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RT @chriseng: It will be a major fail if Twitter adopts Facebook's "filtered feed" approach.
If you want the truth, use RSS. - Brian Johns
OMG, no, don't let that happen. - Laura Norvig
RT @dierdrelewis: #Ferguson is ground zero for modern crowd-control Dictator-style in what used to be the land of the free @Opferguson
RT @McFunkypants: AAA games amaze me. Look at that subsurface scattering and physically based GI lighting on volumetric particles.
Can anyone spot the elephant in this room? (CC: @tivodesign) My primary viewing is almost 100% netflix.
RT @tivodesign: We need more Beta testers with Android devices. Sign up at and email your device info to margret at tivo dot com.
RT @lightnarcissus: If #Ferguson is any sign, the War on Terror has become internalized within this nation.
RT @rbullwinkle: “…these streets, quiet as a sleeping army, send their battered dreams to heaven for the mother’s restless son…“ -Paul Simon #Ferguson
Can someone help me understand how dumping ice water on famous peoples heads helps save other non-famous people with ALS?
I would rather see a video of them writing the donation check. ;) - Janet
As someone who lost someone close to me from ALS and has tried to raise awareness/money for over 5 years, it's good that at least some attention is being paid to it. Even if a few people actually donate the cash, it's more than if the ice bucket challenge never happened. - Johnny from iPhone
Taylor Swift did it with 25 other friends and donated $2500. The video has over 200,000 likes in 2 hours. - Johnny from iPhone
This from Salon on that very question: The truth about the “Ice Bucket Challenge” via @Salon - WarLord
I get what the two negative people said in the article but ALS/MND doesn't have a large attention share to detract from and raising money for it is hard. The dude's dad died and he isn't a fan? My boss's husband died from it and she's a massive fan. - Johnny from iPhone
RT @astro_reid: Unreal #EarthArt – not clouds. These spirals are Pacific Ocean currents in sun glint.
RT @freebsdgirl: A prgrmr started to cuss Because getting to sleep was a fuss As she lay there in bed Looping round in her head was: while(!asleep()) sheep++
RT @JoeDotDeveloper: A programmer left his rich parents to pursue his dream of creating orchestral music. He favored composition over inheritance.
RT @voxdotcom: Hands up, don't shoot: The images that define #Ferguson's protests
RT @nelson: Even my very last ISP service experience with @sonicnet was great; cancelled my account with no fuss. Feel bad, but cable is so fast…
You don't need Facebook or Facebook Messenger (or Twitter for that matter). Just ininstall it all.
And TALK on my phone like some kind of animal???? - Andrew C (✔)
you don't need a messenger yo - Todd Hoff
We're going camping. Forecast is high of 100F for the whole week. Oh please help me now.
RT @aanand: Spider-Man Spider-Man Melt some sugar In a pan Milk and eggs In a bowl Bake for 60 Let it cool Wait No that’s flan
I wish. - Stephen Mack
Turns out it was the sound of boiling oatmeal that I thought was raindrops. - Steve and 4 other people
Mmm raining oatmeal. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
RT @simonw: Mapbox GL for the web is one of the most impressive things I've seen in a long time (works best for me in Firefox)
Coming back from Vegas makes the Bay Area seem strangely humid.
It's not you. It's me. - Louis Gray
Our offices are just as freezing cold as the typical Casino, which is a good thing. - Steve and 4 other people
RT @simonfl: Guys, the old Foursquare app was too big too fail. That's the real reason we had to break it up in two separate apps.
degree omega degree
I used to be excited about WordPress version updates. Now I'm just annoyed.
Vegas smells weird
NYC smells like pee. - Big Joe Silence
Ah, the smell of cigarette smoke and despair. - Victor Ganata
To me it's basically the smell of industrial sanitizer and maybe an amalgam of body sprays. - Steve and 4 other people from Android
RT @mtnviewcityhall: MV Community Shuttle FAQ, Proposed Route, Feedback Form are Now Posted
RT @swaaanson: Probably the most obviously corrupt and maddening government agency, which is a very high bar:
RT @hunterwalk: "The Experiment Known As "Facebook" Has Concluded."
Or is this just another one of their social experiments? - rönin from FFHound!
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