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Shoshanna Evers

Shoshanna Evers

Sexily *Evers* After...
I've gone down the rabbit hole of being sucked into a really fascinating book, & now I don't want to go to bed. I've been reading for hours.
RT @leighannecrisp: The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby by @ShoshannaEvers is finally out! So excited! #amreading #romance
RT @NickM538: @SamanthaAugeri @JimCantore @hoffmanrich My friend is a pilot and took this awesome sunrise pic yesterday. Newark, NJ
RT @cnnbrk: Unconditional humanitarian cease-fire has begun in Gaza. It’s scheduled to last 72 hours unless extended.
I have written a detailed post on how to #selfpublish cheap, not cheaply. Vanity Presses are a #ripoff!
Well played. RT @mindykaling: Not suitable for work. OH WAIT THIS IS MY WORK. #TheMindyProject sept 16th 9:30 on FOX
I'm a book slut too. :) RT @aussieshazza: @ShoshannaEvers lol this is me thanks to you and @tiffanyreisz :)
Every hero I write is my favorite hero in that moment -- while I'm writing him, while I'm reading him. I fall in love each time.
RT @WriteDivas: "Mispronunciations" That May Be Fine - Merriam-Webster Ask the Editor #WriteDivas
I posted a bunch of pics from #RWA14 if you want to check them out!
RT @roxannestclaire: The @authorlifeblog is funny, as always. Funnier if you just came back from #rwa14.
RT @FredrickLynn: The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby by @ShoshannaEvers is finally out! So excited! #amreading #romance
RT @ChuckWendig: ICYMI: Because apparently corporations have opinions, now: thoughts on the new Amazon letter over at #terribleminds:
An article about #RWA14 mentions "the standing-room-only “How to Write Hot Sex” panel" :) We did have FUN! ;)
RT @TIMEIdeas: For the morning after… 5 things deadlier than a Sharknado—and how to survive them: via @TIMEIdeas
RT @grandmareads102: 4 of 5 stars to The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby by Shoshanna Evers
Lol I'm paler than a vampire! :) RT @aussieshazza: @ShoshannaEvers mmmmmmm is this DH LOL
This bug is the size of my palm, and it flew onto my deck. #bugnado
I love everything about this. And you. :D RT @aussieshazza: @ShoshannaEvers what do you think of this bus stop
Petunia knows how to get comfy! :) #airedale
Yay Tycoons! :) RT @dearauthor: NP: Tycoon’s, girl assassins, and grim police
I'm giving away a $50 Amazon or BN giftcard on this tour!
I got DS to let me cut his nails by having him count them like different animals... "How would a cow say five?" It totally worked! #teehee
RT @MAMA2a_PRiNCE: The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby by @ShoshannaEvers is out now!! I entered to win books & $25 GC :D http://turnthepagebookreviews....
RT @EvilWylie: Guys, I ran the numbers and the optimum price point for ebooks is…blue. I might have to redo my calculations.
Date night just got scary... We're seeing The Purge instead...
DH and I are going out for an early date night! I think we're going to see the movie Sex Tape...? And we shall eat McDonalds. #classy
RT @ReadYourWrites: Follow the tour for The Tycoon's Convenient Bride...and Baby by @ShoshannaEvers for a chance to win a $50 GC
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