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Skylar Saveland

Skylar Saveland

hater, imitator, innovator and idiot
I want to be a good Libertarian; but, Palin, et al, will have me reaching for D
might be off on that numberwang but yeah :-) @filipePinto
RT @filipePinto: Currency started circulating 4000 years ago. We trade with an ancient concept of value. The #knowledgeeconomy needs a new standard :-)
don't trust our competitors who use cheap, imitation, unrevisioned localization fields. we never use hardcoded sequence numbers ...
our genuine CollectionRevisionLocalizationForm objects are hand-crafted using the finest CollectionRevisionItems
we have triply-nested tabs. me: "can we do an.. egg on this page? like blood dripping out of the tabs" designer: "um yes" #I_love_this_guy
RT @zainy: I don't agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to misattribute this quote to Voltaire
if that opt-out from alumni emails didn't work I'll be pretty irritated as I was passed-over for a job doing webdev at KSU years ago.
we should apply our new "Spitball Buckshot" development methodology
all of my favorite software on OSX comes from homebrew, git, hg and tarballz L)
RT @davisagli: what I really care about in OS X Lion: will I be able to build Python and lxml without jumping through hoops?
a good answer is VLC! :-)
#lazy_web , I want to play a .m3u stream on OSX and I don't want to agree to the iTunes TOS, what say you?
that my editor knows about |capfirst as a template filter and highlights it accordingly is flabbergasting
2006, 'MySQL server has gone away' ... we wish, we wish ...
If I was Microsoft, I would definitely base my cloud service around linux.
RT @kiphampton: Are there vi vs. emacs war re-enactors?
I always like to find where in the flow I'm being turned into a tuple ... when I so want to be a mutable object
whatever the value of my twitter account, I'm sure that if you added like $4, you would have enough to get a nice cup of coffee.
ok google, we now have a private etherpad setup; you may shutdown wave, thanks.
not having music in my headphones while people are crinkling their breakfast wrappers is often the biggest emergency of the day.
RT @djangogithub: Fixed #6735 -- Added class-based views.: m django/views/generic/ + django/views/generic/ m djang...
if only there was some sort of interconnected network, we could communicate and transmit data to those who are not co-located. #commuting
ever get the feeling that you might be at work too late on a Friday? ... nooooooo!
RT @lvh_: Okay! So Allen and I are planning on co-hosting the Twisted EXTREME PYCON US TALK OMG YES. What would you like us to talk about?
OH: "Flash Player supports a subset of properties in the original CSS1 specification, way to reach for the stars" @benjohnson
my life went off track somewhere and I ended up at
Knuth's Infrequently Asked Questions:
I want to watch the 2009 django talk on sproutcore. Anyone got a link?
#pycon, can we get the videos indexed next time?
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