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I have been summoned by Twitter... so my professional opinion would be we should put you people on your own server (cloud instance, VPS, droplet, call it whatever you want). We could run Discourse and Commons in a Box on the same thing, maybe each on a subdomain, then maybe choose one? I'd like to stay at SoftLayer if I'm doing the server.
Cheapest thing they have is $27/month. We could maybe run it on the one of the super cheap things at AWS or one of the other places, but my GUESS would be it'll be slow. (That guess could be wrong) [sorry, edited, that's $27.60 not $35) - Blake
Can someone email me and let me know? - Blake
What's the next cheapest? - Meg VMeg
digitalocean, aws, linode all probably have things that'll be cheaper by something significant. - Blake
Hmmmm...maybe I mean, what's faster? One level faster/expensiver? - Meg VMeg
Can we set up a PayPal donate thingy on the site? I'd be happy to donate annually. - Stephen Francoeur
I vote that we try out both things for...2 months. 2 months? And that we go for hosting that will be fast enough not to hate it? But maybe cheapest is fine? That would cost $100-150 to do both for 2 months, is that right? - Meg VMeg
I'm pretending to be decisive, though, I haven't really thought any of this through. - Meg VMeg
I like a two month trial on whatever Blake thinks word work best. That amount divided by a bunch of us should be affordable even for me. - laura x from iPhone
Yes. That. He seemed to be hinting that it would be too slow on the cheapest. - Meg VMeg
I should do research and have opinions, but I am tired and overwhelmed by work + kid, so my opinion is "whatever Blake says is good." - laura x from iPhone
$27/mo is $331/yr which doesn't seem unreasonable if there is a bunch of us chipping in. - Zamms
Is there an option to grab an lsw on ff archive to start off each instance? - Aaron the Librarian from Android
I'm happy to throw money at things too! Has anyone pulled the lsw room yet? Thought I'd heard some rumors of it - Hedgehog
happy to send $ - maʀtha
^ ^ - YvonneM
^^^ yes me, too; I'm not here as much as I used to be or as much as I'd like, but I still want to be able to reach out and hug all of you at once when I need to... - John: Thread Killer
I can go for that, sure. As for LSW room, I tried to turn the archiving script loose on it but it failed. Will try again tonight. - RepoRat
So are we agreed that there will be an instance of Discourse and of Commons in a Box on the thelsw.org site? Is that definitely where we'll be doing this? It's what makes sense to me, but I'm not the one who owns the domain or is an admin on the site, let alone someone with the skills to install the two services. - Stephen Francoeur
Blake hosts the site and owns the domain (I think)--I'm an admin from way back in the day and would be totally down with using it for this. - laura x
Laura, just double checked on whois.net. You're right: Blake does own the domain. - Stephen Francoeur
Any other admins besides Blake & Laura? - Zamms
I'd be happy to be one, though I'm not one currently. - Meg VMeg from Android
Aaron, Blake, Rothman, Abigail, Iris, Joe, Kathryn, Laura H., Martha, RR, and Lawson are all currently admins at the old site. It was set up a LOOOOOONG time ago. - laura x
wow, okay. I don't even remember my username! - RepoRat
Huh, I guess I do remember my admin pwd there... Wooo! *goes and changes really insecure pwd* [eta: jut forum admin -- not admin for the underlying lishost account] - Aaron the Librarian
I can send deets to anyone who needs them tomorrow--too hard to do from my phone. - laura x from iPhone
me? I'm all for it - maʀtha
Action itm: recommendation in new thread here: http://ff.im/1kUaNO - Aaron the Librarian
Kathryn as in me?? Cooool! - Kathryn is a free elf
Yup, you. - laura x
Stephen Francoeur
Because I am a crazy person and maintain a spreadsheet detailing every social networking site I've joined (and there's a lot), I just realized that when FriendFeed shuts down on April 9, it will have been close to exactly seven years since the day I joined (April 8, 2008).
The network I've been on longest is last.fm, where I've been since March 25, 2004. http://www.last.fm/user... - Stephen Francoeur
I was on MySpace before that, but I nuked that account years ago and have no info on when I joined exactly. - Stephen Francoeur
That is a great idea. - Joe
It's a hoot to scan the list in chronological order beginning with the oldest ones. Remember All Consuming? iLike? Bebo? Pronetos? Profilactic? - Stephen Francoeur
Sorry, but nope on all five counts. But, I didn't look around as much as you did. - Joe
"Look around?" Leap around like a nut job is more accurate way of describing my willingness to try different sites. ;-) - Stephen Francoeur
and now we benefit from that expertise as you suggest new places for us to land! :) - ~Courtney F
Think that was the time of "life streaming".Some libraries were trying friendfeed out at the time to consolidate social media streams. Think that was how I found friendfeed, though I can't remeber how I found LSW. Depending on how you count "network" the free Internet chess server which I joined in 1997 is still around and I still have the password. - aaron from Flucso
I vaguely recall the name Bebo but struggling to remember what it did. Was it a MyFaceSpaceBook type place? - Deborah Fitchett
Parents place "Feb 98 babies " joined when preggo in June 97. At a time when all the preggy mummies worldwide who were using the Internet could fit comfortably on one bulletin board. - Kathryn is a free elf from iPhone
I think Bebo was a MySpace like service that was most popular in England. Speaking of Bebo, here's a fun old song (1985!) by the Chills I like, "Bee Bah Bee Bee Bee Boe." https://www.youtube.com/watch... - Stephen Francoeur
"Profilactic"!! Hahahahahah!! - Brent Schaus
Stephen Francoeur
Post your FF stats here: 333 subscriptions, 402 subscribers,17,435 comments, 4,952 likes
872 subscriptions, 841 subscribers, 61,176 comments, 56,914 likes. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
952 subscriptions, 1,058 subscribers,107,959 comments, 257,661 likes. I don't get out much. - LB needs a break.
32 subscriptions, 57 subscribers, 13,437 comments, 4,281 likes. - Zamms
218 subscriptions, 132 subscribers, 13,051 comments, 20,460 likes, - bentley
183 subscriptions, 240 subscribers, 6,741 comments, 535 likes - aaron
155 subscriptions, 172 subscribers, 4, 573 comments, 7681 likes (never could get my flickr or twitter accounts to work properly in here) - weelibrarian
525 subscriptions, 413 subscribers, 20,850 comments, 23,658 likes. - Joe
118 subscriptions, 83 subscribers, 27,225 comments, 10,511 likes. Dang I run my mouth too much. - RepoRat
544 subscriptions, 378 subscribers, 44,767 comments, 26,022 likes - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
225 subscriptions 396 subscribers 39,007 comments 2,461 likes [ETA: I am not a big liker, it would seem!] - laura x
198 subscriptions, 158 subscribers, 19550 comments, 7684 likes. - Hedgehog
130 subscriptions, 159 subscribers, 28,916 comments, 13,150 likes - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
582 subscriptions 921 subscribers 60,002 comments 20,931 likes - Mary Carmen
170 subscriptions 272 subscribers 22,800 comments 7,797 likes (doesn't include my first account, which I impulsively deleted after a year or two) - Meg VMeg
108 subscriptions 120 subscribers 35,725 comments 9,711 likes - jambina
150 subscriptions, 204 subscribers, 1493 comments, 2123 likes - Heather Piwowar
392 subscriptions, 379 subscribers, 5,445 comments, 10,008 likes - John Dupuis
150 subscriptions, 621 subscribers, 11,250 comments and 6,190 likes. And...7years...to the day as it happens - Cameron Neylon
235 subscriptions 148 subscribers 4,324 comments 2,964 likes - Jed
182 subscriptions 156 subscribers 38,761 comments 31,911 likes - Pete's Got To Go
125 subscriptions, 272 subscribers, 7,901 comments, 4,947 likes - Christina Pikas from iPhone
257 subscriptions, 194 subscribers, 39,158 comments, 17,727 likes - ellbeecee
157 subscriptions, 183 subscribers, 5349 comments, 1626 likes (even more bah humbug than Laura !) - Kathryn is a free elf
110 subscriptions (guess I'm antisocial), 250 subscribers, 16,850 comments, 1,547 likes. - walt crawford
277 subscriptions, 204 subscribers, 16,167 comments, 8,938 likes - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
34 subscriptions, 51 subscribers, 2,160 comments, 738 likes. (I just use FF for LSW, obv.) - kaijsa
569 subscriptions, 1,148 subscribers, 50,436 comments, 7,830 likes (I did a major cleanup awhile back, to usubscribe from a lot of "dead" people) - April Russo (FForever!)
113 subscriptions, 113 subscribers, 5,884 comments, 2,293 likes - βℜ∀ñÐi
114 subscriptions 159 subscribers 19,908 comments 17,274 likes and Friendfeed NOW FRIENDFEED FOREVER! . - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
260 subscriptions 268 subscribers 26,783 comments 14,508 likes - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Sir Shuping is just sir
cil2009 speakers 12 on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
cil2009 speakers 12 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The power of compfight.com...I searched for colleagues and this was on the 1st page. Tis awesome! - Sir Shuping is just sir from Bookmarklet
heh that is great! - holly #ravingfangirl
there were like 20 of Michael's pics that showed up on the 1st page. It's was awesome to go hey I know them, and them :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
Can't understand why the ladies always try to get in the way of my bromantic intentions. - Greg Schwartz
must be the beard - Connie Crosby
Greg looks a little like he's working some bitchlips rather than a prelude to a kiss ... - Laura Norvig
I'm going to use this one for my presentation it's too good to pass up on :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
rofl! I can't recall who took this shot! I just gave 'emmy camera and said, "Watch this! (and take a bunch of pics)." Good times for sure. :) - Libraryman
Honestly - as far as I knew, it was just me and MP. Then Greg called my name, I turned - and I didn't know that Jessamyn was in the photo until I saw it on Flickr. Not that I have ever seen this photo or have any knowledge of its existence...D.E.N.I.A.L - Kathryn is a free elf
Bump. - laura x
LSW: Origins [edited]
Once upon a time, when the stars attained certain positions in the sky, the Libraryfolk would gather. In their sensible shoes and plastic-framed glasses, they would ride the escalators up and down, down and up. They would zig and zag to avoid unscrupulous vendors in the exhibit hall. They would brave receptions to forage for sustenance and drinks. They would search in vain for passable coffee. In their sweaters and pashminas, they would shiver in underground caverns with poor wifi, listening to the drone of the Elders. And so it was, year after year, season after season, for such are the ways of our people. - maʀtha
Every now and again, there would be one among them who would say, quietly and firmly, "Enough". She would slip away to a hallway or a lobby corner, sit on the floor, plug in her portable electronic devices, and wait. - maʀtha
[please to continue the tale] - maʀtha
*nudge* - maʀtha
you set the bar pretty high here. It's going to be tough to match your prose. - DJF
well, I wasn't around in the earliest days, so my knowledge of those times is limited. I came in after the meebo room was well established, and the PB Wiki. Maybe someone could tell me a bit more about that time period and I could resume? - maʀtha
for example, which came first, lobbyconning, tweeting, or blogging? who were among the first lobbyconners? - maʀtha
Calling Steve 'n Iris. Steve 'n Iris to the white courtesy phone. - Joe
I knew all of this once, my brain is just crapping out on me :) - maʀtha
rats, so the tweeting was before the lobbyconning, my sequence is all wrong. that disrupts my entire narrative. hrm. stupid reality. - maʀtha
I still might be able to make this work. - maʀtha
But I am guessing that a lot of the LSWers knew each other from blogs before twitter came to the fore? I came to blogging too late to know the full history of the LSW. - Joe
I found out about LSW from a blog (Steve's or Josh's?) before I joined the Meebo room. It took me a long time to join twitter. - maʀtha
I found out about the LSW from Meredith in an American Libraries mag article. [Let me see if I can find the citation...Or maybe it was something she wrote about in her blog.] - Joe
I found out about LSW chat room from someone...I think CIL maybe? I do remember that the first two people I talked to in the meebo chat room were these people named grasshopper librarian (martha) and pegasus librarian (iris) who were both very, very nice to me. especially since I think I was stuck in an airport - Sir Shuping is just sir
April 27th, 2007, Josh tweeted about being fed up with ALA dues. Then he tweeted about starting the library society of the world. People were to tweet back their names and titles in this organization. It was a total joke for a while, with people adding names and bylaws to the wiki he started that day. I added the bylaw that we would always be one short of a quorum. I still stand by that bylaw. Another bylaw was that there would never be any dues. - lris
I consider myself a founding member, having joined on that day and added a bylaw to the wiki. I'm sure there are a lot of other founding members. - lris
Bingo, this is how I learned of the LSW. http://meredith.wolfwater.com/wordpre... - Joe
Then came the meebo room. Then came the CIL presentation with Laura Harris, Steve Lawson, at least two other people, and a room full of meebo room users projected on the wall (including Jason Griffey and Walt Crawford and many many others). THEN came Friendfeed, which I joined reluctantly, feeling like it was a fad and not nearly as easy to use as Twitter... So judge my opinions of new things wisely in future. - lris
I believe that I was around at the start, but I no longer have any recollection of it. - laura x
I met you because you were there, so I believe you were there at the start as well. - lris
Anybody have a link to the Neff tweet? - Joe
I looked for that a few years back with no luck. - lris
I can fix the storyline! I'm going to eat, first, though, so hang tight. - maʀtha
I can't wait to read the Dragons and Windmills section. - John Dupuis
*bump* - bentley
The OP of this thread is dated Feb 18th *OF WHICH YEAR?!* c'monn FF just four more charaters in the date field... - Aaron the Librarian
i learned about it from ruth kneale who was arranging to a -meeting- drinking binge at an SLA :) - Christina Pikas
2013? - maʀtha from Android
LSW originates every day. No lie - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Rebump. We need to fill in some of the gaps that are at the LSW Origins page. https://docs.google.com/documen... - Joe
Martha gets the feeling exactly right. The facts are all well and good, but aren't we really all here because we were looking to escape the droning of the elders (and I mean elders in spirit, not age). - laura x from iPhone
(Thanks Laura for the parenthetical there. Not that I don't do my share of droning.) - walt crawford
I believe (but could be just misremembering) that I suggested the "of the World" bit because (again correct me) at the time I was the only non North American playing along..... - Kathryn is a free elf
That sounds right, Kathryn. - laura x from iPhone
This is how I learned about the LSW, in April of 2008. http://meredith.wolfwater.com/wordpre... I joined soon there after. I worked with some others to set up the meetup in a Seattle dive bar during SLA that Christina mentioned. - Joe
Sept 2007 updated on LSW http://www.librariansmatter.com/blog... ... after first mentioning it 13 May 2007 http://www.librariansmatter.com/blog... , concluding with "The Library Society of the World is the best, most efficient, egalitarian and effective... more... - Kathryn is a free elf
Kathryn is a free elf
Bibliometric study finds 40% of articles about OA by lib & info professionals 2003-11 were published in non-OA journals!! http://www.informationr.net/ir... . We are not eating our own dogfood :(
(When I wrote my thesis about Open Source Software I did not include an Australian article about libraries and OSS in lit review because it was published in closed-access (and was not 100% key so could probably be left out legitimately). Turned out the author was one of my markers ... Oooops.... ) - Kathryn is a free elf
aaaaaaaand this surprises who exactly? - RepoRat
I would have said that, given the period covered, 60% in OA journals is actually very good. For 2011-2014, it might not be so great. (For example, ALA divisional journals that have converted to gold OA have done so mostly within the past few years...) - walt crawford
LSW: Joe
Thinking back to this exact date 6 years ago.... Thanks LSW Peeps Steve, LauraX, Josh, Kaijsa, and many others. http://librarycampwest.pbworks.com
Wow! I was just drinking from my LCOW mug this morning. - laura x from iPhone
Still waiting for promised LCOW mug from Steve :) - Kathryn is a free elf
That was my first unconf, and remains the best one I've attended. - kaijsa
I still have an extra one that hasn't cracked or gone kabloooey. Shipping to Australia can't be too expensive, right? Can you DM me your mailing address? - Joe
Kathryn is a free elf
I received an email with the header "Calling for Origianl Papers" ... and the text for some wolves in Open Access clothing is in the same vein. Not surprised that the same academics who believe impact factor means anything would use the logic based on this sample of one to conclude Open Access is evil ...
Here is one of the sentences from the email... "One of the several other objectives of this consortium is to hone the research skills of the budding researches and to provide a platform for the academies unseasoned but promising scholars, Industry Personnel's and any individual who can offer innovative and novel ideas to the society for its betterment." - Kathryn is a free elf
Kathryn is a free elf
Twitter in Library School « Hack Library School - http://hacklibschool.wordpress.com/2011...
Here is my presentation. It is rather screen shot heavy but I wanted to give a quick overview of the application before I went to use it live (and in case for some reason the internet connection was down). Also, the examples I give of librarians to follow just barely skim the surface. I just wanted to give people an idea of the library universe on Twitter. - Kathryn is a free elf
Kathryn is a free elf
Learn how to make a screenshot / take-a-screenshot.org - http://take-a-screenshot.org/
What it says, but very nice, comprehensive and simple for a newb. - Kathryn is a free elf
Kathryn is a free elf
20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web - http://www.20thingsilearned.com/#...
Google's Picture Book-like guide to the web, protocols and browsers - Kathryn is a free elf
Laura Norvig
What am I supposed to do with this old Google poster that explains all of the "nifty modifiers" that they no longer support?
Modify it so it only has current modifiers, or modify it to add new modifiers, or modify it to be for a different service besides Google that has similar modifiers. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Most of them are still supported. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Send it to the computer museum. - Joe
Hand cross - out the ones that are no longer supported? - Aaron the Librarian from Android
And write RIP on the ones you liked. - kaijsa
And then write: "Everything changes. Ask what's new at the Library!" at the bottom. - Rebecca Hedreen
Which aren't supported any more, anyway? I think I've used most of these recently. - Rebecca Hedreen
"Google is a growing organism" ? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
actually, it's the + that no longer works. RIP + xxxx also, RIP "quotation marks" - I miss those suckers Every Day. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I still use quotes, to good effect, in google searches. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Seconding Rebecca - is there a good list somewhere of what tricks Google ostensibly no longer supports? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You should still use it - there's nothing wrong with that poster. All of those modifiers do still work in Google: https://support.google.com/websear... and http://www.google.com/insides... Where did you hear that they weren't supported any more? - Christa
+ doesn't work anymore, for appending terms to a single query, and ~ no longer works. But otherwise it all still works. Also AND and OR aren't as good as they used to be. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
ah, my bad, yes, one of the items on that poster doesn't work anymore: the ~ . sorry about that. but all of the others do work. - Christa
actually, it's the + that no longer works. RIP + - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Verbatim, hidden under Search Tools / All Results is sort of like the + as it requires All of your search terms be included, exactly as you typed them. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
wow, yes, very hidden there - maʀtha
I think the ~ is now the default. Whether you want it to be or not. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
See Phil Bradley's site for updates that happened at the time. Two weeks before I was due to teach students the relevant Google modifiers. Mid 2011 I think. My notes for students have details of the exact changes if anyone wants me to flick them to them. Quotes behave differently now(eg. Do " around longish search string u know exists in a page & see what is retrieved) - Kathryn is a free elf
It's a breach of trust. I never feel like I have control over my own searches anymore. I'm pining for the fjords. - Laura Norvig from iPhone
I wonder how much of this applies to Google Scholar. - aaron
Pining... like for email? Old Skool - Aaron the Librarian
hmm, nope, not pining for Pine, although I did use it long ago! - Laura Norvig
Nobody elms for the fjords. - Amit Patel
Kathryn is a free elf
Pink and black and white question blogjune 2014 #3 - http://www.librariansmatter.com/blog...
... I got nothin'. - RepoRat
"In the days of black and white television, you could identify Pinky from Perky because the latter always wore a hat." http://www.toonhound.com/pinkype... - bentley
ooooh ... there WAS a difference :) As a kid I had only heard them on a vinyl single at a friend's house. Couldn't hear the hat in their singing :) - Kathryn is a free elf
To purchase for the academic library or not? You decide! http://www.amazon.com/Imagina...
Oooh, even better: http://www.routledge.com/sociolo... From the Choice review: "A significant contribution to the field of zombie studies, Rutherford's modestly titled monograph will help both the uninitiated and scholars understand why the zombie has become an indicator of the zeitgeist of the postmodern era." - maʀtha
Another one, all in Choice this month! http://cup.columbia.edu/book... - maʀtha
Apparently, it is B movie month at Choice headquarters - maʀtha
We get this through EBL. Looks interesting. But, they say that unicorns are not real. Chapter 1 even! Just because we've never documented one doesn't mean that they don't exist. - Joe
Obviously a gap in the research - maʀtha
I spotted this on the new book cart today: http://www.amazon.com/gp... - Holly's favorite Anna
I got your back, Steele - maʀtha
If you have the Dictionary of Imaginary Places in geography, then why wouldn't you have this in zoology? - DJF from Android
We do not have the Dictionary of Imaginary Places. - maʀtha
and you call yourselves a library! - DJF
Nice! ^ - maʀtha
Style question: Do you think of open access as a proper noun? That is, should I be referring to it as Open Access in writing? I tend to think of it the same way I do information literacy, as in, not something to capitalize. I would write " open-access PDF" or "let's talk about open access." I'm open to correction!
p.s. My purpose is to put finishing touches on something I'm submitting for publication. - kaijsa
hmm. I might say Open Access Week, but open-access article. I'd see it as one of those "context-is-key" things, but in general I'd go uncapitalized, I think. - ellbeecee
Are there other articles in the journal that you're planning to submit to, that use the term? The journal may have a house style. - Catherine Pellegrino
I write it the way you write it, Kaijsa. Including "open-access movement." - RepoRat
I prefer lower-case open access or upper-case OA, although I sometimes accidentally use Open Access. - walt crawford
House style at PLOS is Open Access but that's because we usually want to make it the central point of what we're saying... - Cameron Neylon
I think it depends on my audience and currently my normal audience is one for whom it's... not at a lower-case level of familiarity yet. I kind of feel like if I don't use upper case, someone mightn't notice the words or realise that they have a special meaning beyond 'openly accessible'. - Deborah Fitchett
I would use Open Access to show that you understand the concept and that it entails a certain type of literature that is peer reviewed. My personal bugbear is people who use open access to mean anything that might be useful in teaching and research that is released under a suitable reuse license, accessible without password via the internet - Kathryn is a free elf
Thanks, all. I feel more confident in my choice, and as this is an OA journal (but not about OA specifically), I'm leaving it the way I have it. I really appreciate your perspectives. - kaijsa
Does anyone have any information about the University of Idaho's independent study online library science courses? http://www.uidaho.edu/academi... Yay? Nay?
I looked at the syllabus for LibS 419. Looks pretty horrific, honestly. Hope the rest are better. - RepoRat
I noticed the syllabi available here only include lesson 1 (at least of the ones I looked at). - bentley
(I also notice that the one you looked at was updated in 2009. I hope that's not the real current syllabus.) - bentley
The cataloging/classification one looks okay to me. Is what it says on the tin. - RepoRat
Looked at Computer Applications in Libraries and Information Sources on the Internet for Libraries. The first looks like it is "read the textbook". I use this text in my tech unit, however the good basic text is really for people who do not know about tech or libraries or both. The 2013 4th ed is to be preferred & my advice on this wd be to borrow the text, read it and forget about doing the unit. Outline for other looks better, but focus of 1st lesson on "fact stuffing" not the "so what?" of the material. - Kathryn is a free elf
Thanks everyone. - bentley
Lisa Hinchliffe
Google and Elsevier ... this posted to a listserv today. Without live link to FAQ. Anyone have it? (See next comment for text).
> Your library's collection is a vital resource for promoting education > and scholarship. But accessing the trusted and authoritative full-text > content you so carefully curate is not always possible for those > patrons who prefer using popular search engines for their searches over the library's website. > To ensure that the search experience is seamless for all ScienceDirect > users at your institution, Elsevier is proud to partner with Google to > help make your library's full-text content both discoverable and > accessible via searches on Google. With your permission, Elsevier will > share your ScienceDirect holdings information with Google beginning > November 1 and will additionally ensure that your information is kept > up-to-date as your electronic content collection evolves. A Frequently > Asked Question web page is posted here which provides more detail > about the ScienceDirect information that Elsevier will share with Google on your library's behalf. > Opting into this... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Isn't this just saying that ScienceDirect is indexed by Google Scholar? Am I missing something? - Meg VMeg
Or maybe it means you don't have to be over in Google Scholar to find ScienceDirect content? - Stephen Francoeur
Oooooh, that's interesting. - Meg VMeg
Gale's been pushing their authentication by geolocation (NOVELNY just sent us info about it), which allows you to bump into Gale content in regular Google searches and then view it by entering credentials from your local public library so Gale can check if the library has access to that content and let you view it. - Stephen Francoeur
Holy crap (sidenote: today I was looking at Google results for the same search as someone in the same IP range as me, sitting right in front of me, neither of us logged into Gmail, and got different results, and also saw different placement for the date limits in Google Scholar). - Meg VMeg
Gale has been offering that for a number of years now. Here's a 2010 blog post at Swiss Army Librarian about the implementation of it in Massachusetts. - Stephen Francoeur
But back to Elsevier. What's up with that? Is Google going to sunset Google Scholar some day? Didn't I just see a thread here (or was it a mailing list) about how committed Google is to maintaining Google Scholar? - Stephen Francoeur
Dude, if they are selling click-through data to the publishers, I can't imagine they'd quit it. - Meg VMeg
Oh, now I remember. The thread was on the SFX mailing list. Something about Google Scholar not offering link resolver option for books found there. Comments about how Google Scholar wasn't being updated, etc. - Stephen Francoeur
Or maybe it was this post that someone mentioned on Twitter: http://www.maxkemman.nl/2013... - Stephen Francoeur
So - Elsevier is asking permission to tell Google "hey, here's this library's IP ranges and what they subscribe to" ... I really want to know what Google is allowed to do with this information. Just give our users links to our subscribed content when they are IP-authenticated? Or, can they use the info about what our users are searching to - for example - market ads or gather up... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
I think if you use SFX and you want links to work in Google Scholar, there's a setting in SFX that sends holdings data to Google. I could be wrong about this. Don't know if that regular data dump to Google Scholar includes IP ranges, too, or even if that still works. - Stephen Francoeur
So - no one has a live link to the FAQ? - Lisa Hinchliffe
From Google Scholar page about how libraries can participate in the library links program: "The vendor will normally ask you to fill a registration form that contains your subscriber IPs and the text of the link. They will then augment this information with your electronic holdings, and make this data available to our automatic indexing system. Your links should appear in Google Scholar... more... - Stephen Francoeur
Lisa-- but isn't all geolocation just IP ranges, when it comes down to it? Like, when you use a proxy, you are identifying with a geo-location, even if it's not your physical location at the moment. - Meg VMeg
It gets worse. If our searcher is logged into GMail or G+ at the time, his/her searches and clickthroughs are directly associable with him/her. - RepoRat
Meg - you are right for certain kinds of geolocation. I was thinking more the open worldcat kind - which is a bit different. But, I still see this as different because it is not geolocation it is "this computer is being used by someone who is a student or faculty member at xyz institution" ... Stephen - I don't think that is the same program. But, of course I don't totally know since I... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
And, ReproRat - yes. Which is one thing when the user chooses but another thing entirely if we choose for them and also don't alert them to it. Or - so I (we?) think! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Stephen , libraries do send the holdings and ip ranges to Google scholar for their openurl resolver links. But all the ip range does is that if you are within it, it will automatically display the openurl link typically "Findit@xxxlibraries" link in Google scholar results without the user changing the google scholar setting. That seems innocent enough. - aaron
I am confused. "with the sole purpose of enabling Google to display and highlight search results and links to ScienceDirect articles and books to Authorized Users in Google's search and linking tools" - Highlight how? The ip range that elsevier has from US Libraries would be pretty much the campus ip range right? So even now, you guys could click on a google result of sciencedirect and get access to sciencedirect articles without the proxy as long as you are within campus? So what's different now? - aaron
Lisa, how is what you are describing different from how Google Scholar currently works? If someone is at your college searching Google Scholar and clicks on a link leading to ScienceDirect, Google gets what data it gets, and mines it as it pleases... Since as Aaron says, on-campus IPs will already be authenticated. - JffKrlsn
Aaron, it sounds like they will add some text in search results, just as they do in Google Scholar if you have that set up. Sounds like Google has found a company it shares some values with... - JffKrlsn
I really don't see the point. So now if it's a Sciencedirect result, they show what? Some tag saying "Sciencedirect free via your library?" . - aaron
So, yes - you have all convinced me that I am also super-concerned about setting up our proxy servers with Google Scholar. I had not previously understood how that worked. I thought individual users still had to opt in. It concerns me greatly that we are exposing our users searching to an external company with which we do not have a contract about how data is protected/used. (Note - I... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
But, more over - yes, what Aaron said - how exactly would this program that libraries are being invited to participate in change access since the IP would already authenticate. So, what value does it add to authorize Elsevier to send Google this info? First, do we smell some sort of pushing Elsevier titles to the top of search results? Or - more likely - for articles that a library does... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
Lisa, I think it benefits Elsevier mostly. Yes, if the results ordering are different within the ip range, I think it would be crazy for any library to opt in. But even if it is just some additional highlighting, it would just lead to increase usage of Elsevier's database over other content. Why would we do that? It's like getting a discovery service that only favours results from one... more... - aaron
Am I missing something here if I walk quietly into the room and whisper ... "LibX > right click on link > load site through library (or whatever it says)"... [ mutter, mutter, free tool, mutter, mutter, mutter, just because is not pushed by vendor, mutter, if we don't pay for it it is invisible, mutter, mutter] <= I may be misguided here, though... - Kathryn is a free elf
I love LibX and have set it up for my library but am dubious about its widespread adoption on a campus. I suspect that folks savvy enough to install LibX and savvy enough to actually know how to use it (especially the right click function) are more likely to be going to the library's databases when they need to search for articles. - Stephen Francoeur
We have a library proxy toolbar button that some on campus use, but it isn't widely adopted. It is a little JavaScript button that someone in chemistry made. Slightly easier than the LibX feature, which we also have. - Joe
Times I wish JavaScript injection were a better idea. :) Lacking that, I think getting away from the toolbar paradigm would be a good idea, especially since the whole toolbar concept has been tainted by malware. A browser plugin/add-on strikes me as a better adoption target... admitting that writing one that works cross-platform is distinctly non-trivial. - RepoRat
people at my parent institution are not happy with libx but i love it. they've looked at building something else, but have had other priorities. wrt google, according to an expert at our med school, this is no more information than we already had to give them for the links in scholar. also, the benefit is that google will index the full text of sd articles for people entitled to view them. right now google only indexes the metadata and abstract - Christina Pikas
At risk of derailing, Libx (at least 2.0) now isn't a toolbar. Anyway our proxy bookmarklet is quite well used. For last 6 mths I see 148,976 clicks But we do promote it like crazy, and there is no other way easy way to get access to full-text from google even in campus. - aaron
Aaron, out of curiosity, what is Zotero adoption like where you are, and do your proxy logs know the difference between a bookmarklet use and a Zotero-proxy use? I wonder about building tricks into software we know they use. - RepoRat
Oh mine definitely is a bookmarklet use because I am not looking at the proxy logs. Our proxy bookmarklet is slightly modified so whenever someone clicks on it, it will call our script. So this figure is only for people who use that and nothing else. - aaron
Gotcha, thanks. - RepoRat
"building tricks into software we know they use". That would be Google. :P , and Microsoft Office and wikipedia. I have played with ideas to do that for all 3,, but the weak link as usual is for the user to go and install such things. I used to think no-one would ever borther, but the proxy bookmarklet seemed to defy my expectation, but then again that might be a special case. Anyway to put this back on topic, thats why this google business is so important, because it works automatically. - aaron
with office in my environment we could, i think, install by group policy. so anyone on the network with a windows machine would have it. we did that with search plugins in ie for a while - Christina Pikas
Yes you could do it for systems you control, but that would still be a minority of your users I think. - aaron
LibX doesn't answer Lisa's privacy concerns, since it uses Google Analytics (i.e. sends your users' activities to Google without any opt-in). As do most library websites. - JffKrlsn
Okay, someone at MPOW finally emailed me about this including the working faq link. Basically, while you can find sciencedirect articles on Google even now, it's matching only the abstract. If you opt-in, it will match *full-text* for your users within the ip range. The reason for why they need additional permission beyond the holdings given by Google scholar is that, libraries let them... more... - aaron
Me thinks opt-ing would indeed affect the results ordering, since it is now matching full-text of sciencedirect articles so you would get a better chance of seeing those. I am still surprised, that Google matches only abstracts of sciencedirect (maybe other journals too) despite Google scholar matching full-text.... Some sort of special agreement with providers such that anything they harvest full text is shown only in Google scholar? - aaron
Mr. The Jason Fleming
Does your office have a good way of keeping track of projects that it "is doing", "has done", and "would like to do". Looking for a good tool for like a 5 person tech office setting
We've used Basecamp, it's pretty good. - Pete's Got To Go
if you feel like looking through a list, https://pinboard.in/u:dsalo... - RepoRat
TeamBox or Asana might work for what you're doing. I use TeamBox as a personal many many to do lists tracker. You can do a free version up to 5 users I think. - Hedgehog
We just started using Asana for ongoing project management but We haven't really tried putting DREAM projects in it for tracking potential future endeavors. It would be nice to be able to see a list of ideas we thought might have potential and see how they work together in a timeline fashion. - Mr. The Jason Fleming
I job shared using a Remember the Milk account with same login. Nice thing was either of us wd put things on potential projects list then during monthly work planning meetings cd click easily to change to "Kathryn to do" list with deadline. Then click when completed & can list by completed or change to list u call "completed" if u prefer. Simple & easy. - Kathryn is a free elf
Apparently in British English, the term is racialism, not racism? So that might change the way I search when there's no controlled vocabulary...
This is an interesting issue that honestly had never occurred to me before. - barbara fister
Liking again 4 the blogpsot. - Joe
Here in Australia, where we speak British English when we are not calling everyone "maaate" and "cobber", it is "racism". - Kathryn is a free elf
Nah, we use racism now too.'racialism' would be seen as 'old fashioned' - Pete's Got To Go
Good to know! - lris
Last week I heard "racialism" and "racialist" used by a sociology prof who was talking about his research into the religious beliefs of white supremacists in the US, in the context of belief formation in that community. And I thought of this thread. :) - Jenica
Since the Georgy Gently mysteries take place in the 1960's, it makes sense that they'd use old-fashioned terms. - bentley
I heard racialist and racialism in at least one episode of Spooks/MI-5. - kaijsa
The word racialist is in quotes in an article in the New York Times today. "On one board, he detailed his vision for the community — an enclave where residents fly “racialist” banners, where they are able to import enough “responsible hard core” white nationalists to take control of the town government, where “leftist journalists or antis” who “come and try to make trouble” will face arrest." http://www.nytimes.com/2013... - bentley
Meg VMeg
Has anyone ever actually had success at *getting* buy-in? Or is "lack of buy-in" only helpful to describe why things fail.
i have, and have used it to describe why something succeeded - jambina
I heart Jambina - maʀtha
Do go on... (it wasn't a facetious question, I was honestly asking) - Meg VMeg
"Lack of buy-in" isn't really an explanation. I'd be asking if people didn't buy in because they didn't understand, they didn't care, they didn't have the energy, they'd seen it fail before, they wanted it to fail from spite, they wanted it to fail to keep their job, they thought it was going to fail anyway, or maybe they had good reason to know it was going to fail anyway. Find out why they don't buy in and you're half-way to figuring out how to sell it. - Deborah Fitchett
Sure sure, I'm just wondering how someone could successfully get buy-in for a project *before* knowing why it fails (i.e., why they didn't buy in). Because it seems like things fail for so many different reasons (all the ones you've listed, and these will depend on the project/task at hand), and it's hard for me to imagine (outside of an authoritarian, top-down management situation) how you'd be able to achieve buy-in strategically. - Meg VMeg
And I have *read* about this topic, and have read hypotheticals, and it's easy to imagine rules/guidelines for getting buy-in. I can make them up myself. But it's sort of reverse-engineering, you know? - Meg VMeg
It seems like the idea of "getting buy-in" is mostly defined by its opposite: failing to do so. - Meg VMeg
In Libraryland, I am a shining example of the fallout that results from not getting (enough) buy-in from the top. The full burden trickles all the way down to the last one standing. (To be honest, I was taking on the burden upon arrival.) I think that in Libraryland, effective buy-in requires an indisputable proof of concept. Also, the most expensive consultants money can buy, to tell the important people what they want to hear -- even if incumbent staff are more than competent to say the same words. - Julian
Whenever I have gotten buy-in, it has been through having a plan to *do* something, which is different from having a plan to tentatively *try* something. Sell confidence, not fear of the task at hand. I think we sell fear just a bit too much. - Julian
The only way I have gotten "buy-in" is if I have enough cash to deal with the bribes and other grift needed. - Joe
so i do this when i have a crazy idea. i flesh it out and then do a thing i call "bulletproofing" where i think of all the issues that folks (stakeholders and the general community) might have with it. then i figure out who i need to sell the idea to so that i can say to anyone who has an issue "well i've spoken with so-and-so and they have agreed to partner/cover the cost of/institutionally support/etc of that." so maybe in my case getting buy-in = covering my bases? - jambina
I'm wondering if "getting buy-in" is one of those things that is only visible in the negative -- when you "don't get buy-in" it's obvious, but when you do, it doesn't necessarily look like "buy-in," it just looks like a project that works? Which is probably just a different way of saying what Amy just said. Edit: and what Meg herself said five comments ago. Fuzzy brain morning. - Catherine Pellegrino
Additionally, what may appear to be buy-in might actually be tolerance of a (past) decision -- sometimes, reluctant or hesitant tolerance. The more buy-in one has, the more the higher-ups tend to champion the effort into which they bought. - Julian
Yes. By selling an idea (in this case hands on training programme) to early adopters/ eager beavers first, then using them to mentor participants in the next iteration (because they were still less know-it-all and scary-seeming than me) on the logic that participants would be more likely to take the message from people whose skills they perceived to be at a level closer to their own;... more... - Kathryn is a free elf
What I ACTUALLY wanted to sell was the content of the programme, but I worked on selling the opportunity to train/help others to the mentors instead. That way they thoroughly learned it and, almost incidentally, then used the knowledge they had gained in other parts of their jobs. - Kathryn is a free elf
I almost completely agree with you, Steve, except that I think it's EMOTIONAL buy-in that we need before anything else. - kaijsa
buy-in is nice, but sometimes the best you can do is shift it from "over my dead body" to "well if it works great..but I don't really care". Unless they are really critical to the project I will be happy with that. If you can get mostly neutrals and a few enthusiastic ones to try it's a good start. I think you also need to get "buy in" at different levels, I used to be dumb enough to... more... - aaron
What Kathryn and Steve said: you can definitely plan strategically for buy-in, and in fact I'd find it harder in an autocratic top-down environment than not. It's a matter of researching the people as much as the 'problem' (which is a good idea if only because they might know more about aspects of the problem than you), and making them feel involved in the thing by, y'know, involving them. - Deborah Fitchett
One way to not get buy-in -- actually, one way to get people to not contribute: the first time you tell them about the new project and they ask questions, jump down their throats and accuse them of "not being on board." - bentley
I'm loving this thread. I think the difference between buy-in and lack of can be defined like this: "I like your idea" versus "I like your idea and I want to help". People have tons of ideas, but getting to invest in it with their time and efforts is another matter. It's one thing when it is part of their job to do it, it's another when they are excited for it. The latter gets better... more... - Andy
(Steve, we're probably not opposite each other. I've just found that I tend to think about a solution and then realize I'm dealing with people who feel first and think later.) I'm going to be a Monday morning grinch and say that some people will never be on board because they don't actually like their jobs and/or want to improve things. Sometimes we can't change the culture and just need to change the people. - kaijsa
One possible response to "over my dead body" (in cases where there is not defensible "this is a bad idea" position, it's just someone who doesn't like their job and doesn't want you to succeed) is "well, if you insist...." Oh, wait. I only only do that in fiction. - barbara fister
Though there is a point in an organization when you see the default setting switch from "no, unless..." to "yes, unless..." - from "we'll only do a new thing if it's thoroughly planned and everyone agrees to it and it won't take too much time or effort" to "make a case why we shouldn't do this new thing" ... and that's really neat. It takes a critical mass of people who don't hate their jobs and enjoy trying new things out, but once you hit it, BAM! #fuckyeahbuttercup - barbara fister
I LOVE the idea of asking people to make a case for not doing something new. - kaijsa
Make the case for not doing something new? Simple. No manpower. Status quo is god. - aaron
son, you are sounding as cynical as I am. you sure you wanna walk that road? - RepoRat
Cynicism's great. The important thing is not to let it stop you going ahead and trying things anyway. - Deborah Fitchett
Z is for Zotero! Has anyone ended up paying for storage for files? See http://www.zotero.org/support.... For those of your libraries that have dropped RefWorks, has this come up as an issue for your patrons?
I bought the 2G for my personal stuff. (and we were never a refworks campus, and offer no file storage for students...) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
we just switched over, but nope 300mb doesn't sound like a lot, but it holds a lot of PDF's - Sir Shuping is just sir
That's what I'm thinking, Andrew. - maʀtha
Rudy, how much storage have you actually used? - maʀtha
1067.1 MB. But I am a VORACIOUS user of Zotero. And grab snapshots and pdfs automatically. Although, I think I might need to spend some time trimming that out before October - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Anyone else exceeded 300 Mb? Anyone bought an institutional storage plan? - maʀtha
I managed to hit the limit. But box.com will give you 5gb for free, and you can hook your zotero account up to use that for article storage. - DJF from Android
Oregon State is offering 500MB to all students - jambina
So, 300 MB is at least 300 PDFs, right? - maʀtha
Thanks for the Box tip, David. - maʀtha
it's the WebDav storage option - DJF from Android
I'm paying for the 2gb tier. I have talked to very few users at MPOW who have needed to upgrade to paid storage. - Jason P
Okie dokie, this is helpful. I think I can offer some reassurances to my folks. - maʀtha
Yep, DJF, got it - maʀtha
at one of MPOW box.com just did a deal which gives all staff *60GB) ... complete with shibboleth login (so i don't need yet another login and password). i use papers 2 and i store all my stuff in dropbox but i'm sure that party will end someday ... - henry
Upgraded to paid and then bought more to move onto the next tier. Have about 5 years worth of papers and working as academic. Rarely save a ref without associated full text file. - Kathryn is a free elf
I plan to fill up my Dropbox account first for PDFs (saving the Zotero storage for snapshots and clips) then contemplate the paid storage. Or maybe Box.com, now that I'm reminded of it. - Rebecca Hedreen
huh. Is the Box thing easy to do? I almost never use my Box account, and if it's easy, this would be a great solution! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yes, it's trivial. Go into Zotero Preferences, select the "sync" tab, and the set "Sync attachment files using [WebDAV]" (the default is "Zotero". Then set the the URL to https://dav.box.com/dav, and fill in your Box.com username and password. - DJF
Once you've done that, Zotero will pop up a message asking about purging your papers from your Zotero storage. Just say that it's OK. - DJF
awesome! thank you! now to recover my Box password.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Deborah Fitchett
Aw, I just got my first "We're a totes reputable publishing house who want to publish your work which we appear to think is postgrad research" spam. I feel like I should be celebrating this important milestone. Or posting a warning to other researchers on our library homepage.
Next you'll tell me there's no Santa Claus! - RepoRat
Did it start the way that this one I received today did? Fell off my chair laughing ... "I hope you will receive this mail in good health. We appreciate and highly acknowledge your contributions in the area of research. Your ideas, research, experiments, publications and determination are really source of inspiration for scientists around the world." - Kathryn is a free elf
Alas, no, though my blogposts get a fair amount of similarly effusive praise. Mine was "As stated by the [MPOW]'s electronic repository, you authored the work entitled "[Title]" in the framework of your postgraduate degree. Due to the fact that we are currently planning publications in this subject field, we would be pleased to know whether you would be interested in publishing the above mentioned work with us." - Deborah Fitchett
Things we learn from admissions tour guides:
It's a "policy" that people put sound-deadening keyboard covers on computer keyboards on our quiet floor. - lris
We have one public computer for every 3 students. (probably off by an order of magnitude) - lris
Students get 400 pages of free printing per term (it's actually more like 800). - lris
Our stuffed penguin, Oscar, was originally Gould's pet. (Gould was an Antarctic explorer, a past president of the college, and our library's namesake.) - lris
We're the largest academic library in our city (not true by *any* measure). I think this particular "fact" has finally been stamped out. - Regular Amanda
We can interlibrary loan things from all over the world! In just a day or two! - lris
Each floor of the library is the size of a football field! - Kathy
All librarians are qualified masseuses and are also able to give you the references you need for your term paper if you just stand in front of them and THINK about what you want. By 2015 this service will be available remotely. - Kathryn is a free elf
In our digital humanities studio, you can make your own personal copy of any of the films/videos in our collection. It's great. - Meg VMeg
Librarians are obsolete, because we have self-check machines. (We had a word with the tour guides' coordinator after hearing that one) - Megan loves summer
tour? what tour? (we are a brief walk-by - they don't come in) - ~Courtney F
This building is called the libary - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
I hate the tours. I want to talk to admissions about their schtick. - maʀtha
So, being totally clueless about how these tour machines work... is there any way to make sure would-be guides actually *talk* to a librarian about the library before they're turned loose on hapless high-schoolers and their families? - RepoRat
Exactly - maʀtha
^^^ Yep. Guides are given a script by the Admissions office. If you're lucky, someone in the office has confirmed the facts of the script with someone in the library. If you're lucky, the guide stays "on script" during the tour. (Guides may be getting encouraged these days to go off-script in the interest of being "genuine.") Asking guides to actually TALK to a librarian before guiding tours? Never gonna happen. - Catherine Pellegrino
Seems a shame. Great opportunity to get a library-positive message out. - RepoRat
Yep. We work on it, believe me. - Catherine Pellegrino
This library is only for science students. - John Dupuis
This library is bigger than Walmart! - kaijsa
what Courtney said-- they don't come in at all - LibrarianOnTheLoose from BuddyFeed
The sad part for us is that this is what we learn from tour guides even after being included in training. - lris
Okay, so second option: a "Shit Tour Guides Say" display in the library. ;) - RepoRat
We don't have tour guides here - sometimes run our own library tours but as low turnout as you might imagine. But I've sometimes pondered asking people at the end of the year to write down something they wish they'd known at the start, and make a display of it next year. - Deborah Fitchett
Once I followed a tour given by a student to exchange students at an event organised by a student society. Was impressed, I couldn't have done it better, as far as I could tell, every thing mentioned was correct with no training at all, as well as having the advantage of giving a students point of view. Was thinking we should hire her to do tours in the future. - aaron
"If it exists in the world, they can get it for you!" - lris
Awww, overheard the last guy saying that I'm his favorite librarian. - lris
We used to lose about 20-30 staplers per term. - lris
Stupid question - how do I get student employees to shelve more efficiently? I tell them to use a cart, but they just hand carry. (We're small location.) Should I just give up?
Maybe set targets? With rewards? - Pete's Got To Go
Rename them Team Stakhanov - Pete's Got To Go
Is there a direct circulation supervisor that can do spot checks on workers while shelving? Or if they have a sight line to students working at the desks, if they see them walk off with books in hand can they just call out a gentle reminder? Are your carts full sized or half-sized? If you're a small location they might be balking at rolling out a full sized cart with v. few books on it. - MontglaneChess
I would say try the carrot/stick, but you are probably all out of carrots - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
and sticks. (i don't want to deal with this on top of everything else. working in an effectively solo library sucks.) - kendrak
I work better when I know what I have to get done in a shift/day/given time frame. So maybe a list of tasks for the week, or the shift? That each student needs to finish completely, with a list of extras for the group to complete in a set timeframe? That way they can check their progress as they go? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
*Why* don't they use a cart? ETA: In addition to Montglane's thought about size, maybe the wheels are wobbly, or the aisles are narrow, or the carts are stored in an annoying place, or they're in use for something else, or the employees want to build their arm muscles? - Deborah Fitchett
Or they don't like bending down to get stuff off the lower levels of the cart? (that's why I hate carts) - Meg VMeg
I think because the volumes are small and so is the location. I could probably hit the back wall with a decent sized book if I tried to hurl it. - kendrak
What would be the efficiency gain in using the cart? time to finish job? Undamaged bodies? Do they have other things they need to do as well as shelving that is being impacted on? - Kathryn is a free elf
Less walking back and forth if there's more than a handful of items? The act of putting them in order before going to the shelves? I think it's more of a "Wouldn't you want to just have one quick go, rather than a muddled back and forth?" Alas... oh well. - kendrak
Is the not-using-a-cart causing shelving errors? And/or does students' inefficiency mean there are things they don't have time to do? As a similarly-shoudn't-be-solo-librarian, I might advise to let this go if the consequences aren't dire. Mine rarely use a cart - but there are rarely more than 5-10 books to be shelved, so I don't mind. Misshelving, tho, I mind quite a bit. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Rachel Walden
Okay, librarians, I have a "uh, it was red..." puzzle for you. When I was a kid and not long into reading (say, age 4 or 5, which would have been 1982-3ish), I had a series of hardback books that each explained a main concept or thing. They were large (roughly 8x12) but only a 1/2-1 cm thick. One of them was called, simply, "Time." I think it was..
green. Just posting on the off chance this rings a bell for anybody. I think other books were things like dinosaurs, weather, that sort of thing. Basic concepts. - Rachel Walden
I recall the How and Why Wonder Books from when I was a kid but the format sounds different. - John Dupuis
those sound like the National Geographic books we had when i was a kid. like these: http://deflationland.blogspot.com/2012... - Christa
Not a Brown Paper Schoolbook series by any chance? They had "This book is about time" http://ask.metafilter.com/60162... - Kathryn is a free elf
Ooh, I think it might be the NG ones, but the BPS ones look cool! :) Thanks, all! - Rachel Walden
The Wonder Books also apparently had hardcover, and one called Time: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... and http://img1.etsystatic.com/009... - John Dupuis
Thanks, John! - Rachel Walden
~Courtney F
This might be one of the most generic vendor emails I've ever gotten - "Dear Librarian, Your institution subscribes to somewhere between none and not much of our content. Yet many similar research oriented institutions around the world subscribe to somewhere between most and all of it."
and we're not a "research oriented institution", so....delete! - ~Courtney F
"We would like to give you some or all of our sales pitch." - Andy
it must be from the Onion!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I got the same one! - kristin buxton
Yours faithfully, a friendly vendor. - Deborah Fitchett
Yes, it's for real. There was almost no identifying info given. I didn't click on the URLs to see if the website was any better.... - ~Courtney F
LOL - lris
Dear Vendor. Somewhere between none and no faculty find your work useful. We have between a few and many dollars to commit to publications like your content. As you have kind of communicated, we already spend this on not much of yours, so feel that something like no more contact is necessary. Should you have further enquiries I will be somewhere between nonplussed and neutral to provide something similar to more information. - Kathryn is a free elf
Glad to see that the ACS is sending Jenica emails again. :D - Andy
I think Kathryn just killed me. - RepoRat
Kathryn FTW. - Catherine Pellegrino
Kathryn is why we should be able to like comments on FF. - kaijsa
OMG, I love Evernote. And Skitch. Am I the last one to this party? If you use either/both, what's your favorite thing? I'm thinking Skitch will be very helpful in preparing instructions for doing library-type things.
I use the clipper feature in Chrome and Firefox to save stuff all the time. I also love the feature that lets you send items via a custom email address. - Stephen Francoeur
I use Evernote to draft on my tablet all the time. I've got other tools but that works best for me to get thoughts out and then easily be able to grab them from another computer. - Hedgehog
I keep all my meeting and project notes in it, and lesson plans, and clips from the internet, and... everything? - lris
Evernote helps me track changes I need to make in courses and their syllabi long before course-revision time comes around. Without Evernote, I'd just forget. - RepoRat
I use Evernote all the time! I like using it especially for quick-access to non-sensitive documentation on daily/bi-annual/whatever tasks, project/travel planning, the clipper is fantastic for pulling things, I love that I can attached PDFs to notes, so I can take my professional reading anywhere I have Evernote access rather then emailing them to myself. I use it for household stuff constantly as well! - MontglaneChess
Also, the best Evernote primer (for productivity usage) I've ever seen is definitely this one: http://www.thesecretweapon.org/the-sec... It lays everything out so beautifully I could cry. Wish I had this when I first started using it...mine might be slightly less of a mess. - MontglaneChess
you guys are awesome! tx!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Have you used Clearly with Evernote? I am liking it a lot. - Laura
(I'm just getting into it, too.) - Laura
I'm a huge Evernote/Skitch fan - I use it for screenshots for my writing and tutorials for my libraries and all kinds of stuff that I want to save but don't want to print. - WebGoddess
I'm in the process of implementing TSW, but the email step takes a long time! - kaijsa
oh gosh, I worry with Clearly that I'd wind up with a bunch of stuff i'll never read … but I can see it would be helpful if I used it judiciously. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
also, this: using Evernote to advance prep research for a patron. will send her an Evernote notebook full of the sites we talk about. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Oh, I delete more than I actually forward to EN. - kaijsa
also, this: using Evernote to keep a recipe book (with 200+ recipes right now) that I can share with my Mom really, really easily. That could be done with something like the cookbook book club that is meeting at my public library (in Lawrence, KS) right now, too. - WebGoddess
I haven't even tried doing the email step since my Evernote account isn't work-only at the moment. My head would explode! I mostly just try to apply similar reference tagging/action tagging in my work gmail and it seems to work pretty well--mostly because I started with a brand new work account. The average no. of emails I have 'in view' at any time is about 9! I have *so many* tags- and still need to make more! but they work for me. - MontglaneChess
Taking photos of my whiteboard AND THEN HAVING THE TEXT AUTOMATICALLY OCRd AMD INDEXED SO I CAN USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION!!! SWeeeeeT! Evernote recipe saving from web. Each time I used a handwritten index card recipe I photograph it into Evernote. Packing lists for going away. Cut and paste comments made on student work for a bank of pre-prepared comments. Saving Docs and PDFs from email.... more... - Kathryn is a free elf
I can't get EN to OCR my weirdo handwriting, even though it's very neat. Maybe I'll have to try again. Kathryn has inspired me! - kaijsa
I just made a "stamp" in Skitch that I will put on my EBSCO invoices before I send them to accounting to be paid. Prolly more like that in the future. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
LSW: Joe
So, what do you think of the term, library customer vs patron, vs whatever else? Barbara has some thoughts on the issue. http://www.insidehighered.com/blogs...
I prefer the term "patron." What really bugs me is when people say we shouldn't call them 'patrons' because it's patronizing. Huh? I don't think that word means what they think it means. - bentley
I am required to use the term "customer." - Julian
We use patron prob 95% of the time. - Joe
Not "user." Dislike. - Joe
Personally, I'm a fan of "reader" (defined expansively, so thinking of it more like "decoder" or "meaning-maker"), but I don't actually say it. I say "user" or "patron" (or "student/faculty", or "community" when it's clear I'm talking about the library community as a whole, not members of the local public as opposed to student/faculty). - Meg VMeg
What's your ish with "user", Joe? - Meg VMeg
I actually like "member," because that's in line with language that our, uh...patrons use. "I'd like to become a member of the library." "Where do I go to rent this book?" But, I got a LOOK when I proposed using in our brochures and such. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
The word the public uses most often when they phone us is "member." As in, "I'm not a member of the library, but..." If I can't use 'patron,' that's the word I would endorse. - bentley
Like they are a drug user or like the user in the tron movies. http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Joe
I use "user". member probably is better.. - aaron
Yeah, we don't usually use member because students/faculty don't actively join, but members of the public CAN actively join, so it makes it harder to distinguish between them (which we have to do, because access is not necessarily the same). - Meg VMeg
We do fight for the user! - Joe
Megs indeed.... - aaron
Similar to what Meg said, we have corporate members or members of the public. Usually it's a "I've got a student or faculty" I prefer patron or member for public - Hedgehog
Teaching tech, I find myself saying "user" more often than I'd like, because it leaks over from "computer user" or "{software} user" or "Internet user." I do my best to correct myself to "patron," because the library is ideally more than a tool... but I confess "Internet user" shakes my certainty a little, because the Internet is more than a tool too. - RepoRat
User. I hate patron, as it implies a relationship I think only librarians believe in. - Jenica
Mm. I still think it's worth it for my students to be aware of the ideal. - RepoRat
As a library patron, I HATEHATEHATE "customer." "Member" would be OK, but doesn't seem to gain any traction. Customer: Pfah. Yuk. Sorry, Julian, I know it's not your choice. I am not a customer of any tax-supported agency, and especially not the library. - walt crawford
Thinking of this as we were driving back from the library used book sale. How about "Guest"? - Joe
Harks back to some pretty icky early-American-library rhetoric about librarian-as-pleasant-hostess that I'd just as soon not dredge up again. - RepoRat
"the user" is not broken . - Kathryn is a free elf
What about "client"? (which is preferred at my current and former uni) - Megan loves summer
As someone said above (but I can't find it now), I see the word "clients" most often used these days to refer to "mental health clients." https://www.google.com/search... I don't think I've ever heard of "library clients." - bentley
My former workplace uses "customer" - I struggled with switching to that when I went there, but because I kind of got jumped on every time I'd say patron, I managed to get myself to mostly say user, with just the occasional "customer". Customer, to me, takes me to that "give them what they want, the customer is always right" mindset and I don't think that's where we are. (note that I still think we can talk about "customer service skills" for staff and that's a different matter entirely). - ellbeecee
We use "client" quite a bit here in Australia. With my students, I use "library user", as there are so many different functions discussed, but all of them are used in some way by the client. "People" does not differentiate enough between staff and client. Also - I often discuss "non-users", especially when referring to marketing, and this fits better than "non-customers" or "non-clients". - Kathryn is a free elf
i hate "guest" because it's overused in retail (where it's used to make people think they're special when, in fact, they're meat carrying credit cards). my real question is "does any of this name-calling actually change something material for library users?" - henry
I could go with "client" because of the phrase "attorney-client privilege." Something analogous, though less well-defined and with (sadly) fewer, though not nonexistent, legal bulwarks, is part of the librarian-patron relationship. That, to me, is material, though non-obvious. - RepoRat
This is kind of how I feel about Information Literacy - I don't care what it's called so long as we all work on it. - barbara fister from iPhone
For my MLIS research project in 2006, I did a survey on library jargon asking NZ uni students what terms they'd use for [insert my description of the thing here]. It was completely open-ended and I did my best to make the description non-leading. For "A person who visits a library is a...", 28% said "student", 20% "visitor", 14% "user", 6% each for "patron" and "customer", and various... more... - Deborah Fitchett
So...ummm...it looks like I'm having lunch tomorrow with Herb Richardson of the Edwin Mellen Press. For real. Other than the obvious (drop the Askey suit), what would you want to say/ask if you had the opportunity?
Technically, it isn't lunch...I told him I wasn't interested in meeting with him but that he is as free to stop by my office as any library patron. According to his secretary he's taking me up on it tomorrow at noon. - Wilk
Why does he want to talk with you? Is he pushing a product? - maʀtha
Okay, your clarification makes a lot more sense. I do wonder, like Martha, what he wants to talk to you about. (I mean, I think I can guess, but I'm terribly curious how he's going to frame it.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Basically, I poked at him on the Chronicle and he responded like an asshole, so I called him out on his assholery and he sort of apologized and said he wanted to come to see me in person. Since he made the same offer to other people in the comments, I figured I'd play the "whatever, it's a free country" card. He called my bluff and now he's *supposedly* coming to see me (at least... more... - Wilk
in totally unrelated news, Anqi Li was one of my students at UNC, and I helped her research "Uses of History in the Press and in Court During California's Battle Over Proposition 8." Didn't realize that Mellen published it, but I have a copy of her thesis in my library: "Back to the future : use of history in newspaper coverage and judicial records on marriage equality for same-sex couples during and after Perry v. Schwarzenegger. http://search.lib.unc.edu/search... - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Good luck with the meeting. I am sure that the discussion would be interesting for bystanders to hear. I wouldn't come within 39.5 feet of that meeting. If he came to my library as a patron for a meeting? I'd probably ask him to spend the money on getting some copy editors, than in trying to sue librarians--that would be better for EMP in the long run. - Joe
..and... still with us after the lunch? - Kathryn is a free elf
So sorry I didn't see this. I would actually find it completely fascinating to have lunch with him. - laura x
oh wow I would pay money to listen in on laura x and the Herbster. - RepoRat
wrt one of the comments in the Chronicle thread - there's an article somewhere about peer review in the sciences and about how doctoral students and recent graduates do a better job reviewing than more established researchers because 1) up on the recent literature 2) take more time ... - Christina Pikas
False alarm. Even though his secretary scheduled it (and Griffey can vouch for me), he never showed up. Not surprising. I'll be sure to let y'all know when the inevitable lawsuit is filed. - Wilk
Google will pay its researchers' open access fees: http://googleresearch.blogspot.com/2013...
"Google applauds this new option, and today we are announcing that we will pay the open access fees for all articles by Google researchers that are published in ACM journals. IEEE also has an open access option for some of its publications, and we also pay the open access fee for them and for publications in like organizations." - lris
Ha, when I saw this, I missed the "its" in Iris' post. For a second there, I could see rainbows and butterflies, thinking this somehow meant "researchers in general". Still good, though. - Megan loves summer
I did the same thing, megan. - ellbeecee from Android
I wrote it, and I keep doing the same thing... - lris
If Laura and Iris are wrong, I don't want them to be right. - Kathryn is a free elf
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