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Jason Shellen

Jason Shellen

CEO and founder of Thing Labs, makers of, former Blogger/Google dude, father of two little dudes.
Just to save everyone Wikipedia research time, Ron Howard shot the "Love American Style" pilot *then* American Graffiti then Happy Days.
If you know a student or teacher point them to @ClassOwl (I'm an advisor) It's the app we wish we had in school.
If you know a student or teacher point them to @ClassOwl (I'm an advisor) It's the app we wish we had in school.
RT @ShawkatAlia: 566 Palestinians : 27 Israelis =593 humans dead. But whose counting together
The best advice is broad, comes from a likable source and could be confused for a line from a movie about true love. Plus it usually rhymes.
I might swap out our dog for a roadrunner just to be safe.
Just saw someone hit in the head with a loaf of French bread.
OH: "Sheila! Sheila! We're in Paris! You don't even have a cell phone. Just get back here and walk with me!"
Happy Bastille Day from the top of Sacré Cœur! 300 steps to the top. #vivelafrance @ Sacré-Cœur, Paris
World Cup has been fun but American football starts in 53 days.
That won't haunt Romero for the rest of his life. Nope.
Fun fact: Germany has scored 7 fewer goals than their last game so far. #GERvsARG
Has an ear ache so the hotel called a doctor to my room for 100 Euros. Your move, America.
Cheerio, London and thanks for all the fish & chips. Bonjour, Paris!
Tea time,the breakfast meats and amazing amount of pubs is still quaint but the smoking, England, has got to go.
So... what's the mercy rule in soccer? #GERvsBRA
Dream come true seeing the Tour de France today, in London of all places. Here's my footage of…
Had to say hi the second time I saw @GeorgeTakei in a week, this time in London. Thanks for the photo. /cc:@harper
I believe money has corrupted our democratic process so on this 4th of July I funded Mayday to help fix it. Join us:
…and the Germans advance. Again. #GERvsFRA
If you tune in now you can still see the last 15 min of the Kraftwerk vs. Daft Punk match. #WorldCup2014
Happy July 4th sale-a-bration event, America!
Happy birthday @cg! Growing up down the street from you has forever lodged your birthday in my mind. Hope you're having a great one.
"Payment declined" is the unwanted hangover of the credit card fraud cancellation process.
Tim Howard goal Vs Bolton 04.01.12 -
Tim Howard goal Vs Bolton 04.01.12
.@Zappos customer service really is amazing. Definitely the high mark to aim for as a business.
I used @Mailchimp to send a note to a bunch of people today and am hearing a lot of "Gmail thought this was spam". What's up with that?
Guys, I almost forget what it was like back when I believed in Tim Howard.
Tim Howard Saves.
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