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Just for fun, let's imagine what it would be like if they did a new Star Trek movie for The Next Generation. Who would they cast in the roles? I know the original actors are still young compared to TOS, but this is just for kicks!
I'll start: Amy Adams as Dr. Crusher! - Veronica
jason statham as jean luc picard (but he'd have to shave his perpetual 5 oclock shadow so i think he'd turn it down) - MG Siegler
Kevin Spacey or Jason Statham as Jean Luc Picard - Srujan Ameda
Dave Chappelle as Geordi LaForge - Matthew
Jason Lee has Riker - Fee501st
Jim Carrey as Data. - imabonehead
Don Cheadle for Geordi. Balki from Perfect Strangers for Data - Rodfather
Vin Diesel as Picard. No, wait, I think that's the wine talking. - Mark H
matthew macfadyen as data (cause i keep thinking it's the guy who plays data anyway) - MG Siegler
Joaquin Phoenix as Riker! If he stops being crazy. - Veronica
MG, he would look perfect as Data! - Veronica
how about Jim Parsons has Data, (Sheldon Cooper from Big bang theory) lol - Fee501st
@Fee501st: I like that suggestion. - Mark H
I was just thinking about this. - Fancy Fembot
Monica Bellucci for edit: oops. I mean Troi - Rodfather
i like the idea of joaquin phoenix playing riker while STILL crazy. (needs the beard anyway) - MG Siegler
Shia Lebouf as the fifth member of the away team - Matthew
HAHA! The red shirt? - Veronica
Nat Portman as Deanna Troi - Srujan Ameda
Would the Enterprise D still be the same? or would it be redesigned, the ship is a character too - Fee501st
Kim Kardashian as Deanna Troi. She could tell us all about it on FriendFeed. You know. Because she hangs out here. Really. - Mark H
The Enterprise D was destroyed - Veronica
Catherine Zeta Jones as Deanna Troi! - imabonehead
Veronica, oh i though we was doing a prequel like the new movie - Fee501st
Nathan Fillon As Picard. Jewel Stait as Geordie. Adam Baldwin as Wesley Crusher. Alan Tyduk as Riker. Summer Glau as Troi. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Haha, you're right! Sorry, I got all TNG nerd on you there... - Veronica
Charlize Theron as Tasha Yar - Matthew
gunny, ha yes that would be awesome. - MG Siegler
Gunny, I'm seeing a trend... - Veronica
Hugh Jackman would make a very nice Riker too! - Veronica
LOL Was watching Serenity this morning. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Reggie Miller for Quark - Rodfather
Simon Pegg could also play Miles O'Brien - Matthew
yes, Riker has to be tall. Wonder if Hugh could learn the trombone? - Matthew
What about Wesley Crusher? - Fee501st
Wesley Crusher DIE DIE DIE... - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Bryce Howard Dallas as Dr. Crusher - Matthew
Sigourney Weaver as Picard - Ryan Stanley
All i know is i want Michael Emerson (Ben from lost) to play a Cardasian or Romulan - Fee501st
oh, Matthew Fox as Riker? - Matthew
@sub yea she would make a good Lwanana - Fee501st
Javier Bardem for Picard, Eva Longoria for Troi, Anna Friel for Crusher, Josh Holloway for Riker, Clive Owen for Data. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Steve Nash as the Borg - Rodfather
Robert Scoble as Neelix. Oh nevermind, that's Voyager. - Rodfather
I stayed with the historical racial casting thus my picks are: Ben Kingsley as Pickard, Pierce Bronson as Riker,Lawrence Fishburne as Worf,William Hurt as Data, Cuba Gooding Jr as Geordi (on the edge with this one),Rene Russo as Dr Crusher, Jennifer Love Hewitt as Troi (Look them up, you will agree.) - Travis
Ben Kingsly as Picard??? He actually might be older than Patrick Stewart, and he's short. I like William Hurt, he's a great actor, but I'd say he's a bit old for Data as well. And I don't know what you mean by historical racial casting. - Matthew
Chris Rock for Laforge................... - Kevin J Hatton
Natalie Portman for Counsellor Troy - Kevin J Hatton
Dakota Fanning for Beverly Crusher - Kevin J Hatton
Shared into Trekkies. This is awesome. - Chris Charabaruk
Quagmire as Riker - Jeff Stonebraker
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