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Franc, a rememberer
A simple extension for Chrome I just made. / Pequeña extensión que acabo de hacer. / Basically the same ol' bookmarklet wrapped in a distinctive ff button. Check it out:
Love it! - Jesse Stay
cool! extension's first success! - Franc, a rememberer
Well, not sure it's working :-) I'm running OS X Chromium nightly, and clicking it doesn't seem to do anything. - Jesse Stay
But I like having the FF logo next to my URL bar, so that's a success :-) - Jesse Stay
It's right next to the Facebook logo - Jesse Stay
// EDIT: ok that's messy. here: Anybody know hoe to make it work on OSx? - Franc, a rememberer
Works fine on Mac OS X 5.0.335 dev channel release. It looks like extensions are disabled on the extensions website and on Chrome internal pages, but if you go to like the bookmarklet pops up just fine. You can try to remove the %20 in the action_url string, but removing it didn't seem to affect my usage either way. - Mark Trapp
Good work, Francisco. - Micah
Thanks, Micah. @Goadkicker Super! - Franc, a rememberer
Actually, it seems to work, just wasn't working on the link to the extension. Seems to work fine on other pages though so I think we're good. - Jesse Stay
Neat - eugenio
Great to hear, Jesse. Btw. What does the facebook button do? :-) - Franc, a rememberer
Francisco, here's the Facebook one: - from what I hear it was written at a Facebook hackathon by an intern there. - Jesse Stay
I really like the small scrolling bar they styled there. Sweet. - Franc, a rememberer
If you could combine FFcheck with the bookmarklet, that would be very useful - Shey
and friendfeedTranslate - if someone does this, I suggest using kynetx to do it. It will give you one jquery-based language to write extensions with one code base across most browsers: - Jesse Stay
*ears perk up* - Micah
Jesse, are you an advisor to kynetx (I see they're based in Lehi)? Do you know what their business model is - have they stated anything as such publicly. It certainly looks interesting. - Micah
Micah, I am not an advisor, nor do I have any vested interest. I just really like what they're doing. Their business model is in building custom apps for brands interested, or in consulting. I'm not sure what other types of deals they do. Their developer platform is free though. You can ask @windley or @fulling on Twitter though and I'm sure they can answer more detailed questions than I'm aware. - Jesse Stay
Of note, @windley wrote the Digital Identity book for O'Reilly, and has a very strong identity background. I fully expect them to go full force into the identity realm with what they're doing. Imagine completely customized context (such as this extension, but even more), through extensions, action cards, and bookmarklets, across all browsers. - Jesse Stay
@Shey do you have a link to ffcheck? never heard of it. EDIT: never mind. ..I think it's doable. ;-) as for ff translate ... - Franc, a rememberer
Lol, if it's doing so, I had no idea. @Slippy - Franc, a rememberer
Wow, just what i needed, thanks Francisco! - Majento
@Slippy ¬¬ haa I should have seen it coming! I'm glad it's useful, Majento. - Franc, a rememberer
cool, but like the bookmarklet doesn't work in recent builds of chrome (e.g. 5.0.375.99) - scott willeke
I'm gonna test that and update. - Franc, a rememberer
what seems to be the issues?, it does work fine in 5.0.375.99 (Build oficial 51029) beta and 6.0 dev channel (windows 7) - Franc, a rememberer
it's not working for me, too. can we solve this problem? - ToMtOm
Yeah, seems to be broken in the current stable version. Clicking the button doesn't do anything. :( I guess it's back to the regular bookmarklet for the time being. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
It broke for me too. - Skyler Call from Android
I've been checking it for the past week or so and it only seems to be broken in old installs of chrome. new installs are ok. I dunno what could be causing this. :P - Franc, a rememberer
doesn't work any more: chrome 15.0.874.121 on OS X - eugenio
sorry, eugene I've been having trouble to make it work on all installs. are you testing it outside of the chrome extension gallery as well? If you or anyone could help reviewing the background page code, here it is: - Franc, a rememberer
Did you discover something awesome and techy this week? Tell me about it. - Peter Dawson
All electric Delorean is going into production. - SAM
yes FB has a major security breach with the file upload - Peter Dawson
Google Plus is now available to Google Apps users! - Skyler Call
that flying ball is kewl.. - Peter Dawson
Wow, good stuff! - Rahsheen
AJ Batac
Shift+"Compose mail" (open a new window) on Gmail hasn't worked for me for the last couple of weeks on different computers/OS.
Does it work for you? - AJ Batac
It does. I am using Google Chrome (Beta Channel) in Windows 7 64-bit. - Skyler Call
It works on my other Gmail with less than 6GB of mails. This particular one doesn't load for me anymore. Wonder if that's the case. :( - AJ Batac
Found a solution! I turned off my chat sound "" now it's working again. :/ - AJ Batac
Morton Fox
Looks like Google Health is shutting down in 2012. Wonder what a suitable replacement for that would be.
Why are they shutting down? I have heard of it but never tried it. What good does it do you? - Skyler Call
Google is shutting down Google Health because it didn't catch on. - Morton Fox
It's basically a place to store health records. - Morton Fox
AJ Batac
This is Smart: Nest Learning Thermostat -
This is Smart: Nest Learning Thermostat
This is Smart: Nest Learning Thermostat
Meet Nest, the world’s first Learning Thermostat. Nest learns from your temperature adjustments, programs itself to keep you comfortable, and guides you to energy savings. You can control the thermostat from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and Nest never stops learning, even as your life and the seasons change. This video shows you how Nest is different from programmable thermostats; how it saves energy and learns your schedule. Find out how you can control Nest from a phone or laptop and see how much you saved in Energy History. Pretty cool huh? Learn more about the Nest Learning Thermostat at This is Smart: Nest Learning Thermostat originally appeared on ajb{log} on October 25, 2011. Tweet This - AJ Batac
Some neat ideas there. - SAM
Awesome. Hope they will also be available in Canada - AJ Batac
Subsonica - La funzione -
Subsonica - La funzione
"The uploader has not made this video available in your country." - Skyler Call
I'm sorry, music labels are stupid in every country, though - scotu
Nathan Chase
Soda: We Try All 127 Flavors from the Coke Freestyle Machine -
Morton Fox
This season of House is now as boring as all the other medical dramas. It's like the show jumped a shark and the shark jumped another shark.
That one episode in prison was worse than the season that started in a mental institution. Also, the hospital seems rather empty after Taub, Chase, Thirteen, and Cuddy left. - Morton Fox
I believe Taub, Chase will be back. They are signed on for this season. - Eric - Final Countdown
I liked the mental institution one, but not so much the prison episode. Now, with the ankle monitor, he's TV's Lindsey Lohan. - Eric - Final Countdown
Its the Moonlighting effect. When the two main characters have gotten together, there is only one or two more seasons left of the show, depending on the producers and actors. - Me
Spoiler alert for those of us following on Hulu Plus (episodes are aired eight days late)! - Skyler Call
^That goes for Fringe as well. Both shows are on Fox if you'll notice. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I'm enjoying the two new Dr's but overall if i stopped watching House I don't think I'd be too upset. - Lnorigb
Skyler, aren't episodes available sooner if you're on Hulu Plus? Regular Hulu has an 8-day delay. - Morton Fox
When I'm this invested in a show, I must see it through. - Eric - Final Countdown
The most recent available episode on Hulu Plus is Charity Case where 13 comes back and gets fired at the end. I haven't seen Taub yet this season. - Skyler Call
Morton Fox
Heh. The change log for the latest Key Ring app update says it has 25.3% more cowbell!
I have never gotten that app to work. - Skyler Call
How much of your Gmail are you using? I'm at 7%, 587MB of my 7632MB.
"26% full. Using 1986 MB of your 7632 MB." - That's So CAJ!
8% full Using 675 MB of your 7632 MB - Sir Shuping is just sir
47%. - Trish R
23% full. Using 1771 MB of your 7632 MB - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I feel like going back and deleting stuff. I only started my account when I started looking at library schools so, 11/2009. Almost two years now. - Derrick
This makes me want to clean mine up, too. I've had that account since 2004. - Trish R
19% or 20%, I think - DJF from Android
39% - Maitani
1% (they must round up) - chaz2b
<1% - Joe
2 hours ago it was 27% and now it is 11% - Gur-Khan
37% full - Shevonne
Zee-roe. - Zamms
This will help you find the biggest files in your account: - Skyler Call
20%. But most of my mail is offline. I have stuff going back to the 80s although I didn't get serious about e-mail hoarding until the mid-90s. - Akiva
187% of my free account. I win. - Adrian
%0 full. "Using 4 MB of your 7631 MB" - imabonehead
91% full Using 6965 MB of your 7631 MB. Holy crap - I'm an outlier....Anyone know an easy way to sort Gmail messages by size? - Eric Sizemore
1%- my primary email is a MSN account. Gmail is for chatting. :) - Jenny
0.03% 229 MB of 7632 MB. I'm OCD with my inbox - sofarsoShawn
31% full - Using 2396 MB of your 7629 MB - Kyle Prime
23% full - Using 1822 MB of your 7632 MB - Rodfather
79%, and i used to be a dude who would clear it out after it reached 16%...what happened to me? - Bryan R. Adams
73% - I need to clean out old list stuff. - Holly's favorite Anna
10% in one account and 15% in the other. - John (bird whisperer)
Storage: 6.7 GB (24%) of 27.5 GB - batuhan icoz from Android
which account? - the primary is 33% - bob
11% full Using 876 MB of your 7638 MB - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
41% - Georgia
34% - Peter Dawson
13% full Using 996 MB of your 7638 MB - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
10% - rønin
14% Using 1135 MB of your 7638 MB - Ross Miller
23% full Using 1794 MB of your 7638 MB - Hedgehog
Skyler Call
Hulu Plus - Android Market -
Hulu Plus - Android Market
How did I miss this earlier? Hulu Plus is now available in the Android Market. - Skyler Call from Bookmarklet
Mark Christiansen
Leo Laporte
Why You'll Fire Siri and Hire Google - Datamation
But don’t let this temporary superiority lead you astray. The A.I. wars have just begun. And Google will ultimately prevail. - Leo Laporte
Link to article Leo references -> - Skyler Call
AJ Batac
*Google+ Simple Bookmarklet* for Firefox and Chrome. It's a work in progress but should work ;)
Simple Google+ Bookmarklet by AJ Batac.jpg
Any chance in getting the Friendfeed Bookmaklet extension for Chrome working again? - Skyler Call
Mine still works in Chrome - AJ Batac
I am using Chrome 15.0.874.83 beta-m and Friendfeed Bookmarklet Mock 1.0. What about you? - Skyler Call
14.0.835.202 - AJ Batac
I'm at the same level as AJ, and the bookmarklet is working on mine as well. - Jennifer Dittrich
I have that version of Chrome running on my laptop. It doesn't work there either. I uninstalled the extension, closed Chrome, opened Chrome, reinstalled the extension, and it still doesn't work. Most people at are complaining it doesn't work for them. - Skyler Call
Oh, I thought you meant the 'drag to install' bookmarklet, not the extension. *bows out* - Jennifer Dittrich
i have 15.0.874.83 beta-m and mine works, :/ - chaz2b
Could it have broken when I changed my Friendfeed password? Do I need to reconfigure it somehow? - Skyler Call
Uninstall that Chrome extension and just use this -> - AJ Batac
(yep, thats the one i use; ty mr batac) - chaz2b
That works. I don't like using the Bookmarks toolbar though. Extensions are better because they sit up in the corner and don't take up much space. - Skyler Call
Michael W. May
bah.. having an old issue I've not seen in awhile; eyesight focus is getting stuck up close, not wanting to focus back out. stupid brain #fb
brainz iz contrary - MoTO Boychick Devil
Scary. I have had that happen a few times but it doesn't last longer than one second. - Skyler Call
Morton Fox
Probably should've rooted my phone earlier. Deleting those crappy stock apps makes it better.
Which phone? - Skyler Call from Android
An LG Optimus V. - Morton Fox
Skyler Call
Warning! Close Your Credit Card Accounts with Care -
"Before canceling those paid off, old or unused credit card accounts, review your credit report." - - Skyler Call
Skyler Call
Rules posted at the entrance to the kiddie play area at one of our local malls.
2. Children may play in Dino Towne if their height DOES NOT EXCEED 4 inches in height. - Skyler Call from Android
Skyler Call
"We're emailing you because at some point in the past you hit the 40 hour monthly listening limit on Pandora. We're excited to tell you that we've removed the monthly listening limit for Pandora. Starting now you can listen to Pandora as much as you'd like for FREE." - Pandora
There goes most of my future use of Spotify. - Skyler Call
Jesse Stay
Apple's "Find My Friends" is Apple at Its Worst -
I don't understand what Apple was thinking with today's announcement. I'll probably still get the iPhone 4S though. - Jesse Stay
Parents are going to love it. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Parents are already using Google Latitude. - Skyler Call
Not the parents I know. :p - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
I probably won't use iMessage or Find My Friends or Facetime because they're so Apple-only. But I do like the idea of location sharing just before a meeting, so people can see if I'm stuck in traffic or whatever. I'd want it hooked into Google Calendar, not into Apple's ecosystem… - Amit Patel
Skyler Call
I am in a chat room. I cannot remember the last time this happened.
My hosting provider is holding a town hall meeting online today. - Skyler Call
AJ Batac
BOSS Loop Contest 2011 - 'Get The Funk' - Matt Mulholland - YouTube -
BOSS Loop Contest 2011 - 'Get The Funk' - Matt Mulholland - YouTube
I was caught off guard with the language. He is saying "get the funk...". - Skyler Call
Louis Gray
Chrome Expected to Overtake Firefox as the #2 Browser by December -
Whose #1 ? - Peter Dawson
I'll keep doing my part. - Skyler Call
Skyler Call
I want three computers to have a folder that always mirrors the contents of another folder on a fourth computer. Operating Systems include Windows XP and Windows 7. Amount of data to be synced is about 1 GB. Would Dropbox or be a good solution for this? Do you have a better idea?
I decided on Dropbox. It is working very well. - Skyler Call
Skyler Call
Ever since Pandora released their new interface, the music will often not resume after being paused. I have to skip the song or switch stations to get music to play again. Is anyone else having this problem?
I am using Google Chrome version 15 (Beta Channel) in Windows 7 64-bit. - Skyler Call
The player was updated last night and the issue seems to have been resolved. Thank you Pandora! - Skyler Call
Eric - Final Countdown
I've been a big user of @Spotify , but this Facebook login requirement is really souring some off the service.
Requirement? I have no Facebook account and can still use the service. - Skyler Call
For new users. - Eric - Final Countdown
This is why I never tried out Turntable. - Amit Patel
Skyler Call
[Non propriamente in topic] Questa è davvero meritevole XD -
[Non propriamente in topic] Questa è davvero meritevole XD
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The actual help thread is located at - Skyler Call
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
"what comes after incipient?"
Recipient? - John (bird whisperer)
Inception? - Mike Nayyar
The Immaculate Inception, Mike. You forgot the rest of it. - Akiva
I wish gruntling existed. I want to gruntle people. GRUNTLE. - Akiva
I'm pretty sure you can do that in the Ukraine. - Mike Nayyar
Pack lightly. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Skyler Call
"Many web developers are unaware of how SQL queries can be tampered with, and assume that an SQL query is a trusted command. It means that SQL queries are able to circumvent access controls, thereby bypassing standard authentication and authorization checks, and sometimes SQL queries even may allow access to host operating system level commands." - - Skyler Call
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