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Simeon Simeonov

Simeon Simeonov

Parallel entrepreneur. Maker of new mistakes. Occasionally goofy dad.
No private jet? No problem!
Given how insecure software is, this will be fun to watch RT @FastCompany: Hilton Rooms Will Soon Unlock Via iPhones
RT @tuan: who's going to win in global @battlehack to code for good? my money is on boston! @changds @HackerChick @simeons
Looking forward to judging @BattleHack #Boston with @changds and @HackerChick Who's coming to hack?
Too much Type A for our kids?
RT @nytimes: How to make the ultimate veggie burger (Photo: Andrew Scrivani for NYT)
RT @changds: Another reason to join us in Boston on Aug 9-10 @HackerChick @simeons MT @PayPalDev Get a massage #BattleHack Sydney
In Search of False Positives (aka diligence bias)”
Which conference is this from?
It's Friday. Time to quit your job in a funny way.
Mentoring founders at 3am is a lot more fun than sleep.
RT @ethanbeard: Love these Honest Political Ads: Like real political ads, but not full of it: … via @HonestGil
Good work happening there RT @andyhpalmer: GraphLab Create looks to scale machine learning to the enterprise
We sell 12,000 automobiles per week on a smart phone. -- @DevinWenig, President eBay Marketplace #FortuneTech
"eBay is the world's largest mall" -- @DevinWenig, President eBay Marketplace #FortuneTech
Even though the tech comes from @Microsoft, search is very important to @yahoo according to @jackiereses. #FortuneTech
Less than 5% of Yahoo acquisitions are done through a banker. -- @jackiereses CDO @yahoo #FortuneTech
Yahoo needs to focus on its core. No time for hobbies such as venture investing. -- @jackiereses CDO #FortuneTech
Increase in private equity to private equity M&A transactions is due to investors are more rational about valuations. #FortuneTech
A moment of painful clarity: fitting for some of the great #FortuneTech conversations happening today.
Marketing principles haven't changed. The tools have changed. We have unlearn the old tools. -- Kraft's CMO #FortuneTech
Tech and data transform the way people relate to products and, in the process, can make the interactions more human.
.@adamlashinsky is doing a dynamic interview with Les Moonves and Jim Lanzone of CBS. A treat.
RT @glennsolomon: Andy Jassy @AWS says they add as many servers daily as they needed to run Amazon when it was a $7Bn business #FortuneTech
RT @davemorgannyc: Today, good data much more valuable than smart algorithms. @simeons #FortuneTech
Old school: apply schema at #bigdata ingestion time. New school: apply schema at query/analysis time. #machinelearning #FortuneTech
RT @tkawaja: Surviving Mobile’s Roller Coaster Future: LUMA's @MMAglobal #CEOCMO keynote.
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