Re: Why Some Parents Are Sitting Kids Out Of Tests -
"I'm on board !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Ends on March 16 -
"Moms Clean Air Force is behind you !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Ends on March 16 -
"Moms Clean Air Force is behind you !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: 7 Types of People Who Need Better Smog Protection -
"And Pet Owners ! Pets are impacted as well !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: 'Sniper,' beloved by conservatives, shut out at Oscars -
"Best thing about the Oscars other than the performances of John Legend, Common, and Lady Gaga ! So awesome." - Shaun Dakin
Re: No Evidence For Joe Scarborough Claim That Guns On Campus Will Prevent Mass Shootings -
"Why won't he move to Fox?" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Churchgoing teen killed by cops in shootout after killing parents, sister over computer use -
"#ThanksNRA #YesManyMore Dead in America" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Alabama cop charged after release of video showing him throw Indian grandfather to ground -
Re: Stay Warm All Winter With These Home Energy Saving Tips -
"great ideas!" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Millennials in the Workforce: What Really Matters To Them -
"Sounds like what I wanted at the beginning of my GEN X career !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: An Invitation from the White House! -
"Great news !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Will Annie Get Her Gun? -
"Now that Texas Lawmakers have a "panic" button because of the gun humpers will Texas become less or more of a #GunFuckistan ? Thanks to OCT, the NRA and the gun lobby responsible gun owners don't have a voice. #ThanksNRA yes many more dead Americans." - Shaun Dakin
Re: The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership -
"Great piece. Guns do one thing > KILL PEOPLE. The NRA and the gun lobby have put guns in the hands of millions of stupid people that should not have guns at all. #ThanksNRA Yes Many More DEAD Americans." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Kids, Guns and the NRA -
"Great post. It is time to hold gun owners accountable for "accidental" gun murders in their homes. #ThanksNRA #YesManyMore Dead American Children." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Police: Videos Show 1-Year-Old Putting Handgun in Mouth -
"Thanks NRA ! Yes Many More dead Americans." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Moms Clean Air Force 2014 Report -
"Great report ! Thank you Moms !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Dope Deal: Wall Street Journal Falls For Methane “Facts” Cooked By Industry -
"Great piece. thanks." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Adios, Facebook Social -
"This is one of my most popular posts. Why nobody cares about your Facebook page (and why you shouldn’t either)" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Adios, Facebook Social -
"Makes sense. For my clients, Facebook rocks. In fact, in the top 25 posts in 2014 one of my clients, Moms Clean Air Force, had 3 of the top 25 posts including number 1." - Shaun Dakin
Re: There’s Something About Twitter -
"Yeap.... see this and what happens every hour of every day, particularly to women who have the gaul to take on the gun industry >" - Shaun Dakin
Re: There’s Something About Twitter -
"Personally I've been spending less time. One reason is personal. I work on gun violence / gun control and the hate and vitriol of the gun "rights" nuts on twitter is insane. The other is professional. I'm a digital communications consultant and my goal is to drive results for my clients WHERE THE AUDIENCE IS LOCATED. The overwhelming DATA has facebook as the location for pretty much any audience you want to be communicating with." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Feature Friday: Password Management -
"I use 2 factor with everything, via the Google authenticator app, I can't, for the life of me, understand how Authy helps me if I already use 2 factor." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Facebook’s [Still Unofficial] Facebook at Work Could Shake Things Up -
"Interesting. My take is that there are already enterprise players like yammer, slack, etc... and facebook would be at the tail end of that trend. Could be helpful for small business, however." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Tech Memo: Work Smarter: Associations Now -
"Great list. I also like" - Shaun Dakin
Re: 3-year-old shot in mouth after family argued about guns in home but did nothing -
"Karma Baby, Karma" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Facebook to Overtake YouTube: 5 New Research Findings -
"Great post. Thanks. The facebook video uptake is real and pretty amazing." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Video Of The Week: Hating On People -
"Want to understand how horrific the "gun rights" and 2nd amendment people are? Watch what they do to gun control advocates." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Facebook Puts an End to Free Ride for Brands -
"Facebook is doing exactly what it should be: showing the best content it can to it's customers (users). If you are a brand or organization > it is time to up your game. Be remarkable or die. Produce or curate GREAT content or facebook will crush you. Awesome." - Shaun Dakin
Re: The 11 Most Annoying Types Of Parents On Facebook -
"Wonderful list !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: How to Optimize Your Images to Work Across Social Networks -
"awesome !" - Shaun Dakin
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