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Strands? Rejaw? Man you guys are killing me. Give me one reason to join either of them.
I'm still debating the Strands thing. I just signed up for Rejaw. We will see. - Kyle Lacy
Rejaw: no comment. Strands: it's a FriendFeed/SocialThing/SecondBrain clone with groups built-in and trending features. Those features are neat, but the UI is really busy and the refresh is slow. - Mark Trapp
Tell me abou it Shey...I genuinely am starting to lose it. - Zee.
I agree on the UI being busy. It was hard for me to use the system at first. - Kyle Lacy
it has groups...damn, i gotta go check that out again... :) - Zee.
I do not like Strands at all whatsoever. I don't see the point. I think I feel about Strands the way a lot of people feel about Rejaw, although I think Rejaw is awesome. And there, folks, is how you tie it all up at the end..LOL - Rahsheen
Shey - Rejaw I just liked .. period. Strands I just literally did because I liked what Duncan Riley said about Drew (and I think it's totally friekin' ridiculous that Louis feels the need to put a disclaimer/disclosure on his site now. So, I done it out of principle :) ... but feel the same way you do. This is way outa control ! - Charlie Anzman
I would recommend at least looking at Strands. It has some cool features that the other sites haven't utilized. Check out Louis Gray's breakdown of Strands: - Kyle Lacy
these new social apps are popping up way too quickly to give any of them a fair shake...and all of them are thirsty for a critical mass of new users. so, do you abandon the app you just signed up for last week to try the new one? it's getting too hard to keep up with all of the new stuff that's launching, let alone join them and evaluate them properly. dayamm! - .LAG liked that
To really take off, they need a bunch of users. But the more sites that pop up, the more fragmented the user base gets. Good to be either (1) early, like Twitter; or (2) Really head and shoulders above everyone else. - Hutch Carpenter
Have we reached critical mass? :) Even for social media nerds? - Kyle Lacy
Kyle: the rule of thumb is more than 30-50k users; estimates put FriendFeed at about 75-100k users. - Mark Trapp
I meant' critical mass for US the users.. not necessarily the amount of users.. I have reached BRAIN critical mass - Kyle Lacy
Totally agreed. Seems like copies of other things, with slight value add. I don't need value add for FriendFeed, specifically...I want value subtract, if anything. - Eric Florenzano
I think if you really want to have staying power, either 1) you have to do something that nobody else comes close to doing, or at least nobody with a big user base does, and that something needs to satisfy a pressing need for people online, or 2) your tool needs to come out precisely when people are most dissatisfied with the tool you're attempting to replace. FriendFeed and Facebook are examples of these two principles. The rest are just going to get a small, loyal follower base and never really hit mainstream. - Mark Trapp
Shey, the Rejaw room on FF is a good place to start, since a lot of the information and discussions are consolidated there :) Im sure there is a Strands room , somewhere, and LG also did a piece on it. I WOULD link you, however I don't have copy and paste :p Guess what I'm FFing to go from? ;) - Mona Nomura from fftogo
@Chris Yup, same here. - Shey
Here's the real goal, guys... no fragmentation. Use all of them. :-) - Louis Gray
Easy to say. :-) - Kyle Lacy
Hah! Yeah right, Louis. I want to see someone maintain a strong presence on FriendFeed, SocialThing and Strands. - Rahsheen
With different content on all three! - Kyle Lacy
I can do it for FriendFeed, Strands and SocialMedian. As for Rejaw, Twitter is enough for me, and using Posty, it hits as well. - Louis Gray
Louis: I think you were born with the natural ability of Social Media POWER.. It's almost unnatural.. As for the rest, God help us. - Kyle Lacy
@louis gray I haven't found yet how to do that level of integration. Wish I could. - Colide81 (James)
lol@Kyle +1 - Shey
Strands makes me feel limited. I can't explain it. maybe the UI, but I feel like I'm in a box. I also got bored of following people, they should make that easier. New services should not make you visit a profile just to add someone. I may try it again, but it made my stomach hurt so I'm taking a break..LOL - Rahsheen
actually, rejaw is the better of the strictly microblogging platforms, but it came too late to the party... when it comes down to it, it's got 2 major strong points - 1) real time updates, 2) a team of developers that is listening to its users and responding to them quickly. - Lucretia Pruitt
@Kyle, I consider it a challenge, and it's fun. Part of the idea is also two-fold: You don't know which service will win in the end, so it makes sense to participate if you can, and secondly, if conversations are happening around your content, you should be there, whether it's any of these sites, or Twitter, Shyftr, etc. - Louis Gray
Good point Louis but still (being humble aside) you have social media powers. - Kyle Lacy
@Kyle, I guess there's also a sense of responsibility. I believe I was the first to cover Social Median back in April, and I haven't seen Strands discussed anywhere else either (though it probably has been). When I get the opportunity to debut a site, I can get over-engaged. I wasn't the first to FriendFeed, but early on, I was one of those who saw its potential early... and look what happened. :-P - Louis Gray
The difference is our recommendation technology. It's the core of everything we do, and we want to help you use it to find cool stuff and cool people. - drew olanoff
Ah, I guess if I thought people were talking about my stuff somewhere, I'd want to be there. - Rahsheen
I have had a Strands beta account for almost 3 months now. I think the interface has a polished look, but is very chock full of stuff like most have said. Considering the fact that it sounds like many of you are trying it out now it might be as quiet around there as it has been. Don't forget to download the STrands Tracker app that goes along with it. Thats definitely something unique amongst the competition. - Adam Helweh
Adam is right about Strands Tracker. It's pretty good, and ties into the Mac OS X menubar. - Louis Gray
download software? Like...directly onto my harddisk? What is this, 1997?! - Rahsheen
For me if it's not much extra regular work to maintain it then I'll try it out. For Rejaw it just another one of these micro-blogging sites that I can add to or Helloxt (please?). As for Strands, I joined more for the Strands Tracker to see what that is about. On top of my keen interest in photography I'm also a huge fan of music and hope this tracker will add to in the recommendations department. We'll see. Not much effort to join up to all these new services, so worth a go IMHO. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
None. - Sweyn Venderbush from twhirl
Fine, signed up for Strands. Rejaw, we'll see. - Shey