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simone brunozzi

simone brunozzi

Italian guy in San Francisco, Technology Evangelist for Amazon Web Services. My blog:
RT @oliverroll: join @spoonen & me for a Twitter #VMchat this Fri at 9am PST. The topic: #VMworld & future of #cloud.
Yes! @StellarOrg: Welcome @graydon_pub (@rustlang) to the Core dev team. Team awesome factor continues to rise! -
RT @oliverroll: 6 More Announcements That Had #VMworld Buzzing and What They Mean For You:
Harper Reed. One of the coolest guys ever. Seriously! @harper
RT @vCloud: Subscribe for #vCloudAir by Sept. 15 and enjoy your first month free!
Enjoy! RT @JakeAPennington: "I'm excited" might be a huge understatement. @vmware @vCloud @vCloudAir
RT @daveschappell: Check out Valleyball: early prototype of a fantasy VC league via @buster
Great story! RT @jeffbarr: Personal Blog Post: My First 12 Years at Amazon - #AWS
RT @martenmickos: Useful advice for Nordics communicating with Americans, and vice versa via @VirtualWayfarer
RT @mariagrineva: I'm glad I studied in Russia rather than a competitive Ivy League uni. no anxiety, chance to think
RT @vCloud: RaaS is real. Know your recovery options: #simplifyDR
To buy stellar STR coins - sign up for Justcoin: - #bitcoin #stellarorg #stellar
On my way to in San Mateo. Let's see what cool Bitcoin startups are hatching there! #boostvc cc @adamdraper
THE place to master Cloud Computing? Cloud Academy -
RT @ccolotti: The VMworld 2014 Mobile Application runs on vCloud Hybrid Service- #VMwareHybrid #vCloud #VMworld
RT @StellarOrg: Over 1 billion stellars given to over half a million people in our first 2 weeks.
Jeff Bezos - bucket challenge at Company's all hands (p.s. PR once slacked me for even posting a picture. Bah.)
Some humble advice on pitching your startup
"how to pitch your startup" - Aaron's list + mine - - cc @sama @harris @paulg #ycombinator
:) RT @josepapo: Very good, my friend! RT @simon: Some humble advice on pitching your startup #ycombinator
Some humble advice on pitching your startup —@simon #ycombinator
“Some humble advice on pitching your startup” —@simon
Armando rocks! :) RT @davemcclure: Q: When 2 Come 2 Silicon Valley? A: *after* your startup has product/market fit.
RT @DBAStorage: Building your Hybrid Cloud with vCAC, vCHS and NSX | VMware vCloud Blog -
Cool! RT @Lorenz_rtm: Funny Video on what seems to be a Great #Collaboration Tool @SlackHQ -
What's the best way to buy stellars from a stranger? Offer suggestions here - @StellarOrg #stellarorg #btc
RT @MauroBattocchi: The Lemons by Eugenio Montale sheds light on Mediterranean #Solarita'
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