At least 33 dead in Yemeni clashes, drone kills seven militants
U.S.-led strikes have killed 865 people in Syria, 50 civilians: monitor
Toyota to recall 362,000 Camry, other models globally
Kurds gain ground but not control in struggle for Syrian border town
Alibaba reports record $9 billion Singles' Day sales
Obama tells Xi: U.S., China have big stake in each other's success
U.S., China to announce deals to reduce military tensions: report
Australia says it remains committed to the search for #MH370:
No bandwidth broad enough @reallyrichard's latest opinion piece for @computerworld
RT @ReutersTech: #Apple must face lawsuit over vanishing iPhone text messages after switch to rival devices:
U.S., China to announce deals to reduce military tensions: report
VIDEO: Former American and Austrian soldiers travel to Syria to join the battle against Islamic State.
Relatives and friends of MH17 victims attend a memorial in Amsterdam. Editor's Choice:
Sudan 2030 and Urgent Futures: building a shared vision for Sudan's development goals @IFTF @UNDP_Sudan @futressa
Mormon church admits founder Joseph Smith had about 40 wives, including a 14-year-old:
RT @ReutersUS: "You are not only the heart and soul but you are the very spine of this nation."
Play with IFTF's new Artifact Engine
RT @ReutersUS: Missouri governor says will bring in police from around state for response to grand jury decision in Brown case.
PHOTOS: Commemorating veterans, around the world.
From Telepresence to Copresence
A man beats a police officer during a protest in Acapulco. The last 24 hours, in photos:
Suicide bomber kills eight in northern Iraqi city Baiji
Tracking Rosetta's journey and what it could mean for the future, in today's Data Dive:
Ever feel like screaming into a clay pot? An Iranian art gallery hears you. Reuters FYI:
RT @specialreports: Cousin of Flight MH17 victim on recovering body for funeral: "How much do you need? 30%? 40%?"
RT @ReutersUS: After recoving from Ebola, Dr. Craig Spencer leaves a NYC hospital:
Cory Doctorow @doctorow: Redesigning a Broken Internet #reinventthenet
RT @ReutersOpinion: Is it ever ok for cops to pretend they are reporters? What if lives are at stake?
RT @ReutersOpinion: Oil might be cheaper, but that's not going to help the the U.S. with Iran or Russia:
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