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RT @Holly_Christie: Help @Abortion_Rights to get a wider sample. Fill out their survey on sexual and reproductive health care on the NHS
RT @kiwicon: NZ PM says its "fine" to hack things that are "unprotected". Might be time to check @viss's no-auth SCADA dumping...
Of the 3 USA cities I've used @knowroaming in, Boston wins hands-down for connection persistence and speed. #2: Washington, DC; #3: New York
RT @jenblacker: Reliable WiFi is an amazing thing
RT @pennjillette: Through all the sadness we owe it to Robin to remember how funny he was. That matters
OH: "He was the monarch of all the things" #stuarts #scottishsupremacy ;)
RT @violetblue: My friend's custom #DEFCON shirt, "Say cyber one more time"
RT @mikko: We confirmed that the Xiaomi Android phone does silently send your data to a server in China:
RT @BoingBoing: Don't miss: 'Terreurs,' Laure Fauvel's photo series of kids fighting scary monsters
Ugh! Officious looking man just accidentally knocked my tea over but appears oblivious. Luckily the buffet car is only one carriage away.
RT @iamdevloper: A diagram to help you decide whether or not you should deploy on a Friday at 5pm
RT @joewiz: The Foreign Relations series' GitHub repo with full TEI XML is at #balisage
RT @andersoncliffb: I love that participants @balisage wanted to build a library before parks or markets in GameX (an eXist-based XML game). #balisage
RT @harveybetty: GameX -- Love it!!! XML being used for 'fun' purposes. #balisage
RT @Suw: “How many kids you gonna have?” “None.” “You gotta have kids! Lovely house like this.” Grrrrrrr. #everydaysexism
RT @alexmilowski: XPath over JSON - wheee! @DALDEI #balisage
RT @dalapeyre: Decouple serialization from the data model. Leverage XPAth. New XDM types should be format neutral. #balisage
RT @alexmilowski: "XPath is the foundation of XML Languages" - David Lee #balisage
RT @boagworld: Does your site rely on Javascript? 1. Does it really need to? Could it be progressively enhanced? 2. Have you made sure it’s accessible.
RT @Floppy: Still at least lego aren't bringing out anything amazing for a while OH COME ON THATS JUST UNFAIR
RT @josephwillits: Would a man ever have an article written about them wearing outfit 3 times in 1996, 2002 & 2014? No. #Merkel #Germany
RT @_tessr: I'm convinced that someone at Google just throws troll queries into these autocomplete results
RT @journalismnews: New rules give right to tweet, blog and film council meetings #journalism
MathML wasn't designed for hand-authoring -- Lauren Wood #balisage
RT @dalapeyre: in Math, formatting carries SEMANTIC information. --Lauren Wood #balisage
RT @OECD_Edu: PISA for Parents on Facebook translates student performance data into information #parents can use #OECDPISA
RT @MARINElife_UK: #WestBay - School Hols - looking for something to do-come and meet us next week-free fun for kids @bridportn0tice
RT @devoras: "The important thing about a game isn't how fun it is, it's how easy it is to start playing and how hard it is to stop." #quote @doctorow
RT @tomhannen: Conducting open-sheep surgery @herdyshepherd1
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