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Shawn Farner
Re: OS X Mavericks Unleashed: A Look at AirPlay Display -
"Yes, there are some features of OS X that have minimum system requirements, not unlike updates of iOS where older iPhones and iPads can't use certain features (AirDrop comes to mind). It's a bummer, for sure, but at least older systems can move up to Mavericks at all." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Nintendo drops the Wii U Deluxe to $299, also announces Nintendo 2DS -
"Hi Paul, I don't doubt there's a market for the device. But I'm not sure the slate form factor was the way to go. Even discounted at $130, if a kid plans on taking this anywhere, the parent would be wise to buy a case due to the exposed screens. Buy a case and you might as well have bought a 3DS. And it's less portable, to boot." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Best Buy might not be wiping open box Macs completely -
"Because if the store advertises a service and tells customers that they are wiping the system, I think it's fair to expect that it's done correctly. Once that laptop was returned, it became Best Buy's responsibility to clear it and they didn't." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Best Buy might not be wiping open box Macs completely -
"I'm happy to hear that this isn't something that happens at every location. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment, Lisa!" - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: The Ouya could become the next Atari Jaguar -
"That's a possibility. Those are the only reason I could see myself turning the Ouya on again anytime soon. I'd probably be in the same boat with the Nvidia Shield, too, though that's at least portable and can at least stream PC games." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: iOS 7 beta 4 could drop today, but don’t hold your breath -
"That's an interesting take, but will we see it today? It feels a bit in jeopardy at this point." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: At $349, the Microsoft Surface RT is suddenly worth a look -
"The way streaming works, you don't necessarily have to have the portable be as powerful as the console. The Vita, for example, is nowhere near as powerful as the PlayStation 4 will be, but you'll be able to stream and play PS4 games on the Vita. It's technology that is similar to OnLive -- the major processing is done on a remote machine (in this case, the PS4) and the visuals are streamed over the network to your portable. If Microsoft were to implement something like that, the current Surface tablets would do just fine." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Apple is about to become a serious contender in gaming -
"You're right about the PC as a gaming platform, but the PC is in a category by itself when compared with consoles that offer a completely different experience. As far as mobile (smartphone/tablet) gaming, I can't say I disagree with you about it being unfulfilling when compared to consoles or PC, but I think that's because of the input channel -- touch -- more than the mobile nature of the devices. I've had great gaming experiences on Nintendo portables, after all. The controller is a big deal. Apple knows it's important to the future of gaming on iOS devices. That's why the support is there. When an iPhone becomes a more-powerful 3DS or Vita, gamepad in tow, I think people will change their tune." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Apple is about to become a serious contender in gaming -
"I'm sure the end to Mass Effect 3 is more BioWare's fault, not EA's." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: iOS 7 beta introduces control with head movements -
"It actually seems to be three home presses. I've tried it a few times on my iPhone 5 and it's worked every time. I'll update the article with the appropriate number of presses." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: iOS 7 beta introduces control with head movements -
"Easy fix -- press the home button four times quickly. That should turn it off." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Xbox One DRM reversal leaves some gamers disappointed -
"I don't think I mentioned cloud processing at all in the article, but to clarify, that doesn't go anywhere. It's not a requirement but developers can use it if they want." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Xbox One DRM reversal leaves some gamers disappointed -
"The concern about the ability to play games being "turned off" one day is one that a lot of gamers shared. Personally, I think Microsoft might have just patched the system to disable the need for that daily check-in once it moved on to a new console, but I guess we'll never know. I think Microsoft's whole plan for the Xbox One would have been seen in a move favorable light with better communication. Microsoft also didn't do itself any favors by pricing games at the same $60, even though the move from physical disc to digital download meant that a game's perceived value to gamers was lowered. But now that we're back to discs, I doubt anyone will complain as much about the price tag. Thanks for the comment, Jason." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Apple is about to become a serious contender in gaming -
"EA has released quite a few titles for iOS that would be more enjoyable with a controller -- ex. Mass Effect Infiltrator, Dead Space, FIFA 13. And that's just one publisher. Keep an eye on it." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: PS4 price, hardware specs, and games detailed: The anti-Xbox One -
"You'll need PS Plus to play online with the PS4. So that point is gone." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: How buying and selling pre-owned Xbox One games will work -
"No arguments there. I think what makes me uncomfortable is that the market currently dictates the price of a used game, and I don't like the idea that Microsoft or a publisher could potentially step in and artificially inflate the price with some kind of pre-owned system." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Why Google’s cross-platform push is brilliant -
"In terms of global market share, though, Apple doesn't have the edge. Android is trouncing iOS and owns about 70% of the market to iOS's 20%. That 20% is still a big, profitable chunk, though, which is why Google supports it. And you could just as easily say that Google supporting the iPhone could make it easier for iPhone owners to potentially stray over to Android." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Nintendo’s Wii U has zero EA-developed games in its pipeline -
"I can't disagree that the Wii U is uniquely positioned in the home console space when compared to the Xbox or PlayStation. But the fact is, developers just aren't coming up with interesting ways to use the gamepad and the system doesn't have any killer exclusives yet. Something has to give at some point -- Nintendo can't keep suffering through poor sales forever." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Nintendo’s Wii U has zero EA-developed games in its pipeline -
"Hi Nolan -- we're talking games that are currently in development. EA did have an agreement to publish several games for the Wii U, which the company fulfilled and Mass Effect 3 was one of the titles included. At this moment, though, there are 0 EA titles in development for the Wii U. That is not good." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Aereo Eliminates Daily and Annual Subscription Plans -
"Honestly -- I think Aereo is eliminating the yearly subscription because the service might not even be around in a year. It's less hassle in terms of refunding customers." - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Re: Apple Siri To Add Sports, Restaurants, Reservations, Movies & App Search -
"I'm very happy to see Siri wired into some sports data. It was one of those things I tried to do a few times because it seemed like a natural application for the technology. Also happy to see social networking posts via Siri. Kind of incredible it wasn't included the first time around, since Twitter is baked into the OS." - Shawn Farner
Loic Le Meur
Friendfeed Is Going To Kill Google Reader, Not Twitter -
Interesting. Very interesting. - Warner Crocker
Very True Loic you made it very clear how easy it is to follow the comments!! - Paul
FF only works as a feed reader if you like "river of news". If you don't, then it isn't good enough. - Ian Betteridge from twhirl
I will not follow you on that one. A think both have very different missions. GReader really is a tools while FF is also a communication device - Eric Sausse from twhirl
it has already replaced it for, right now I'm going through some 4 days old posts in gReader, I tend to stop by there less and less - Dobromir Hadzhiev from twhirl
With out google reader or twitter, FF would not be what it is today. Remember it's a big circle jerk. I do not see FF killing google reader nor twitter any time soon. - Mike Fruchter
when will we be able to like comments? :) - Tim Hoeck
FF certainly doesn't have enough people talking about every single topic I subscribe to. I'm glad you guys aren't preachers at a church, the end of the world would have supposedly been last week. - Shawn Farner
For me, Google Reader is an even more essential part than Twitter of my FriendFeed experience. So ... as said before... FriendFeed will _not_ kill Google Reader or Twitter, etc. What is happening, however, is that often, the items in Google Reader are arriving after I've already read them via FriendFeed. - Louis Gray
These things always go on through June. Then we have the killing. Or something like that. - Michael Markman
Eric Sausse, you have a good point, you cannot add just a feed in Friendfeed, they first need to be registered there and added their feed. But FF could add that very easily, adding feeds from people who are not in FF. Then it would put pressure on them to finally jump into the bandwagon - Loic Le Meur
I agree with Louis & others - GR feeds FF for me. - R. Ferguson
You can "just add" a feed in FF -- check out the imaginary friends feature - Brian Sullivan
FF lets you publish your *filtered* google reader shared items, together with other stuff, to make an impression of you and your interests. That's how I see FF: almost a snapshot of a personality. For me GReader is a tool that you can use to filter items into your FF. - IanBlackburnold
Brian Sullivan, thanks I was wondering the imaginary friend thing! now I know. Here we go, no need for Google Reader anymore... - Loic Le Meur
yeah, I wont use FF for all of my feeds, I am subscribe to way too many and have already my routine with it. FF is more of a discovery + conversation experience for me - Gilbert Corrales from twhirl
Ian, right: I don't want people to form an impression of me based on my subscriptions to D:Listed, TMZ, The Superficial, and Perez Hilton, unless they are really really important, then I'll share the story. And now I've tipped my hand. But anyway: there's a community for feed discovery already: Tuluu. GReader + FF is about what's interesting from the feeds. - Mark Trapp
I'm with the GReader feeding FF crowd on this one. I use GReader to get the news I want and FF to share it and create conversation. FF is a great discovery tool but I still read a ton of stuff in my feeds before it appears on FF. The UI is set up better for conversation rather than just information digesting IMO. - Devlin Dunsmore
@devlin I agree... i'm finding it very hard to read pages and pages of link/comments on FF. - Gaurav Sikka
I hope FriendFeed doesn't kill Google Reader. I find them both vital but I couldn't substitute one for the other. - Kevin Fox
Again, this isn't going to happen. Services don't always have to exist just to kill other services. Especially ones that do different things - MG Siegler
its funny season on t'internets - Jamie
FriendFeed adds much value for me, but the only thing it's killing is time and maybe Scoble's marriage. I wish Loic would work on something more productive like getting Apple to make Seesmic videos work on the iPhone!:-) - Robert Seidman
We like having a choice for everything we do, but on the other hand, we expect (and sometimes hope) one choice to kill another. No wonder the world can't live in peace all together ;) - Turker Keskinpala
I never liked Google Reader's UI, but I feel right at home with FriendFeed. - James Rishabh Mishra
So true, but time flies too fast when im on friendfeed, i cant stop reading and sending messages! Great conversations though! - Scott Purdie
going to have to disagree ... couldn't possibly get through all my feeds via FF - just too many for the FF interface - timepilot
Google Reader is a feed reader, FriendFeed is a feed generator. Sorry, they serve completely different purposes (at least to me). No killing here. - dgw
friendfeed doesn't allow me to categorize sources, nor can I tag or flag specific feed items in a way that makes it easy for me to refer back to later. for al the hype about friend feed being where the "conversation", it seems like a really poor utility for that. I see that on this blog post alone, the "conversation" is distributed across friendfeed through google shared reader posts, twitter references, disquss comments. The techcrunch "Twitter" post is even a better example. fractured conversation. - bernie
agreed FF no replacement for reader - ben rogers from twhirl
When will folks realize FF is something NEW? IT isnt goign to kill much of the other stuff. - Soulhuntre from twhirl
would love keyboard shortcuts for FF too - Loic Le Meur
FF is useful as a human filter on the old echo chamber of tech but could never replace a feed reader. gReader shared items into FF is part of the signal for me, but, not a replacement. Much like RSSMeme and it's FF filter. And then there's the twisty bit where I read FF via a feed readier in the first place ... - Ashton
I'm still new to FF, but I like the search function that Google provides to even the oldest of the feeds. Not sure I would want the number of feeds I subscribe to coming through to FF. I like the combination of posts and conversation along with a few updates from other services like flickr or Digg. I think the 'conversation' would be seriously degraded with the addition of a number of RSS feeds. I would need to see how well FF handles growth before moving from Google Reader. - Brenda Young
I think you were right. #humdaybumpday - Ahmet Yükseltürk
Scoble, Alex Scoble
Yes, it's so fun to make fake Scoble or fake whatever accounts...doesn't matter, I'm still going to block you as a matter of course.
Not that that account can see this now, since I've already blocked it. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
At least we aren't making Fake Alex Scoble accounts. That means we like you. - Shawn Farner
Actually, Shawn, the one I just blocked was a Fake A Scoble account. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Why can't they concentrate their efforts on people who are asking for fake accounts to be made? Where's Fake Steve Ballmer on FF? Fake Glenn Beck? - Shawn Farner
It was you, wasn't it Shawn? ;) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Oh hey, Fake Alex is here. - Shawn Farner
Alex--is it your brother messing with you? Dun dun dun.. - Shawn Farner
I'm surprised there are enough people hanging around FF for someone to want to create a fake account. Maybe in its heyday, but now? - Shawn Farner
Blocked again - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Blocked yet again. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
And again. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
And again. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
wtf is going on? - Big Joe Silence
And again. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
And again. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
stuff like this is why my account is private. - Big Joe Silence
Maybe it was Cristo trying to get your goat. - Outsanity
Cristo still likes goats? - Big Joe Silence
Louis Gray FestivusFeed: FriendFeed Airs Your Grievances - FestivusFeed: FriendFeed Airs Your Grievances
I found this fake comment I made 1 year and 1 day ago quite ironic at this point. (Reminded by Susan Beebe's thread) - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
"Robert Scoble joins every network but this one." BUT I kept pushing... and here we are. :-) - Louis Gray
Louis - Wow, your pushing WORKED in a big way...Mike must hate you by now! - of course I love you for that :) - Susan Beebe
Here's the post in my thread Louis is referring to -----> - Susan Beebe
It took me 1.5-years to get RSS after Dave Winer first showed it to me. So, I am getting faster. Took me just a few months to get friendfeed. Glad you kept after me. - Robert Scoble
So how do I access it? <---I take that back. Didn't realize what I was looking at when I went to the site. - Mattie Kenny
Bring back Festivus Feed! - Shawn Farner
Yeah do it! :) - Susan Beebe
My favorite grievance: - Louis Gray
Robert, now we just need to get you to understand auto-follow (the SocialToo way) ;-) - Jesse Stay
LOVE! - David Cook
Josh: it was a seasonal thing last year at this time, so it is no longer possible. We may have to bring it back by popular demand, but for now the entries you see are all from last year. - Bret Taylor
Bret - bring back those cute little red icons next to the FF posts! easy seasonal "flair" feature! - Susan Beebe
and here we are... - Jesse Stay
Jesse I want to like this, but I already liked it in 2008! - Eric Florenzano
Whoa. How did I NOT like this in 2008. Weird. - Lisa L. Seifert
The comments about this on Facebook are illuminating. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Robert Scoble, joins, then leaves, every network, including this one. - Laura Norvig
What Laura said. - Louis Gray
Happy Festivus, everyone. - DGentry
Shawn Farner
Square Card Case for iOS5 Automatically Opens Your Tab at Merchants So You Can Pay with Your Name [Updates] -
Share still works from Reader mobile. - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Amtrak Adds WiFi To 12 New East Coast Routes, California’s Up Next -
Keystone folks - you're in luck - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
How to Find Out Who Looks at Your Facebook Profile -
Has anyone tried this? - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
A Three Year Evolution: iOS vs. Android [Image] - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog -
Love this. - Shawn Farner
Shawn Farner
Espier Launcher Brings the Polished iOS Home Screen to Android [Android Downloads] -
Pretty! - Shawn Farner
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