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Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa (Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation): “You’re not a prisoner of your DNA” -
To reduce ADHD epidemic, promote (concussion-free) sports and physical activity programs? -
Update: Let’s transform brain health from “suffer-in-silence” to “let-me-take-control” -
Barbara Arrowsmith Young: Every kid should practice stress reduction and targeted cognitive exercises at school -
Michael Meagher (Cogniciti): Let’s transform brain health from “suffer-in-silence” to “let-me-take-control” -
Silvia Damiano (About my Brain Institute): Why not democratise access to neuroscience? -
Itamar Lesuisse at Peak: My interest in brain training stemmed from my own inadequacies -
Brain teaser to test your attentional focus and multi-tasking abilities -
The next in wearables: Harnessing EEG for “the masses” to track and enhance mind fitness -
Trend: School-based programs to enhance resilience and emotional/ cognitive flexibility -
Study: A new psychosocial treatment for Inattentive ADHD -
Shaping the Brain Fitness Movement: Preliminary Summit Agenda unveiled -
Why “disorders of the brain” deserve at least equal attention as cardiovascular diseases and cancer -
Brain Resource raising $7m to expand corporate brain wellness offerings -
Debunking Myers-Briggs personality test: Can we pigeon­hole people? -
Upgrading Education and Health in light of Neuroscience: The Frontier of Gaming? -
How to improve memory skills and remember what you read: Beyond phonics and “whole language” -
One more reason to improve education and cardiovascular health in developing countries: to delay (underestimated) Alzheimer’s Disease -
Alzheimer’s disease can be delayed through lifestyle: New, large study joins growing chorus -
Emerging apps: Train the brain to train the eye -
Brain teaser to test your cognitive abilities…and biases -
Under what conditions can mindfulness courses help health care workers manage stress and burnout? -
On the convergence of neuroscience and electronic engineering -
European neuroscientists challenge the Human Brain Project as is -
A too mindful debate about mindfulness? -
Test your stress level with this free brain teaser -
Rethinking Alzheimer’s research, beyond amyloid deposition, via new funding models -
Trust, but verify: How big data can augment brain health clinical research -
Brain teaser to exercise your cognitive skills: Where do words go? -
To delay dementia, try challenging (vs. routine) brain stimulation…up to a point -
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