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Sketchin is a user experience design studio dealing with web and mobile projects.
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Facing the turbulence. The value of #BusinessDesign | Sketchin journal
Car Sharing: come cambia il nostro modo di vivere la città
My week on twitter: 7 New Followers, 3 Mentions, 4.37K Mention Reach, 1 Retweets, 21 Retweet Reach. via
Making a speech at #TEDxLugano was an huge experience!!!
Making the un-natural become natural thanks to sacrifice. A lesson from larry huras #TEDxLugano
RT @TEDxLugano: Larry Huras at #TEDxLugano #ALensofOpportunity: "... Commitment is the key, really is."
RT @oeg87: Larry Hurras #profesional #coach: To win u need: talent, leadership, commitment, chemistry, strategy/tactics ... #TEDxLugano
RT @barbaravannin: The experience must be memorable and define our expectations! #TEDxLugano #ALensofOpportunity @sketchin
The Quality of the experiences we live defines the Quality of our Life #TEDxLugano
Why this Experience was so memorable? Because it was designed! #TEDxLugano
Design for the experience is one the most powerful opportunity of our age #TEDxLugano
RT @barbaravannin: If U want to succeed it's ok to lose control. #TEDxLugano #ALensofOpportunity
RT @ryanvannin: Think big, improvise, be inspired. That's Jazz! #tedxlugano
Think big: a lesson from the Hamburg jazz festival #TEDxLugano
RT @TEDxLugano: @NatiTal at #TEDxLugano #ALensofOpportunity: "Think outside that bubble! Talk to the people around you and share your ideas"
RT @barbaravannin: Visual help us to understand info #TEDxLugano #ALensofOpportunity
RT @lucamascaro: Ok guys #TEDxLugano is impressive. 1h to my speech and i'm feel #hungry ^_-
Are we natural born startuppers? #tedxlugano
Experience is the core element of every speech here @TEDxLugano #tedxlugano
Is disaster an opportunity? #alensofopportunity #tedxlugano
Tue sweet spot is the interaction between technology, psychology and economics #tedxlugano
When cello tells spy stories #tedxlugano
The crysis of cities in information age #tedxlugano
When Sally met Harry: sales is a love affair #TEDxLugano
Pronti per il @TEDxLugano!
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