RT @LawrenceBland: For Sale: Parachute. Only used once, never opened, small stain. ~Unknown
Scariest things on Halloween are drunks driving with masks on. #Halloween
First solid meal for puppies. Let the weaning begin
How the Gringich stole the bought the election #sadchildresbooks
@middleclassgirl I'm sorry to hear it.
RT @Lotay: "If you have much, give of your wealth. If you have little, give of your heart." - Arab proverb
@middleclassgirl You certainly deserve better than Benny Hill--although the maid's costume would be attractive
RT @nwjerseyliz: Happy St. Patrick's Day! I think I'll go with green M&Ms...no hangover.
RT @TheEscapePlace: There is more to life than increasing its speed.Mohandas Gandhi
@joygreenmcgann My point is that if we wish to maintain or expand our rights, we need to fight for them. They are not fixed or guaranteed
@joygreenmcgann Civil means of the city--they are human inventions not natural phenomena and subject to debate and change.
@CCSeed Cheerier than most Lawrence poetry--what is the Jungian meaning of turtles?
@tylermassey If God wanted us to pop out of bed, we'd sleep in toasters.
@middleclassgirl Good morning here; good night there I assume. How are you?
@middleclassgirl Productive and healthy, but longing for spring. Two feet of snow is too much. I need to golf.
@stevie11 Because it isn't you?
More of Rhetoric from the old turk http://oldbeforewise.com/
@joygreenmcgann If t hey are civil rights t hey are always open to debate which should keep them fresh and relevant
@Toltecjohn And the little lame goat man whistles afar and alee
More musings from the old turk http://oldbeforewise.com/
@ccseed New Post published. Hope it suits http://oldbeforewise.com/
@dirkjohnson Follow up to Old Turk posted.
Followup Blog post completed "A False Rhetoric" http://oldbeforewise.com/
@KayBallard Avatar was taken by a student with whom I was fequently exasperated. Middleclass girl thinks it's kindly.
@KayBallard Should I address you as my lady?
@KayBallard ccseed, dirk johnson, my kids who don't tweet much, but read the blog Gerald_Janauer ; but it's a short list
@KayBallard Good morning Kay
@KayBallard I assume that's one place where the marketplace of ideas will work
@CCSeed I think you'll enjoy new post http://oldbeforewise.com
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