Building a Lean, Mean Ecommerce Business – Podcast Episode 18 -
For a change of perspectives, the topic of today’s podcast episode is Ecommerce, featuring Andrew Youderian, a leading expert in the field. While I have a background in Ecommerce myself, it’s not something I usually write about on this blog. However, Ecommerce is a business model I definitely advocate, since it falls squarely into the [...] - Shane Melaugh
Surviving the Financial Apocalypse – Podcast Episode 17 -
As an entrepreneur, you inevitably go through some periods where money is tight. If things work out, you later get to a stage where you start to wonder what you should do with all your money. Should you invest in stocks or real estate? Just keep it all in a savings account? Reinvest in your [...] - Shane Melaugh
Visual Editors for WordPress – Roundup Review -
WordPress is a brilliant platform for creating all kinds of websites and its popularity is well deserved. However, it was originally conceived as a simple blogging platform and if you use it for anything other than blogging, it does sometimes show its humble roots. As soon as you want to create content that goes beyond [...] - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 16 – Are You in a “Superstar Business”? -
Whenever you set out to start a new business, a new project or a new website, you inevitably try to weigh risks against rewards. “How likely am I to succeed at this?” – it’s an important question to ask, but most people don’t know how to properly answer it. In today’s podcast episode, you’ll learn [...] - Shane Melaugh
The Truth About an FBA Business -
A few months ago, there was a big guru launch for a product based on Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). In this interview, we take an inside look at a real FBA business. FBA is a method by which vendors ship products directly to an Amazon warehouse, have them listed in the Amazon marketplace and have [...] - Shane Melaugh
Breakthrough Productivity -
The harsh reality is that among millions of people who try to and would like to create a successful online business, only very few ever succeed. Most of us never really get off the blocks or maybe get to some level of success, only to get stuck again. In this webinar replay, you’ll learn about [...] - Shane Melaugh
The $300K Niche Membership Site with Ian McConnell -
How lucrative is a niche market like “model trains” for someone who’s new to online marketing? As Ian McConnell shares in this podcast episode, the answer is: VERY lucrative. At least, if you play your cards right. Listen in and you’ll discover a brilliant traffic generation strategy that Ian used to drive the right kind ... - Shane Melaugh
Examples of Great (and Terrible) Unique Selling Propositions -
In this post, you’ll find a series of unique selling proposition examples, both good and bad, to model your own USP after. If you haven’t seen my previous post on this topic, I recommend you read it first. I advocate creating and selling products in active, evergreen markets, so that you can build something once ... - Shane Melaugh
Contest Case Study, Part 1 -
A few days ago, I launched my first “proper” online contest. I had done a couple of very simple contests before, where I would compile entrants manually and pick winners via random numbers, but this was the first time I created a contest using a dedicated software to do so and with more bells and ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Backup and Clone WordPress Sites -
Cloning Technology for Your Website This weeks app protects you from losing your website data and makes clones that I like to use for 3 purposes: Link: Note: I might have under-emphasized the backup and security aspect of this app. The reason for this is that I already have automatic, daily backups running through my ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 14: Bootstrapping Your Way to Success -
Travis Ketchum is the CEO of Contest Domination, an app that allows anyone to create viral contests that can be used to generate traffic and get more leads. For anyone interested in building up their own business, Travis’ story is worth some close examination. Without any funding, he managed to bootstrap his way from a ... - Shane Melaugh
How to Get Your New Project to Market as Quickly as Possible -
There’s nothing worse than a never-ending project. Maybe it’s because of perfectionism or because of a fear of selling, or maybe you started out with the wrong kind of product idea to begin with. Whatever the reason, when you keep treading water and a project never seems to come closer to the finish line, it ... - Shane Melaugh
Postling provides a “social media inbox” – a simple interface for you to manage and monitor social media and even blogs. Does Postling’s less-is-more approach make for the killer app you’ve been waiting for, or does the tool under-deliver? Watch this quick video review and tour, to find out: Postling Video Quick Notes The social ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Make Your Apps Talk to Each Other -
Zap Your Apps Together! Watch the video to see how you can combine your apps into your ultimate business suite: Link: There is also a very similar service called IFTTT. I chose Zapier as the App of the Week, because it seems to have a bit more of a business focus, but I think it’s ... - Shane Melaugh
Infographic: Minimum Viable Product -
How can you get a new product or service to market quickly and reduce your risk and overhead at the same time? By releasing a minimum viable product. Check out the infographic below to see what an MVP is all about and why it’s better and less risky than the model most businesses use: Embed ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast Episode 13: Dan Andrews on Location Independent Business and Lifestyle -
Many entrepreneurs dream of living the location independent life: travel the world, live wherever you want and run a thriving business – ideally from you laptop, while sitting on an exotic beach, somewhere. Dan Andrews, our guest in this episode, doesn’t just live this dream; he’s become a leading expert in location independent businesses and ... - Shane Melaugh
Sprout Social Review -
Can Sprout Social help you grow and manage your social media presence, even on a large scale? With built-in publishing, trend-watching and engagement tools for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, it looks like a promising solution for both individuals and teams. Check out the video review below to see what Sprout Social is really made of: ... - Shane Melaugh
Membership and Product Delivery Solutions -
Selling products or services is the basis of any serious online business and when you set out to start one, you soon face a big obstacle: what should you use, to handle all the technical stuff? Things like collecting payments, delivering your digital products, managing customers and members, etc. What you need is a product ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast, Episode 12: The Missing Puzzle Piece -
In all of the online marketing/blogging/work from home niche, there seems to be a crucial topic that everyone’s silent about: basic financial sense. It seems that we’re all so preoccupied with the idea of getting rich over night that managing finances is deemed unnecessary. Hey, by next week, I’ll be so rich it won’t matter ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Social Media Fix -
Social Media Without the Time Wastage The simple tool I use to stay active on social media and get more clicks on links I share: Link: Did you enjoy this week’s episode? Leave a comment below and let me know! Also, if you have any favorite apps that you think deserve a spot on this ... - Shane Melaugh
The Worst (and Most Popular) Kind of Product Idea -
When you start out as an entrepreneur, there’s one product idea that you’ll almost inevitably come up with, at some point… This product idea seems very attractive. Heck, it will seem like a sure-fire winner. Unfortunately, in reality, it’s a terrible idea. Watch this video to see what I mean and how to avoid one ... - Shane Melaugh
Google Reader Alternatives -
Google has announced that they are closing down Reader, probably the most popular RSS reader on the net. As a result, bloggers are worried about losing readers and traffic and Reader users are worried about losing all their nicely aggregated news. In this post, we’ll have a quick look at how to solve both of ... - Shane Melaugh
Podcast, Episode 11: You Are Now Thinking in Assets -
How useful would it be to you, if you could gain more monetary value from every hour you invest in your business? In this podcast episode, you’ll discover one way of doing just that. It’s about a major shift in focus that both Paul, myself have made (and thousands of entrepreneurs made before us). After ... - Shane Melaugh
Everything You Need to Create Your Unique Selling Proposition -
No matter what you do, you need a unique selling proposition. Yes, even if you aren’t selling anything. Your blog or free report needs a unique selling proposition as much as your product or service. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a highly effective, compelling USP. If this is ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Passive Productivity Tool -
Install this Time Saver in Your Brain See why this week’s “passive” productivity app is oddly effective: Link: Did you enjoy this week’s episode? Leave a comment below and let me know! Also, if you have any favorite apps that you think deserve a spot on this show, nominate them by mentioning them in your ... - Shane Melaugh
What to Sell – 14 Examples of Successful Online Offers and What You Can Learn From Them -
Creating and selling your own offers comes with huge advantages over any affiliate or ad-revenue based online business models. In this post, you’ll discover exactly why that’s true (and not just based on my own experience) and what kind of offers you can create and sell, as well as pros and cons for each business ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Increase Your Conversion Rates -
Same Traffic, More Conversions Turn your website into a lean, mean conversion machine: Link: Leave a comment below to share your thoughts! How do you like this week’s recommendation? Also, if you have any favorite apps that you think deserve a spot on this show, nominate them by mentioning them in your comment! Cheers, - Shane Melaugh
WP Enlighten Review -
WP Enlighten is, as far as I can tell, the new and improved version of a product previously called WP Sales Engine. It’s a WordPress plugin which lets you turn any page on a WordPress site into a sales-page, including various options for adding styled boxes, order buttons, testimonials and videos. Here’s a quick video ... - Shane Melaugh
App of the Week: Best Thing Ever for PayPal Vendors -
Awesome App for PayPal Vendors If you use PayPal to sell online, you really don’t want to miss out on this: Link: In the video, I forgot to mention that Putler also integrates with 2CheckOut and Shopify. More integrations are planned, as well. Leave a comment below to share your thoughts! How do you like ... - Shane Melaugh
Impact Preview: What’s Next and How You Can Take Part -
Here’s a quick look at what we have in store for you, for 2013. Plus, how you can take part: help us make sure that the content you’ll find here helps you take big strides forward in growing your own business! Watch this quick video to see what it’s all about: Questions for You If ... - Shane Melaugh
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