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Dear ESPN. No. I will burn you to the ground. Go away. Stop it. We have so little. Don't take this one thing.
You could give me more than 8 bucks if you want. The two comics are $4 each but I'm willing to take more.
Re-printed some previously "out of print" comics lat night so everybody bring 8 dollars to give me at @flukeathens Saturday.
My right eyeball hurts this morning but I'm going to press on. For America!
Can't believe I just typed "noms" when there was plenty of room to type "nominations". F minus.
So is the weekly Adventures of Superman over? That and Batman 66 were worthy of Eisner noms.
Fluke is just 3 days away. That means you only have 2 days and 23 hours before you start printing your new minicomic.
And it's about damned time.
That Josh Simmons nomination makes me feel like my own personal taste in comics has won an Eisner.
Jim Ross suggests that Mike Rotunda try to "out thank" Rick Steiner. Well, okay Jim. I guess being thankful is its own reward. #Starrcade88
Starrcade 88. Jim Cornette vs Paul E. Dangerously. And also some wrestlers. The future Paul Heyman looks about 17 years old. #NWA
The Invisibles is on @comiXology for 99 cents an issue. Wondering if they are the original versions or have the changes from the tpbs.
I wish Cobra Commander would just go ahead and announce his demands so we could pay him to have Destro turn off the Weather Dominator.
April 15th. I mean... for real?
"I want the finest pictures this camera can take!" Nothing but the best for Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin. #WCCW
Another thing you gotta watch is Gorgeous Jimmy's hot tub interview in episode 62. #WCCW #WWENetwork
Guys. You gotta watch episode 70 of #WCCW on #WWENetwork , Chavo Guerrero Sr had Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin in a crazy human surfboard hold.
And it is snowing.
At the ER with the kids' mom until 4:30 AM. Up at 6 AM to get the kids ready for school. Back to work at 8 AM. This is my life.
Here is a moment from last night's wrasslin' show that I won't even try to explain.
I think my favorite thing in wrestling history may be every face David Von Erich ever made. #WCCW #WWENetwork
New #MadMen today and two new episodes of #WCCW on #WWENetwork Never doubt the power of my prayers. #BoLieve
"Not great Bob!" Pete Campbell is the best. #MadMen
That free "Message from the CEO" comic on Comixology is lousy. It doesn't have any drawings. I couldn't even finish the first page.
The best pic I could get of the wrestler's-face-turning-into-Lou-Ferrigno trunks I could get. Sorry.
"Handsome" Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant and some dude that kept asking him if he ever met…
Alana and Kassidy with WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant. Boogie liked…
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