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Shéa Bennett

Shéa Bennett

I founded and edit the blog, I share a lot of content on Twitter and try to position myself right on the edge of the information curve.
Re: The Second Coming Of Sign In With Twitter -
"No, not at all. In fact, you can't be "in my face" at all with my email. I can relatively easily get rid of a person annoying me via email (mark as junk/spam/blacklist etc), plus it's not disruptive in a social sense. Email makes little to no sound. If I'm asleep and I get an email it isn't going to wake me up etc. Conversely, if someone has my mobile, it's much harder to block that person - even on phones/networks that support that they can just move to another phone to call from - and it's massively disruptive in a social sense (phone ringing, etc). I'd be amazed if studies show people are happier giving up their phone numbers to third parties than they would be an email or anything less intrusive. Most people i know *hate* it when their phone rings! :-) Doubly so if it's a cold call from a business. Also! -" - Shéa Bennett
Re: The Second Coming Of Sign In With Twitter -
"One thing I'm not clear on: what happens to your phone number when you sign in? Does it go in a list somewhere, that is accessible by Twitter (or a third party), or is it only used for access and then immediately deleted? If it's the latter, then great - this could be huge. If it's the former I suspect most people are more reluctant to give up their mobile phone number than they are their email address, and I don't see this taking off at all." - Shéa Bennett
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