Graduating from Coffee University at Vigikante Coffee in Hyattsville -
Graduating from Coffee University at Vigikante Coffee in Hyattsville
Shashi Bellamkonda LinkedIn Articles -
Tech news Blog GigaOm Announces a Shutdown -
Who Decided to Put 60 Seconds in a Minute?
Nice to see @KumarBarve Will be on the Kojo Namdi show today at noon
Designing for Seniors and Soldiers, Toward a "Silver" Architecture
RT @lhcatlin: Thanks for all Vet day well wishes! @Bozzuto #VeteransDay #helphomelessvets . It was an honor for me to serve our country #grateful
Zubie Launches Connected Car Solution in Best Buy Stores Nationwide
Ok? IsItYou app aims to turn selfies into 'spoof proof' IDs
The Swami Small Business Daily is out!
Nice! Quirky + GE announces Norm, the $80 ‘anti-thermostat,’ along with 6 new smart home products
Are you an owl or a lark? The four types of sleep schedules – @olgakhazan in Quartz
Go the Blogging Distance: Planning for the Long Haul
RT @kpcb: The next big breakthrough in medicine could develop because you shared your health info. But How? #DigitalHealth
AdWords Now Shows Up To 3 Business Locations In Google Mobile Search Ads
The four cities that matter most in the United States?
Google Announces All Sorts Of Chromecast Stuff, Including New Games, Starz And Showtime Support
From @smallbizlabs The Global Shift to the Open Workforce #smallbiz
RT @kaspersky: "The Internet of things is the Internet of threats for us." - @E_kaspersky #InternetofThings via @USAToday
Tomorrow, a Man-made Spacecraft Will Visit a Comet for the First Time, Ever
RT @BruceVH: People think writers are always feeling inspired. That's only about 5% of it. 95% is the daily discipline to just sit and write. #amwriting
More than Tang, Teflon, and Velcro  8 Everyday Technologies We Owe to NASA Research - Vacuums
Hejmo Kara Hejmo: Service Helps Esperanto-Speaking Travelers - The Wall Street Journal - Hejmo Kara Hejmo:...
Big Data Still Not Fundamentally Changing Business @emarketer
RT @AkiaGarnett: Three powerful seasons on #MYBrandChat and we're just getting started. Thank you so much to all our amazing alumns! @SalesLounge @shashib
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