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RT @matthew_d_green: @sklacy That's awesome. Can you make it red and bloody? :)
RT @smorewithface: I really don't want to live in 84 sq ft, sell all my possessions, and/or fit everything in a backpack and walk across the country.
Seems like the big G needs to work on searching for unicode.
MBSR: It's ASMR, essentially.
In the future, only the computers themselves will know their root passwords.
It's one of the stipulations of the Robot and AI Civil Rights Act passed after the Robot Uprising in 3001. - Victor Ganata
All ebook (kindle, apple, google) need to implement some kind of "author signed" feature. I want to bring my tablet to a signing.
RT @pinkyswearing: The @NewYorker writes up what my 6th grade students always knew --> "The Gorgeous Existential Funk of Adventure Time"
If 3-letter airport codes were actually internet TLAs that described the cities they're from.
RT @lightnarcissus: Digging Warpaint so much lately. Pretty much the most divine mix of Cocteau Twins & The Cure I can ask for in 2014
Awesome! Great job, Slacy. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Hey, happy birthday, Slacy! Everybody buy a heartbleed t-shirt he designed to raise money for OpenSSL! - Stephen Mack
Congrats for @emilepetrone for speaking at MakerCon!
RT @tcarmody: Disney XD is television’s purest achievement. Its commercials alone are as perfect Platonic forms are to the misshapen things of our world.
RT @ahmerkhan: @caltrain Thanx for #PSA on sharing road w/cyclists ON THE BIKE LANE! Had to go into traffic to avoid sign. #Genius
>$30 raised for #OpenSSL foundation. You can do better! Buy an awesome #heartbleed shirt!
AirBnB for Motorhomes.
That's existed for a long time. There are RV rental companies all over the country that will rent out your RV for you (and let you park it on their lot when you're not using it). My parents did that with the RV they bought in the '80s. The trouble was that the wear and tear was pretty bad. At the end of a couple of years, the RV was basically trashed. - Stephen Mack
RT @elonmusk: Hexacopter drone vid of 1st F9 rocket booster takeoff & landing w flight design legs
RT @elonmusk: Hexacopter drone vid of 1st F9 rocket booster takeoff & landing w flight design legs
RT @DanGraur: Whooping cough: 265,269 cases in 1934, 1,010 in 1976, and 48,277 in 2012. Imbecile parents hurt children.
RT @OpenSpaceSCC: Do you go bike riding in #SantaClaraCounty open spaces? Let us know with a RT.
RT @ubuntu: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS is now available for you to download: We hope you like it!
Is life older than Earth?
I wouldn't be surprised if frozen simple single celled organisms (or something like that) came to Earth through asteroids or other ejecta from other solar systems. - Joe - Systems Analyst
How about a flying drone class of Battlebots?
I would like a drone destroyer, call it privacy protector. - Todd Hoff
RT @Stammy: photojojo now does rentals.. wow and there's a link to a dronie tut on there!
Almost $200 in sales, over $25 raised for the OpenSSL foundation. Buy a shirt!
RT @thespite: And here's some quick rendering of the color and depth from the camera app with three.js using WebGL
RT @bcrypt: dropbox spends more on alcohol during its yearly ski trip than OpenSSL has received in donations ever
Does this speak to how little OpenSSL gets in donations, or more about how much Dropbox spends on alcohol? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Is this a recruitment slogan for Dropbox? - Brian Johns
I was a hair's breath away from not sending this tweet.
RT @thespite: Victory! The depth image map from the new Android Camera app! /cc @mrdoob
If I made a device that burned gasoline in air at the same rate as an average car going 65mph, how big would the flame be? (cc @rjallain)
Assumptions: MPG = 32.5 - Ken Gidley
So, car burning about 2 gallons per hour. That converts to 2.103e-6 m^3/s. or 0.000002103 m^3/s. - Ken Gidley
not a huge flow of gas - Ken Gidley
Now assume we're using a bunsen burner like contraption, with a diameter of 0.01m (about .39 inches). The area of the opening of that burner would be: pi*(0.005m)^2 = 7.854e-5 m^2. - Ken Gidley
So the velocity of fuel exiting across that area would be: 0.0268 m/s - Ken Gidley
From this ( there is a formula for 'flame length' that looks like: length = const * velocity of gas * (diameter of burner + const2) * const3. (this is formula 8.4 in the paper). - Ken Gidley
Plugging in values for the constants (mostly from the same paper), I get a flame length of 1.5417e-6 m, or 6.0695e-5 inches. so 0.000060695 inches. I.e. not very big. :) - Ken Gidley
And I spent WAY too much time reading that paper to determine all this... :) - Ken Gidley
the constants are all related to the specific fuel being burned, and gasoline wasn't one of the values, so I used something similar - Acetylene. It burns a a pretty close rate to gasoline, from what I can find. - Ken Gidley
I've almost certainly gotten values wrong, since it doesn't make much sense to me. - Ken Gidley
We need to experimentally verify this. I volunteer Steve's house! - Brian Johns
RT @bjburton: // TODO: You’re only lying to yourself; you’ll never come back to this
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