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Nested knife-set – Boing Boing -
Nested knife-set – Boing Boing
"The Deglon Meeting Knife, designed by Mia Schmallenbach, is a set of sculptural, nested knives (priced, alas, as sculptures, at $600 for the set). The proportions of the four nested knives -- paring knife, carving knife, chef’s knife and filleting knife -- are "determined by the Fibonacci sequence with as its base the average width of a hand."" - Me from Bookmarklet
Oof, $600. - rønin
They easily can carve Fibbo-notches. - Josh Haley
No, they fit inside each other's fibbo-notches. - Neal Krummell
Looks super cool; the boing boing comments suggest several reasons why they'd be functionally terrible. - Andrew C (✔)
People who are trying to figure out which ringtone they want? Do that outside. Or with headphones. In the office? Thumbs down.
Doooot dooot dooot - Stephen Mack
Bwa bwa BWAAAAA bwa - Stephen Mack
Ringgggggggggggggg ring ring ringggggggggggg - Stephen Mack
La la la LA LA LA - Stephen Mack
Zooooooooop zoooooooop zoooooooooooooooooop - Stephen Mack
Equally irritating: people trying to set the volume on their office phone. ring Ring RInG RING RING RING RiNG riNg Ring... - Akiva
tshh tshh tshhh BWA BWA bwa bwa BWAAAAAAaa tsh - Stephen Mack
^ he went with that one. Good choice. - Stephen Mack
I once had a cube neighbor with her phone ringer volume set ALL THE WAY UP. Once when I worked on a weekend I walked over and turned it down three notches. She never noticed. - Jason P
NOW I KNOW, JASON PUCKETT. ;) - ellbeecee
It was before you even got here! - Jason P
Jesse Stay
Netflix Forcing the Issue Too Soon -
I'm doing the same thing. Totally agreed. - Jesse Stay
It's interesting to see some people say they'll cancel the streaming side and some people say they'll cancel the DVD side. - Amit Patel
Harley Pebley
Shannon - GlassMistress
Three cats, two dogs, and a MAN in this house and I have to take care of this!
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At six-freakin-thirty am no less - Shannon - GlassMistress
Gah!! - Kevin Johnson
I would've just gone back to bed after seeing that and pull the covers up over my head. - Friar Will
OMG, is that a huntsman? - Melly
I think we would have to burn our house down and move if we saw that. - Mark H
O_O - Ozan Tortop
Oh dear God someone KILL THAT THING WITH FIRE!!!!!!!! - Carlton Hackett
How did you take care of that? - Eivind
That's a freaking space alien, not a spider. - That's So CAJ!
How far can that one hop? - Julian
Huntsman or wolf spider. I dont like killing anything outright, but she exceeds my spider size limitation (meaning, she wigs me out). I took a WAY too small tupperware container (2"x2"2") and put it over her, slid a piece of paper over the opening and carried her outside. PATS SELF ON BACK! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Such a cute little spider..... - Joe from iPod
RAID!!!!! - LB needs a break.
HFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - holly #ravingfangirl
Whoa!!! 0_0 - Tamara J. B.
Shannon, I do the same thing. One time Audrey saw me do a capture-and-release and then spent the next half-hour capturing imaginary bugs. - Akiva
Shannon, me too. I can't kill stuff, but I can catch-and-release. With that things size though, you rock. - Heather
I'm surprised at the number of you that want me to burn my house down :-P - Shannon - GlassMistress
What the FUCK is that? A spider? No. I would have called the police. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Also, I would haveneeded sedation. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤ Not the most modern site (I bet I'll find tables if I look at the code), but the info seems solid. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
ARGH! - MarioMiX
No. - Derrick
Alright, that sucker is just large. I can deal with all small spiders, but being startled by something that big inside the house would be problematic. I think I'd grab the Raid, so good job actually catching it. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Yeah, I'd just move. - vicster.
Shannon, you're a better woman than myself. I always took a shoe to wolf and hobo spiders. They're beyond my tolerance threshold. - Jenny from Android
I have to compliment you on your photographs. It was like a torturous horror scene. Also, I'm screaming my head off. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I think you need a baseball bat to deal with that! - Amy
Great job getting pictures of it! - Bruce Lewis
No. Never. That's when I'll up my every 3 month pest control service to DAILY. AND YOU DID THAT BEFORE COFFEE! Would you like the 6ft high trophy or the 8fter? (I find the smaller one displays better.) - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Matt believes that it's a violin spider and they are very poisonous. They eat through flesh. - Simply Caroline from iPhone
Lol, I wouldnt have haVe handled it as well if I hadnt done so before. The first one to get in the house was twice the size. It took MAN and me nearly an hour to decide hoe to get it out of the house. That time I used a five gallon bucket and a pizza screen LOL - Shannon - GlassMistress
flip flop and then a mop. #SpiderHater - Big Joe Silenced
I get out the vacuum cleaner for big spiders. - Andrew C (✔)
ahhh - Marissa
Flip-flop nothing, Joe. That calls for a dang boot! - LB needs a break.
Note to anyone who looks at that chart Mary B posted: please never get your Funnel Web Grass Spider mixed up with an Australian Funnel Web spider. US Funnel Web = not very venemous. Australian Funnel Web = deadly! ALSO: why the frack did they have to make the huntsman wiggle??!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 GAH! - Melly
Call the SWAT!!!! - AJ Batac
Agreed Melly - I wasnt too keen on that wiggle myself. - Shannon - GlassMistress
"Mother of Pearl!!" I would have run for the hills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Jenny
With a leash and obedience lessons—you'd be good to go in a matter of weeks. - Micah
Jesse Stay
Google Wallet Likely Launching Tomorrow -
Louis Gray
Questa è veramente bella - ganassa from Bookmarklet
bella sul tablet, ovviamente, sul telefono non ho osato - ganassa
sono tentatissimo di presentarmi in riunione con questa, ma mi manca il pennino - ganassa
Io aspettavo a fare il passaggio iPad->TabletAndroid proprio per questo. Su iOS esiste NoteShelf, app spettacolare, che da un anno ha sostituito i fogli di carta in ufficio. Adesso potrei fare il salto, magari con un tablet da 7" :-) - darth (il_fu_darthpelo)
@ganassa comprati una AluPen o una Pogo o la penna Wacom - darth (il_fu_darthpelo)
@darth ne ho ordinata una su ebay, che pare abbia un lato della punta abbastanza sottile (quelle che ho visto in giro sono troppo tondeggianti), vedremo. Non sapevo di questa bamboo, interessante, chissà se si trova in negozio. - ganassa
Sì c'è - 30 euro, mi sembra esageratino - ganassa
Be è la meglio :-D Ne ho provate tante con i miei colleghi e ti posso dire che lo spendere poco rende la scrittura peggiore. Io ora ho una Pogo e non c'è nessuna differenza con la scrittura su carta :-) Ovviamente opinione del tutto personale :-) - darth (il_fu_darthpelo)
vabeh intanto proverò quella di ebay da 4 euro spedita ;) - ganassa
La Pogo è questa, giusto? - ganassa
Sì, io comprata in un negozio qui a Milano a meno. Cmq anche io sono partito con pennino cinese da 8€ :-D (tra l'altro se cerchi su ebay, c'è la AluPen tarocca cinese) - darth (il_fu_darthpelo)
ah, bella la AluPen :) - io ho preso questa - - ganassa
mi spiegate perché se passo da market non la trovo? - gerri
@gerry: il market filtra le app per paese/provider/versione OS/modello hardware , ti manca uno di questi elementi. Sospetto che vada solo sui tablet. O solo su Honeycomb. - ganassa
ho un tablet samsung, adesso ci accedo via browser e non con l'app del market e mi dice in effetti che non è compatibile (e sì temo che il primo samsung 7 pollici non sia Honeycomb) - gerri
Eh sì, allora è HB-only. Potresti provare ad usare Market Enabler per "hackare" il Market e vedere se funziona lo stesso. - ganassa
Questa app e' BEL-LIS-SI-MA! - Lalessia from Android
C'è un motivo per cui su Transformer posso scegliere solo fra 3 colori? (nero, bordeaux e bianco) - Lopo
Il colore di cosa? - ganassa
Delle penne e dell'evidenziatore. Vedo, googlando, che se ne lamentano anche altri. Il tutorial dichiara 15 colori... - Lopo
mi sento chiamata in causa :) - PaperDoll
@Paper ti aspettavo :) - ganassa
Oddio ma cos'è. La voglio. - Blà VS Food
non so se puoi, @Alessio - ganassa
perfect - Davide TheSgrash
immaginate a scuola: blocchi note condivisi, sui quali si potrà giocare a tris senza muoversi dal banco - ganassa
@ganassa ecco questa è una grande evernote non permette di condividere anche i disegni nelle note? o qui addirittura è in Real Time? - Davide TheSgrash
@Davide no, inventavo di sana pianta, in realtà quest'app è locale. Evernote non so, mi è un po' antipatico e non l'ho usato molto. - ganassa
Aggiungo, per memo, questo - - ganassa
ok mi è arrivato il pennino di ebay. Fa pena, l'immagine non corrisponde alla realtà (punta tonda e non a taglio) la gomma rende ardui i movimenti, la precisione è una chimera. 4€ buttati - ganassa
ah, però non lasci le ditate - ganassa
Ma hai preso il pennino htc? - Alessio D'Arrigo from FFHound(roid)!
(non penso, quello htc sono tipo 40€...) - scotu
no, ho preso quello che ho detto di aver preso, leggi sopra - ganassa
(penso che, alla fine, seguirò uno dei suggerimenti di darth) - ganassa
AJ Batac
In Winnipeg, this is how we drink our canned soda outside. It prevents wasps from going inside the can.
cheeky devils. - Big Joe Silenced
Interesting. - Rahsheen
We do that too, to keep the bees out. =) - Anika
You never want a wasp inside a can. If you drink and it's in there, it'll bite your lip and it will be swollen. - AJ Batac
It also steadies the straw. - Mike Nencetti from iPhone
Isn't it still big enough for either one to get in, though? - Rahsheen
Wasps here are bigger. - AJ Batac
I think we just have stupid bees. They try, then fly away. - Anika
Like AJ said, the wasps are bigger. And I mean the mosquitos can pick up the whole can and fly away, so you've to watch for them. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
We haven't talked about the spiyarders yet. Irachmus depecus. - AJ Batac
I could have used this when I was 11, but it hadn't been invented yet. :( - Anne Bouey
^ When I was 11, I just had someone hold my soda for me while I ran around and played. ;-) - Jessie
Jessie made me laugh. - Anika from FFHound!
Excellent ! :D - Ouistitis
AJ Batac
Now push it. Push it good Push it real good Push it good P-push it real good. ♪♫ - AJ Batac
Mark Christiansen
Nite Ize LEDs-Up Your Old Maglites [Stuff We Like] -
Max length of password for google account is 100 chars #newsyoucanuse
I wonder how you found out. - PI
:P - scotu
Limitazione inaccettabile, è ora di cambiare. Passerò a live mail - Minciaroni™
Steven Perez
Bank of America ordered to pay almost $1 Million to fired whistleblower - jonathan-cunningham:
Ok, so maybe I overreacted, but that ladybug was trying to kill me.
Rah is hardcore. Has to be, the way the insect world has been rising up against him lately. - MoTO Boychick Devil
Okay, that was a sudden onset 100% LOL. - Akiva
HAHAHAHAJAGUARS! - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Look at that precision, though. I'm dangerous with a CD jewel case, Son! - Rahsheen
Should we call you CDGambit from now on? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I think my target is now living inside my m-audio keyboard. - Rahsheen
I showed this to some people at school, "Over a ladybug? A. Ladybug?" I said they must grow them bigger in Georgia. =) - Anika
Haha - Rodfather
It wouldn't have been so bad, but I'm in my office taking calls and it was just in here acting a damn fool. Flying all around me and banging against my light fixture. Very unladybuglike - Rahsheen
"Very unladybuglike"...*dies from laughter* - Anika
Lol - Simply Caroline from iPhone
Pretty sure the ladybug is fine, actually. All this and I didn't actually kill it. It was crawling under the keys on my keyboard shortly after, then disappeared. - Rahsheen
I just hope you never mistake a baby in a ladybug costume for a real ladybug. - Heather
Hao Chen
A Love Story… In Milk -
A Love Story… In Milk
Awww this was so well made - Shevonne
Ken Morley
How observant are you?
Can you figure this out without using Google? - Ken Morley
Why does the total area change by one unit simply by rearranging the pieces? - Ken Morley
It's not actually a triangle. The red triangle and yellow triangle don't have the same proportions. - Eivind
That is, the slight "convexity" of the bottom one accounts for the extra area. - Eivind
Man, you are much more observant than I am Eivind. I could NOT figure it out... I had to peek. :) - Ken Morley
I'm good at stuff like this :) - Eivind
It is fairly subtle. - Ken Morley
It's not actually a curve, but the inclination is not the same on the red and the yellow triangles, Slippy. You're right the components are the same, though. - Eivind
Yes, slope of yellow is 2/5, but red is 3/8 (.400 vs .375). - Ken Morley
Use the Yellow Triangle to measure the red one. They are not similar. Beautiful Trick. I will use it during my lessons - Isola Virtuale
Yeah, good trick huh? :) - Ken Morley
Did you get a notebook and try to draw it, Slippy? - Eivind
Beer-goggles may help in this case. :) - Ken Morley
Jim #teamFFrank
All you unemployed gourmet burritos and tacos: Chipotle is hiring! -
All you unemployed gourmet burritos and tacos: Chipotle is hiring!
Jim #teamFFrank
That's going to be one fat cat! - That's So CAJ!
I don't know, he's getting plenty of exercise. - Jim #teamFFrank
Louis Gray
Top 20 Android Apps, According to Nielsen (Infographic) -
What is "Talk - Text to Voice" ? I searched the market but couldn't find an app by that name. - Steve and 4 other people
Oh, here it is: Android Market search sure is... interesting. - Steve and 4 other people
I had the same exact question. EDIT: I see what it does, but why the hell is it so popular? - Rahsheen
Questionable stats are questionable. - Steve and 4 other people
SURE. Says the guy who says he is 4 people. #stats - Louis Gray
@Sarah I think that should "3 out of 5 Grays" :) - Steve and 4 other people
Louis Gray
Google Docs Continues Kicking the Butts of Paid Apps Everywhere -
Louis Gray
“Google’s Auto Correct Killed The Launch Of Our Android App” -
This should be a lesson to everyone, don't go with stupid names. - Anika
Yep, that sucks (in both ways). - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Talk about a law of unintended consequences. - Louis Gray
I agree with Anika, the name is dumb. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Jesse Stay
LucasFilm Tells Darth Vader that Return of the Jedi Hasn’t Made a Profit -
Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I still use twitter for certain things
Picture 47.png publishing typos... - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
LOL at your tweet. Didn't even notice the typo. - Rahsheen
To be fair--Comcast has been pretty great w/ tech support and service...not counting today. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
:( - Anne Bouey
AJ Batac
[Infographic] Angry Birds Addiction -
[Infographic] Angry Birds Addiction
Infographic by: AYTM Market Research [Infographic] Angry Birds Addiction originally appeared on ajb{log} on September 12, 2011. Tweet This - AJ Batac
Mark Christiansen
Secret No More: Google and Power -
AJ Batac
Even if the death penalty were morally legitimate (and I think it isn’t), and even if we could be justifiably confident that every one of those 234 executed prisoners was actually guilty of the crimes for which they were sentenced (and I think we can’t), it would still be grotesque to react to those executions with cheers and applause, as the... -
Even if the death penalty were morally legitimate (and I think it isn’t), and even if we could be justifiably confident that every one of those 234 executed prisoners was actually guilty of the crimes for which they were sentenced (and I think we can’t), it would still be grotesque to react to those executions with cheers and applause, as the audience did at this week’s Republican debate. Surely a mood of solemnity and regret would be more appropriate. These Republicans howling and hooting over executions are the kind who formerly reveled in seeing Christians thrown to the lions. The fact that they now have the effrontery to call themselves Christians only adds insult to injury (literally).
bad people do bad things - Winckel
Jim #teamFFrank
BTW, my new ride. You can't see the shifter in the pics but it's a standard trans. Nice to be in control of my own gear ratio once again.
Photo Sep 09, 4 24 00 PM.jpeg
Photo Sep 09, 4 24 42 PM.jpeg
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*fist bump* It's all about the manual transmission! - DB, Lil LB's Dad from Android
how is that Ford Sync? - chrisofspades
I miss having a standard transmission. - vicster.
What Ford is that? I've never seen one like that. #stickshiftyeahbaby - Adrian
It is the new Focus. - Skyler Call
Oh Sync! For a sec I thought it was a new ZX3 but it said SE on it. - Adrian
NICE! - AJ Batac
I've never owned an automatic. Nice to rent once in a while but when I drive one I suffer ghost clutch syndrome. - Adrian
130 on the speedo, huh? :P - That's So CAJ!
Sassy, J. I like it. - Derrick
Fiesta, right? This will probably be my next car as well. I test drove one a couple of months back, but they wouldn't give me enough in trade-in for my scion. - Friar Will
I get ghost clutch almost all the time when I drive my wife's car too. I've never owned an automatic. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
We need a peer support group, fellas, I've mashed the brake on rentals before. Not fun! - Adrian
Actually, it's the Fiesta. - Jim #teamFFrank
But he is shifty ;) Can I join the support group too? I get laughed at when I drive automatics because I ghost clutch and ghost shift. - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Nice, Slippy! Sign me up. - Adrian
Also a member of the ghost clutch/shift club. But truth be told, I'm not very good at driving my Scion tC, it needs you to shift much more quickly than previous cars I've owned. An unfortunate amount of herky jerky when I"m not concentrating... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
yes, its just accellerating beyond the shift point by the time i engage the clutch, so the thing slows down once i get it into the higher gear - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Uh, yes. I don't even need the idiot light for that... yet. - Jim #teamFFrank
Oh wait, you weren't talking to me. - Jim #teamFFrank
Oh sweet, I loved my focus, best car I have owned (at least the funnest to drive) and I've had an '84 Trans Am and a Mustang... - Scott. Cat Herder.
I drove both the Focus and this one. Both felt great but this one gets better MPG and was cheaper by a mile. - Jim #teamFFrank from FFHound!
I'm really digging the newly designed Focus. The styling is great IMO. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Needless to say, I am jealous. - Friar Will
Fiesta looks nice too. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Never answered Chris's question: the sync almost justifies the purchase all by itself, and I haven't even begun to really use it. Bluetooth audio simply kicks arse. - Jim #teamFFrank from FFHound!
Oh, and Will... If you're going to test one out go to Kennedy and ask for Len. Tell him I sent you, please. - Jim #teamFFrank from FFHound!
I am a fan! We have a focus, but husband wants the new fiesta. It's a cell phone you can drive! - tab from BuddyFeed
My car is 15 years old with 172K miles on it. Gonna need a replacement soon. Hrm. - Derrick
The Focus has Sync too; it also has Touch which the Fiesta does not. I was tempted, I'll admit, but available funds plus MPG dictated my choice. - Jim #teamFFrank from FFHound!
thanks for choosing a Ford, Jim. - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Good luck with your new car, Jim. - Frank's Mom Marcia
Stephen Mack
The speed of sound is roughly one mile every five seconds. Why, then, during a thunderstorm, was I taught to count seconds between the lightning and the thunder to determine how many miles away the storm was? -
The speed of sound is roughly one mile every five seconds. Why, then, during a thunderstorm, was I taught to count seconds between the lightning and the thunder to determine how many miles away the storm was?
(Don't say it's the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound, because the speed of light is basically instantaneous for storm distances.) - Stephen Mack from Bookmarklet
I think someone forgot to teach me to divide by five. - Stephen Mack
I was taught to divide by five. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
I should have had your teacher, Bruce. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
We were only taught to divide by three ;) - Eivind
Stephen, your version is less scary, as the storm seems further away (not that you have any conception of a 'mile' as a small child, but still...) - Ken Gidley
Eivind: For kilometers, yes? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I was taught by 1mi:5sec as well, but last weekend my aunt was doing it by 1:1 and I couldn't convince her otherwise. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
OK, so at least I wasn't alone in being mistaught. I'm in a boat with Jimminy's aunt. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Kilometers. I don't know miles. - AJ Batac
Stephen, now have you ever used, or heard someone use, the word 'rancid'? Neither her or her fiance had even heard the term before. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Yes, Stephen :) - Eivind
IIRC, speed of sound isn't actually a constant. it can vary slightly. - Big Joe Silenced
Joe, I think it is a constant, but the density of the medium of travel can influence the speed. And atmospheric conditions aren't constant. IIRC. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
If you don't believe in metres, vacuum and salt water speeds are similar. - Neal Krummell
Speed of sound in air at sea level in dry air at 68F is 1126 f/s. 5280 f/m. 4.69 seconds for sound to travel 1 mile. So dividing by 5 is a close enough approximation. - Jeff P. Henderson
Yeah, there's actually a lot of detail about the speed of sound in various mediums if you click through to the wiki article. :) - Stephen Mack
Jimminy, yes, Rancid's best song is "Ruby Soho." - Stephen Mack
So bizarre I posted this on the first day to feature local thunder and lightning in at least 3 years... - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Shephen, I thought of you and counted to 20. - Kevin Fox
I was taught to divide by 3 for miles. Then again, my mother always confused stuff. - Anika
Smozzy (Internet over SMS) for Android (USA T-Mobile only) -
"Smozzy is an Android app that allows you to use your T-Mobile unlimited messaging plan to browse the web." - scotu from Bookmarklet
"but the content is requested and delivered entirely via the text messages" apprezzabile l'impegno ma è una roba da matti :D - Francesco M.
stavo per scriverlo io, son matti da legare - scotu
David Terry
Got another bite on a possible wedding in Brazil.This is with a past customer (confidence is high on this one!). One day it will happen!
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