Paula West sings Dylan -
Paula West sings Dylan
How Wearables can save lives, make money & scrape data.
US&China in suprise climate change pact. Could this be as good as it appears to be?
As Net Neutrality issue heats up, where have Google & Facebook gone?
RT @TimKarr: HUGE: President Obama calls on @FCC to reclassify ISPs under Title II -- the only path to real #NetNeutrality
Golden State is now 1 of only 3 NBA teams to be undefeated. This may be the year, but there's a long, long way 2 go.
Am Thrilled that Age of Context is included in a NY Review of Books round up of the 'Creepy New Wave' of the web
RT @ForbesTech: After raising $25 billion in its IPO, Alibaba is now worth more than Wal-Mart: $BABA
Gaza rockets break ceasefire. Israel responds,: leaves Cairo peace talks.
Barometer Rising: Edelman PR and Trust - a new book extract is posted on Forbes
RT @rdevro: Police on megaphone: "If you are standing still or standing in the street you may be subject to arrest"
RT @PDPJ: #Ferguson I've been quiet tonight I'll have a big selection of pics later, was embedded with tac team, crazy night, many shots fires at cops
RT @latimes: American Apparel reports a larger-than-expected $16.2-million loss in its second quarter:
RT @PDPJ: #Ferguson 12 people just arrested in truck at Canfield, two pistols on arrestees & big Molotov cocktail found in bed of truck
Israel-Palestinian ceasefire is extended for 24 hours/
RT @EdTechEmpowers: This is just ridiculous! Watch CNN reporter threatened with arrest at #ferguson
RT @levie: No one has ever made more sense as a basketball team owner than Steve Ballmer.
RT @AndyBeal: Doctor’s office bans social media complaints - <--check out the sign they posted.
RT @FergusonFeed: "@WeActRadio: after getting hit with tear gas our producer was shot with a bean bag, targeted as press. #Ferguson"
While Ferguson dominates my Tweet stream, My new customized Trends tells me #awkwardpickuplines are my top trend #fail
RT @Bipartisanism: BREAKING: Amnesty International just announced they've sent a human rights team to #Ferguson, the first time they've done that in the US.
Press is being told to clear out of the section reserved for press. Does not bode well.
Right now Twitter is kicking the shit out of Facebook for those of us who care and Ferguson tonight.
RT @latimes: On the Ground in Ferguson: Images from the streets
RT @digitalfilipino: Raise your Weapon: Speak Up against online bullying #dpop
RT @FOX2now: Police have ordered us out of the zone set aside for media during the #Ferguson curfew hours. via @JeffBernthal
RT @NewYorker: George Packer on why the United States, and the rest of the world, can no longer ignore the threat posed by ISIS
RT @thekenyeung: .@gigaom has an interview w/@mlevchin on data, sensors, and the future of finance.
Justice Department orders new autopsy of Michael Brown’s body - The Washington Post
Twitter's tailored trends have nothing to do with data on me would show I'm into. Don't scrape it if you can't use it.
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