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RT @Exotel: Is VoIP illegal in India? What are the alternatives?
Practo’s secret weapon Epicenter (CMS/CRM) integrated with Exotel
Great ideas have something in common with bad ones: Early on, they both sound ridiculous - Mark Parker, CEO, Nike
10 Inbound Marketing Learnings for SaaS Indian companies via @Exotel
E-commerce: Who's Calling In? via @YourStorydotin
Geography based Call & SMS reports via @Exotel
Men die of boredom, psychological conflict, and disease. They do not die of hard work. - David Ogilvy
Gharpay – Real-time Data Collection using Exotel IVR via @Exotel
Had a good time. Thanks for invite. RT @vdurai: 2mrw @SayCinema @shivku & @yokibu talk at #filterkapi
Does @ExpediaIN care? Payment don't go through, Customer care has zero clue, No activity in twitter either. Why do they suck so much?
RT @AratiKumarRao: Looking for an abandoned building in #Bangalore for a shoot. Peeling wall-paint, exposed brick, unfinished walls - all ok. Anyone? :)
Sweet! RT @Exotel: 25% of top 100 startups collated by @sutrahr use @Exotel -
RT @vijaysw: This is how @mojosaurus takes calls @exotel office. On a skateboard !!
Like! RT @artinsane: No titles for anybody in the company. Flat team, are a cliche. Amagi has no CEO .. #unpluggd
Why not @zipdial? RT @nextbigwhat @paulsingh: free app idea: make a live voting app for pitches that happen at startup conference. #unpluggd
Exotel gives a Smart phone number for your company -
Delhi's rise in prominence> RT @hiway: Do u see patterns in this graph of 'Bombay', 'Delhi', 'Madras', 'Calcutta' ?
RT @ckailash: Exotel New Logo : There comes a time when the old gives way for the new.
Do or die or learn how to be humble - Lesson from a coding session today
Super! Thank you. RT @dvdsmpsn: AARRR! Mixpanel for Pirates! @davemcclure @mixpanel #startuppirates
RT @dhvanisolani: Inspiring more fear than respect. As in life, so in death.
It is a tough fight between IE, Chrome, Safari & Firefox . The fight is for which sinks a frontend developer's time the most.
What pleasure these folks derive in trashing the planet. #Taobao sells 3Billion USD in a single day Really sad.
RIP @roopitwit Miss you. Thanks for all the learning.
Startup porn: collection of entertaining stimulating & worthless activities that distract an entrepreneur frm focusing on wht really matters
friend running a successful startup looking 4 a sys admin in Mumbai 4 Window servers &network with 6+ years of expr #jobs Anyone?
Fantastic school football at #Parikrma champions league. ASC boys wins. Super weekend. Bonus: Rahul Bose is here too.
Adobe flash player was blocked because it is out of date chrome ubuntu -
RT @pluggdin: Amazon is acquiring an Indian Ecommerce company. Guess who? /@PluggdinForum
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted in my head
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