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Jason Shellen

Jason Shellen

CEO and founder of Thing Labs, makers of, former Blogger/Google dude, father of two little dudes.
Fact: 20% of my life is untangling headphone wires.
RT @ztaylor: The @tonyhawk Twitter Hunt '14 is tomorrow! I'll be hiding the Oakland and SF packages. Watch this space tomorrow for clues. #THTH14
You have to start somewhere. Sign-up at to be on the early bird list.
Tea Party Express? Wasn't there one of those at SFO? I feel like I had a slice of pizza and an oolong tea there.
Flickr please. Now you just look desperate. #newflickripadicon
Some great pitch advice from @jason to fledgling start-ups: "Send a beautiful image, we can't help but look at it."
My man Miles and I have a big high-five for you. #highfiveday
Best thing I've read about the current climate around SF gentrification is @kimmaicutler's article: Well done, K-M.
Just made an ISA vs. PCI slot joke and now the room is getting spinny and now I'm having bad flashbacks about DOS not loading…
Have I ever mentioned I have a fan?
I could be wrong, but didn't Google Drive/Docs used to be great at opening Word & Excel files and now it's a horrible process filled w/pain?
Tap tap tap. Delete. Delete. Delete. Me: …but they were funny! Conscience: We don't need the drama. You're not Colbert. Move along.
.@RumsfeldOffice I did not care for your "PS: I'm also not sure if there were WMDs in Iraq or not."
Do not play any April's Tax Day jokes on your CPA. Turns out it's not even a thing.
Change all your passwords. Do it again. Faster. Last time we promise. Ok, maybe one more time.
"You've Got A Terrible Reply to Write" probably wouldn't have been as successful for Hanks and Ryan.
How a snorkel, Febreze or an astronauts suit weren't mentioned in this guide, I'll never know.
Next time kids are bumping the latest jam in the car next to you, crank this in response.
As if to indicate the passage of time, my Boss DS-1 distortion pedal had cobwebs on the Duracell inside. #guitartalk #realtalk
At a dog parade. Just like I was promised in all those brochures for suburbia.
Here's my annual reminder that is still a thing that Google chooses to run. No offense intended to the creator.
12 years ago, this little guy made @ashellen & I parents. Happy birthday, Drew.
Hard to believe 'License to Ill' was released 45 years ago.
I loved hearing Tom Lehrer songs on Dr. Demento as a kid. "Tom is believed … to have invented vodka Jell-O shots."
Had dinner with the cool kids building the very cool @getclef. In Oakland. Where they work. Every day. By choice! #eastbayrising
My parents are some of the best pocket dialers in the game. Mad love for you @hoosierdadee & @tmshellen! #nohate
Just passed a Chipotle, now I can't stop thinking about this @jimray tweet. Stellar work.
Feeling glad I didn't pursue my end-to-end photo solution app idea today. I look forward to trying the much needed @carouselapp.
Did Dropbox just name something after a Don Draper pitch?
I like the new Twitter profile page but someone from corporate will have to explain to my sons why they aren't my background photo anymore.
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