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My music has no Bob between Dylan and Marley. Direct from Desolation Road into Is This Love. Who belongs in that gap?
RT @LifeCheating: Practice turning people into trees.
RT @ceptional: Elsevier profit 36% and Wiley 42%. How? By paying authors nothing and charging taxpayers to read work they funded.
RT @paulg: If there is anything in the world better than being spontaneously hugged by a 2 year old, I haven't found it in 49 years.
RT @markjaquith: The new version of “stranger danger” is actually real: stranger asking a child where their parent is, attempting to get the parent arrested.
RT @MaajidNawaz: I ask all critical folk to read @SamHarrisOrg on Israel/Gaza.You may not agree with it all,but it will make you think
RT @ladyaeva: Best safe word: "CTRL-C" (via @633nm ♥)
RT @altjoen: This tweet is not available in your country.
RT @willowdower: Yesss useful femme toys. RT @Gizmodo: A multi-function clip that hides a toolbox in your hair
RT @TUDr_AS: Happy Birthday is not in copyright, and Warner owes the world hundreds of millions for improperly collected royalties
RT @richardbranson: There has never been a better time to end the #warondrugs. RT if you agree
RT @LibaLab: When you want to buy a really fancy hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail.
When you only read Twitter on the toilet, "Load more tweets" is a clear symptom of constipation.
RT @Oatmeal: Happy scare-the-crap-out-of-your-dog day
RT @RobDenBleyker: This Independence Day please remember that fireworks are not a toy, they are meant to be aimed at the nearest British ship.
RT @joshwhiton: @paulg The current industrial food system bears striking resemblance to a real life Milgram experiment.
RT @Oatmeal: .@woodlandparkzoo I heard you guys banned gambling at the zoo… TOO MANY CHEETAHS.
RT @SethMacFarlane: Religious freedom is a right everyone deserves, but the Supreme Court has set an nasty precedent with this one.
RT @Sethrogen: The people at Hobby Lobby are assholes and those who voted to let them be assholes are also assholes.
RT @micnews: Remember London's "anti-homeless" spikes? Here's how Vancouver responded
Went to YouTube with a purpose. Recommended content grabbed my attention for 4 videos and 2 ads before I remembered my purpose.
RT @mattmiklic: @ryanmarkel Sorry man, too late — I showed them how to send a Yo to @skeltoac and when he responded, they were hooked.
RT @LifeCheating: Use Elmer's Glue while tanning to get a sun tattoo. The glue easily peels off.
RT @mojombo: Super excited to announce Codestarter, a new project I've been working on with @tpdubs2. Laptops for kid coders!
RT @nikolayb: Contemporary art is when con artists sell you temporary art.
RT @History_Pics: Skating New York in 60’s by Bill Eppridge.
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