Shannon - GlassMistress
Do you have an Etsy shop? Are you going on strike May 10th?
Strike? - Me
I don't have a shop yet, what's the strike about? - Heather
I think if I had a shop I would join in. One of the things that lessened my enthusiasm about a shop is how many sellers aren't actual crafters. It's ridiculous because they are obviously not selling handmade items but Etsy doesn't do anything. - Heather
Heather, non handmade can be sold on Etsy but it cant be listed as handmade. It also cant be handmade by employees and listed as handmade which what the hubbub seems to be about. Etsy is suddenly representing businesses instead of individuales. There is no way Etsy artisans can compete with import companies - especially those that bring items in from countries with low wages. I know its Etsy's business, and they can do as they choose but it sure is sad to see them drop their 'handmade' ideals in lieu of profit. - Shannon - GlassMistress