Fixing Our Pool Pump and Leak On The Cheap -
Robert Ludlum's The Utopia Experiment -
Here are my personal notes from last week's Leadership Summit that I attended on Thu & Fri #twt   #fcb   Steve...
Notes From Leadership Summit 2014 -
Nice little documentary on D&D #twt   #fcb   Documentary proves girls will play D&D with boys
RT @Newitrsdotcom: Many things are correlated to many others - but most correlations are extremely weak
At Once #twt #fcb View full size (1944x2592)
Interesting article on Qualcomm & OpenWIFI
RT @Carlos_Perez: Sysinternals New Tool Sysmon (System Monitor)
For those attending #GLS14 with @wcagls & wondering how you can be a better manager? Check out my friends at
Getting started with @wcagls Leadership Summit 2014 at Journey Church in La Mesa, CA #GLS14
Last week I was in Atlanta and had an awesome breakfast at http:/ ... If you get get a chance...
The #defcon 22 music track list is posted here [I searched all over for it & then saw the QR code]
Ending #defcon 22 in Track 1 with "Elevator Hacking - From the Pit to the Penthouse" [@deviantollam & Howard Payne]
RT @iamthecavalry: Let's go @k3r3n3 ! "Empowering Hackers To Create A Positive Impact" #defcon
The open source visualization code from folks presented at #DEFCON is at
Some great visualizations in #defcon "Catching Malware En Masse: DNS and IP Style" session with @dhialite @thibaultreuille @attonk
Back in Track 3 for Catching Malware En Masse: DNS and IP Style with @dhialite @thibaultreuille @attonk #defcon
RT @mgschrenk: Polishing my #defcon talk on Organizational Privacy, "Your Leaking Trade Secrets". (Sunday @11:00am)
Excellent demos at Getting Windows to Play with Itself: A Hacker’s Guide to Windows API Abuse by @silentbreaksec #defcon
RT @r00tzasylum: Wow. Day 1 was....Awesome! More to come 10am: Hacking Cars, lock picking, hardware hacking, hacking the law and much more.
RT @veorq: Presentation of the Open Crypto Audit Project by @kennwhite and @matthew_d_green
Excellent presentation "I Hunt TR-069 Admins: Pwning ISPs Like a Boss" with @jifa at #defcon 22
RT @TR069Central: Check Point Researchers Discover ISP Vulnerabilities that Hackers Could Use to Take Over Consumer Devices
Good morning #defcon ... in track 3 to start of Sat with "Mass Scanning the Internet: Tips, Tricks, Results" [Robert G, Paul M, & Dan T]
Altamira Scram Capture The Flag (SCADA Hacking Challenge 2014) will be Oct 11-12, 2014 at GMU in DC #defcon
2 #defcon 22 vendor PR pointers (network visibility portal) and (Andriod PrivateOS)
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