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Mmm any suggestions on what I should do with a cupboard full of half used bodybuilding supps?
Mmm any suggestions on what I should do with a cupboard full of half used bodybuilding supps?
Boy, can I relate! I gave some away, threw some away, and left some with the idea that I might actually use them at some point! - Stephen S Hultquist
Happy to be on FriendFeed! Be well, Belle
Great to follow you here, too... - Stephen S Hultquist
Rebate Zoo
The Best Way to Photograph Fireworks -
Thanks for the pointer... - Stephen S Hultquist
Rebate Zoo
AWESOME Illustration of How Gov't Spends Your Money (Pic) -
Yep, this one is outstanding! - Stephen S Hultquist
Jason Nunnelley
Friendfeed isn't complex, it's just new. No UI (user interface) works w/out some tinkering. You've just got to spend some time looking around. What's really messing with my mind is how stuff is logical. I have to deprogram myself from how illogical things were at Twitter. A bit of Google logic goes around at friendfeed.
I'm not so sure... I still haven't really figured out how to navigate FF, and I'm not exactly a NewB... - Stephen S Hultquist
I like the live feed of the beta, although I have to confess that when hovering over entries didn't pause the feed caught me off guard. For the most part I like the look and feel. It's the filters that are giving a little bit of trouble. - Iván Abrego
Maybe I'm not as advanced a user as you guys. But, I navigate it pretty well for my needs. If I [like], [share] or [comment] it pauses the feed. That works for me. And, if you click on anything (like a link) it also pauses the feed. Or, you can click on the pause button at the top if you want to browse down the screen and read stuff. I find this very useful enough. - Jason Nunnelley
Some folks may benefit from my short "Why I use FriendFeed" vid. Show's a skim of how I use it. - Jason Nunnelley from email
Ronald Lewis
Colorado is an interesting place to be. Last night, I read that foreclosures were DOWN 16% in 2008. And, there's a lot of retail activity.
I've noticed the retail activity, too. - Stephen S Hultquist
Ronald Lewis
The dot com bubble burst. Now, housing. What's the next "get rich quick scheme" in America? When will people realize this is all a game?
Of course it's a game. And a desire to get as much as you can... ideally without giving anything in return. It's a foolish way to view life and can only lead to the results we're seeing. - Stephen S Hultquist
Stephen S Hultquist
Processor Editorial Article - Make Smart Purchasing Decisions -
Thoughts on buying decisions - Stephen S Hultquist from Bookmarklet
Stephen S Hultquist
Hate Vista? You May Like Microsoft’s Sequel - -
Nice overview of Windows 7 for those wondering about Microsoft's next big operating system update. - Stephen S Hultquist
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