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Teaching texting to my 4-year-old -
Post-birthday Breakfast -
Getting ready for Lella’s 3rd Birthday -
Disney World Fort Wilderness vacation photos -
.@att & @twc You lost my phone number during a port and you want me to jump through hoops to fix it. Shame on both of you terrible giants.
RT @BusquedaJess: in front of the makeshift memorial where Mike Brown was killed, they've set up a voter registration table #Ferguson
RT @ryanmarkel: If you are looking for the source of over-militarized police, look no further than the war on drugs.
RT @DrScienceCat: This is how owls are weighed
No record, no force.
Happy to see Time saying it: Cops need to start wearing cameras via @TIMEIdeas
RT @markwaterous: @skeltoac You mean this peaceful protest?
#Ferguson police to be commended for bravely not using any of the deadly force they eagerly brought to the peaceful protest.
RT @IsaacHayes3: Officers in Rialto, Ca now wear Body Cameras. In 1 Year "Use of force” incidents dropped by 59% & complaints by 88%.
RT @jbarro: Why have we allowed police to look, and act, like occupying military forces in our own cities?
I say "Far from it" like Sam Elliott in The Big Lebowski. I should try it like Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix when Neo asks, "Am I dead?"
Keep working in different projects and languages until you see that there are multiple right answers.
From "Indeed many construction materials can make perfectly acceptable propellants in their own right."
RT @fightcopytrolls: In the beginning, God created Copyright to give Himself an incentive to continue creating. -- Genesis 1:0.
RT @AndrewNacinVEVO: Looking to have shirts printed. Can anyone give me a quote? Need 35,000, all size Medium
RT @melchoyce: Tech diversity problems: the women's bathroom is actually pretty crowded. #wcnyc
My music has no Bob between Dylan and Marley. Direct from Desolation Road into Is This Love. Who belongs in that gap?
RT @LifeCheating: Practice turning people into trees.
RT @ceptional: Elsevier profit 36% and Wiley 42%. How? By paying authors nothing and charging taxpayers to read work they funded.
RT @paulg: If there is anything in the world better than being spontaneously hugged by a 2 year old, I haven't found it in 49 years.
RT @markjaquith: The new version of “stranger danger” is actually real: stranger asking a child where their parent is, attempting to get the parent arrested.
RT @MaajidNawaz: I ask all critical folk to read @SamHarrisOrg on Israel/Gaza.You may not agree with it all,but it will make you think
RT @ladyaeva: Best safe word: "CTRL-C" (via @633nm ♥)
RT @altjoen: This tweet is not available in your country.
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