New Book Argues Automation Is Making Software Developers Less Capable -
Manslaughter Conviction Overturned For Scientists Who Didn't Predict Earthquake -
Pitivi Video Editor Surpasses 50% Crowdfunding Goal, Releases Version 0.94 -
The Disgruntled Guys Who Babysit Our Aging Nuclear Missiles -
The Math Behind the Hipster Effect -
US Postal Service Hacked 500k+ Employees and Public Data Breached -
Book Review: Countdown To Zero Day -
Apple Releases iMessage Deregistration Utility -
NASA Tests Aircraft With Shape Shifting Wings -
Canadian Police Recommend Ending Anonymity On the Internet -
The Students Who Feel They Have the Right To Cheat -
Interviews: Ask Executive Director Andrew Lewman About Tor and Privacy -
A/C Came Standard On Some Armored Dinosaur Models -
Report: Federal Workers, Contractors Behind Half of Government Cyber Breaches -
President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility -
Eben Upton Explains the Raspberry Pi Model A+'s Redesign -
Mozilla Launches Browser Built For Developers -
Espionage Campaign Targets Corporate Executives Traveling Abroad -
Pirate Bay Co-Founder Peter Sunde Is a Free Man Again -
Scientists Discover a Virus That Changes the Brain To "Make Humans More Stupid" -
Study: Body Weight Heavily Influenced By Heritable Gut Microbes -
Nevada Earthquake Swarm Increases Chance of Larger Quake -
Prehistory's Brilliant Future -
25th Anniversary: When the Berlin Wall Fell -
How Alibaba Turned November 11 Into the World's Biggest Online Shopping Day -
Google "Evicted" the Berlin Wall From Property It Bought -
New Facebook Update Lets You Choose News Feed Content -
Berlin's Digital Exiles: Where Tech Activists Go To Escape the NSA -
Washington Dancers Sue To Prevent Identity Disclosure -
The Military's Latest Enemy: Climate Change -
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