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RT @BradOFarrell: stop putting screens on things that don't need screens you assholes
<Beyonce>If you like it then you shoulda put a sticker on it.</Beyonce>
RT @google: Figure out how to shrink the conventional power inverter and we’ll give you $1 million →
Counting number of devices running Linux that I'm carrying: 5. One is my watch. WTF!
Anyone else get really sick of having to figure out what to eat for dinner EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm so over meal planning.
That's kinda why I tend to make the same things over and over.... - Stephen Mack
Ah! So *you're* the market demo for Soylent... - Spidra Webster
YES! My husband cooks a couple of nights a week, but always asks what I want him to make. I DON'T CARE, JUST PICK SOMETHING AND COOK IT. - Melly
Retired mother (no job, no other family other than us, etc.) says we don't see her enough, has nothing to do, then always says she's "busy" when we try to meet.
Hmmm. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Passive/Aggressive 101 - Janet
RT @paul_irish: Sorry Flash. Heavy flash sites will now get a warning & smaller link in Google search results. http://googlewebmastercentral....
RT @TrapCrunch: BREAKING: Resentful Clippy Turns His Back On Microsoft To Partner With Siri
RT @tivodesign: Flash Sale on TiVo Roamio Plus or Roamio Pro with Product Lifetime Service:
The outside of a classic 50's era diner. Hand painted on the glass double front doors it says "We don't serve Androids here"
Old photograph showing an ornate stone building with a grand entrance, labeled "iOS Users" above it. Dingy door below says "For Androids"
A black and white picture of a beautiful, clean stainless steel drinking fountain with a sign that says "For iOS users only".
RT @getfortuneapp: Diversify your cryptocurrencies! --
RT @willsmith: Why hasn't anyone in California tried a ballot iniative to get rid of our damaging ballot iniative system?
RT @davejohnson: If hardware is the new software, then I guess that makes @upverter @github and @tindie the app store?
RT @earthdog: It appears that Germany used up all the goals for the rest of World Cup when they beat Brazil
RT @TheTweetOfGod: Football. The beautiful game. The beautiful, literally pointless game. #WorldCupFinal
RT @ejfinneran: Silicon Valley is so disruptive that they’ve taken a job that can be done from anywhere with Internet and produced a land crunch in one city
RT @JezzaTrev: This is a word that describes something we all secretly do, even the adults
RT @astroEdLu: Million closest stars? Discovered. Million closest galaxies?Discovered. Million closest asteroids. Nope. Not until
RT @polymer: Polymer 0.3.4: First release after the material design "paper" elements launched. Thanks for all the PRs folks!
Python : Whitespace :: Go : Capitalization
RT @Bay12Games: DF 0.40.02 is up -- hopefully fewer crashes now! Will get to calendar speed soon hopefully.
And yes, I realize I'm picky when it comes to keyboards.
RT @PatrickRothfuss: Our 1 week IndieGoGo is cresting 70K. Some new items today, including Modegan court rings. RT?
"Our keyboards are inherently flawed and useless for what you want to do" Helpful? Yes/No
In short: The CapsLock key is specially handled (delayed) in hardware, so it's useless as any other button.
Was going to write a post praising Apple on the design & layout of the Aluminum kbd, then started reading
RT @DFVIDTUTS: I still don't give a fuck about football, even though its NL playing tonight, so time to prepare for another night of dwarfort streaming.
RT @ESPNStatsInfo: Just how big were Germany's 7 goals yesterday? Here's the equivalent of scoring 7 WC goals across 4 other sports
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