Just submitted this via the Tivo Pokerstats bug email address, but don't know if anyone reads it:
Now that I've finally (after 8 long years) made it on the Top 10 EV chart (and therefore this comment is no longer self serving), it's a bug that this chart has people on it who haven't played in years and only played for a relatively few number of games. I get that we want new people to show up -- it's good for the game and it gives people something to shoot for. But we should also get some of the more frequent players on the list. I'd suggest that if someone hasn't played for a year (or some reasonably long time), they come off the list. They can always come back on if they become active again. Separately, we should consider if five entries is enough to get on the board. Seems like that's too soon and it should be more, like 10 or 12. But I don't feel as strongly that this is a bug -- it's more important that the chart have active players on it. thanks! \Steve P.S. Another possibility is to expand the list to top 20 or something larger than 10. That is not mutually exclusive to the two suggestions above. - Steve
This isn't a new ask, but good to hear there's several people who are interested in this change :) It's on my list of things to do. Thanks for the feedback! - Jonathan Disher
+1 - Ken Gidley
Statistically speaking, there will be big swings even after 10-12 tournaments played. Having played tournament chess in my younger days, it took 20 games before a "provisional" rating became "official", i.e., a fair indicator of a player's ability. I suggest we use the same threshold of 20 tournaments as well for the group stats. Definitely +1 on listing players active within the last year and expanding the list to top 20. - Leonard Loscutoff
This would enable some of us who play a lot but don’t have the longevity of Rob, Ken, Stephen and other founders to still show up on the lists if we are doing well.
Thanks for responding, Jonathan. The other things that would make the TiVo poker group statistics more fun would be top 5 percentage lists for things such as first place, second place, third place, bubble, and frequent cashers -- although this should be limited to people who have played in at least 20 tournaments. This would enable some of us who...
Poker was fun -- thanks! And for those who were there an met my son Noah, please let me know if you have a lead for a summer spot for him :) As a freshman from UW, he doesn't have specific skills (other than he's an awesome jazz sax player) but he's polite and bright -- though not a programmer.
Following that discussion about the lack of interest in Revolution, here's how Gregg Easterbrook sums it up Spoiler Alert -- Mom Is Sure to Be Alive: "Revolution," which premiered last week, is the latest big-budget prime-time attempt to capture the sci-fi /conspiracy/ apocalypse ground once held successfully by "Lost" and "Heroes." Like previous...
Thanks to everyone for a fun night of poker -- did anyone lose this bottle? I have a lost little water bottle looking for its owner.
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