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Thomas Hawk
Starting this week I'm going to reduce the number of weekly photos I'm archiving to Flickr - having doubts if it's the best long term place.
Which do you think IS the best, long-term spot for photos? - Prolific Programmer
The only place you can really rely on sticking around is your own self-hosted solution. - Skyler Call
Jim #teamFFrank
BTW, my new ride. You can't see the shifter in the pics but it's a standard trans. Nice to be in control of my own gear ratio once again.
Photo Sep 09, 4 24 00 PM.jpeg
Photo Sep 09, 4 24 42 PM.jpeg
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*fist bump* It's all about the manual transmission! - DB, Lil LB's Dad from Android
how is that Ford Sync? - chrisofspades
I miss having a standard transmission. - vicster.
What Ford is that? I've never seen one like that. #stickshiftyeahbaby - Adrian
It is the new Focus. - Skyler Call
Oh Sync! For a sec I thought it was a new ZX3 but it said SE on it. - Adrian
NICE! - AJ Batac
I've never owned an automatic. Nice to rent once in a while but when I drive one I suffer ghost clutch syndrome. - Adrian
130 on the speedo, huh? :P - That's So CAJ!
Sassy, J. I like it. - Derrick
Fiesta, right? This will probably be my next car as well. I test drove one a couple of months back, but they wouldn't give me enough in trade-in for my scion. - Friar Will
I get ghost clutch almost all the time when I drive my wife's car too. I've never owned an automatic. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
We need a peer support group, fellas, I've mashed the brake on rentals before. Not fun! - Adrian
Actually, it's the Fiesta. - Jim #teamFFrank
But he is shifty ;) Can I join the support group too? I get laughed at when I drive automatics because I ghost clutch and ghost shift. - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Nice, Slippy! Sign me up. - Adrian
Also a member of the ghost clutch/shift club. But truth be told, I'm not very good at driving my Scion tC, it needs you to shift much more quickly than previous cars I've owned. An unfortunate amount of herky jerky when I"m not concentrating... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
yes, its just accellerating beyond the shift point by the time i engage the clutch, so the thing slows down once i get it into the higher gear - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Uh, yes. I don't even need the idiot light for that... yet. - Jim #teamFFrank
Oh wait, you weren't talking to me. - Jim #teamFFrank
Oh sweet, I loved my focus, best car I have owned (at least the funnest to drive) and I've had an '84 Trans Am and a Mustang... - Scott. Cat Herder.
I drove both the Focus and this one. Both felt great but this one gets better MPG and was cheaper by a mile. - Jim #teamFFrank from FFHound!
I'm really digging the newly designed Focus. The styling is great IMO. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Needless to say, I am jealous. - Friar Will
Fiesta looks nice too. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Never answered Chris's question: the sync almost justifies the purchase all by itself, and I haven't even begun to really use it. Bluetooth audio simply kicks arse. - Jim #teamFFrank from FFHound!
Oh, and Will... If you're going to test one out go to Kennedy and ask for Len. Tell him I sent you, please. - Jim #teamFFrank from FFHound!
I am a fan! We have a focus, but husband wants the new fiesta. It's a cell phone you can drive! - tab from BuddyFeed
My car is 15 years old with 172K miles on it. Gonna need a replacement soon. Hrm. - Derrick
The Focus has Sync too; it also has Touch which the Fiesta does not. I was tempted, I'll admit, but available funds plus MPG dictated my choice. - Jim #teamFFrank from FFHound!
thanks for choosing a Ford, Jim. - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Good luck with your new car, Jim. - Frank's Mom Marcia
Skyler Call
1- Open a new file in Microsoft Notepad 2- Type ".LOG" 3- Save and close the file 4- Open the file again
I have decided to use this for keeping a work log. - Skyler Call
+1 I've started using it, too. I have a keyboard short-cut to bring it up when I want to enter information. - Mark Christiansen
I created a scheduled task to open the file every hour. That way I am reminded to enter something in case I have forgotten. - Skyler Call from Android
Jesse Stay
New Netflix Restriction: One Stream Per Customer -
This could be a deal-breaker for our family. - Jesse Stay
Ugh. They already have a poor setup for streaming videos + multiple profiles (e.g. only the primary profile can add to the instant queue, so my instant queue items pollute the recommendations for my wife). - Amit Patel
I was surprised a few days ago to learn that concurrent streaming from two devices works when I let my daughter watch The Backyardagains on the Xoom while I watched Top Gear with the Roku. I can understand why they are taking that away. - Skyler Call from Android
Tudor Bosman
PRO TIP: Do not type "cp /some/dir/foo*" when you mean "cp /some/dir/foo* .", especially when exactly two files match "foo*".
Yep. - Tudor Bosman
Oops. Hopefully you have a backup copy somewhere. - Skyler Call
Louis Gray
Happy third birthday, Chrome! -
Thanks goodness for Chrome, else I'd have to use Firefox...or even Opera! - That's So CAJ!
Three years already? Wow. - Skyler Call
AJ Batac
Superman vs. Google+ (Comic) -
Superman vs. Google+ (Comic)
That's why you should stick with FriendFeed. It's the social network for superheroes. - Amit Patel
I wouldn't mind putting my real name out there, IF THEY WOULD LET ME! - Skyler Call
Jesse Stay
My daughter made these for me on Saturday - they were delicious! (Stay N Cooking):
Are you posting this every twelve hours? - Skyler Call
Morton Fox
Finished clipping coupons from Sunday paper while relaxing at Hardee's. Might as well make use of the air conditioned room and iced tea.
I haven't seen a Hardee's in about twenty years. The one near me was replaced by a Burger King. - Skyler Call from Android
Skyler Call
Is anyone else having problems with the browser back button when using Gmail or Nagios in Google Chrome version 14.0.835.94 beta-m?
Google Chrome updated today and the back issue is gone! Yay! - Skyler Call
Thomas Hawk
.@scobleizer compares which sites drive the most traffic to his blog.
Go Friendfeed with 33 hits! - Skyler Call
Cali Lewis
Just sold a Galaxy Tab on the @Verizon network to my sister. She's very happy.
You are upgrading to the Motorola Xoom, huh? - Skyler Call
Louis Gray
Six reasons why your mom, dad and cousin will eventually flock to Google+ -
The only thing I'll say is this article makes some assumptions a bit weak. I think Google+ is nice, but a victory by sheer numbers is probably the worst thing you could have. The reason Apple is loved is because they developed brand loyalty. Windows didn't, and you now see the results. I want Google to try and win by capturing hearts and minds, not just win by default. Same with Android. Win well - Johnny from iPhone
Google has already tainted the well with the whole "real name." Even if they did a 180 and said they were going to allow pseudonym names, they have lost many. It will take a long while for Google to recover after that. As it is the powers that be are being obtuse about it. I doubt the great Louis Gray could spin this correctly. - Me
I am still looking for an answer to this question: why will Google+ succeed where Friendfeed didn't, and considering that it is an inferior product? - Sean McBride
One reason why my family hasn't flocked to Google+: No support for Google Apps users! - Skyler Call
1) Yes on Google Apps. This is a must. 2) The real names thing should be addressed, period. 3) I want to see value on quality vs quantity and you know I will say this a ton. As for G+ vs FriendFeed, who said FriendFeed didn't succeed? - Louis Gray
Louis -- Friendfeed hasn't succeeded commercially and financially -- yet. Do you agree that Google+ is a cheap knockoff of Friendfeed? I am amazed that some former Friendfeed celebrities are excited about it. What is the basis for the excitement? - Sean McBride
Sean, no goal to go deep in this discussion, but if you consider that we are at the early stages of Google+, and that it is being continuously improved by an active team and you consider the active alternatives out there, no other solution brings what you like about FriendFeed in a continuously improving way. Helping make Google+ excellent doesn't mean I don't love FriendFeed any less. - Louis Gray
Why is Facebook, which is in possession of a superior product (Friendfeed), not vigorously developing and promoting it (with some rebranding) against Google+? I guess I am asking several questions here (like this one). - Sean McBride
Sean. That's easy. Facebook didn't buy FriendFeed, they bought the staff. They bought the staff to bring those aspects of FriendFeed into their product. FriendFeed still 'exists' due to the dedication of said staff but I think it's a stretch to suggest that Facebook maintains FriendFeed for any commercial advantage. We exist as the leisure of a dedicated few, not Mr Zuckerberg - Johnny from iPhone
Johnny -- just my opinion, of course, but my impression is that Facebook doesn't really understand Friendfeed, doesn't understand the entire Friendfeed/Google+ space, and has squandered an extremely valuable resource. - Sean McBride
I (in my opinion) disagree. Besides the obvious talent in the group (Paul with Gmail, Bret's now in the upper-decks of management) a lot of the features integrated in Facebook in the past 2 years have been quintessentially FriendFeed. Facebook saw the value in the feature set and grabbed the team to bring it into their highly successful commercial product. It's easy to say that Facebook... more... - Johnny
I agree with you that Google (the corporate culture) didn't seem to get the Friendfeed space until it began to heavily copy Friendfeed with Google+ (Wave and Buzz didn't cut it), more than three years after Friendfeed was released to the world. I haven't been impressed by Facebook's absorption of a few Friendfeed features, but then again I am allergic to the overall cluttered Facebook... more... - Sean McBride
The problem with that is it assumes that the Google+/FriendFeed space is superior to Facebook in every respect. Now while technologically speaking it may be, in a commercial sense this is yet to be proven. If anything (going back to the original post), Google+ may have to adopt more Facebook-like features to entice the large-scale movement. Better isn't always better. A red 458 Spider... more... - Johnny
Maybe my mom, dad and cousin don't want to use their real names either. :) - Morton Fox
riigghht, you know me mam & dad as best as anyone. No. But you work it L(Gee)! - sofarsoShawn
Any network that has Johnny Worthington part of it is my favorite. - Louis Gray
Johnny -- you made a valid point there: Friendfeed/Google+ may be appealing only to the top percentile or two of the population in intelligence. This kind of platform is optimized for in-depth discussions and conversations. Most people use social media as vanity sites, not to explore ideas. I guess my main bafflement about Google+ is why tech savvy people like Robert Scoble are raving... more... - Sean McBride
my mom? good luck with that. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Morton Fox
Nearly forgot to stop for lunch because I was working on something interesting. Wow, how often does that happen? :)
I have done that a few times. - Skyler Call
Morton Fox
I've been getting many invitations to join Forecast. I guess I should check it out, now that they have an Android app.
AJ Batac
"Last year, it was deep-fried butter." - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
SOLD. - Andrew C (✔)
With a donut? Eew. - Skyler Call from Android
Thomas Hawk
Google+ rolled out verified profiles today:
I got verified. I've got about 7200 followers. - Kevin Fox
Mostly to inhibit people from making spoof account that other people will follow thinking it's actually someone else. Yeah, like there are people out there making fake Kevin Fox accounts to siphon off my users. Then again, if they're more entertaining than me, who am I to stop them? - Kevin Fox
Congrats, Kevin! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
So obviously Thomas Hawk's account cannot be verified, since its not his real name. - Nils Sandin
What if there are other people who have the same name as you, though? Can they be Kevin Fox on Google+? - Andrew C (✔)
I would assume so. I don't know how that works. Maybe it's also tied to my self-description or profile pic. I know of at least 5 other Kevin Foxes, and one other is a UX designer in the SF Bay area. - Kevin Fox
...for Google Apps users? - Skyler Call from Android
Kevin, grata on the checkmark. What did you have to do to prove your identity (if anything)? - Stephen Mack
Louis Gray
Google+ 1 More: I'm Joining Google Monday -
Google+ 1 More: I'm Joining Google Monday
Wow! That's great, Louis. Congrats. - Laura Norvig
Congratulations! - Jim #teamFFrank
Congrats LG, that's awesome! Now about that API ... ;-) - John
that's fantastic. congratulations Louis! - chrisofspades
Wait...we all knew +Louis Gray was with the Googs team already, no? Yes. :D Congratulations Louis!! All the best to you!!! - sofarsoShawn
You can be like the guy in the Dilbert comic. Instead of telling them to make it more "webbish", just tell the team to make it more "friendfeedish." - Laura Norvig
Congratulations, Louis, this is a fantastic move all round! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
When I first saw this headline, I thought, "hmm, what's Google Monday? Is that like Follow Friday?" - Laura Norvig
Congratulations Louis! Laura, I thought the same thing. I thought he was inventing a new Google meme - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Wow Cong';rats.. another one bites the dust !! - Peter Dawson
Congrats Louis! - Ken Gidley
Congratulations Google! Well done, Louis!! - Yolanda from Android
Holy smokes!!! Congrats! - Kevin Fox
Congrats Louis. Hope you find there what you are looking for. - Me
Congrats! Well deserved! (Does this mean even MORE swag? I can DM my address. :D ) - That's So CAJ!
Congratulations Louis, and Great Move Google! - John Craft
Congratulations Louis! They're insanely lucky to have you on board! - vicster.
Yes, congrats! - Eric - Final Countdown
Congrats, Louis! First step, you've got to convince them that the real name policy is a big marketing failure. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Congrats! - Dario Gomez
Congratulations! - Paul Buchheit
Ok heres your first assginment - tell Google Related to actually relate correct stuff and secondly can it be intregrated with G+ :)- - Peter Dawson
Congratulations, Louis! - Spidra Webster
Congrats! - ebru
Congrats, Louis! - LB needs a break.
congrats - Pluto in USA
Well congratulations to you!. All the very best from this died in the wool Mac Guy. I hope you can find the time, sometime, to make that My6Sense available in other apps and contexts outside the My6Sense app itself. - JSLeFanu
Congrats! You must be super excited! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Congratulations, Louis! - Ross Miller
Congrats sir! - SAM
Congrats Louis! Well deserved, what a perfect fit for this job. - Oguz Serdar
super congrats, Louis! :D - #cryptic
Congrats Louis! - Michael Fidler
:) great! - Franc, a rememberer
Sounds like a great fit. Congratulations! - Benjamin Golub
I might have to make Louis a t-shirt that says "Google Apps users are people too!" Do you think he would wear it to work? - Skyler Call
Congratulations! wow, being all poker-faced about it last Tuesday... :) - Tudor Bosman
Congrats, Louis. Though I suspect we should all be posting on Google+ now since you're the Product Marketing Manager for the Google+ team. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats - Rodfather
Awesome! I'm gonna have to start using G+ now :) - Stephen Mack
Yay! Congrats. - Monique the crochet freak from Android
Cool. Can you send us some of the free pizza? - Joe
Maybe you can inject some FF style goodness and hurry up into the G+ development process? - Brian Sullivan
Assimilation Complete :) - Johnny from iPhone
Interesting choice....I'm looking forward to seeing how this influences your posts...;) - Phil Ashman
Cool! You're going to wear a FriendFeed shirt every day, right? - Amit Patel
Thanks guys! You know I will work to bring the coolness of FriendFeed to Google+. It's a secret mission. - Louis Gray
Oops. Just revealed secret mission. How do you delete comments? :) - Louis Gray
Sorry for the poker face, Tudor (and Kevin). :) - Louis Gray
Are you going to be active on FF? - batuhan icoz
congratulations Louis don't forget us mortals! we know you are a robot! - testbeta
Congratulations! I'm looking forward to watching your progress there. - Anne Bouey
Batuhan, I have a hard time imagining not using FriendFeed? But you've already seen me using it less, in favor of Google+. I think the best solution is for those of us interested in making the move to do so, and/or Google+ learning from the best FriendFeed has to offer. - Louis Gray
Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Congrats, Louis. Of course, this means even less sleep, right? - Friar Will
What is this sleep you refer to? - Louis Gray
The stuff I don't get enough of so I can chat with friends from round the world on FF, :^) - Friar Will
welcome aboard !! - Onur Karaagaoglu
Can I use your employee discount for some Android toys? - Rodfather
most surprising thing for me is that TNW didn't wrote anything about this. - batuhan icoz
Strange that I found out about this on Twitter and not G+ or FriendFeed... (Louis, you're now in my Google People circle. Just sayin'...) - Dennis Jernberg
Congrats, Louis! - imabonehead
I may be the last person on the planet to hear this news, but Congrats anyway! - DJ Stevie Steve
++Amit! Ben and Tudor, whadda we hafta do to keep Louis well-wardrobed for the job? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
It's about time! :) - Charlie Anzman
Congrats - but... but... - it means now I will ignore anything you say about google+ or it's perceived competitors... well, not ignore, but strongly pinch-of-salt it... Anyway, here's to you kicking ass there and making google+ better!!! - Iphigenie
I LOVE this move. Congratulations. +1 to you!! - Harold Cabezas
Louis, agree on your comment about Google+ and FF. G+ needs to learn from FF and hopefully everyone here will move over there... then I don't have to jump form one service to the other all the time. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
... there goes the neighborhood ... - Laura Norvig
WHAT. I completely missed this. Processing... - Josh Haley
posted as comment on blog: "Dude..... DUDE! Wow. Congrats! Next post has to be something negative about Google, so we know you're keeping it real. Kidding. You're the standard of keeping it real. All the others could learn a ton from watching you. Best of luck and please wear your FFundercats shirt to Google one day and send me a pic of you in it with some amazing Google backdrop. Your assignment is before you. Go and do. ;)" - Josh Haley
Awesome Louis! Congrats! - AJ Batac
congrads mr gray (dont lose any sleep over it though, ;) - chaz2b
Google is the lucky one. Forward Ho!, Louis. Exciting. - Micah
Skyler Call
Well done! - Mark Christiansen
Thanks! Not all the pictures have been uploaded yet. - Skyler Call from Android
A bunch more were added last night. - Skyler Call
All photos from this event have now been uploaded. - Skyler Call
Morton Fox
Finished writing my Yelp review for California Pizza Kitchen. It joins the other 18 restaurants with 2-star ratings. I doubt I'll return.
You must not save tried the amazing tostada pizza. - Skyler Call from Android
Louis Gray
Supercharging Android: Google to Acquire Motorola Mobility -
Hopefully this means good news for me and not bad. I just bought a Motorola Xoom on Saturday. - Skyler Call
It's good for lots of us, Google TV, Android phones, Tablets :) - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Morton Fox
Why do people who unfollowed me on Twitter and Livejournal now circle me on Google+? What I post there is not really any different!
In Google+ can you see what the other person titled the circle they put you in? - Skyler Call from Android
Morton: It's preparation for uncircling you. Sklyer: You can't. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Bruce: That would be odd because they only just circled me. - Morton Fox
How else can they uncircle you unless they circle you first? Then they'll go looking for other services to join just so they can unfollow you on them. ;-) - Bruce Lewis
It makes so much sense now! Let me be the first to unfollow them on Heello then. (after inviting and following them, of course) :) - Morton Fox
Morton Fox
Whoops. Forgot to stop at CompUSA to get the USB hub that's on sale. I'll have to do that Monday evening.
CompUSA is still in business there? - Big Joe Silenced
That was my first thought too Joe. - Heather
Where is there? CompUSA was bought out here in Utah a few years ago. - Skyler Call from Android
Yes, there are a few locations that are now run by - Morton Fox
Jim #teamFFrank
Guy to his grandson as he came out of the bathroom: Wahsez los manos.
Spanglish - Skyler Call from Android
Jim #teamFFrank
From the film "Contact."
from contact.bmp
I just saw that film the other day. Great scene. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Is that the same movie in which they explain the rule of the government; "Why buy one when you can buy two for twice the price"? - Skyler Call from Android
That's the 1st rule of government spending and yes, Contact is the film - Jim #teamFFrank
AJ Batac
See what Google knows about you
Also: <--must sign in again even if you're already logged in - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
What does Google NOT know about you. - sofarsoShawn
They are dead on (with me at least). - Skyler Call
I think google thinks I'm a guy. hee. - Yolanda
Jesse Stay
My 9 year old son just started his blog where he's going to talk about what he's learning programming. Be sure to subscribe at http://t...
The URL was truncated. - Skyler Call
good to see a young bloggers.. pls post URL.. - Peter Dawson
AJ Batac
Are these real? - Skyler Call
I think they're shopped. - AJ Batac
AJ Batac
That looks interesting. Do you have a high-resolution copy that is legible? - Skyler Call
Morton Fox
After reinstalling Perl,Python, Ruby, VC++ Express, TwitVim, SVN, Mercurial on Windows 7 and turning off Aero crap, yes it's finally usable!
why da heck did you have Aero in da 1st place ? that's a big resource demon :)- - Peter Dawson
Microsoft spent years developing this fancy schmancy new interface. The least I could do is try it for a few hours. :) - Morton Fox
It sounds to me like you should have installed Ubuntu. Why did you go with Windows 7? - Skyler Call
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