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Sketchin is a user experience design studio dealing with web and mobile projects.
Cerchiamo un praticante in UX Design -
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We are on holiday! See you on August 18! #summer #holidays
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Qual è il valore del #servicedesign nell'economia dell'esperienza #SD #esperience #experienceeconomy
Dal materiale all’immateriale. Il valore del Service Design -
Un approfondimento su Business Innovation by Design -
Un corso autunnale per imprenditori che vogliono approfondire l'Experience Design @insidetraining #UX #CX #formazione
Business Innovation by Design Explained @BIDmodel. A post by @jeffreytjendra
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A small aperitivo after the presentation @BIDmodel @TalentGardenit
RT @davidedattoli: Business Innovation by design Workshop in #tagmilano with @sketchin @lucamascaro
Innovate can be as fun and simple ad playing lego @BIDmodel @TalentGardenit
Different disciplines can be merged in a unique framework to innovate business @BIDmodel @TalentGardenit
#change and #design influence business @BIDmodel @TalentGardenit
waiting for the last people to come in @BIDmodel @TalentGardenit #event #business #design
Pronti per domani? appuntamento con @BIDmodel alle 17.30 al @TalentGardenit di Milano! Vi aspettiamo!
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Ancora pochi posto disponibili per partecipare all'evento dell'8 luglio su @BIDmodel!
Volete saperne di più su @BIDmodel? non perdete l'evento dell'8 luglio alle 17.30 al @TalentGardenit di Milano!
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The presentation od @BIDmodel that Jeffrey Tjendra gave yesterday evening
Should policy involve in business? What is the role of the government in leading business innovation?
The panel in business design involving siegfried Alberton e Lorenzo Leoni di fondazione Agire
The matter is creating value and orchestrare for growth: a general framework is needed @BIDmodel
Different disciplines have addressed those problemfron different perspectives, but every one has a partial impact @BIDmodel
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