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Kevin Fox
As of last January 24th, FriendFeed has been around longer as a Facebook-owned site than it had been as a public site before the acquisition.
If you start counting from the day the private beta started, we'll reach the equilibrium point on June 20th. :-) - Kevin Fox
o_o - Micah
Wow, it makes me realize that FF hasn't been around that long. - That's So CAJ!
That's a lie. Every FriendFeed user knows they don't use Facebook products because they're not cool. - Mark Trapp
Get it right, Trapp. Eisenberg made Facebook what Zuckerberg never could: cool. - Akiva
You know what's cooler than an Eisenberg? A Billionberg. Wait... - Mark Trapp
You mean a Zoidberg. - Akiva
Now Zoidberg's the popular one! - Mark Trapp
Where does Andy Samberg fit in? - Rochelle
He goes in the poke hole. - Akiva
Mike Bracco
What are your top 3 favorite paid online subscription services? Mine are Evernote Premium, and Pandora One.
Mine: Evernote, Skype and - Leandro Ardissone ⍨ from IM
I think currently NOD32 & Netflix are only online services I pay for - LANjackal
Netflix - chrisofspades
Evernote and Pandora definitely....I would add flickr pro to that - Freddie Benjamin
oh, and flickr.. there are more than 3 - Leandro Ardissone ⍨ from IM
I only pay for, netflix, and flickr. - ·[▪_▪]·
The only subscriptions I have are Netflix, Gamefly, and XMRadio. Not sure you'd call any of them online services, though. I'll probably renew flickr when I can more cash flow, though. - Jandy
Remember the milk, Flickr and Mvelopes. I've been thinking about upgrading to Pandora One but haven't done it yet. - Ward Seward
Spotify! - Lasse Johnsen
Netflix, Pandora & Wall Street Journal - Jay Clark
Rapidshare, remember the milk, evernote,, ... - Ugur Aydogdu (jnbn)
ehm.. let add: rapidshare,, (a seedbox), and lastpass - Leandro Ardissone ⍨ from IM
Evernote, Remember the Milk and Flickr - Brett Kelly
Also Evernote, Mozy and Flickr. - Oliver Bouchard
Evernote Premium, Dropbox (50GB), and MindMeister - Jim Tierney
Flickr. - Morton Fox
Evernote, Jungle Disk, You Mail, Flickr ,Skype, Netfilx - metalerik
I only have one: reqall. - Jim #teamFFrank
Mozy, Flickr, Github, Amazon (S3, EC2, SQS), Rackspace CloudFiles, Jungledisk - Berk D. Demir
Cecily: Love Backblaze! - been using it for a couple months. Best Mac online backup solution - IMHO. - Mike Bracco
MobileMe, Flickr, Google Web Storage (10GB extra/year), SpanningSync, DropBox, DreamHost. - Nick Humphries
Among some of those already mentioned I use LovelyCharts a lot: - Peter van Teeseling
Mike Bracco: What other Mac online backup solutions did you try and what are the features separating Backblaze from others to be the best? - Berk D. Demir, Flickr, Jajah - Bertrand Doux
Berk: I tried Mozy as well and also played around with a friends machine that had carbonite. I like Backblaze b/c is just works...I literally don't have to ever think about it. It was started by some ex apple guys I believe and it can definitely show in the final product. Very few options - it just backs up in the background. It also stores versions of a file so sequential backups are... more... - Mike Bracco
and Jing Pro - metalerik
Flickr, Zenfolio, MobileMe, and (maybe soon) Animoto - Victor Panlilio
Evernote, Flickr, - jbrotherlove
flickr,, Zune - John D Reasor
Evernote, Mozy, and Flickr - Russellreno
Evernote, Flickr, Toodledo, BitDefender - Wei-Yen Tan
Hosting for my blog. Also pay for flickr, but that wasn't really worth it. -
Flickr and Remember The Milk. Hosting accounts: Media Temple and Dreamhost. - Jorge Gobbi
Evernote is my favorite. It is the one application I will not do without. - Rob Cairns
Cecily & Mike: I've tried Mozy, Carbonite, Backblaze, iDrive and settled with Mozy for no obvious reason. Pretty much they are all the same. A very similar software, same slow initial backup process, versioned backups, easy restore, scheduling and background backup features, bandwidth throttling, being easy with the system resources and close yearly fees: $49.50 (iDrive: 150GB), $50... more... - Berk D. Demir
I must have tried Evernote five times, but can't really get what is SO useful about it. Maybe it's the "how" - can someone direct me to how they use it and why it's useful to them? As far as paid apps, Pandora, Carbonite and Extra Storage on Google. That's it. - Vince DeGeorge
Vince: check out Evernote's blog as well their tumblr blog They have some great use cases on both sites. Maybe that will spark some ideas on how to utilize it. It's one of those things where you have to kind of be conscious of it and make yourself use it - then after a while it naturally becomes part of your workflow - at least that is how it worked for me. - Mike Bracco
Was forgetting Animoto for which I will subscribe very soon - Bertrand Doux
Thanks for those, Mike, very helpful. I think you're right... I just need to make an effort to get it into my workflow. I think it may work well to document ASP.NET snippets I use often (maybe). - Vince DeGeorge
Vince: Yeah and what's helpful as Evernote progresses is that the service is getting faster and better integrated into the OS - which makes it less obtrusive and easier to work in. - Mike Bracco
flickr,, rememberthemilk - Jason Toney
Evernote, Dropbox and Skype - Sally Church
Mobileme is the only one I pay for right now. - DGentry
Evernote, Flickr, TinySpell and WinPatrol (last 2 Windows only) - Jack&Cleo
Flickr, Zune, Netflix. - Jordan Hofker from fftogo
Flickr, Netflix, Dreamhost - Logan Lindquist
Trying mobileme. - Ashish
Napster, and MobileMe - Edgar Rodríguez
also, emusic. How could I forget them? - Jason Toney
SugarSync, Evernote, LastPass - Johan Bakken
Its got to be Evernote, Flickr and Skype. Noticing a lot of love for Evernote on this list - Robert Davies
For all you Evernote peeps, if you're not already in it, we have a pretty active room on FF: Feel free to join us! - Lindsay
Remember The Milk, Flickr. Thinking about subscribing to Evernote but not sure I really need the premium version. If they add export option to their amazing recognition tool, I may switch. - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Damn me, I forgot the one I use the most: skype... - Jean-Charles VERDIE
freshbooks is great for small business invoicing. I use Pandora One also and Remember The Milk. trying Action Method (really good!) - Julian Seery Gude from BuddyFeed,, and soon :-) - Elian Chrebor
@elian what does Spotify premium brings? I would subscribe for an offline and/or iPhone feature. E-tipi probably but I hope you won't have to pay ;) - Jean-Charles VERDIE
Can someone tell me what does? And what do you get extra with a paid Pandora account? - Mark Traphagen
Mark: Lynda offers professional video tutorials or classes on pretty much any software imaginable (classes are streamed in browser via QuickTime and range anywhere from 2-12 hours. Pandora One is the pay Pandora account. It offers more skipping per day, double the bit rate quality (192 - huge difference from free account) and also a longer timeout period. - Mike Bracco
I thought the bit rate quality with Pandora One wasn't going to be a big deal but it's night and day...big difference. - Mike Bracco
Thanks, Mike! - Mark Traphagen
I pay for Flickr, Plaxo and - Boris
Flickr is the only thing I pay for. At work we pay for Wufoo and love it. - Laura Norvig
Netflix, DeviantArt and that is it. That is all I pay for online besides GoDaddy for web hosting. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
spotify :). - Tobias W.
I only pay for one at this point: Flickr. I am considering Evernote as well. - Adam
Likely Evernote. still test driving it. - Carolyn Chan
No test driving necessary for me, now a premium subscriber :) - LANjackal from IM
giganews unlimited usenet for $25/mo is always tempting - Mike Chelen
Other than my Web hosting, I don't have any paid subscriptions to online services that I can think of. I tend to gravitate toward ad-supported free services. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
What do you use to back up your entire Hard drive on your CPU/Laptop? Any good sites where I can upload my stuff and store if for a minimal fee?
My dad likes Mozy. It's, like, $5 a month for unlimited or something like that. - Jandy
I dunno. I need to check my MAC. It is mostly for ALL my music first off. - Amani from IM
I need almost 140 GB of space for what is on my laptop. - Amani
I use Jungledisk for all my important stuff - Deepak Singh
Until ultra fast net connections exist and online storage is free and "almost" limitless I'm sticking with putting my stuff on my external 1TB NAS. - Kol Tregaskes
Mozy and jungledisk look interesting. Jandy - how long has dad used Mozy? Deepak - how long have you been using jungledisk? It seems like one has a set price based on how many GB and another just charges you monthly for unlimited us. - Amani
He's used it at least two or three years - has it set to automatically backup every week or so. His latest praise was that he'd lost his last Palm sync (contacts and calendar had gotten corrupted or something) from his Palm/desktop, but Mozy had the most current files and he was able to recover everything. - Jandy
Firewire 800 external drive, although it may back up just 20 megs of new files at a time. - Richard A.
SugarSync for me - Shankar Ganesh
I would suggest a local and a remote backup for a reliable backup strategy. Get a good quality external disk for local backups where you can get full disk image backups and subscribe to a secure online backup provider to backup your non-recoverable files (such as operating system, applications, publicly re-downloable everything) I personally suggest Mozy (here's a referral link but have some friends relying on Backblaze and Amazon S3 (via JungleDisk or similars). - Berk D. Demir
For full disk bootable backups. I can suggest Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac and DriveImage XML for Windows. Both of them are free for non-commercial personal use. - Berk D. Demir
My wife and I both use Mozy. For $5 a month, it's absolutely worth it. Unlimited backup with the non-obtrusive software works great. Highly recommended. - Nathan Chase
Maxtor One-Touch 300GB. Been using it for years. Reliable. - Sprague D
On my (Mac) laptop I currently use Time Machine with an external USB drive, plus Mozy. I leave the external drive at home and only update TM in the evenings, but update Mozy whenever I'm online, which is almost all the time. I'm thinking of moving to a Solaris laptop, 'zfs send' and s3rsync in the future, but haven't taken the plunge yet. I've hit problems both with Time Machine to an Airport disk and with Mozy, so wouldn't rely on either exclusively. - James
Looks like it will be mozy. Lots of good feedback. Thanks. I will also see about this external drive I have although I fear it isn't large enough. - Amani
I've been using Jungledisk pretty much since it started. Of course, I work at AWS now. The reason, to get that kind of redundancy myself would be really expensive (anything you push into S3 is replicated within and across physically independent data centers). For non-essential files I have a network drive. - Deepak Singh
I have about half a terabyte there. Stuff includes all media files (pictures, itunes, etc), all my podcast files, all my music projects, all important documents that I never want to lose. For stuff that I don't want stored with that kind of redundancy (i.e. if I lose it's not the end of the world), I store on a local network drive. Basically it boiled down to the cost of setting up my own RAID system vs. pushing it into S3 where I know the data are safe. Costs for 500 GB are ~$75/mo - Deepak Singh
Dropbox; I just backup my documents directory of around 44 gigabyte. The rest is standard installation and of no importance. - Jorg Jansen
Deepak - that's my problem with S3... I still feel it's prohibitively expensive. For $75/month I could grab a new 750GB drive every month to use for backups. I just can't imagine paying ~$900/year for backups... And for Mozy users - is Mozy truly unlimited? If I try to throw a couple TBs of data up is it going to allow me? - Robert DeBord, didn't realize S3 was THAT expensive. - .LAG liked that
It's expensive if you compare it to a single hard drive, but it's not. But it's the equivalent of making multiple redundant backups raid configurations. Jeremy Zawodny's article was part of what made me very sure to go that route ( - Deepak Singh
I have started to use mozy but it looks like it will take a while since I have approx 90 GB of stuff. Maybe a few days??? Wow. - Amani
Need that 10 gbps connection at home :) - Deepak Singh
Upload speed of 0.38 MB/S isn't good is it? Download is 7.95 Mb/s. I love Time Warner so much. - Amani
Yikes. That's bad. I get 6 megs up from home, but that's rare from what I've heard - Deepak Singh - $5 a month, per computer, unlimited space - TrafficBug
Dude, backup essentials to ONE DVD .. Anything else to a decent USB drive. Online backup is not worth it for anything serious yet!! - Mr K from Nambu
another hard drive and use an ghost image ? - Olivier
Robert - Mozy is unlimited but you are limited by your upload speed. It took 14hrs for 4GB. I now have 76gb on Mozy. - Russellreno
Thanks Russell. Anyone know if Mozy will have a problem with me backing up not just my mac install, but also my XP install via bootcamp/parallels? I'm leaning towards trying out Mozy because it's so much cheaper. I don't see any benefit to S3 over Mozy right now, other than the fact I'm 99% sure Amazon isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Don't know how strong Mozy is of a company, something I'd probably look into before relying on them for backups. - Robert DeBord
I use an external WD MyBook to back up my hard drive. I don't feel comfortable backing up my stuff to the cloud. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Russel - how long did it take for that 76 GB. This AM it was only 3% done for my 90 GB of info. Did you let it run the entire time or can you stop and pick up where you left off? - Amani
Dropbox Rox! Easy to use, easy to share. - Brad Nickel
6.4% done now. Wow. This will be at least 10 days to back me up. Does it really take this long? - Amani
Up to 12.1% now. Wowsers. - Amani
Heh it would to quicker to take an Amtrak to the datacenter. ;) - Rodfather
I am happy to say that 20 days later (with a few stops here and there), my 92 GB is now backed up on Mozy. My goodness!!! - Amani
Yeah I have had this debate with myself (and people on FF) several times now between Amazon and Mozy and other options. I finally went with Mozy though I still have some stuff on S3. I have almost 200GB on Mozy now and still have more to put up there (doing it in segments). It takes a while but it's cheap and seems to be reputable. So for $5/mo it's worth it. Not as flexible as S3 but I don't need that kind of access to all the stuff I'd like to backup anyway. - Lindsay
Enhance Google Search Pages with Greasemonkey Scripts -
Greasemonkey scripts enhance web pages and add additional functionality to them. Greasemonkey works with Firefox. You can download plenty of Greasemonkey scripts from to spice up websites. The following Greasemonkey scripts add useful functions to Google’s pages, specifically Web search pages. Have a look at them – they could well improve your productivity. - Nilesh
Americans! How many of you listen to BBC radio or read/watch any British publications,television or websites?
Anika said that she listened to BBC 1Extra which kinds surprised me...I watched a documentary about how a lot of Americans read online British newspapers like the Guardian online... - Zee.
I tend to read the bbc at least a few times a week. (I may skew the results though, as I work in the industry at the NYT) - Ted Roden
Quite a bit for me--BBC, London Times, Sky and the Guardian are daily reads, but I'm a Yank who keeps an office in London and has season tickets to Arsenal, so I'm probably not representative of most users. - Andrew Leyden
Sometimes I listen to World Have Your Say on NPR when I'm driving in to work, but that's about it. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I watch BBC America and subscribed to the BBC news website. - Sarah Peterman
I used to listen to 1Xtra a lot before they changed the lineups and programming a few years ago. We get the BBC America channel on TV but rarely watch it. That's about it. - Rochelle
I watch Gordon Ramsay's shows. - Rahsheen
Currently I love How Clean Is Your House and You Are What You Eat - and older shows like The Young Ones and Red Dwarf. - Jason
Sometimes I'll listen to BBC radio, but I have no clue when or where the BBC tv would be found. I don't watch much tv, so it's radio for this 'colonist'! - Morgan
Watch BBC-America. I also uh.. find ways ... to watch British television before it hits the US. Most of the news I get is from the BBC. - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
I watch British shows (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Spaced, etc.) when I can, and BBCAmerica when I think about it. I hit the Guardian once in a while, but not regularly. - Jandy
Surprised you? :) I've been listening to 1Xtra for almost 7 years now. I also listen to the News stations and Radio 3. I don't watch anything besides LOST, but I read several UK dailies and magazines. Like the others, I may be unusual only because I have an unhealthy addiction to politics no matter the country. - Anika
I went right to TV! But I read BBC news online too. - Jason
I download hella BBC TV and watch it when its reaired here. I love Being Human, watching the new season of Hustle, Dr. Who of course. I listen to BBC Radio one every now and then, mostly when it has people I like on there. - Richard Lawler
I am about to watch Masterpiece Classics "Wuthering Heights" and "Sense and Sensibility" right now - Shevonne
I watch a lot of BBC programming, but I haven't been exposed to any radio yet. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I should add that I have watched British TV shows (I was a serious East Enders addict in my teens), but I usually watch old shows like Are You Being Served, Keeping Up Appearances or As Time Goes By. Older Brits here in the states think I'm adorable for knowing those shows. Younger ones think I'm weird for watching them. <shrug> - Anika
At 11:00 pm Pacific time, Fox Soccer Channel airs an hour of Sky Sports News. I'll watch it occasionally to get its perspective on various things, including American sports. - Ontario Emperor
nope. - MicahBear78
I do BBC TV and radio, as well as read The Guardian and subscribe to a british science magazine whose name escapes me right now. I've found that as far as news goes, I prefer something that is completely lacking that "American spin". :) - Hookuh Tinypants
I listen to bBC World Service sometimes if I can't sleep. - Molly Song ;)
This is fascinating. So what is on BBC America? Is that like BBC 1 over there or a selection from all BBC channels? You guys need to listen to Radio 1 more, especially Zane Lowe. I believe Radio 1 is on a station in the US and is timed delayed to match in the UK (i.e. Zane Lowe is on at 7pm here and also 7pm in the US). - Kol Tregaskes
I guess we in the UK watch a lot of US TV shows but I still find the radio and newspaper thing odd. Why do you like 1Extra over a US station Anika and why do u guys prefer to read the BBC or the guardian over a US publication? One more question, do u reckon we'll one day have a "global Online dominant news site"? Iris that already the BBC? - Zee.
Listened to the Beeb on shortwave when I was a teen-ager and watched BBC World News off and on over the past several years. Regularly browse the Times and Telegraph websites. Subscribe to the Economist. Some of this because U.S. equivalents either don't exist or don't have the same level of international coverage. Also, it's interesting to read on U.S. news from the outsider's perspective. - Charles Fenwick
wow and Eastenders Anika?? Unbelievable... :P But pretty damn cool I reckon - Zee.
I get there sometimes. Get BBC America on Dish Network and BBC World on XM. - Eric - Final Countdown
I used to listen to BBC Radio at my old job. - Nine DataAngel Ferdinand
I'm a huge Anglophile. 70% of my TV watching time is spent watching BBC America. I download, rent, or buy certain BBC shows if they aren't available to watch on BBC America, and I occasionally (if I have the time or if the topic/guest interests me) listen to some programs on BBC Radio. is my homepage and I tend to prefer getting my news from British publications/websites — largely for the same reason as Amanda, no "American spin". - Lola Bean (Penguin)
I started reading newspapers from other countries when I worked for a think tank, and BBC was one of them. I really liked their format and writing style, so I still go to it. - Shevonne
damn Penguin, you're hardcore! :) - Zee.
I just finished reading a book written by a Brit. Loved all the jargon that we don't use here. Deaf Sentence by David Lodge. - Trish Haley
I listen to BBC podcasts now and then (Radio 1 through 6) and sometimes to the streams. I watch BBC America shows when they intrest me (little tv does anymore) and grew up on rebroadcasts of BBC productions on local PBS stations. BBC World Report in the mornings I am awake and remember. - Michael W. May
BBC America is pretty awful vs. the full library of the BBC. We get some newer programs, occasionally, but always quite a bit late and you have to sit through endless 'Crap in the Attic' and other rather tedious programming. For example Season 1 of Ashes to Ashes will start next month, nearly a year after it ran in the UK (and most people downloaded the torrents). They're trying to do better, have more cutting edge current programming, but during the day it's pretty awful - Andrew Leyden
BBC World Service Junkie --> - Johnny
I listen to BBC when broadcast on the local public radio station - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
I started listening to 1Xtra one night with my husband. They were playing all this old dub. Been hooked ever since. I read papers from other countries to get a different viewpoint. It amuses me to see what a politician is willing to say to the BBC, but would never say to an American paper. - Anika
Kol, I'll back up Andrew on the horridness of BBC America. It's like BBC light. Most of the shows I've seen advertised on there are usually already available on DVD. - Anika
Yep, local NPR affiliate has World Service running 10pm-4am, and The World (BBC/WBGH/PRI). Lucy Kellaway's contributions are always good for a laugh. - coldbrew
listen to the bbc regularly. - Bren
D'uh, I forgot the TV shows I watch (ie. Torchwood, Dr. Who, Are You Being Served?, The Young Ones, Ab Fab....). I also subscribe to the BBC Entertainment feed at Twitter. - Molly Song ;)
BBC news is way better in the morning. They never try and be cute and I love that. - MarkCarras
Watch a few BBC America programs (Top Gear, Dragons Den, sometimes Ramsay stuff) , online I regularly read the BBC and the Times Online, sometimes Guardian online - and miss the Sunday papers from London ... - Patrick Jordan
All the time. I'd gladly give the Beeb a "TVTax" to be able to watch iPlayer. Beeb programming is a hundred fold better than anything here in the States. - Michael Collins from twhirl
I don't get why the Beeb doesn't allow other countries to see their stuff online? I'd do anything to watch TV shows there. I just recently got into Mi-5 and I used to watch EastEnders (the local PBS station played it and then BBC America showed it for a while). I had a HUGE crush on Wicksy (Nick Barry). :P - Molly Song ;)
I watch BBCA and I watch BBC News on public television. It's where the real news is. - Holli C. Buck from twhirl
I download all the British podcasts I can get every day, watch a good bit of BBCA, and look at the BBC news site once or twice a week. We don't get much in the way of in-depth international news, although NPR does a pretty good job with recognizing that there are other places on the planet besides USA. - Nancy Sheets
I download the BBC Newspod podcast every day, in addition to watching BBC World News on BBC America. - Steven Perez
I read the Financial Times front page articles every day. Of course, I live in London... - Zach Landes
oh and Little Britain! - Jason
I only listen to stories shared to me via social media, I guess. - Tamar Weinberg
I watch BBC-A, lune in to the World Service once in a while, and watch what I can. Need to get my footy and Gavin and Stacey fix. - Michael Molinar from twhirl
BBC news, BBC radio, Guardian, Telegraph, more... [and yes, Dr. Who] - Anthony Citrano
Yes, but then I'm British and American :-) - Sally Church
Grew up on BBC shortwave radio back in India - Deepak Singh
Doctor Who FTW. BBC news ain't bad either - Eric P
Grew up on BBC shortwave in Alaska. Then later their tie-in with NPR rotted them at the core. - Douglas Hopkins
I'm quite shocked how popular BBC-related stuff is outside of the UK. Amazing. Good really, I browse lots of news sites from all over the place but the BBC sites are still the best, the TV is by far the best (beats anything on Sky and Cable) and their radio shows, especially Radio 1 is top class. Why? Well apart from the quality of programmes, there are no bloody adverts!!! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
For people not just in America but around the World, I've worked with several people that tell me the BBC World Service is excellent. What do you think? - Kol Tregaskes
Hmm, how is the BBC America service, out of interest? - Tyson Key
I visit the BBC news website often. Economist is I also read a lot of British articles from Google News - Mitchell Tsai
I tune into - Mike Reynolds
-------> - Pete D
Sometimes I watch CNBC early in the morning when they are showing the overseas version. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Zee, I don't listen to US radio because the hip-hop they play sucks. I can only hear Garth Trinidad *maybe* play some Dancehall.1Xtra, plays all of the music I like (except drum & bass, I got over that in the mid-90s). I get to hear songs in the comfort of my own home. Otherwise, I'd have to go to an indie record store for suggestions. - Anika
that would be me BBC is about 60% of what I watch on TV - Dan owns
I love BBC radio. - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
i am amazed. - Zee.
I listen to BBC world service as a podcast. - Christian Burns
BBC World News is better than almost anything we have here in the US... Newshour with Jim Lehrer is the only program I'd say is on par or perhaps slightly better - Jeffrey Canton
We listen to the BBC World News on our XM radio a lot. It's refreshing to have a news report that's not totally focused on US problems (there are other people in the world with problems too). - Lindsay
BBC radio on NPR - Martha
BBC radio on ABC News Radio - Duncan Riley
I'm an American living in London, but consume very little British media... don't even have broadcast TV service. I occasionally watch shows through BBC iPlayer (Hustle and Little Britain are faves). I also read Guardian Web site pretty regularly. I watch a lot of US TV and movies, primarily through iTunes, Netflix and Hulu. - Jon Price
forgot to say... before I moved to London I watched a few shows on BBC America (Footballers' Wives and Mile High were guilty pleasures) and regularly watched football matches on FSN. - Jon Price
I follow a lot of the online newspapers, magazines etc. I also run an AYBS site at: - Elina M. Lampart
Susan Beebe
Jump on the social media bandwagon -
Jump on the social media bandwagon
Cool photo on Flickr - Susan Beebe
I'm on them all but plurl:P - Gordon Swaby
That pic needs to edit out Pownce logo ... RIP - Susan Beebe
New Screenshot of Jolicloud Netbook Operating System (New Linux Operating System) #linux -
New Screenshot of Jolicloud Netbook Operating System (New Linux Operating System) #linux
Mona Nomura
My Kind of Resolution.
I wish. - Andrew Trinh
NOW I get it!!! Duh... - Sue Radd
I still don't! ;) - Mona Nomura
1080p for me. - Akiva
Akiva gets it. - Derrick
I don't have a tv... (faux) HD YouTube for me. :( - Mona Nomura from IM
What is the "i" of which you speak? I'm with Akiva and p crowd! er, yeah... - Michael W. May
:-D this is very similar to my 2008 resolution: - vijay
For all intents and purposes, unless you are playing a game on your PS3 or 360 there is no i and p...there is only p...unless you are still watching HD using an old CRT based system. And technically, 1080i isn't a's a broadcast spec. The resolution is 1920x1080. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
+100 Alex. - AJ Batac
I'am all about the p rather than the i. However, 1080 is't exactly the resolution. - The Fat Oracle
eh, I don't exactly agree alex. TV comes in 1080i the same as your games can, and games are affected by your screen being whatever resolution it is the same as televisions(flat panel? it's p) - Richard Lawler
Aaaaand Alex wins the Taking It Too Seriously award. Congratulations, Alex! - Akiva
Then there's miniDV based HD camcorders that shoot at 1440x1080 but call it 1080i/p. - Rodfather
so cute - love this! - BEX
i & p have nothing to do with the resolution. They are the scanning technique used to draw the image on a CRT. i is for Interlaced scanning and p is for progressive scanning. With i every other line on the screen is traced and then the missing lines are traced on the next next screen refresh. This happens fast enough that your eye sees the whole image. With p every line is scanned every time the screen is refreshed. - Jeff P. Henderson
Yeah nothing over comcast comes in at 1080p. Only on 360, PS3 and DVD/Blu Ray players. Not that it really matters unless you're watching sports or other fast moving content, which in Comcast's case is usually hit by compression artifacts before you'd ever notice anything but pretty. - Josh
It's a bandwidth issue for cable. For the compression used, it's only fast enough to display 1080i or 720p 60fps/30fps. For fast moving content, I believe 1080i appears smoother than 1080p since it refreshes at 60 fields per second (each field is sort of like half of a frame). For sports broadcasts, 720p @ 60fps is the best. - Rodfather
That was my resolution in 2005 (along with 1080p). I need something new, 4 years later. - Anika
@Anika, how about 2160p Quad HD!! - Jeff P. Henderson
Oh yeah, Jeff! - Anika
Well thanks for sharing Anika but some people can't afford something new, 4 years later, like me. - Mona Nomura from IM
Our TV was dirt cheap. Yay Costco! But I also can't afford something new now either. I just want it, as I said. - Anika
OMG I need a Costco card! - Mona Nomura from IM
Costco is very good. Then again, I personally spend enough there each year to pay for the next year's membership. - Robert Miller
We go to Costco all the time at our house. Not only is it a great shopping place, but the pizza is cheap and good - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
chacha - i think i just figured out what to have for lunch! - Morgan
I am glad I could help :) - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Let's put it this way: What we paid for our 42" 1080p monitor is still less (4 years later) than what some people are paying for a 32" 720p one. And Costco came and set it up for us. I highly suggest it. - Anika
You have to like the cheese on their pizzas and, for some reason, I do not. - Robert Miller
We just bought my Mom's new Monitor there. 23' monitor widescreen. Very happy - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Also bought my new camera via web. Got a free 2GB SD Card - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
Chacha, that's a huge monitor. - Akiva
23 inches.... I don't know whether its ' or " .. - Tyler (Chacha) from IM
One of my co-workers has a 30" monitor he uses @ work. - Robert Miller
SHV or nothing - Richard Lawler
Sasha Kovaliov
At some point, I will find the "killer app" that will help me find cool new music. Unfortunately, that day is not today in spite of this fantastic post. - Devon Campbell
I'm still waiting for a real-life scrobbler. Like a pill, that you swallow and it monitors the music you listen, then recommends something somehow :) - Sasha Kovaliov
There is some great choices here. Slacker looks interesting. I personally use lala and pandora for my music listening. But a lot of great choices here. Thanks for the link! - ЯIИGҜIИG
i like lala :) - edythe
Meemix sounds interesting. - Amani has been all I needed to find new music that fits me. - Ernie Oporto
@Ernie Word. Found some nice artists there, I like the design, the radio stations and other features. I got all I need. - Tobias W.
I agree with Gebadia. the61 is the best place on the web tofind new music. - Anika from fftogo
Anika, thanks for letting us know...twice. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I agree with the first lists here: but not so for this one above. Pandora, and thesixtyone are the best for new music lovers. - Kol Tregaskes
Don't blame me for that annoying bug. :) - Anika
100 Free & Affordable High & Low Tech Music Promotion Tips - Syed Akram
AJ Batac
Comparison of Famous OS's
Everyone agree? - AJ Batac
No. OS X is not useless. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
BeOS!! *hides* - Mo Kargas
FreeBSD is far from ''meek''. but does go unnoticed. - Carlos Ayala
And Windows crashing is so Windows 95... - Jemm
No offence but Linux is cuter than OS X(atleast in this one) - Yuvi
Also, +1 Jemm. The only time I've had Vista crash on me was when my Sound Card went kaput - Yuvi
It doesn't have to be flashy as long as it works, and that's why I use Linux. - ::Kristen::
Really? I've had Vista crash on me more times then I can count. That is why I ended up downgrading to XP on the PC. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I disagree about the comments, well except for windows (but it's tradition to rag on windows), but still laughed. :) - Grant Bierman
Where is OpenBSD?!?! - imabonehead
linux boring? how boring is a $300 box that does pretty much everything a pc or mac, without crashing or locking up? i'm livin it! - ernie yacub
o ya, faster too. - ernie yacub
@ernie: but it has no apps and not even 1% market share ;) - Jemm
Because clearly market share has an effect on your ability to use the OS. And it has plenty of apps. The place I'm feeling the app hurt is Windows more than linux. I agree with none of these other than the OS X one. Has to be one of the more useless OSes I've ever come across, compared to price and availability - Daniel Bruce
Mac's missing!! - Sameer Panchangam
:) Funny but OS X not useless - Fatih Taşkıran
most of my consternation with windows is with shoddy 3rd party applications. Windows itself rarely causes me a problem. People need to learn the difference between shitty apps crashign and windows itself being the root of a problem. Learn where the fault is then lay the blame :P - alphaxion
Can't we just agree that different systems suit different people or contexts? For me, Mac OS X is ideal(and far from useless), but I work with a lot of devs who would rather use Linux or another Unix derivative, and we have some who use Windows. - Sam
oh I have no problems with other people using other OS'es (I prefer RISC OS myself), I just object to people laying blame without knowing where the blame should be. - alphaxion
As someone who's seen the original anime, it's a great comparison to the characters. OSes can't seriously be summed up in 3-5 words each, but this is all in good fun. - Brent Newhall
@alphaxion But that would cause some actual critical thinking on some people's part and that's really just too much to ask. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
go strawberry marsmallow! also true, true, true and true. - karchesky
where is the Commodore Amiga? - NoahDavidSimon
I'm using Ubuntu as my main workstation at work for more than 3 years. Does that sound boring and/or useless? - imabonehead
I would actually switch the descriptions for Windows and Linux. For the record, I'm on a Mac but have used Linux as primary desktop for 3 years (2004-2007) - Saket Vaidya
If I could get Coda to work on Ubuntu, I'd use linux more often. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Things that make a geek popular in College: 1. Fixing Computers 2. Photography 3. Photoshop 4. Assignments
Also the things that get us jobs :P - Aram Zucker-Scharff
Really? Stuff that gets us jobs usually doesn't make you popular in college. - Yuvi
what about geek-loving cute girls?:) - Hayk
@Hayk: Myth! - Yuvi
Yuvi, did you watch Van Wilder 2?! there are few!! - Hayk
@Yuvi, not a myth. They do exist. You just have to find them! - Rahul Das
@Rahul Das: You should know - India? TN? Probability is way below national average (which is way below international average (which is way below what it should be))) - Yuvi
@Hayk: Never heard of it. Wikipedia seems to say that Taj isn't a geek. - Yuvi
Yuvi,that is right, Taj is not- his friends (at least one) are :) - Hayk
@Hayk: But he wasn't in India! ;) - Yuvi
Yuvi, females are females even in India :) - Hayk
*sticks head in sand* I am RIGHT! - Yuvi
looool :) - Hayk
5) Having a car :-) - Todd Hoff
@todd: Bikes are better off here :D Better suited for the roads... - Yuvi
Where is here? I went to school in a more rural area so that may be a difference. - Todd Hoff
Metropolitan Chennai. - Yuvi
Yes, just a bit different ( than Eugene :-) - Todd Hoff
Oh I can do all these, maybe I should go back to college. ;-() - Kol Tregaskes
Bathing. - Anika
Taj is totally not a geek. - Shawn Farner
The Day There Was No News -
The Day There Was No News
Original, high quality: - Majento from Bookmarklet
LOL, Brilliant! :) - Zee.
Yes, i love it, it dates back to May, today felt right for a repost - Majento
Mona Nomura
brb, though! - Mona Nomura
o hai o - Pokai
Get out of my head!!! - FFing Enigma
Duck ... Mona's Here! - Charlie Anzman
Ha! Funnier if I wasn't in square one at the moment! Will move to square two in a few ;) - Alan
23m old and it has 35+ likes already - Michael W. May
She is THE original rock star - Charlie Anzman
I think it would have been more realistic if the sleep panel still had the stick figure sitting at the computer dreaming of being in bed. I've been "falling asleep at the wheel" a lot lately myself. - Larry Kless
Oh HAI Mona! - Kyle Lacy
O HAI KYLE! Hi FF, I'm back!! - Mona Nomura
o hai lovely mona ;) - mjc
yaaay! Catching up on people's feeds, guys! See you in your threads. :) - Mona Nomura
so true - (jeff)isageek from fftogo
Very very true.. It happens to me most of the times. - Sudar
رونوشت به همه به خصوص معتادین گرامی :D - Maryam Ardakani
mornink ;) - A. T.
رونوشت دریافت شد ولی من هیچوقت خواب نمیبینم :D - Farzad
من دقيقا اين شكلي شده زندگيم :) - mhmazidi
مثل من - Mahdi
Hi Mona :) - Maryam Ardakani
Source? - Yuvi
lol @ Farzad. You crazy for that, man - Outsanity
Sleep? What's that? - Shawn Farner
And you want to sleep less and less - Varun Mahajan
i wish it werent! - Hayk
And there you have it. The new reality. - Kevin Gamble
The dude that is gaming doesn't look like that he is gaming. - James Rishabh Mishra
heh. back in the 1.0beta days, I used to dream of scrolling text - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
Geek lifecycle - excellent capture! - Susan Beebe
So every day - BoilingIce
hahaha awesome! It's my life! wait.. it's sad... whatever.. - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
ha... there was a time in the 1980s when my life was more like this. Stuck this week at Harbin Hot Springs, where I have to drive 5 miles for cell phone and/or wireless, so it's kind of a major <bummer> hassle... Enviously of all of you guys on-line! - Mitchell Tsai
month old bump for win? plz? - Josh Haley
This is so true. - André Luís Lopes
Robert Scoble
The month of no startups -
This is probably the best time for start-ups to introduce their products if they are not attending the TC50 or Demo. - Amit Agarwal
I agree but most think they will get a bigger pop in September. - Robert Scoble
It's August. No one wants to do anything in August as all the money men are asleep or on vacation. You get Sept and Oct to talk about new things, but come November all the new gadgets proposed for Christmas come out and that steals all the spotlight. Then December with more vacations. So if you are a startup, you have to aim for that window. - Andrew Leyden
Gaurav Sikka
WOTD: richotillomania: an abnormal desire to pull out one's hair
Feeling Sad. Depressed Almost. Colleges! Shit happens.
Sorry to hear about that, Yuvi. That any college rejected you, knowing what we know about your skills, is ridiculous. I can think of a dozen startups in the Valley who would hire you... right now. - Louis Gray
College admissions boards are temperamental creatures...they accept and reject people on some of the weirdest things. - Erin
Yuvi: don't worry. Some of the smartest people I know were rejected by colleges. Even me, I had bad grades and went to a Jr. College first, then got into SJSU. - Robert Scoble
I was rejected by UCLA and accepted by UC Berkeley. Good thing, too! I might have never ended up the Valley if I went to LA. - Louis Gray
I actually included my Microsoft Certs, my Website whois lookups, Technorati Rank and Techmeme Leaderboard along with the application (The college has a reputation of encouraging Extra Curricular Activities). Sigh. Pretty Darn Depressed... - Yuvi
don't worry about it :) - mjc
@Folks: Thing is, other than the IIT's, our best colleges are worsers than the US's worst (kinda). In most colleges here, Boys aren't allowed to talk to Girls, and Cell Phones are banned. So are T-Shirts. Sigh. - Yuvi
The CEO of Seagate has some really wacky stories along these lines. He was a surfer for a long time. The CEO of AMD grew up dirt poor in a Mexican town and had many hardships worse than this. You're smart, you'll figure out how to route around the jerks who don't see your value. The top developer at Facebook never went to college (I first met him when he was 16). - Robert Scoble
Yuvi - you're seeing a lot of older folks commenting here (including me). Absolutely sucks right now. Your disappointment is achingly real. But here's the secret...ten years from now, it won't matter. You'll be amazed at how little it mattered that a particular school didn't accept you. My wife, like Louis, went to Cal-Berkeley as her second choice. She's now among the top of her field. - Hutch Carpenter
Hutch: and I know some people who went to Stanford who are total screwups and I've given a couple of speeches now to Stanford classes even though I went to "lowly" San Jose State. Always makes me laugh because I'd NEVER be accepted to Stanford (only one kid out of our class did and he had perfect grades, was always in every club, etc.) - Robert Scoble
Robert - I hear you on that. I always marveled at the students who put everything together so young. Some of us just figured things out a bit later. - Hutch Carpenter
You're super freakin' smart, so that college just lost a wizard student. Keep looking. I attended 5 different Universities / Colleges and one special one -CalPoly- required 3 applications (my major was "impacted" so it was not easy). You can keep applying if you are really persistent ... but it does costs you the app fee each time. (Tip: if your major is impacted, apply under a non-impacted major, get in, then switch majors - yea, I gamed the system but I got in!!) hehehe! - Susan Beebe
Folks, thanks a lot for the support! Helps a boatload :) - Yuvi
@Louis Gray: The irony is that even though we could think of many startups which will pick up this kid just like that, they won't be able to get him the needed H1 just because he is not the college graduate. In India too, companies will not hire him just because he is not a college graduate. Triple Whammy. Sorry Yuvi. Something will work out. Don't despair. - Krishnan Subramanian
Susan et al: Don't think you understand the system here. It's more like a modified High School system (sigh), and the courses are usually crap. You don't have much freedom choosing your "majors" and "electives". There is no "Credit" system. You've to feed off what they throw at you. Most of the students around me would be interested in getting a boring "job" in an IT company, watching movies and basically, doing nothing. Sigh... - Yuvi
WOW, that sucks big time!! augh!!! I was not aware of the lack of choice. That's a huge problem...yikes. "feed off of what they throw at you" sounds pointless and incredibly lame... wow...i think i'd want to crawl in a hole and die. (sorry...i am pretty passionate about equal access to education for everyone and am very bummed about your situation.) I fell helpless to help you... sad - Susan Beebe
You know... given Yuvi's still under 18, maybe one of us can adopt him. :-) - Louis Gray
@Louis... probably not you since you've got twins on the way!! :-) - Susan Beebe
Yuvi... what ARE your options? - Susan Beebe
My Options are: 1. Pay my way into a College where the education sucks, but I have the option of "not" feeding on the crap they throw at me (It's force fed in other colleges), 2. Get into one where the students are somewhat better but I "have to" feed off whatever they throw at me (ie no Freedom) 3. Try my Luck. - Yuvi
Basically, it's: 1. Good Classmates, 2. Freedom (pick one) If I'm extremely unlucky I might get to pick neither - Yuvi
Not much here in the way of real choice, huh? Ok I am thinking practical: Get eduction to meet H1B Visa type requirements, get into USA or where ever you want to go, then work for 4+ years and get a second layer of College education to supplement your "force fed" education. I enjoyed going to multiple Universities and found that it really enriched my education and experience. It's not cheap though. UCLA cost me the most, but my resume benefited greatly from being a UCLA Law School grad. - Susan Beebe
US Colleges are so passé - they're not worth what they cost - go to Asia - General Kafka
Yuvi, get someone like Robert to intro you to Sridhar Vembu, work for him a bit in India, then decide to keep working or go to school in India or the states. it will end up being even better for you than going straight to IIT. - Deva Hazarika
Yuvi @General Kafka and @Deva have good ideas here... Let us know what you decide to do and what we can do to help you :-) - Susan Beebe
Yuvi, go Troll Scoble, you will feel much better! lol - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Yuvi, the world is different today, having a fancy degree is no longer the only key to it. You are smarter / better known than most of your generation. Read this: The guy who wrote it comes from India, has a fancy PhD from Princeton, but in hindsight found it wasted time... degree is NOT what made him a successful CEO - Zoli Erdos
Yuvi seriously what college or university rejected you? In the States tones of schools, go to a community college for two years get your associates degree then transfer to a 4 year university. I never went to High School, got a GED, two year in community college transfered to NYU. Was accepted in Wharton but was missing a few credits. Dude it is up to you to do the work, or you can Bitch like Scoble does. - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
I don't know a lot of people who went to their 1st choice. Husband was turned down by CalTech. Ended up getting a photography degree, and going into development, which he'd never have done if he'd gone to CalTech for Physics. - Cyndy
The illusion of Choice sucks :( - Yuvi
I also got rejected from a school I thought I really wanted to go to (Carnegie Mellon). I turned out much happier at my second choice (CWRU) and met my fiance there; I hope fate leads you to a similar happy ending. - Benjamin Golub
Become an outsourced professional. Get paid for it. Pay college with it. You don't need to physically be in an office to work on something or for somebody. - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
Came back to this thread after a long time. I <3 friendfeed :) - Yuvi
Noah Carter
The greatest gift a father can give his children is to love and respect their mother
That's awesome Noah! Happy Father's Day! - Susan Beebe
That's a great thought. - Vince DeGeorge
I've heard this before and try to live it. I try to take my wife away for a long weekend without the kids at least once a year. Of course I tell the kids I'm doing it just for them! This year its a bed and breakfast in Carmel in August. - John Wright
Thanks Susan! - Noah Carter
and the kid is thinking, "Yes, but what about the pony...?" - Karim
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