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Re: Facebook’s [Still Unofficial] Facebook at Work Could Shake Things Up -
"Interesting. My take is that there are already enterprise players like yammer, slack, etc... and facebook would be at the tail end of that trend. Could be helpful for small business, however." - Shaun Dakin
Re: 3-year-old shot in mouth after family argued about guns in home but did nothing -
"Karma Baby, Karma" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Facebook to Overtake YouTube: 5 New Research Findings -
"Great post. Thanks. The facebook video uptake is real and pretty amazing." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Video Of The Week: Hating On People -
"Want to understand how horrific the "gun rights" and 2nd amendment people are? Watch what they do to gun control advocates." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Facebook Puts an End to Free Ride for Brands -
"Facebook is doing exactly what it should be: showing the best content it can to it's customers (users). If you are a brand or organization > it is time to up your game. Be remarkable or die. Produce or curate GREAT content or facebook will crush you. Awesome." - Shaun Dakin
Re: The 11 Most Annoying Types Of Parents On Facebook -
"Wonderful list !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: How to Optimize Your Images to Work Across Social Networks -
"awesome !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Uber CEO: Executive’s oppo comments ‘do not represent the company’ -
"Bye bye Uber. Deleted my app. Moving on to a company that actually attempts to have ethics. #fail" - Shaun Dakin
Re: No, you are not ‘running late’, you are rude and selfish -
"Preach !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Announcing Civic Hall -
"congrats !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: The Gun-Control Movement Is Learning How to Win -
"Great news for #GunSense ! Boom #NRA #FAIL." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Hot Docs 2014 Review: The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest -
"Great movie ! Loved it. So powerful." - Shaun Dakin
Re: The Second Coming Of Sign In With Twitter -
"Just signed in with Google ;-) seriously, the phone number option could be helpful, but for many people the cell phone is their only number and more valuable than their email address which could be disposable. Twitter would have to gain trust that they would not spam via sms." - Shaun Dakin
Re: New Feature For Facebook Pages? Listings Of “Valuable” & “Irrelevant” Fans -
"No data for my pages." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Couches Without Toxic Flame Retardants – Coming Soon to a Major Retailer Near You -
"Awesome news !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Breast Cancer, Fracking And Pinkwashing -
"Incredible !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: 'Meet The Press' returns to third place -
"bwahaha" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Four Reasons Google+ Might Still Be Alive After All -
"Didn't I read that Google is, itself, no longer really investing in the "product"? It shows. The Android app is getting worse and worse. So, no, I don't think it has a great future." - Shaun Dakin
Re: LA's Richest Neighborhoods Have Vaccination Rates Lower Than the Poorest Parts of Africa -
"Doesn't really matter how wealthy you are, America is slowly becoming #StupidStan" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Texas 5-year-old shoots himself in the face with a shotgun during unsupervised hunting trip -
"Thanks NRA ! Thanks Gun Lobby !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Even Joe Scarborough is livid about gun nuts after story about Uzi-shooting 9-year old -
"#ThanksNRA #YesManyMore Deaths of Americans #FtheNRA" - Shaun Dakin
Re: When We Worship The God of Fear (the idolatry of gun culture) -
"Great post. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I grew up overseas, as an American, and can't conceive of the SELF CREATED fear our nation and society has imposed on ourselves. We fear anything that is "other". - Gays - Immigrants - The people across the street - Minorities - etc...... And the worship of the gun is at the center of all this nonsense." - Shaun Dakin
Re: The Question Every Doctor Should Ask -
"#ThanksNRA #YesManyMore deaths of Children." - Shaun Dakin
Re: 48 Hours In The Like-hole -
"Fun. You do know, however, that to see your friends posts you just need to click once on your "friends" list? Then, voila, baby photos x100 :)" - Shaun Dakin
Re: The New Foursquare -
"Sorry, I deleted and am now re discovering check ins on Yelp and Facebook. I think this is probably the worst pivot I've seen. I'll be using it in my business school classes as a case study in brand destruction. I was a power user. Now I don't have it. At all." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Some+Loyal+Foursquare+Users+Are+Checking+Out+After+Swarm+Spinoff -
"Deleted. Moved to checking in on Yelp and Facebook. Bottom line is FS could not make any $$$ as a standalone app and is trying to pivot. bye bye" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Why nobody cares about your Facebook page (and why you shouldn’t either) -
"Thanks everyone for stopping by !" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Why nobody cares about your Facebook page (and why you shouldn’t either) -
"A post that you make on your page directly. A shared post would mean going to another page, finding content, and then sharing that page's post on your page. Help?" - Shaun Dakin
Re: Why nobody cares about your Facebook page (and why you shouldn’t either) -
"Thanks. To be clear, I'm suggesting using OPC on your facebook pages as a Native post (not a share). You must give full attribution / credit of course. I agree, if you just "share" a post from another page you will miss on traffic to your web properties ! Thanks." - Shaun Dakin
Re: Why nobody cares about your Facebook page (and why you shouldn’t either) -
"Thanks for the feedback." - Shaun Dakin
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