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Black MSI Wind Photos -
"Thanks for commenting july1969, I can give you tech specs (they were on a different post). There are two versions coming, both will have a 10" screen (1024x600 pixel), 1.6GHz Atom processor (low power) and 80GB hard drive. There will be a SUSE Linux version with 512MB ram and 3 cell battery (2.5hr life) for $399 and a Windows XP home version with 1GB RAM, 6 cell battery (5.5hr life) and bluetooth for $549. I agree that it wont be good as a main PC but for traveling (or just heading down to the coffee shop to blog and surf the internet) it's portability makes it a winner. Mark Mitford (Editor, ShinyPlastic) P.S. please bookmark our site or subscribe to our RSS to keep up with the latest gadget news :)" - Mark Mitford
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