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Simeon Simeonov

Simeon Simeonov

Parallel entrepreneur. Maker of new mistakes. Occasionally goofy dad.
Amidst all the RTB chest thumping, it's worth remembering that #SEM was programmatic from day one, 15 years ago.
It doesn't get much better than a Spring day like this.
Sorry, that #Heartbleed worst-case scenario is possible after all via @ahess247
AdWords has cool new Shopping Campaigns #sem #ppc
With open office plans, building hallways have become the new phone booths.
Titan Arm can boost your strength: 2013 James Dyson Award winner
"The equivalent of turning up to a supercar knife-fight with a tactical nuke and a viciously sarcastic video link."
Take control of your dreams (as in when you sleep)
RT @BostInnoCity: Can you guess the #Massachusetts city most satisfied with its community? Hint: Not #Boston
I want a Ziesel - YouTube
Which Country's Economy Is Your State's Equal To?
“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” - John C. Maxwell
Would you recognize yourself?
New bacterium can survive harsh chemicals & UV
RT @sacca: "If people think it's easy to fuck with you, they're going to fuck with you." - David Geffen
RT @monkchips: MADlib: Big Data Machine Learning in SQL for Data Scientists love that name.
When you're the janitor reasons [the trash is not emptied] matter. Somewhere between the janitor and the CEO reasons stop mattering. - Jobs
English is full of these gems RT @soveran: "The exception that proves the rule", a frequently misused phrase:
RT @bznotes: They're hobbyist drones - hard to fly & occasionally components fail - but lots of startups trying to improve that.
Chord bending: Daft Punk by Pentatonix - YouTube
The 33 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places In The World
Ever wondered how Steve Jobs planned the Top 100 meetings at Apple?
Will Amazon Dash change the way you shop?
Respect your competitors, don't envy them. Envy will bias you to be like them. Respect will help you stay true to yourself.
+1 MT @naval: Cryptocurrencies are a native language for value transfer in networks more than a currency for humans:
"Start your company because you want to change the world, and the rest is gravy." -- @levie #truth
RT @WeldPond: @simeons we have all types of fun mobile security app dev going on in the Veracode labs
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