large and active community. ... - Shane Melaugh
Ask the Experts: How to Get 1,000 Visitors in 30 Days from Scratch -
For most people, starting a brand new site from scratch inevitably means a dip of months where you slave away building the site, creating content and putting in lots of hours but with little to no reward. It’s the most difficult time in creating an online presence – you’re full of uncertainty about whether your ... - Shane Melaugh
Turning WordPress into a Sales-Machine – OptimizePress and Alternatives -
OptimizePress is a very popular theme that transforms a WordPress website into something like a Swiss army knife for marketers. With it, you can easily create sales-pages, launch-pages and lead capture pages. However, it is not the only theme of this kind and neither is it the newest. Is OptimizePress the best option, or is ... - Shane Melaugh
The Grind: How to Become Amazing at Anything -
Did you know that there’s one single factor that you can look at to predict an individual’s future success with astonishing accuracy? That means that if you asked me to predict how successful a starting entrepreneur will be, I’d only want (and need) to know one single thing about them. I’ll tell you exactly what ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 8: Sunil on Business Growth and Mindset -
In today’s podcast episode, our guest is Sunil from the Extra Money Blog. Sunil has a perspective on online businesses and passive income that’s quite different from the “mainstream” if it can be called that. In the interview, he explains his views on growing and nurturing income sources slowly, but steadily. We also talk about ... - Shane Melaugh
Webinar Connect and the New Traffic Paradigm -
With Webinar Connect, I’ve released a new software product that helps anyone who hosts webinars get more registrations and get more traffic. The product is one in a series of releases and while all the products are separate entities, they all fit together with my overall business strategy and the topics I cover on this ... - Shane Melaugh
The Traffic Escalator – Podcast Episode with Rob Cornish -
In today’s podcast episode, we have a chat with Rob Cornish from GainHigherGround. Rob has gone from absolute beginner to being highly successful in the stock trading as well as the online marketing niche, in the space of just 18 months. The kind of success he’s had is a clear indication that he’s doing something ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 6 with Michael Aagaard -
In this week’s episode, we have a guest on our podcast. Michael Aagaard from ContentVerve is a copywriting and conversion optimization specialist from Denmark. In the podcast, he tells us about his approach to conversion optimization and talks about his content marketing strategy for his relatively recently launched English blog. Podcast Video Audio Version Click ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 5 -
In this episode of the IM Impact podcast, Shane Melaugh and Paul McCarthy discuss the importance of adding emotional appeal to blog posts and other content. We also talk about some things we want to change about this website (and why) and some things that will never change (and why not). Watch the video to ... - Shane Melaugh
Why Popular Blogs Are Popular and How I Might Follow Suit -
In today’s post I’ve got a video with some examination and two very important questions for you. There are some similarities between the most popular blogs online and they’re similarities no one ever seems to talk about. And I may have to change this website in some key ways, if I want to make it ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 4 -
The live IM Impact podcast episode 4 is taking place today at 8pm London time. Unless things go horribly wrong, that is. Times: London (United Kingdom - England) Friday, 7 September 2012, 20:00:00 BST Toronto (Canada - Ontario) Friday, 7 September 2012, 15:00:00 EDT Los Angeles (U.S.A. - California) Friday, 7 September 2012, 12:00:00 PDT ... - Shane Melaugh
Google Un-Slap Case Study -
Pandas, penguins, backlinks, anchor-texts… whoever you blame, chances are that you’ve experienced a Google slap or two, if you’ve been doing SEO for a while. The same is true for me: several of my niche sites that were previously ranking and earning well were slapped from their SERP perches at one point or another. Is ... - Shane Melaugh
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