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I could be wrong because I was barely paying attention but I don't think the 4th ep of Saturday Night's Main Event has a food segment.
Really looking forward to Rocket Raccoon's guest appearance on Dog With a Blog and Batista on Jessie.
South Dakota Cornhuskers Cooperative #SDCC
Your mom thinks Iron Man is a robot.
Your mom has never heard of Deadpool.
The most thought about about comic at #SDCC is übërbällöön. (You can't prove that wrong.) #uberballoon
Mister Fantastic has a lot on is plate. Sometimes he has to delegate tasks to people that are on fire. #uberballoon
Here is the truth about coal jobs. This po dunk town has two hospitals on the same street. Cancer is the true coal job.
LeBron sends his neighbors cupcakes. All my neighbors do is let their dogs crap in my yard.
Since it's Batman day here is that time I read every Batman comic that my local library had. #BatmanDay #fuo
Maybe don't leave The Thing in charge of anything with buttons. His fingers are literally rocks. #uberballoon
At the emergency room with the wife. Again. It's what I do.
RT @panelpatter: Radiator Comics opens as a new distro, via @OhBoyComics
Did we know that Jon Hamm and CM Punk were the same guy? Has this whole CM Punk thing been a Jon Hamm work?
Look. Mister Fantastic may be the smartest man on the Earth but all of his ideas can't be winners. #uberballoon
29 minutes in to this pro wrestling show and not one wrestling move yet.
What companies other than the NFL, Apple and the WWE openly hate their customers?
Can one of you guys come to my house and teach my kids how to play Minecraft multiplayer on 2 computers in the same house?
Liking, retweeting and reblogging #uberballoon won't solve any of my problems so you may as well do it to spite me.
Maybe I will go to SDCC one day. If @comicsreporter is gonna write 100 thousand words to prepare us I kinda feel obligated.
The difference between a Cena/Kane/Orton/Reigns fatal fourway and a Cena/Kane/Orton tripple threat is... there is no difference. #wwe
I'm at the point where I despise Roman Reigns. Every lazy Stinger splash he attempts makes me hate him more. #SpearsAreStupid #WWE
Dear #wwe @wwe and all the shareholders- that Miz victory? F you forever. I want my $9.99 back.
Damnit #wwe why isn't @wweadamrose in the battle royale? BOOOOO. #WWEbattleground
This 3rd Doctor Who is probably the best looking action figure... -
I love it when @bradmcginty shows up in the latest Archie death... -
My daughter’s Life With Archie came in the mail. Should I... -
Booooooo on @dccomics and @DCD_Nexus Yay @comixology forever. (Or until Amazon deletes my existence.)
People. It is mid 2014 and @DCComics still isn't giving digital codes with its comics like Marvel and Dark Horse have for years. #wft
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