Kassidy (13) made this AJ Lee poster. It’s great. ... - http://spaghettijunk.blogspot.com/2015...
My daughter is super into hustling, being loyal and respecting.... - http://spaghettijunk.blogspot.com/2015...
I recognize all the same holidays as Little Debbie.... - http://spaghettijunk.blogspot.com/2015...
Happy Saint Patrick’s day from my family to yours.... - http://spaghettijunk.blogspot.com/2015...
Getting the new @atomic_elbow in the mail is like Christmas... - http://spaghettijunk.blogspot.com/2015...
There is nothing that gets the kids more excited than a new... - http://spaghettijunk.blogspot.com/2015...
Haven't watched SHEILD since the time slot change. Haven't been loyal to a show post move since Diff'rent Strokes changed channels.
Got to hang out with @jeremy_massie a bit today instead of working so that's a pretty good day for me. Thanks for the day off veterans.
What are those Liverpool people saying during the rappadoo song? #RawUK
Still astounded by the Frozen phenomenon. I remember sitting in the theater thinking it had the same level of quality as the Barbie movies.
You know how we spent 15 years crying about continuity scaring away kids from comics? We were stupid and wrong. Kids LOVE that crap.
Quick Poll: Is putting a bunch of Nair up your nose so you don't have to deal with nose hair (1) a good idea or (2) the best idea?
What button do you hit to pin somebody on PS3 WWE 2K15?
Also... Adventure Time with Finn and Hideo was fun. Regal is Ice King. #NXT
Watching last night's #NXT and Whole E. Smokes @MsCharlotteWWE is the best. Throwing her opponent into their partner with total disgust.
Should I (1) move my pull list to the other shop? (2) Move to all digital on Comixology? Or (3) just murder everyone? Suggestions welcome.
The nearest shop for me to move my pull list is in a different county and about a 35 minute drive. Good shop though.
Found out the nearest (video game store that is sort of a...) Comic Book Shop is closing. Thanks a lot Republican Senate!
My 7 year old likes Emma, Bo Dallas, The Bunny and John Cena. Only the John Cena part confuses me.
My 12 year old daughter's favorite wrestlers are CM Punk, AJ, Paige, Emma, Stardust, Goldust, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and The Bunny.
So, crisis averted. Thanks Cheerwine. #Cheerwine
I just accidentally spilled some of my chips on the floor so I considered burning the building down but then I took a sip of my Cheerwine.
Also, I might start wearing a hat. Or maybe a vest. Either way, prepare to hate me.
Guys. New Star Wars and the final seasons of Justified and Mad Men are next year so expect me to be 3 times more insufferable in 2015.
I've decided to go ahead and wrap up all my hopes and dreams in whether or not the next Star Wars movie is any good. Same as always.
"The writing in those things was just as shitty as ours, but it was in French, so we didn't know." Chaykin is best. http://www.comicbookresources.com/...
Guys (and lady guys) you all know about the new Brad McGinty Glorp shirts right? Your favorite rapper Acky B! http://bradmcginty.bigcartel.com/product...
So good luck in post production JJ.
Just gonna throw this out there. If Luke Skywalker dies in Episode VII then I will murder everyone on Earth.
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