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Eve Walker

Eve Walker

Life reviewer, half scientist, sporadic weird blogger
RT - [ Special ] use this LINK to get the new "Traffic Zombie Software" - by @mikefilsaime and Brian Koz at Half Price -
RT @cengageedu Love this offer: If you enrol in a Cengage course today, you will receive a free webcam!
Any tips to make your proposal 'selling'?
Have different twitter account for different businesses #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther you have different target audience, remember?
You want to reduce robot click - take control of your traffic #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther
Answer linking questions, and answer them with a great job! #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther
Make sure u use all opportunity to make the audience to follow you the easy way #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther
Follow the rules and be a good user - you don't want to build listener and then lose your account #stompernet @dhollings
Marketing tips: prime your customer, e.g. with video, about your product launch #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther
#stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther Social Media tips: Author a small, usefull ebook and give it away for free ^^
"Use different ways to get your target audience to get into your list" #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther
Effective tweet: Minus your tweet character with your user name and the word 'RT' haha! #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther
Create optimized tweets: Make it short enough to be re-tweeted! #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther
Social media tips comprised into two words ... Visit #stompernet @dhollings @don_crowther
#Stompernet @Dhollings @Don_crowther Give free, great content webinar - and promote your product there proudly ;)
#Stompernet @Dhollings @Don_crowther Don't link your twitter to facebook! Massive tweeting will kill your facebook account ><
#Stompernet @Dhollings @Don_crowther Twitter success secret = 5-10 tweets a day, give quality content, its about value.
#Stompernet @Dhollings @Don_crowther Don't link your blog to Twitter! Your post to twitter need to be customized manually!
#Stompernet @Dhollings @Don_crowther Make a cellphone add and give it away for free - build presence and use it as promotional tool
#Stompernet @Dhollings @Don_crowther Twitter is not about follower, its about listener.
Working working ^^
Now now... what else could I do to increase my PR? #30DC
RT @clickwisdom: @Simpleality Shhhh...I'm still on PC. #30dc - LoL ... same here... anybody kind enough to give us Mac (for free)?
A plan without a goal is wandering everywhere...
Why everybody using Mac in #30DC?? Arrr.... you make me want to get one (and Apple is expensive.... ><)
@CaroMcC o_0...LoL What is your internet plan again? Not thinking to get an unlimited one?
@Vjost Ve, how's everything going? :)
@CaroMcC 4Gb for 5 days... not enough??? Hahaha... how many Gb do you download everyday Caro?
30DC - DAY 26 - My Ezine Article Accepted!: My Ezine Article is accepted today! Yay!I am still 'stuck&#39..
30DC - DAY 26 - My Ezine Article Accepted!
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