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Re: Confessions of a Liberal Gun Lover | Politics News | Rolling Stone -
"Seems like Gun Nuts are from all political parties. #Winning losers from #Gunistan and #StupidStan" - Shaun Dakin
Re: How Facebook Calculates What Appears In Your News Feed -
"Great post ! I totally agree with the OPC (other people's content) part. If all you do if talk about yourself, no one will come back. I wrote this a few months ago: Why Nobody Cares About Your Facebook Page (and why you shouldn't either)." - Shaun Dakin
Re: No Pain No Gain -
"Switching costs are too high for me. I'm already a paid member for Spotify and LOVE it. Twitter is great for real time news and sports events. Twitter is pretty much useless for informed and nuanced discussions. Case in point. I ran #PrivChat for almost three years and shut it down in Dec 2013. Why? The conversation had run stale and people were just saying the same thing, over and over again in 140 cs. I rarely participate in twitter chats any more. They are simply not worth my time. Twitter is great to see what is happening right NOW. Unfortunately for twitter I don't need to see that right NOW. Shaun Dakin @PrivacyCamp" - Shaun Dakin
Re: “You Want Clean Air? Well, Screw You.” -
"Incredible. Thanks for shining a light on these people." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Local Boys Host Open House to Reduce Gun Violence -
"thank you! From a Father that is also working to reduce gun violence." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Target Won't Actually Do Anything If You Bring a Gun Into Their Store -
"If I see someone with a gun I'm leaving without paying and calling the cops. #OffTarget" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Lone Star Crazy: How Right-Wing Extremists Took Over Texas -
"Wouldn't live in Texas, AKA #Gunistan, #RedNeckistan and #Stupidstan EVER." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Google to Block Firearm, Ammunition, Gun Accessory Ads -
"Not new people. Announced Firearms policy is exactly the same as current firearms policy. Current policy Just more stirring up the hornet's nest for page views. #FAIL" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Tweetstorming -
"Of course, so I'm using it less and less. For clients we do twitter chats and they can be helpful to influence policy and policy makers. But for day to day personal use, not so much. I mostly use Buffer and hootsuite / lists to filter noise. Even with that it is no longer where engagement occurs. Facebook is where that happens for me and most of my friends and family. Twitter still rules Breaking news. Push notifications (press release). But Facebook is where community lives. Thanks Shaun Dakin @shaundakin ;-)" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Tweetstorming -
"And, in general, I'm seeing less and less useful twitter conversations. Personally I am using it less and less. I've been there from the start and won a Mashable Open Web Award for the best use of Twitter for non profits in 2008. It is mostly for pushing a message now and not for true engagement. Won for @EndTheRobocalls" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Tweetstorming -
"I thought you were talking about twitter chats and then I figured out that there is a term of Art for something I hate. In fact if someone does I I either unfollow or ignore." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Another Responsible Gun Owner Kills Baby Sister With His New Gun -
"Yes, because there are, unfortunately, new stories EVERY SINGLE DAY. In every community. In every state, with every economic class. This story is sad, but it is one of 1000's and, for some in the progressive community, another chance to mock rednecks and hillbillies." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Another Responsible Gun Owner Kills Baby Sister With His New Gun -
"Horrible story, but this is a year old story. Please don't pass it off as new." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Woman Says ‘It Was God’s Will’ That 5 Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shot 2-Year-Old Granddaughter (Video) -
"Horrible story, but this is a year old." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Feature Friday: Trust -
"Trust and privacy go hand in hand. Duck duck go? ;-) Shaun Dakin @PrivacyCamp" - Shaun Dakin
Re: More Dudes Go Shopping at Target Carrying Semi-Automatics -
"America is becoming #gunistan #RedNeckistan and #StupidStan. #notonemore dime for any company that has not banned #guns #OffTarget" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Open Carry Texas Goes for 'In Your Face' Approach to Gun Debate -
"What a total loser." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Interview: Laura Fronckiewicz, “Years Of Living Dangerously: Chasing Methane” -
"Great interview! Thanks Laura!" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Dozens of armed Kansas teachers will have ’90 percent’ accuracy, firearm instructors promise -
"As you read the asinine claims in this article, keep in mind that trained police officers (who also re-train on a regular basis) only hit their intended human targets 30-40% of the time." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Save Links via Email - Goodbits Blog -
"Great idea !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Nonprofit Facebook: Worth It or Waste of Time? -
"How can you not participate in a platform where the majority of Americans are? Here is the main thing I tell my clients > NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE. It is NOT your website. People may go to your "page" 1 time. That is it. Once. Social media is, by definition, social. People come to facebook to be social. And this is the key. They don't come for YAPR (Yet Another Press Release). They don't come to have really bad content pushed at them. Actually, my clients are not allowed to ask me to "push" something on social media. They now know to ask me to "share" content on social media. And don't get me started on "let's make this go viral" ! :) People come to be entertained. They come for baby photos. They come for class reunions. So, unless you are Disney, most of your members will not care about YOUR content. What to do? Curate some amazing content (see Upworthy as Exhibit A in this strategy. They do NOT produce a single bit of original content). I call this OPC - other people's..." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Why the web isn’t as meritocratic as you think -
"YES, you have to pay to be heard on social media. There is nothing new under the sun. However, and this is the critical difference, you need to produce AMAZING CONTENT (or curate it) because Facebook simply will not show content that is not up to speed. Doesn't matter how much you spend. If no one comments, likes or shares your content, you will be screaming into the black hole of the internet. Unless you are Disney, no one want to read your CRAP content. Really. Think about it. Social media is SOCIAL. No one wants content PUSHED at them. They want content that makes them happy and that they want to share. If you can do that, awesome. If you can't you better become very very good at curating awesome content from other people (OPC - other people's content) and giving them attribution." - Shaun Dakin
Re: The Terminal Vagueness of ‘Everytown’ -
"We are coming fer your #guns #moronlabe #moronloser! Hitler, abortion, cars, spoons, false flags, gangs, the UN, etc. You are so F'ing crazy someone is coming fer your #guns! #thanksNRa #YESmanymore deaths of children and police officers thanks again!" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Obama Goes off on Mass Shootings -
"God Bless the United States of the NRA. In one year, guns murdered 17 people in Finland, 35 in Australia, 39 in England and Wales, 60 in Spain, 194 in Germany, 200 in Canada, and 9,484 in the United States. Gun Murders by Country and Population Size When the countries are compared on the basis of firearm homicides per 100,000 population, the United States remains an outlier. In one year, the U.S. firearm homicide rate was: 19 times that of Australia, 5 times that of Canada, 44 times that of England and Wales, 10 times that of Finland, 13 times that of Germany, and 24 times that of Spain." - Shaun Dakin
The NRA is to blame for Gun murders in America -
The NRA is to blame for Gun murders in America
Re: We called on Senators to Listen to Moms, Not the NRA -
"So proud to be there !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Right-Wing Extremists Attack in Georgia, Las Vegas -
"Let's be clear. The nra is the largest domestic terrorist organization in the USA." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Attorney General Revives Domestic Terrorism Group, and Far Right Goes Wild -
"Start with the NRA. Just saying." - Shaun Dakin
Re: VIDEO: Letterman On Gun Violence, ‘For The Love of Christ When Are We Going To Do Something?’ -
"Anderson is a total Loser here. Wow." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Mom's gun control group aims at Target - Jun. 4, 2014 -
"Do you know how much my family spends at Target every year? $1000's of dollars. That money will not be spent unless Target ban guns from their stores. My family does not feel safe with unregistered, untrained "open carry" folks roaming around their stores. #NotOneMore dime from this family until Target gets #GunSense and ban guns from their stores. Now." - Shaun Dakin
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