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RIP @roopitwit Miss you. Thanks for all the learning.
Startup porn: collection of entertaining stimulating & worthless activities that distract an entrepreneur frm focusing on wht really matters
friend running a successful startup looking 4 a sys admin in Mumbai 4 Window servers &network with 6+ years of expr #jobs Anyone?
Fantastic school football at #Parikrma champions league. ASC boys wins. Super weekend. Bonus: Rahul Bose is here too.
Adobe flash player was blocked because it is out of date chrome ubuntu -
RT @pluggdin: Amazon is acquiring an Indian Ecommerce company. Guess who? /@PluggdinForum
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted in my head
Is it the first movie to do that? RT @mannu: Congratulations to "The Dark Knight Rises" on crossing $1 billion worldwide! #TDKR
Only two things grow for the sake of growth: businesses and tumors -
Scare call frm Radhika. cliam: advocate frm Delhi district court. Spoke with an accent trying to scandalize. #airtelsucks @Airtel_Presence
Aah! Actions speak louder than Page views -
Top 10 Saas companies in India according to @techcirclein. Great list:
If a man speaks his mind in the forest, and if no woman hears him, Is he still wrong? :)
If a man speaks his mind in the forest, and if no woman hears him, Is he still wrong? :)
In May 2012, something dramatic happened. Mobile internet usage surpassed Desktop internet usage in India. Source: Statcounter global stats
RT @MihirBijur: Kasab survived 4 years living for free & feeding off our money. 1 more year & he would be government.
RT @the_brahminator: Considering the ratio of Arabs to Malayalis, today's a good day to change the name to 'Muscat - Sultanate of Onam'.
RT @milaapdotorg: We were featured on @vccircle for our new Enterprise Development Fund! Read more about it here:
Will miss Prof SuRa. RIP and thanks for the knowledge #profsura \cc @BITSAA
Do you have a link? RT @varsha181: $30 million for UrbanTouch. Speechless.
So, is @Flipkart the most funded company in India now? RT @WATblog: via
RT @paulsingh: Delhi startup founders: what *other* local startups would *you* invest in and why? (To beclear, you can't nominate yourself.)
Thanks for the recos on the printer @rampr_ @makash @IntellectAssets @vk01 @hiteshkgupta. Decision still pending..
+1 RT @oligoglot: @Exotel @justjkk @HashNuke @sidramesh @ckailash @mojosaurus @BalaramanL Did a fun hack and another to go to @pyka
RT @sidpandey: Looking for a kickass sales guy with immense fire and some understanding of technology. For #Delhi for @Exotel. Recommend/RT
My dear startups, what is the printer of choice? Need reco #startups
RT @Olacabs: Airport Transfers in Bangalore at ₹ 500/- flat! - a new and unique online lingerie shopping experience.
RT @onlygizmos: NASA’s Curiosity Lands on Mars, Sends First Images.
One hour away from Curiosity Landing.
RT @LondonLive: One race, every medalist ever. See how @UsainBolt's 9.63 compares:
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