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Rats, failed driving test. One critical error: stopped at a green light while trying for a left turn :( (pedestrian countdown was at 3 secs)
Using Python to transform a video of a Gershwin piano roll in to scored sheet music (via moviepy and Lilypond) has a great run-down of all of the surprisig things that can go wrong if you try to parse a user-provided XML file
Sadly had to cancel my #pycon Fabergé egg lightning talk due to sudden total hardware failure (as I stepped on stage)
Woohoo! My #PyCon lightning talk got accepted... I'l be presenting "Murder, Revolution and Fabergé Eggs" tomorrow morning at 8:55am
We're hosting a poker night at #pycon from 6-10pm tonight in room 720 (7th floor) - register to attend here
I've posted slides from my #pycon workshop talks on Feature Flags and Monitoring Django to #pycon2014
I'm giving a free #pycon workshop at 1:30 in 514C with @nyergler and @andrewgodwin on advanced Django tricks used by @eventbrite and @lanyrd
I like the fact that the Diverging Diamond Interchange has its own official homepage
RT @dokas: And with that last push @picomatt just made Flickr completely HTTPS. Boom!
Any geek who wants to bulid a business with paying customers should read @patio11's piece on Tarsnap:
This is kind of nuts: sql.js is SQLite compiled from C to JavaScript using Emscripten - here's an interactive demo
"provided an over-the-air software update to increase default ground clearance of the Model S at highway speeds"
I'm presenting a free "Advanced Django Patterns" workshop with @andrewgodwin and @nyergler on 7th April in SF:
RT @evangoer: So many job ads for code ninjas, wizards, and warriors... but none for clerics. This is why your entire startup is going to get eaten.
RT @ribot: We're excited to announce cognitive lode: a free resource for research gems about how we think
Very happy to welcome @kevinastone to the architecture team here at @eventbrite today
Hey @elasticsearch, some weird JavaScript on your site is preventing me from command-clicking to open in a new tab
More nerdy details on the recently re-discovered Third Imperial Fabergé Egg
I love Imperial Fabergé eggs. Only 50 ever made and no3 was just rediscovered 112yrs after last being seen in public!
"The sierpinski triangle page to end most sierpinski triangle pages™" makes me want to be a mathematician
RT @adrianholovaty: Announcing the new @soundslice, with support for standard notation! Demo:
Changeset [8f73559]: Fixed a F811 warning introduced by 35db9d58d6. -
Changeset [fd219fa2]: Fixed #8261 -- ModelAdmin hook for customising the "show on site" button ... -
simonw pushed to master at simonw/geocoders -
simonw pushed to master at simonw/geocoders
simonw merged pull request simonw/geocoders#4 -
simonw merged pull request simonw/geocoders#4
simonw merged pull request simonw/django-openid#16 -
simonw merged pull request simonw/django-openid#16
simonw pushed to master at simonw/django-openid -
simonw pushed to master at simonw/django-openid
Changeset [a8df8e3]: Revert "Fixed #21241 -- Avoid extraneous JOINs in admin changelist ... -
Changeset [948d209]: Fixed #21217 -- Avoid connecting `(pre|post)_init` signals to abstract ... -
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