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Shoshanna Evers

Shoshanna Evers

Sexily *Evers* After...
I can't fully get settled, bc they have to switch my hotel room tomorrow. :/ I'll only hang up what I'm wearing tomorrow, I guess! #rwa14
Every. F**king. Time. You'd think by now the #TSA would realize I'm a "good girl." :/
Do you ever people-watch the travelers getting on your plane, and wonder who would be who in a #Lost-type event?
I forgot to pack a silver or gold Sharpie to sign the postcards @Pocket_Books made me! If you're at #RWA14 & have an extra, I will love you.
In other news, a small bottle of water plus a pair of earplugs = $10.85 at the airport. A lonely pair of earplugs lies on my bed, forgotten.
My checked luggage (including swag and about 20 books) weighed in at *exactly* 50lbs! If you see my swag at #RWA14 please take it!! lol
Do you have an ereader? May I suggest you fill it with smut? #kindle #nook
DH's phone interview went really well! He feels very good about it. Now we just have to wait for the recruiter to call... *fingers crossed*
Want to get free swag & a chance at cool prizes? Join the Shoshanna Street Team!
DH is on a Very Important conference call for a huge job (working remotely!) If he gets it, we can save quicker for land/house! Prayers pls!
*Waves to new followers* Hi guys! You can find out more about me on my author website at
RT @TheHotBed: Up bright & early for this morning's #sexmeupreadathon - @ShoshannaEvers in our Hot Light - & boy is it HOT!
Overpacking: because obviously I need five pairs of *very slightly different* black slacks. #RWA14
RT @SelfPubBkCovers: Founders Rob Sturtz & @ShoshannaEvers of will be at the #RWA14 Trade Show! Stop by and enter to win a cover!
We can make our own events (publisher/meetings/lunch etc) & add to sched on #RWA14 app! (press the Notes button top Rt) My life is complete.
I'm putting my schedule together for #RWA14 and choosing which workshops to attend. I can not wait, you guys!!! Squee! :D
.@StephenKing & @AnneRiceAuthor :) “@basquiat518: @ShoshannaEvers Perhaps a tired question for you, but what writers most influenced you?”
Are you on #Goodreads? They have sample chapters of a bunch of my books! Here's my author profile
Let's just hope I dye, paint, & bleach the right things amidst all this chaos or I'll have pink teeth, white hair, & dark brown nails #RWA14
Of course I left pedicure, hair dye, teeth whitening strips, and packing to the day before my flight to #RWA14. #niceone
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I was not expecting my honeydew to flower....?
Petunia knows how to relax. My big Wookie :) #Airedale
I accidentally woke Lily up by taking this picture. Look at that ear! #pitbull
Thank you to my readers, I love you all! You can find more smexy romance here #kindle: #nook:
I still have to dye my hair, do my nails, pack my bags & get ALL my stuff together for #RWA14. No pressure. #procrastinationlikeaboss
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RT @TheRealTenille: To hell with the typo, I made the #AJC Sunday Edition! OMG! #CantGetEnough #erotica #writing #reading
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