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If you are in #NXT do you have to take classes at Full Sail? Like, could you major in Thugenomics for real?
Make Hall of Fame the highest rarest level and give them all to me for free for requesting it. Thanks! #WWESuperCard
So, I won't list them all. You guys have wikipedia right? But for real, the entire Hall of Fame should be in #WWESuperCard
I was about to list all the guys I think should be in #WWESuperCard but realized I was just listing the entire 82-88 Jim Crockett NWA era.
It is the year 2014 and I can't watch Megaforce on a hand held device at this exact second. All of human history was for nothing.
Fans turned on face Batista because they already had a face hero they liked better. But, what if face Batista vs Lesnar right now? #WWE
If Ambrose can make a movie after having his head stomped on a fake cinder block then what's Harrison Ford's excuse?
Guys. These Miracleman reprints Marvel is putting out are fantastic. Steve Oliff is great. Even the old Mick Anglo stuff is neat.
Edwards will be Gibbs best driver on day one. I'll be surprised if he's not champ in the next 2 seasons. #NASCAR
I'm not a Carl Edwards fan but he'd have 2 or 3 championships already if he had not been driving Fords. His move to Gibbs is huge. #NASCAR
Kassidy and I are in issue 6 of Copy This. I don't think there is a website but email…
I can't believe the @NFL gets worked up about flipping the bird. This ain't vacation Bible school you sissies.
If this feud ends with Mark Henry residing in Moscow then I'm all in.
Shouldn't Xamot and Tomax have their arm warmers on opposite arms?
Roman Reigns cannot execute the same vertical suplex Ryback pulled off earlier. Prove me wrong. #WWE #RAW
I hate Roman Reigns so so much.
I love Bo Dallas so so much. #BOLIEVE
I didn't think they were ever going to let Cesaro win again.
Bulgarian Russian JBL.
My kids are super into cream of wheat. It is the year 2014.
Heyman got all 16.
Are they pushing this Single White Female thing with Paige because of those photos back in the spring?
Which Lesnar son do you think first attacks the other and steals the Infinity Stones to destroy the galaxy? Turk or Duke? #WWE
People were lamenting Cesaro getting relegated to pre-show jobber but US Champ Sheamus was not even on the show. #WWE
Didn't care about Ambrose/Rollins or Reigns/Orton as those matches were meaningless. Orton put on a solid clinic though.
Surprised AJ lost. Curious where they go with that. Both Paige and AJ need to be heels but there is no solid face diva for them to feud.
So wrasslin'. I was glad Dolph, Bray and Brock won. Glad Lana won and hopefully Swagger will go away for a long time. #WWE
I like the idea of the champ almost never being on #RAW It's like on old WCCW episodes where when Flair came to Texas it was a huge event.
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