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Todd Hoff
Steve Jobs creating a walled garden...these are the gardens from Filoli. Gorgeous, safe, comfortable, profitable. That's why people like walled gardens. It's a rich man's vision of paradise. Steve Jobs is trying to create Filoli in the iPhone/iPad ecosystem.
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Keen observation: " man's vision of paradise". It is in all of us, though most of us lack the means for even any dim vision of it. But for some out of both groups, there is the good sense to know that we do not have the potential to maintain that dim vision even if we did have the means. - Melanie Reed
And a poor man's vision of paradise is revenge on a rich man. - Cliff Gerrish
Cliff, isn't being envied the conceit of the rich man because he can't conceive of real needs and wants? - Todd Hoff
Not sure about this analogy. Filoli is a non-profit open to the public. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Stephen, they keep on going so I assume they are doing well enough. This was just a strange thought I had while walking the grounds. Such a perfectly crafted micro-world. Who wouldn't want to live there? It takes some thought to understand why not and at the same time understand the goal. In a way it's like an Egyptian pyramid, meant to awe and last beyond one'd death. Steve was here. - Todd Hoff
Todd, I see what you're saying, but Filoli is a triumph of openness now -- all the opulence turned into a community resource, with workshops and festivals and public access. Maybe if you made your comparison between Apple and some closed-off community? - Stephen Mack
Of course my analogy sucks at some level :-) It was more a feeling than anything. I could try to salvage the situation by saying that in a way the app store, itunes, apple stores, etc serve a community function while still being closed, and they each oppulent in their own way. - Todd Hoff
Leo Laporte
Docs Are Old-School, We Need PageRank for People -
Docs Are Old-School, We Need PageRank for People
"PageRank assigns a reputation score to the URL where content is published. This makes it a great fit for content that stays put in one location. However, evolving content distribution via blogs, RSS, guest columns, and syndication are a challenge for PageRank. Tweets, retweets, micropublishing, ratings, and comments - even bigger problems. The solution lies in associating reputation with the identity of the author - a PageRank for People." - Leo Laporte from Bookmarklet
Reminds me of "wuffie" where personal reputation replaces monetary wealth in Cory Doctorow's DOWN AND OUT IN THE MAGIC KINGDOM. - Liam Watts
I love that comic. Makes me chukle every time. - Roberto Bonini
Doctors are catching on to this and have slipped a "patient will not post online comments about doctor" clause into their standard forms. You don't even know you've agreed to it unless you read the whole thing, and who does that? - jjjobst
Desirable, but immensely difficult: how do you define a "person" for rank purposes? We are talking here about a huge collection of disparate things. And, what if, contrary to the online reputation, the real reputation sucks? - Nikos Anagnostou
Agree that we need a soltion for this but a Nikos touches upon is need to agree definitions of scope. Others male valid point also some further discussion and thinking required. - Najeeb Mirza
PersonRank tied to (possibly) OpenId anyone? ...Everytime I click „Like“ FF brain is assigning whuffie to the author of a message. - Mindaugas Dagys
Great analogy Liam. Loved that book. - dthree
Doesn't Googles Sentiment Analysis a step in the right direction? It infers sentiment to rank and “service,” “value,” and “general comments.” Aspects are defined in one of Google’s papers on sentiment analysis as “properties of an object that can be rated by a user.” Unfortunately, Google is attempting to Patent this process. - Greg
Yup. This made me think of "Down and out in the Magic Kingdom" too. If you haven't read it, it's worth it. - Chad McCoskey
I would say not desirable - relevance is highly relative when it comes to people, and frankly anything that ranks people by the noise they make online and how many people they can get to claim they are great... will produce the wrong kind of behaviour - Iphigenie
I agree with Joelle, mostly. The exceptions would be for trolls and spammers -- it's too much work to be on a constant lookout for trolling, and I'd really like to have an automatic metric which would enable me to automatically filter out such rubbish. - Nathaniel Thurston
leo: yes indeed, and such a content filter would work well by taking into account the distance through the social graph between the author and each reader, rather than using a fixed measure of the author's reputation for all readers. - Bob Hitching from fftogo
Nathaniel - I might agree for spammers, but "trolls" are a difficult thing. Many game changing people were labelled troublemakers first, today we'd call them trolls... - Iphigenie
Hi Guys - I'm the author of the original article. One thing to keep in mind is that this system could be made topic sensitive. We'd be looking at total contribution/reputation for each person for a specific social graph relating to a specific topic. Is some ways this would be like mapping the Hilltop/HITS algorithms used in algorithmic text search to the social space. The similarity is... more... - Marshall Clark
The problem with any such measure is that some people will take it far too seriously - make it into something authoritative instead of something helpful - and some people will game it. I dont want to have to think about my "score" in any field and have to "work" in the way the score measure in order to be taken seriously - Iphigenie
Interesting post, I was just thinking today when reading about about how Twitter Lists plus this new form of "Track"/search on them can at least partially solve that problem: Just pick a reputable List, one that is large enough to create a thorough but vetted "universe of discourse" (e.g. Scoble's Tech-News-Brands with 500 entries). Then you're searching over that set, and not over the entire freaking Internet. This pretty much bypasses all of Google's PR machinations and their gaming by SEOs. - Alex Schleber
On SocialToo we're assigning a rank to people based on various points assigned by other people they come in contact (via follow, dms, etc). It has the potential to become this. - Jesse Stay
Yep eBay comes to mind A+++++ Quick operator will deal with again!!!!!!!!!111one - Phill Price from iPhone
But isnt the problem then that all you see and hear is from the "big guys" who are already established, as defined by "in" players who by nature will want to be in the "big guys" good books? We're right back in the landscape of television, where the barrier of entry for new players is high, opinion and value is centrally defined... and we get lower quality and service as none of them tries very hard... - Iphigenie
Anthony Citrano
Just tried the “Stainless” browser for the first time (thanks, Corey! Seems promising. Wonder what the likelihood is that we'll see robust development around it as compared to Chrome? I have some nitpicks with Stainless, but it's only at v0.7, so I'll hold off... :) -
Have you tried any of the recent chromium nightlies for them mac? I grabbed one about a week ago and haven't looked back, and I was a safari afficionado for years. Not all the features are quite there - e.g. printing, but what is there is now very solid and I've found it to be more usable than safari - just the combined search and location bar speeds things up a lot. - Robin Barooah
Nice! Hadn't heard of this, and I really miss the combo search/address bar from Chrome, on the Mac. I'll give this a spin! - Cole Jolley
funny, started to try it today. very fast. faster than chrome but lacks elementary browser feature (url bar history, autocomplete, keyboard shortcuts,....) maybe for later - Ouriel Ohayon
Yeah, I've been using this since about version 0.5... it's improved a lot since then, and I use it occasionally. I do like the parallel sessions feature, where you can be logged in to multiple Gmail accounts (for example) at the same time. - Ryan - @magicofpi
Hacker News
Trendsmap - Real time local Twitter trends -
Robert Scoble
RT @ericries: Everyone in Silicon Valley should do this: #StartupVisa (help improve our visa system)
Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
300 Resources to Help You Become a WordPress Expert -
Thomas Hawk
Stock Photo For Sale - You Took the Silver, You Took the Gold by Thomas Hawk - ClusterShot -
Stock Photo For Sale - You Took the Silver, You Took the Gold by Thomas Hawk - ClusterShot
Nice. Just sold my first photo (above) on Clustershot. I sold a license for $300 and get to keep $264. Gotta love the payout percentage to the photographer in selling work on Clustershot! - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Clusterstock was started by silverorange. Daniel Burka from digg is one of the investors. The idea is to let photographers set the price for their work and then give them most of the proceeds of the sale. Clusterstock pays out 88% directly to photographers vs. Getty/Flickr's 20% payouts. I really hope that they succeed in gaining attention with their catalog. You can link your flickr photos directly to clusterstock to import them and sell them. - Thomas Hawk
I still think the name is a disaster that's gonna hold them back... but congrats, Thomas! - Stephen Mack
Thomas - I thought you might be interested to know that this sale was generated by a Google search refer for the term ""stock photography Noe Valley". Oh, and it's ClusterShot not ClusterStock :) - Dan James
ahhh, sorry dan, clustershot, clustershot. Why can't I remember that. Good to see that you guys are indexing well on Google Dan. - Thomas Hawk
No worries. You should get pro-account with all of that money! - Dan James
Fascinating, I'm signing up today. Thanks for sharing Thomas. ^^ - David C. Cooper
will definitely check out the Pro account Dan. Seems like a good deal for $20. - Thomas Hawk
Clustershot is great. Go get it. - Håkan Dahlström
What kind of license does the buyer have to the photos they purchase? - Tom Harrison
Nevermind, I looked around and got my answer. - Tom Harrison
I like the way you've included the DMU tags too. Unsurprisingly, there are more of these than these - James Myatt
Wow, nice. Never heard of them until this... - Anthony Citrano
nice - ncg
The UK Cards Association (that replaced APACS) has a snazzy new website
Gail Williams
Steve Gillmor
The Internet is about to change « blog maverick -
@stevegillmor, PubSubHubbub looks an awful lot like Feedburner on steroids....wait! It IS Feedburner on steroids. - Sean Gallagher
Sean: you're fighting the last war - Steve Gillmor
More or less. RSS works fine by itself, but it works even better if you use these products. However, the idea behind one is analytics, the other is speed. - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
Steve: Just saying that it's evolutionary, not revolutionary. The WebHooks stuff is cool, especially for people like me who are still doing stuff in PHP. But the "this changes everything" light has not been lit for me. - Sean Gallagher
Thomas Hawk
Cash For Cameras? Is Now the Time to Upgrade Your DSLR? -
Cash For Cameras?  Is Now the Time to Upgrade Your DSLR?
My pal falling tree has the scoop on the latest Govt. stimulus program. ""2009, August 26 A new government program is on the way, providing a boost to image quality across the country. Cash for Cameras is a new measure which could give credit of $500 for old cameras. Your old camera must be digital and you can only use it for a camera that has a sensor capable 10 MegaPixels greater than your current camera. The camera must be in working condition and you must have the original receipt"" - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Sounds like an April fools joke to me! How about a cash-for-clunker program for appliances. Would get people to get rid of their energy inefficient refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, dishwashers, HVAC systems. Would save energy AND stimulate the economy at the same time. - Jeff P. Henderson
maybe now's the time to get a new 5D M2? - Thomas Hawk
Ha ha. - Kevin Fox
HA! - Justin Korn
Yeesh! - arekayelle
Brad Feld
Feld Thoughts : Three Entrepreneurial Books To Read Before You Turn 21 -
"E Myth is a great book – thanks for the suggestions." - Brad Feld
Darren Rowse
How 24 Hours of Work Will Send Millions of Readers to My Blog - (from the archives of ProBlogger)
Robert Scoble
How is Google's face changing? At lunch only 20% of the faces at our table were white. Why isn't this reflected at conferences?
what do you mean?!! - abdellah
Are you saying multicultural representation at conferences in general, or Google's multicultural presence at conferences? :-S - CannonGod
Cannon: in general. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
How was the gender balance? - Catherine Ventura
Wow, Robert, that is something good to hear for once, thank-you for sharing! It is curious why this isn't reflected at more conferences, though! - Carlton Hackett
Catherine more women than the last time I was there and more than you see at most conferences. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
So that's good news too... - Catherine Ventura
Good question. - Amani
Robert Scoble
Hundreds of people are here to meet Shel Israel, who authored Twitterville. - Robert Scoble from email
Would have LOVED a Twitterville t-shirt too! Hint, hint ---> @jennydevaughn :) - Jenny DeVaughn
Hacker News
Facebook, TipJoy, the Deal that Didn’t Happen and the Hire that Did -
Jeremy Zawodny
The 7 Essential Rules To Optimum Health & Weight Loss -
excellent advice, really - Jeremy Zawodny
Bret Taylor
Mad Men new season review in the NYTimes -
Mad Men new season review in the NYTimes
Mad Men new season review in the NYTimes
Can't wait for the new season... "Even more than in the first two years, this new season, which begins on Sunday on AMC, stresses the less amusing side of that innocence, leading viewers to look back, aghast at, and enthralled by, a world so familiar and so primitive. Characters on “Mad Men” struggle in shame and secrecy with the very things that today are openly, incessantly boasted and blogged about: humble roots, broken homes, homosexuality, unwed motherhood, caring for senile parents." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
*excited* - James Myatt
Robert Scoble
Where Is Your Organization in the Twitter Life Cycle? -
Christine Herron
Quick & Dirty How-To: Employee Stock Option Allocations -
Om Malik
Predicting the Unpredictable from @gigaom
Joseph Thornley
Zoompass responds to feedback from the mobile ecosystem -
Don Campbell
Sketchbooks aren't about being a good artist, they're about being a good thinker -
Hacker News
The Rasterbator - Create huge, rasterized images from any picture. -
Leo Laporte
We launch a new TWiT show @ 3p today: TWig - This Week in google - with Jeff Jarvis and Gina Trapani. Google and cloud computing the topics.
cloud1_0002_Layer Comp 6.jpg
looking forward to subscribing to the podcast. will be up in Sierra's without bandwidth to watch live today - kent williams
Sounds like a really nice addition to the TWiT network. Can't wait! - Jonathan Grenier
Looking forward to it also - Claes Krantz
hoping it will be up on itunes today, since i won't be able to watch it live. Can't wait to listen - John Fogarty from twhirl
Sounds interesting! - Dean
I like the idea, but not the name. Seems kind of bias right off the bat. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the innovation that Google brings to the table, but to name the freakin' show after Google?? Can you tell that I am a big fan of Dvorak :) - rodney.franklin
i look forward to listening to it! - Aaron
Great! Was waiting for it since the pre-announcement in TWIT. - Alexey Klyukin
Interested and looking forward to it! May have to listen to podcast though. Will be out on a boat this afternoon. - Suzi Kilgo from iPhone
Why is google in the name when all the big companies are embracing the cloud ? - Mark from iPhone
Looking forward to a new show, - rudedog
Can't wait to listen! - Tom Webster
Think it was a big mistake to put the name "google" in the title, but will probably be a great show anyways. - Steven Legault
this is great, so much to talk about, and so much to learn. I think most people have no idea the range of services that are emerging from both Google and Amazon related to cloud services that will be invaluable for the small or start-up business as well as consumers.... - Howie Schechtman
Can't wait! A new and exciting podcast for a new and exciting era of computing! - Josh Rosen
yeah, a new era of computing, say's it all! - Howie Schechtman
Great idea Leo. @gregorymurray - Gregg
looking forward to it already - Kevin Porteous
Oh no!!! Not more Leo Podcasts!!! :-) Sure I'll be there! - Richard Bitting
Can't wait, Leo! I'll subscribe immediately. This is an excellent topic and I'm really glad to see the best podcast network on the Internet jumping right in to cover it. - Eric Geller
I'm really interested to see how this show goes. This is a big topic heading into our future. - Mike Nayyar
when will it be on itunes? i wonder - Aaron
Where can I subscribe for iTunes? - Ben
I'm not fond of the "Google" in the name either, it's like calling a car show "This Week in Gerneral Motors". But I'll try to listen in to the taping anyways, should be funny & knowledgable with the three of you. - Martin
is that pacific time? look forward to it! - Susan Ettenheim
And that album art need work, IMO. The "computing in the" is hardly legible. - Martin
I actually didn't like the artwork so I tried a different one myself. Here it is; - Can Sağlam
This sounds like a good show, and nice graphics! But how do you have time leo?! Sometimes during somewhat slow news weeks there is some overlap in news like macbreak and twit which can sometimes be annoying but still great shows as I'm sure this one will be as well. WIll jeff and gina always be there or more of a twit interchangeable style? - Denis Dervisevic
Looking forward to it, I love your other shows and Gina Trapani is great. - Brandon Eaker
All things Google. Not all things Twitter? LOL Should be interesting. I was listening when you spoke of this show as a, maybe. I'll be there. - D Lets
Ready to listen to the big three Windows Weekly, MacBreak Weekly and This Week in Google...TWiT is in a class by itself. - Christopher Knopick
Windows Weekly is the best because Paul does something 90% of the TWiT network hosts don't do: RESEARCH! - Mark
Should call it "this week in the clouds"  - Stan from iPhone
Looking forward to it Leo! - Cody Clark
gonna check this one out - (jeff)isageek
TWiG is better than TWiC (This Week in [the] Cloud) for those saying he shouldn't have put Google in the name. - Marcus Boyce
Alright. Very cool - Dylan Richardson
Looking forward to it. - archaictree
Jeff is a great choice for this. WWGD - Rob Truman from fftogo
What's in a name? ;-) I look forward to this new addition to the TWiT network! - Joe Gilbert
Great.. looking forward to it... - Shoukat Dharani
this is hilarious with hindsight - Mark
Gina is great, as is Jeff. I really look forward to seeing how this show develops. - Lori Todd
Google is taking over the world. Chrome OS = Android 2.0 for large laptop screens, Google Voice on Android and White Spaces will kill the $1 Trillion Telecom and ISP industry, you should talk about those ARM processor based netbooks that are coming out with Chrome browser in the next few months, they will take over the whole laptop market and start costing $150 with no contracts. - Charbax
Great show Leo. Great way to kick off Sunday morning. will try with hangover next week - guydownunder from iPhone
TWiG was great! It really makes me want to dive into the cloud. :) - Curt Tweedle
Loved the show! - Krista House
Great show! I will be a regular weekly viewer & I want to be a part of the Wave you set up. - Don Struble
There is one This Week in Google podcast in iTunes, but it's not this one ;) - Reijo
Someone else already took the name? Naughty Leo for not checking lol - Mark from iPhone
It would be ironic if it was the twitvid folks who made the podcast hehe. Leos show was much better anyways - Mark from iPhone
I have been looking forward to this show since you first announced it. Thanks! - Bruce Vittetoe
Gina T. mentioned y'day it wasn't up on iTunes yet, but they were working on it. Sounds like another TWiT winner! - Rob Greco from email
Great what a good idea since Google seems to run the show/ - Rob Cairns
Is TWig on iTunes yet? - Devon Govett
Looking for it on iTunes here too, nothing yet. - Andrew Leahey
Take a while to appear on iTunes. Meanwhile you can add it manually to iTunes with the following URL: Thanks for listening! - Leo Laporte
Can't wait to subscribe! - Jonathan Hardesty
What was that thing that Jeff Jarvis brought up at about 46:00 and it sounded like; Prezee or Prez-e? I have looked on Google and I found nothing. - AquaGeneral
I think it was Prezi, - Brandon Eaker
i thinks is very important the post - amadeu.karen
Fantastic show... great topic. I found it on iTunes. - Denise Deverelle Crown
Chris Gulker
Robert Scoble
I love this series of photos of my son, Milan, shot during sunset yesterday. He's always running, I can't keep up!
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Ahh, the joys of being two years old. - Robert Scoble
How come your son has Serbian name? My grandfather's name was Milan and it's the common name in Serbia... Some Slavic roots? - Danica Radovanovic
btw, he is very adorable - Danica Radovanovic
That's awesome. Wonderful pictures of a darling boy. - Brett Nordquist
Danica: my wife's favorite author is Milan Kundera and I was supposed to take her to Milan. - Robert Scoble
Milan Kundera, yes yes :) Lovely! - Danica Radovanovic
Thanks Christopher, yeah, he does have my wife's looks. He runs like me, though (I ran four marathons in high school, fastest one at 3:14, so hopefully he keeps it up). - Robert Scoble
Robert - he's great! the little guy - love him! - bradzo
Wow, he's gotten big! Wonderful photos, Robert. - Karoli
Robert, I like that you remember the time of your fasted marathon. I think a blog post about your marathoning days is in order. :-) - Brett Nordquist
Nothing wrong with your photography Robert. :-) Wonderful series. - Håkan Dahlström
Brett: not much to say except I took up running cause the jocks were always trying to beat me up. They once tried to tape me to a tree. They got my brother instead (not Alex). Actually I got into running because of my middle school science teacher at Hyde Jr. High, Mike Mister. Mr. Mr. is what we called him. Anyway, there's no secret to running marathons, you just have to run a LOT. - Robert Scoble
By the way, this was the first time I used FriendFeed's photo feature. Very nice! - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'd like to get in shape to the point where I can run one. Have a ways to go. Playing a lot of basketball lately. - Brett Nordquist
Brett: to totally demoralize you, when I was in high school my running partner was a 45-year-old woman who ran 100 milers. She always kicked my ass. Probably explains why I don't run anymore. - Robert Scoble
shot #2 is awesome! - sean percival
Cute boy! Tks for sharing! - @Renchin@
MUNCH & KIN! - sofarsoShawn
Our daughter was born a few months before Milan (seriously, playdate next time we're back in the Santa Cruz area), but we have such blinders on that I saw this pic and thought "wow, how did that kid get so big already?" Oh. Right. He's two. Hope you're having as much fun as we are! - Ryan Sholin
I got to save some $$$ to buy a camera, but with the remodeling at my casa going on...not now. UGH. And my Morning Star will be 21 months on the 22nd of July!!! - Joel Robert Perez
hes running to get to a computer to check his friendfeed account! - Allen Stern
You're totally right Robert, this IS a great photo set! - Chris Heath
Plus, he's cute as all get-out. - Chris Heath
Scoble redux - Alan Morris from iPhone
Micro Scobleizer :D - Rafael
Really beautiful pictures. He looks so carefree and comfortable. Lovely! - Sheryl
love this shot Robert.. - Myrna
Run Forest Run! Where do they get the energy. Could I do that once? - Kevin J Hatton
woooo. so lovely. - pastas9
very stylish, great shots Robert - Alan Le
Adorable Robert!!!! these are really great! Milan is lucky to have you as a Dad :) - Susan Beebe
The first snap is lovely!! Adorable :D - Praveen Vasudev
Jason: actually that is a golf cart path. Maybe Milan is the next Tiger Woods! :-) - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert: I hate to lower this conversation to base, mechanical concerns, but what lens is that? Lovely shots, by the way. - Edward Coffey
Very straight back while running - very much like Michaal Johnson - he's going to be track star :) - Patrick Jordan
really cute kid.. Nice shots i'm sure was hard to get him to pose.. - Randy Nacol
looks like daddy - polou/indigo_bow
しかし、ソーシャルメディア界の巨人、Robert Scobleも子供を前にしてはただの親莫迦だなぁ、と思わせる写真。/とっても可愛い元気な男の子、って感じだよね。ま、うちの息子の方が元気で可愛いけどねっ! - Sakurai.Catshop from fftogo
@Sakuraiさま、初めまして。あまりにもの親バカぶりに思わず笑いました。す、すみません。 - Carloe Stamp
now we know you Robert thank you for sharing - Thomas Power
@carloe さん。親バカは日本ではユーモラスなもの, 微笑ましいものとして扱われます。ですから、思わず吹いてしまったのは実に正しい(笑)。コトバが逆さになって、バカ親になると、これは少しばかりネガティブな意味合いを帯びてきますが。/@carloe Oya-Baka is used and understood as humorous or smily sence in Japan. Therefore it's exactly that you laugh my comment. However, it will have negative sence if you exchange sort of word as Baka-Oya. - Sakurai.Catshop from fftogo
@RickCogley 仰るとおりですね。笑って済まされるバカ親もいれば、子供の命や将来に関わるほどのバカ親まで、色んな種類のバカ親がいます。困ったもんです。 - Sakurai.Catshop from fftogo
@RickCogley I agree you. There are a huge variety of Baka-Oya like just be lughed to serious for children's life or future. - Sakurai.Catshop from fftogo
Many say the same thing about his old man. :) - Snow Vandemore
Forrester Research
Launch of the Forrester blog for Customer Intelligence professionals
Paul Buchheit
Real-time search. We have it. It's here. -
Try It's also fun to watch the embedded search on the blog blog post ( You can see people discussing the blog post, from the blog post, in real time! - Paul Buchheit
coooool - zsafwan 
GREAT ! - stanjourdan
Eeee. Awesome. - Mark Trapp from iPhone
Lol, you flipped the switch before the post came out as far as I can tell. I was searching for it and I couldn't see it. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Yowsa. Makes quick easy work out of social media monitoring, don't it? - Ian Wilker
YAY!!! FriendFeed staff rocks, that's all there is to it =) - FFing Enigma
WAAAAAAAAA.. meta real time search.. love the concept of embed a real-time search !! Way to Team FF -- luv u guys !! :)- - Peter Dawson
Do you guys sleep? Honestly, love the constant output and attention you guys pay to user feedback. I know this highly requested and probably not easy to implement. - Frankie Warren
Twitter Killer! - David Schmidt
Thanks so much Paul & Co. Excellent work! - Leo Laporte
hey love they way they launched search.. espcially when its close to "Search Marketing Day 2009" !1 - Peter Dawson
Thanks Leo. Jim and Gary did most of the work on this one though. - Paul Buchheit
Track is back! This is a gamechanger. - Mike Doeff from iPhone
Track is back! - Christian Burns from iPhone
Excellent news. - LPH™ and his dog P™ from BuddyFeed
I think I'm going to scream if I hear "track" again - someone please define it for me - Jesse Stay
Wow, great work! - Meryn Stol
I stand in awe of your hackfullness. - Ted Gilchrist
Good work. Much-anticipated. - Louis Gray
@Jesse: It's a dead twitter command "track keyword" sends you realtime updates whenever the word is used. Think of it like realtime google alerts for friendfeed. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I'm pretty sure Gillmor et al kept calling it "track" because that's what Twitter called it back when they had it for a week. - Daniel J. Pritchett
On a related note, live embeddable searches mean that I can hack together my own FF embeds for the pages that don't have them yet, like say "comment:dpritchett" - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel, Twitter never had this - this isn't "track" - Jesse Stay
you guys rock. - Karoli
The blogpost said they're working to implement "keyword notifications" Jesse, that will be "track" - Frankie Warren
Twitter's brought back track, it's just no one cares. You can now have updates by keyword on Twitter pushed to you, via XMPP, just like track used to. Gillmor says that's not track. - Jesse Stay
That's why I hate the term "track" - no one knows what it is. The way Paul is explaining it, as real-time search, is a much better way of explaining it. - Jesse Stay
I guess we're still missing the realtime notifications piece that folks want. You can shape the firehose to watch terms in realtime but you can't yet get it pushed outside of FF via email or IM? - Daniel J. Pritchett
Daniel, Twitter has that right now, but Gillmor says that's not track - Jesse Stay
/me prints up a few hundred "That's not track!" t-shirts - Daniel J. Pritchett
Jesse: Oh, i'm with you... Real-Time Search is a better term :) - Frankie Warren
BTW, integrating this into my blog right now - Jesse Stay
Me too Jesse. Making a new static page for that comment:dpritchett search I mentioned - Daniel J. Pritchett
this is definitely cool and all, but what about API? We are falling way behind on feature sets :) - Tim Hoeck
It's like an alternative to watching TV, in a literary sort of way. - Ted Gilchrist
awesome!:) - m.0
kewl! - phil baumann
Yay! This is the killer feature (once it's in the API, of course ;) - Brandon Titus
I'd love to see a blog post about how this is implemented. Real-time search has some interesting problems. - Chris Lamprecht
I take it back - I can't integrate this into my blog until I can filter it to a single list. I really need an embed for "comment:dpritchett list:e20" except lists are still virtual in that no one other than me can see them unless I use the atom export. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Awesomeness! I'm loving this right now. - Anthony K. Valley ©
Wow you guys rock! - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
I am sloooooooooooow. But what/where is the template to make the embeddable widget. please? - Marg Uerite
You're right Jesse - it's not exactly Track but it's getting a lot closer. The old Twitter Track allowed you to set up multiple search terms (e.g. track iphone) and get those delivered to your IM with zero time lag. At any time you could type "track" to see what you're currently tracking and "untrack" to untrack something - e.g. "untrack iphone". There are some third party tools that... more... - Mike Doeff
Paul, is there a way to change the title of the embed? The long search string looks kinda bad. - Jesse Stay
Mike, Twitter offers that today. Gillmor says it's not Track. - Jesse Stay
Marg, after you do a search, click the "Share / embed search" link to get the embed code. - Dan Hsiao
Jesse, are you sure? Can you provide a URL describing this feature? I think you're referring to Twitter Search (and saved searches) which is totally different. - Mike Doeff
Mike, it's in beta and available to developers, but it's back, minus SMS support: - Jesse Stay
Jesse, when / where did Gillmor say that isn't track? I'm pretty sure that Steve just wants the old track brought back, with some filtering capabilities added (the old Track didn't filter out blocked accounts). - Mike Doeff
Yay! Have been eagerly awaiting this. :) - Rick Turoczy
Mike, he's said in various comments. Looks like Track to me... Heck, it's even called "track". - Jesse Stay
BTW this is on now (look in the sidebar): - Jesse Stay
for my italian friends: stica... - Alberto D'Ottavi from fftogo
Jesse - you can hide the ugly search bar with a little quick CSS - it's <h1> under an easily identified class. - Daniel J. Pritchett from IM
Daniel, good idea - I'd love to change the title more than that though. - Jesse Stay
just a few minutes work and I have a FriendFeed realtime search embedded in a blog (web 2.0 event) - Jeroen De Miranda
FF guys: we like your style :) --- way to go!! - Harscoat
I think I'm going to cry - Bwana ☠
awesomesauce! - Simon Wicks
This is a really great innovation, congrats friendfeed team! - Garin Kilpatrick
Thanks, Jim and Gary! Lots of hard work for a very cool result! - Anne Bouey
HhhhhUuuuuuGggggEeeee !!! - Harold Cabezas
I want to 'Like' this *twice*! many thanks! - mr. lambert
The first step in a storystreaming platform! - Kevin Sablan
Whoa. Wow. And Yes! Fantastic work, FF team. - Micah
Good stuff although should support negative operators such as I should able to search my name in the all posts NOT coming from me. I've tried "from:-username" but it doesn't seem to work. - Ferruh Mavituna
OK, you guys are wicked talented! It's kind of scary, but I love it. So what's next? Just kidding:) - Michael Fidler
Ferruh: you just have it a bit backwards... try -from:username instead :) - Ross Miller
WOOOOOOOOOOW. Friendfeed is really pushing some cool features out :). Friendfeed is the best :) - alfred westerveld
How can we embed FriendFeed search? - Mike Reynolds
Mike - There's a link at the top of the search just beneath the red bar. - Mitch
A box will pop up, take the HTML code from the bottom of that box. - Mitch
Thanks Mitch! - Mike Reynolds
Nice the embedding code can be dynamic.... <iframe src="" frameborder="0" height="600" width="400" style="border:1px solid #aaa"></iframe> - Mike Reynolds
Thanks @Ross it works fine now, love the RSS output. - Ferruh Mavituna
tabbr likes this - tabbr
Woo! So: will this cause a FF server meltdown anytime soon? - Tim Tyler
very good! - standin
Highly addictive--great stuff! I did notice that if you do a search like [google] you'll see dupe stories streaming by quite a bit (e.g. the TechCrunch story about Google Voice shows up over and over right now). Not sure if it's possible to de-dupe based on destination url a little bit more? - Matt Cutts
two months after redesign, we have access to real-time search. good news bc my preferred search engine is friendfeed. ;) - Franc, a rememberer
We are there, in the battle against Twitter - Michael_techie
Best search engine became better :) - Chirag Chamoli
I can't say enough how amazing this is. So, I ordered a bottle of real-time translation to go with this magnificent feast of real-time search :D - Micah
Just to show what is possible now with this feature, I've built SteroidFeed: Go here to see it as well as download the files: Latest version is 1.01. - LPH™ and his dog P™
It's amazing! - Lizunlong
I've been waiting for this since the new UI, excellent, thank you Paul and FF! I'll give this a play later. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Micah, really looking forward to having your scripts work in Chrome. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
This is great. Well done, guys. - James Myatt
Awesome :D - Praveen Vasudev
great!! - Mike Chelen
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