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Be Fit Physical Therapy & Pilates (5/5) -
"I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my neck that's bulging against my spinal cord, which is causing numbness in two fingers in my right hand. My partner goes to Be Fit for pilates instruction and…" - Jenny Levine
Jenny Levine
Las Fuentes Restaurant (5/5) -
"I recently held a surprise birthday party at Las Fuentes and it turned out wonderfully. I worked with Daniel during the weeks leading up to the event, and he was very helpful every step of the way. He…" - Jenny Levine
Jenny Levine
Las Fuentes Restaurant (5/5) -
"I recently held a surprise birthday party at Las Fuentes and it turned out wonderfully. I worked with Daniel during the weeks leading up to the event, and he was very helpful every step of the way. He…" - Jenny Levine
Jenny Levine
finished Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers by Dave Gray et al. #Kindle
finished Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers by Dave Gray et al. #Kindle
This is on my to-read list. What did you think of it? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I think it's probably good if you're completely unfamiliar with the topic. However, 3/4 of the book just lists different "games" (ie, facilitation processes), and I'm already aware of a lot of them because my partner uses them, so I ended up skipping through a lot of it. If you're not a facilitator or meeting convener, it's probably not as relevant as you'd think. - Jenny Levine
So this is kinda of embarrassing... but I'm going to ALA MW for the 1st time (just for the day) & I have mobility issues. I can walk & stand, but not for long periods of time without pain. Will there be carts or anything like that? I hate to make a fuss b/c I look OK even tho' I've had surgery & whatnot.
Apparently there is a contact listed on the registration form ( - "If you have a physical or communication need that may affect your participation in Midwinter Meeting activities, please contact Carrie Mehrhoff at no later than November 18, 2011. We cannot ensure the availability of... more... - ellbeecee
I've never needed one, so it's not something that I'm aware of them having or not. - ellbeecee
You might also want to get in touch with Sarah Houghton ( who has considerable experience with navigating professional conferences with limited mobility issues. - Catherine Pellegrino
You shouldn't be embarrassed at all. For the vendors that are completely unreceptive to dialogues about SOPA and RWA, a cart could be outfitted with a ram plow and driven into their booths and anything that supports their setups. (Optional primal scream of "RAMMING SPEED!" might help for the effect.) - Andy
Thank you--I didn't find out I'd be able to participate until fairly recently. - YvonneM
I've seen people using the powered chairs every time I've been at ALA, so they're clearly available. - walt crawford
We offer scooters for people with physical disabilities (I think they're $25 to rent), and they're in pretty high demand so that's why we ask for the early notice. Definitely contact Carrie if you think you'll need one and she'll do her best to get you one. Conference Services staff leaves for Dallas early next week, so sooner is better than later. Let me know if I can answer other questions or point you to other resources. - Jenny Levine
Thanks for the info. - YvonneM
Jenny Levine
ALA Happy Mutants rejoice – Library Boing Boing is coming! -
Ok, I see you have put out an excellent trap to get me to join ALA. Well played. - Andy
<maniacal laughter> - Jenny Levine
can someone sign this for me since i'm not a member? ; ) - jambina
I've never been to an ALA Annual or Midwinter Conference. I have the opportunity to go to Midwinter because it's nearby. Is it worthwhile, or is mainly exhibits? (I recently renewed my membership). Thoughts?
If you are interested in any group at ALA, most of them have their meetings at Midwinter with a smattering of conferencey things and a vendor showcase. Smaller in scale than ALA. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Thanks for the feedback. I have a friend who is an MLS you think she'd find it worthwhile? - YvonneM
Maybe, and I think there are scholarships for MLS students to attend ala or they can come to it for real cheap. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Thanks! - YvonneM
FWIW, I like Midwinter a lot. There are discussion groups for the various divisions and sections, plus almost all meetings are open to visitors. Before I was on committees, I sat in on some meetings at MW to get a sense of what I might be interested in joining. Also, exhibits are pretty rad if you're into free books. There are plenty of author signings, too. A friend brought an MLS student friend once, and we forwarded her invitations to as many free meals as we got. - kaijsa
In my first 25 years in the field, I always found Midwinter more interesting and worthwhile for all the discussion groups and interest groups--and for less crowded exhibits. As for "almost all" meetings being open: That's true for 100% of meetings except awards committees and when a group with hiring authority is discussing employees, by ALA regulations. - walt crawford
This year might be different, though. I think every committee I'm on, and all but one DG I regularly attend are doing virtual meetings this MW. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
True that. I haven't yet had an all-virtual meeting for any of my ACRL committees, so I forgot about that. We've skyped in people, but so far have always had at least some in-person attendance, usually with a few visitors. - kaijsa
One of the most common complaints about Annual is that it's "overwhelming," so Midwinter can be a better opportunity for new students/librarians/ALA members to network, meet people, and participate in discussions. I'm going through the Midwinter session data now, and there are still 200+ discussion groups meeting onsite. There are also going to be what I think will be really great... more... - Jenny Levine
Oh, and if anyone needs advice, suggestions, or a friendly face at (or leading up to) Midwinter, give me a shout at jlevine [at] - Jenny Levine
Go for the socializing. The exhibit hall is the exhibit hall. - Andy
I just got a really sketchy email referencing my new ALA membership card. The links seem to be good and the personal information is all present. But the from is really shady. Anyone else get this?
Just say "No!" to emailed forms. - Aaron the Librarian
You can always check with ALA Memberhsip, too. The forms on the site should be okay, though. - Aaron the Librarian
shady how? - holly #ravingfangirl
And leave the name and SSN of the first born child blank as well. - Joe
*cough* from !=form *cough* - holly #ravingfangirl
it's the sender that's shady. Sorry... ALA <>. seems weird to me. - Caitlin
yikes, that does sound suspect. all of my membership emails from ALA have come from - holly #ravingfangirl
Um. Yes. That IS weird. - Catherine Pellegrino
and thanks everyone for your help on the form emails :) I was laughing as I read the conversation thread! - Caitlin
Unless it's the previously unknown German branch of ALA, that sounds not only sketchy but just wrong. - walt crawford
Caitlin, would you mind forwarding the email to me (including all of the headers) so that I can find out if it's legitimate or not? My email address is jlevine [at] Thanks. - Jenny Levine
I've seen the odd article here and there in the tech press recently about spearphishing professional organizations. If that's what's going on here, I'm glad Jenny is investigating, 'cos the sooner folks are warned the better. - RepoRat
Also glad Jenny is on the case. If the email is in fact shady, then the use of Caitlin's personal information is decidedly creepy from an info-security perspective. - Catherine Pellegrino
bogus email address.. IP sender : whois, server : - Peter Dawson
stmp spoofing is happening from here == > - Peter Dawson
yes and teamshatter jus said that 9M records of MoL& welfare were hacked : _ - Peter Dawson
just sent it. yeah, it has all my info in it, which is so weird. It LOOKS like legitimate ALA correspondence, so if it isn't, the hacker did an excellent job. Will be interesting to see what comes back. - Caitlin
Thanks, Caitlin. Info so far: it /is/ a legitimate email (yay, no hack!). Apparently we started using a new printer/vendor last month. Part of the goal was to provide a temporary membership card members could use until their physical one arrives. I've submitted a request to change the "from" address on these to membership [at], so I'll let you know when I hear back about that. - Jenny Levine
Thanks Jenny! I was hoping it was legitimate, since all the info was there. *sigh of relief* - Caitlin
@Jenny, then thats such a bad vendor/provider.. as such if it has no email indentifier, users will just report the sender as spam..thats why its bounced@de server.. makes sense now. .but still not a very good business practice (imho) :)- - Peter Dawson
Sounds like Jenny is all over it! You go girl! - Shannon - GlassMistress
I agree, Peter, which is why I submitted the request. I'll do my best to impress upon these folks the importance of this (not just for us, but for everyone). - Jenny Levine
Thanks, Caitlin, Shannon, et. al. - Jenny Levine
i got it too and i thought "why would i need a temporary ala card from some outfit in germany?" - henry
any mention of Nigeria? - maʀtha
I came home tonight and started going through my personal email only to find that I got this same message, too. My jaw would have dropped to the ground if I hadn't seen this thread first! - Jenny Levine
Jenny rocks. This one went straight to spam, according to my employers email system. Oh well. Don't need the card. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Check out the survey format:
That's so sad. - Stephen Francoeur
I can't bring myself to fill it out. I tried, but... *headdesk* - maʀtha
um...which century is this? - Katy S
No. - DJF
You'd think someone that got to be ALA president would have more of a clue about surveys than this. - Stephen Francoeur
FFS. If I can make a form on Google Docs, anybody can. - RepoRat
Damn right. It should have been a PDF, with respondents instructed to fill in the blanks, print it out, and fax it back to ALA. (I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the Prez did not consult staff experts, like, say, Jenny...) - walt crawford
o_O - Derrick
wow, just wow - John: Thread Killer
Seriously? Come on people - Hedgehog
Or, even creating a survey monkey is easy enough. Beats making people use a .docx microsoft product. - Joe
I'll see if I can implement an electronic version for them. Thanks for the heads up. - Jenny Levine
Thanks, Jenny, it is a nightmare. It isn't even a MS Word form, just a regular document. - maʀtha
Yay Jenny! - Laura
Yay Jenny! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yes, thank you to Jenny! - maʀtha
It took a while to coordinate everything, but here you go: - Jenny Levine
Am I missing something obvious or is the VENUE not listed for ALA Midwinter on the site? I see it's in Dallas, but...where?
YOUR ROOM - jambina
Dallas Convention Center - it's on the hotel map: - Aaron the Librarian
Kidding, I'm sure that will be fixed shortly ;) - Aaron the Librarian
Aaron, Jenny or anyone else with ALA Pipe, how much is is to register for MW and Annual as individual events and what do I save by bundling. I guess I fail at research since I can only find the bundled price without spending 10 minutes registering for either event. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
From the banner nav: Registration, Hotel & Travel: see the columns to the right of the bundle price (Bundle 338, (MW) early bird 170, (MW) advance 190,(MW) on site 190 - Aaron the Librarian
Also, from the bundle registration page: "Midwinter Meeting-Only registration opens October 3. Annual Conference-Only registration opens January 2." (which should be more prominent, I think) - Aaron the Librarian
ah, yeah, *obvious* - Blake
What about prices for annual? I cannot make a case on saving money when I don't know how much money is actually saved. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Hmmm...Annual was 190 last year for Early Bird... - Hedgehog
I don't see 2012 pricing for Annual yet (I would go with last year's price found here... well, really here (in pdf) - > - Aaron the Librarian
Does Bundled registration end October 2? I won;t know by then if I'm going :( - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Rudi, yes. Bundled registration ends October 2. There's a refund schedule on the registration confirmation: Bundled Cancellation Policy If you cancel the Midwinter Meeting registration before the Midwinter Meeting cancellation deadline (December 2, 2011), but you do not cancel your Annual Conference registration your refund will be: ALA Member: $93 Division Member: $93 Retired Member:... more... - Aaron the Librarian
Also, a Bundled fee breakdown if needed: Bundled Registration Fee Breakdown For MidWinter Meeting -ALA Member $143 -Division/Retired $143 -ALA Student $53 -NonMember $225 For Annual Conference -ALA Member $195 -Division Member $190 -Retired $170 -ALA Student $82 -NonMember $250 - Aaron the Librarian
If Midwinter were in Blake's room, I'd actually consider going. Partay. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
I'll post here when I get the pricing info for Annual, although if it's different from last year's cost, it's probably not by much. Unfortunately, the person with that info is out sick today. Issues surrounding information necessary to make decisions duly noted for fixing.... - Jenny Levine
I heard back about Annual pricing: - Jenny Levine
Early Bird ALA Member: $220 Division: $215 Student: $95 Retired: $185 Non Member: $255 - Jenny Levine
Advance ALA Member $235 Division: $230 Student $120 Retired $200 Non Member $298 - Jenny Levine
Onsite ALA Member $260 Division $260 Student $130 Retired $230 Non Member $380 - Jenny Levine
This is customer service. You rock Jenny! - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Note that Bundle Reg is still open through this coming weekend. It will end on Sunday so that reg for Midwinter on its own can open Monday morning (10/3). - Jenny Levine
Thanks, Maurice :) - Jenny Levine
When is the last time you've heard the internet term "hotlink"? As opposed to "coldlink"?
Got that in an email yesterday. They are JUST LINKS! Who cares about their temperature? - Joe
Don't think I've ever heard this "coldlink" business and never understood the "hotlink" one either. The ARE all just links. - Rahsheen
Isn't it just an old term for link, like hyperlink? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Yes, an old term, but why use it today? - Joe
We need to have hypolinks as well as hyperlinks... - Joe
Joe: Because some of us are old and comfortable with old terms. Isn't that good enough? (Only partly joking.) - walt crawford
It's probably a requirement from the legal department, so that the author doesn't get sued like McDonald's did. - Jenny Levine
+1 to Jenny. :D - Christa
I understand "hotlinking" to be putting an image tag that links directly to the image off-site, instead of hosting it yourself. Which is actually more and more okay these days; but it can be a problem if your site gets more hits than the site you're linking to can cope with. And some places seem to still prevent it anyway (eg I tried to hotlink to a tinyimage photo from a livejournal post a couple months ago and it wouldn't work). - Deborah Fitchett
Aaron the Librarian
Interested in volunteering for a specific ALA Committee? The ALA Committees' Volunteer Form is up:
Available until Nov 4, 2011 -- c'mon, help me out (I'm on the "Committee on Committees" which helps the ALA President-Elect make appointments to the ALA-level Committees) - Aaron the Librarian
When you fill out the form, please be sure to sell yourself and your skills well. The more the Committee knows about your skills, abilities, and interests (and how you feel they relate to the requested committee) the better we can rank everyone -- and the better we can say "how about this committee since those you requested have filled" if the appointments are already full - Aaron the Librarian
so what kinda of things are open? I'll fill it out tomorrow when I'm more awake...or hopefully more awake - Sir Shuping is just sir
There "should" be at least one seat open on all ALA-level committees. Note that this form can also be used to volunteer for ALA, AASL, ACRL, ALCTS, ASCLA, LITA, LLAMA or PLA committees. The Presidents-Elect each make appointments to their own committees - Aaron the Librarian
this is the form with nine frillion committees on it, the one that gives me hives. ALA is way too big to do this in this way. By putting the onus of figuring out the committee structure on the member, ALA creates a big-ass barrier to entry to people who don't already understand the organization. And I, quite simply, don't have time to research ALA to figure out where my strengths would be a good match. - Jenica
I'm happy to do a Reference Interview if you like? adobbs at gmail ... eta: I should also give you the questions I would ask: What Divisions are you a member of? What do you feel are your strengths? What really interests you or gets you excited about ALA (and/or Libraries)? Those are a good start :) - Aaron the Librarian
I might just be grumpy and apathetic. But that form DOES give me hives. :) - Jenica
I tend to agree with Jenica....a volunteer form shouldn't require a reference interview. And I get they're trying to cut down on duplication of forms, but still... - ~Courtney F from Android
One of the upcoming features on ALA Connect will be a group matching feature that tries to pare down the overwhelming list of potential committees to those that match the interests you've listed in your profile. Then maybe I can feed those into a slimmed down version of the form so that you can just check a couple of boxes. I also want to implement a "suggest this committee to your friend" feature at some point. - Jenny Levine
Jenny, that sounds brilliant. - Jenica
The Library of Congress has over 5000 titles and 100,000 issues of comic books in its collection. It also has wi-fi.
At Annual, I also found out that they're archiving video games in the big mountain bunker in Virginia. I had no idea. - Jenny Levine
Ah, but Michigan has a _playable_ video game archive... :) (Not to in any way detract from the awesomeness of the LoC collections.) - N. Ansi
Katy S
It seems like every time I go to ALA's website, something about the design makes me sad. Today, it was when I looked at the page for the current winner of the Printz book award.
I just needed to vent. - Katy S
What about it makes you sad? (am leaving out that it's YALSA's site, as opposed to big ALA, as most folks think of YALSA as merely a part of ALA) - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Oh, it's largely aesthetic issues I have with it, especially when it comes to some of the locations for the roundtables and divisions. And, I think that the fact that YALSA (in this case) is part of ALA is an important part of this. If someone searches google for info about the ALA (and division) book awards, these are the pages they see that represent ALA, and the pages aren't user-friendly. They're clunky, info isn't organized as well as it should be (which, for an library org, is sad), etc. - Katy S
I just find it frustrating, especially when those pages haven't changed much in the last several years (aside from content). - Katy S
Thanks. As i'm not a yalsan, all I can do is agree and suggest (and hope the upcoming migration to drupal helps things)... - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Yeah, aside from my own aesthetic preferences, I just think that if these awards are going to be marketed (like they currently are and more), then the place the represents them should be a little more modern and easier to navigate so that non-librarians who happen upon the pages are suitably impressed. :D - Katy S
Jenny L. once explained to me the size/scope of the ALA web was in the tens of thousands of pages. Complete insanity! - Jason Griffey
JFYI, ALA is moving to Drupal in a few months, and there's been a movement to standardize the division templates as part of the migration. For example, see ACRL ( and AASL ( for already finished templates (not in Drupal yet). I think I heard that YALSA's redesign will get implemented in Drupal, in part because their main web person went on maternity... more... - Jenny Levine
Ha - jinx! - Jenny Levine
That is awesome. I know it's a big beast of a site. I just seem to manage to end up using/seeing the less-than-great sections. Although, like I said, I do think that any of the pages about the book awards should be more user-friendly. - Katy S
We've spent a lot of time redoing the Awards Database ( in the hope that the individual units will stop trying to manually maintain their own static award pages. It'll improve even more once we're in Drupal. As you can imagine, it's a cultural change, but I think that piece will be in much better shape a year from now. - Jenny Levine
Too bad ALA only gives out so few recognitions and awards;) - Aaron the Librarian from Android
The database is nice. Too bad that's not the first thing to come up in google results. Although, for some people, it might be confusing or annoying. Many people are lazy (I know I am) and they just want a static list to come up when they search for Newbery Award winners or something like that. - Katy S
Filling out the 2011 ALA Annual Conference Survey. 18. Please indicate if you're a member of any of the following ALA units.----LITA is not listed, despite being a rather large division.
No one cares about those computer geeks. ;) - ellbeecee
they don't bother asking about LITA because everybody that matters is already a member. - DJF
Here's the survey link if you need it: (I also asked why the lack of LITA and several other units (and the repetition of ASCLA) in the Comment space in Q15) - I'm sure someone in Conference Services or the 3rd Party Vendor is (or will be) kicking themselves about this at some point soon - Aaron the Librarian
Honestly, LITA may have gotten lost in the snowstorm of ALA divisions, IG's and RoundTables. I was glad that they had the Learning Round Table Name correct on the survey. Yea us. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Jill, was that a joke or really your perception of LITA? If it's not a joke, that is not a good thing and the message needs tweaking /LITA2012PresidentalCandidate - Aaron the Librarian
Seriously, Jill...if that's the perception of LITA, I would REALLY like to talk. #boardmember #brandingwonk - Jason Griffey
Jill: if you'd like a slightly less-agressive take on LITA, feel free to email me. We are (seriously, not making this up) actively trying to work on what LITA _is_. I would love to hear about your experiences: Griffey at gmail. - Jason Griffey
Crap - that's my fault. I was copying and pasting in the options, trying to alphabetize them and I must have pasted over the LITA entry. Dang - sorry about that. I'll try to download the results so far and then edit the survey to add them back in. Send me an email at jlevine [at] if you want me to add LITA to your answers and you provided your name on the form. - Jenny Levine
Fixed now. 63 people had filled out the survey, so I'll go back through the data and check LITA membership for anyone who indicated they're an ALA member and add that info to their submission. - Jenny Levine
Thanks for fixing it Jenny! - Hedgehog from Android
O love for Jenny, how thou multipliest exponentially :) - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Ack, Jill, please include me ,adobbs on teh gmails, on your message to Jason? Not glad to hear the opinion, but very glad you expressed it! - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Does anyone know if there'll be a satellite registration location at ALA? I know some locations (Anaheim & Chicago?) have had one in the past, but I'm not sure if there's one in NOLA or not (I have my badge, will just need to pick stuff up - I'm hoping maybe I won't need to trek to the convention center Friday after I get in.)
As far as I can tell, no satellite registrations. - walt crawford
I think you have to come to the CC to get your stuff. Just wait until you need that stuff. Say the first time you have to hit the CC - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Confirming no satellite registration. - Jenny Levine
Ell, if you have your badge, that's all you really need.... Bring an old badge holder to use until you can get to the CC tog et everything else. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I think what 410 sez is right--not only will the badge work, but I've yet to see much delay in handing out material since ALA went the "I have my badge" separate-station route. Just pick it up Saturday before your first session or before the exhibits... - walt crawford
Thanks, all. Yeah, Rudi, I know - but I've also got a roommate who's never been to ALA before and I only have 1 old badge holder, so none to share :) - ellbeecee
Pete's Got To Go
Thanks to Jenny Levine I now have a visit to ALA HQ lined up :)
Hooray! I should warn you, though, that the building itself isn't very impressive, so focus on the awesome people you'll meet. - Jenny Levine
What do you mean it's not located within a hollowed out dormant volcano? - Andy
Andy, I thought the volcano was near your library...that's why you're in charge of opening and closing it... - John: Thread Killer
I doubt the ALA would be in the same volcano that LSW uses for its sacrifices. Although, it would explain why so many people complain about ALA since we are dumping our crap into it. - Andy
Jason Griffey
Looks like I'll be defending my crown at this year's ALA Annual Battledecks. You _know_ you want to see this:
what was that about not speaking at ALA? - Jenica
My crown was being threatened! I have to go all "Game of Thrones" on them. - Jason Griffey
I WOULD LIKE TO CHALLENGE. but i won't be there. nurts. ; ) - jambina
Now I'm trying to decide which house motto fits you best. - Jenica
I'm looking forward to the swimsuit part of the competition. - Jenny Levine
Jenny Levine
Dear peoples I am excited to meet and see at #ala11: JFYI, I'm really bad at remembering names and faces.
You're not the only one, - walt crawford
I'm persistent - I just keep walking up to Jenny and Walt and talking to them like they should know me... I think it's started work with Walt - at least as of the last ALA... ;) - WebGoddess
Oh, I'm much better during ALA--as long as people are wearing their badges. I can read just fine. (Actually, I'm not so terrible with faces, but putting a name to a face: Fail. Heck, in NOLA I'll just claim that the heat and humidity are frying my brain, right?) - walt crawford
The worst part is that I'll often remember the person's name five minutes after the encounter, but I just can't seem to remember beforehand. And I seem to have a special talent for spinning badges around so that they're facing the wrong way. Not handy, that. - Jenny Levine
Jenny, I share all of these talents of yours. In many cases I also seem to be unable to remember who I've only talked to online and who I've met in person, until I've met them a few times. - Jason P
Print Names on Nametags Bigger. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
I'd say ALA does this pretty well--to make them much bigger, they'd have to be first name only, and that's a lot less helpful. "Hi, Jenny..." [while racking my brain to figure out WHO this Jenny is...well, not Ms. Levine, to be sure, but...] and I'm sure Walt Lessum doesn't want people confusing him with me! - walt crawford
Pete's Got To Go
Not heard back from ALA about meeting with ppl at HQ yet, so if there's anyone here who can expedite matters... :)
Pete, who did you send the email to? Was it Michael Dowling? Let me know and I'll follow up. - Jenny Levine
Jenny, I got a reply from an Alicia Bastl- she said she was passing it to the International Department. - Pete's Got To Go
Can you send me the details for your visit (jlevine at I'll follow up with Michael. - Jenny Levine
Anybody else in the ALA Virtual Town Hall?
I was apparently not registered... so I cannot get in. 1000 connection max & only ~480 people in there. Have complained about this already. - Aaron the Librarian
Apparently we topped out at 525 people in the room. I was a few minutes late, didn't think I'd get in - Hedgehog
You can at least follow along via the captioning feed at or Twitter is doing a good job of summarizing the major points. The full archive of the event will be available afterward online, too. Watch for info about accessing it. - Jenny Levine
hrm... streamtext would be a great ALA Council Caption distribution channel. I may have to get on that horse again... - Aaron the Librarian
I intended to be, but had way too much work to do today. Anything important announced? - Laura Krier
Jenny Levine
which ocean would you guess this is? -
which ocean would you guess this is?
atlantic - jambina
good guess. too bad you weren't here playing the game with us.... - Jenny Levine
Greg Schwartz
Do you know of any libraries that have done a "23 Things" program with their patrons?
Check with Jennifer Koerber @ Boston Public. I think they just did or are about to. - Michael Sauers
Also, Beth Tribe at Howard County Library in MD. and Nini Beegen MD Learning Coordinator. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Allen County PL in Fort Wayne, IN. talk to Sean Robinson - Jenny Levine
Thank you! - Greg Schwartz
Did it in 2009. . Little videos of staff were good for staff to learn how to be in the online space too... - Kathryn is a free elf
Peter Murray
Jenny -- can you help reconcile these two "MARC Formats Interest Group" programs? and -- they are listed as the same time but in different rooms with slightly different descriptions.
Good question, Peter. Let me see what I can dig up. - Jenny Levine
We finally got this sorted out. The duplicate now reads "cancelled" in front of the name, and I left a comment on it pointing to the correct record. HTH. - Jenny Levine
Perfect! Thanks for posting the clarification, Jenny. - Peter Murray
Jenny Levine
for the ALA Virtual Town Hall dress rehearsal happening right now, I'm pretending to be an #ALA member - what ? should I ask the bigwigs? :p
Ask about how to make voting easier for members. - Andy
Already working on that. - Jenny Levine
Pete's Got To Go
Fwd: Working on visiting ALA HQ when in the States. If you could ask one question of them, what would it be? #ala #cilip (via
Where's the soda machine? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
No, no, no, Rochelle, it's where's the BATHROOM? - Catherine Pellegrino
Do you have a stapler I can borrow? - Katy S
I'm looking for a book but I don't know the author or title. All I know is that there is something blue on the cover and it came out last year. I think. - Andy
Can you waive my fines? - Christa
Why does the Embassy Suites you (used to) use for joint Exec Committee meetings have the worst happy hour of any Embassy Suites? Hmm. Maybe that's a little in, and maybe it's changed in 15 years... - walt crawford
In the basement in Miriam's. Bathrooms are on every floor. Yes. 3rd floor in the Library. Sure. Before my time. - Jenny Levine
This, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is why I love Jenny Levine. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
*applauds* - Marianne
When will you stop talking about the coming librarian shortage? - John Fink
I've had my differences with Ms. Levine in the past, but in her recent years at with this thread: Bravo! - walt crawford
How can hip hop be dead if Wu Tang is forever? - Andy
If Satan is evil, why does he punish the wicked? - Andy
Thanks, all. Round two! We talk about the librarian shortage a lot less than we used to, but this is something I'm going to try to respond to on the ALA Marginalia blog sometime soon. -10.5. Because there's no one person who speaks for ALA, including the President. No ghost but we do have a lot of bugs (bada bing!). Send me an email about the renew requests and I'll ask someone to look... more... - Jenny Levine
[Applause.] - walt crawford
I'll add my applause to Walt's [Applause]. Nicely done, Jenny - WebGoddess
*intensifies his worship of Jenny from afar* - Aaron the Librarian
Jenny = awesome. I'm still wondering when they're going to give her an award - Sir Shuping is just sir
Hooray! - John Fink
Pete's Got To Go
OK, if I wanted to arrange a trip to ALA HQ, who do I contact?
I, too, thought that would be a good place to start. She is well connected and can point you in the most productive direction. - Peter Murray
Thanks. I've mailed an assitant in the exec office for now, we'll see what comes of that :) - Pete's Got To Go
Late to the party, but let me know if I can help. - Jenny Levine
Thanks Jenny. It's been passed to the International Office by Alicia Bastl :) - Pete's Got To Go
Jason Griffey
Me: "I love you, Eliza." Eliza: *sigh* "Yeah, Dad. I know."
Like, duh, you don't need to remind me all the time, DAD. - Jenica
They grow up so fast! - Andy
Hopefully no carbonite was involved. - Jenny Levine
Dear LISHost bloggers, STOP BEING SO POPULAR, YOU'RE KILLING ME. Love, your web server.
that Rogers kid is trouble. trouble i tells ya! - jambina
not gonna name names - Blake
I promise to continue sucking. - Zamms
He's totally talking about me... *nose grows* - lris
Actually, he probably is, so reduce that nose forthwith. - Zamms
Oh, I could start a blog on LISHost! That would drive down your average stats - maʀtha
(mostly because I would never post) - maʀtha
I think my numbers are declining, but they've never made any sense anyway. I'm *sure* I'm not causing you trouble at the moment. - walt crawford
It's like you don't even *support* the blog people anymore. - Meg VMeg
The more you deny it, the more guilty you look! - Blake
geez, I stopped blogging - what more do you want? - Jenny Levine
Switch back to using a Typewriter - Blake
Well my readership has been stagnant... :-p Trying not to overwhelm you (but then, I haven't been writing much on HL) - Hedgehog
Aha. There's the problem. If people blogged more, they wouldn't get as many hits (this appears to be true in far too many cases), so the loads on the servers would decline. Stop FFing, start blogging! - walt crawford
I just clicked on a link to a post by Walt and immediately felt guilty. Thanks, Blake. - WebGoddess
Jenny Levine
shocked that "like" isn't on there RT @lbraun2000: 11 ordinary words that have new meaning due 2 social media
Had to like this... - Joe
Plus one! - Jenny Levine
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